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Ria Episode 10 & 11

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I stopped the machine as soon as I heard the doorbell. I stood up and walked to the door. No one was home to help me get the door. Phoebe and Phoenix are in school while Mrs Elise went to the salon to style her hair because her cousin is getting married tomorrow.

“Who is that?” I asked loudly

“Hello Miss Ria..it me Cassidy..Mr Brown’s daughter”

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“Oh! Okay!” I unlocked the door and twisted the knob

“Good Morning Miss Ria” I suddenly left her arms around me. Cassidy just hugged me!

“Good morning Cassidy” I smiled when she let go. I opened the door wide for her to come in

“You are here for your dress -”

“No..no I’m not here for the dress -” she paused..if she’s not here for the dress then why is she here?

“I mean it fine if the dress is not ready”

“Your dress is ready” I cuts in

“Oh really?!” She asked in surprised tone

“Yes..actually we planned to call in the evening so you will come get it tomorrow.. But it a good thing that you’re here”


“Please Sit” I gestured

“thank you” I find my way to the large table filled with dresses trying to identify Cassidy’s dress from it package. I picked one and traced the writing on it..the dress is not hers

“Should I come and help?”

“No it fine..I can find it”

I picked two other packages which didn’t read her name with the tale on it. Mrs Elise had wrote down Cassidy’s name on her clothe before heading out but i just can’t figure out where she had placed it among other dresses. Luckily for me I picked two more packages before I found Cassidy’s dress. A smile formed on my lips after I felt the letters on the tape. I made an attempt to meet Cassidy but she met me halfway

“Here you go” she collected the dress

“You can try it on and check yourself in the mirror over there” I pointed towards the direction of the mirror

“I’d love to try it” she unwrapped the package

“Are you the only one home?” She asked


“What about your little boy?”

“He’s gone to school”

“So are you always home alone most time?”

“No..Mrs Elise is always here with me”

I heard her scream and I became scared

“Are you okay?” I asked fearfully

“Yes! I’m just happy about the dress. It amazing! It gorgeous! And it looks good on me!”

“Okay..” I calmed..Thank God it just that..and nothing else. I thought she had slipped and fell

“I’m sorry if I scared a bit”

“No it okay..so do you like the dress?”thus

“Yes!but.. Like is an understatement.. I love it!”

“I’m happy you love it”

“But honestly Miss Ria this dress is worth more than $300”

“If you say so” I find my way back to the machine and settled on the stool

“Well Miss Ria..why do you charge lowly?”

“It not low..$300 is a lot of money”

“So what about $1000?”

“That’s a lot of money!”

We both giggled

“Well not all our prices are low..we make expensive dresses depending on the type of materials they want for the dress..and sometimes they bring in whatever clothe they wanna use for the dress”

“Also does your price have anything to do with people around?”

“Kinda…if we decide to charge higher most people won’t get a dress from us”

“Well maybe that because you don’t reside in the rich area”

Exactly..average area..everyone is just trying to survive..but we make our money from online orders”

“You sell your clothes online?”

“Yes..Mrs Elise is in charge of that”

“Wow! That amazing!”

“You can say that again my Lady” Cassidy laughed

“How do I fold the dress back in it place?”

“Bring it” she gave it to me and I folded it and then i put it in the package

“You know..I really like you Miss Ria” Cassidy’s words stopped me

“I mean I like the fact that you are talented and hardworking despite your condition”

“Thank You..I’ll just get a nylon to put this in” I stood up and went to the large box and took out a customized nylon. My logo was imprinted on it. I dropped the dress in it and gave it to Cassidy

“Thank You”

“You’re welcome and happy birthday in advance”

“Thank you once again”

I expected her to leave after that but she didn’t

“Perhaps Miss Ria..can..I stay till Mrs Elise returns?” She asked in a low tone

“I can help with some things too..like getting pieces of clothe together,fixing buttons,whipping dresses and all that..”

“You can do all that?”

“Yes..that if you let me”

“About you staying won’t your dad be worried about you?”

“No he won’t and I’m free..I don’t have classes today”


“Thank you Miss Ria”

She said happily

“You’re welcome”

“So what do I do now?”

“Uhmmm -”

“I can actually use the machine”


“Yes..just give me the pieces”

“Okay..let’s start by fixing a thread In the machine over there” I pointed to the machine next to mine

“Where is the thread?”

“It in a bowl next to the table”

“Got it!” She was silent for a while

“I fixed a black thread in it!” She clapped

“Can you help me amend an old lady’s dress?”

“Sure..where is it?”

“On the smallest couch”

“Which one?”

“She packed three in one dress -”

“Yes..i have seen it”

She dragged as stool close to the machine

“I just have to sew the side, fix a zip and…I think this last one is a bit too long for the old lady right?”

“Yes..she actually complained it was long and oversized”

“So we have it adjust it..Trim the down part.. Did you take her measurement?”

“Yes..Mrs Elise measured her”

“So where is the measurement book?”

“On that large table”


“What’s her name?” She asked some seconds later

“Mrs Beatrice” I heard her flipped pages

“Okay..right here. I will start by adjusting the first dress since it more easier for me” seconds clicked by and I heard the sound of the machine wheels. She can actually use the machine

“Cassidy -” I called and she stopped

“Where Did you learn to use the machine?”

“My aunt taught me..she stays in Denver and she is also a seamstress like you. I lived with her for a year..so I had no choice but to learn the trade”

“So you learnt it in a year?”

“Not really..I have known some aspect in sewing since I was a kid. I used to travel to her place during Holidays”

“Okay” we lapsed in silence only the machine wheels was heard then it stopped again

“What about you?”


“Yes..how Long have you been a seamstress if I may ask?..uhmmm or just tell me about yourself”

“If I tell you Cassidy then I don’t think we can work today”

“Of course we will.. You talk and I listen and ask questions if necessary”

“Okay..well I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be a seamstress. Sewing was the only thing I was used to when I was a kid.. It was like an option for me..and my mom who was a seamstress also inspired me”

“Oh! She taught everything?”

“Yes she did..and I just had to learn because i wanted to be useful to myself. And my mom would say…”Being disabled is not an excuse for me to be failure” you can’t say because you are disabled then you won’t make something in life..or thrive to achieve your set dreams. I worked on myself and learned a lot of things with the help of my parents. I swallowed the lump that was starting to form in my throat. Recalling how good they were to me always puts a smile on my face but i cry each time I remember how they had died..will I ever forget? The pleadings,screams, last words to me and The gunshots..

“Were you born blind or you lost your sight in car accident?”

“I was born blind”

“And have you thought of undergoing an eye surgery?”

“Yes..it what I’ve always wanted for myself… But I don’t have enough money for the surgery yet”

I waited for Cassidy to talk but I heard nothing

“What..what if someone offers to pay your bills? Will you accept such person’s offer?”

“Yes I will ..as long as that help is not from a…”

I paused and swallowed hard “…..a man” I completed

I won’t accept any help from a man. No man will help you without asking for something else in return. Lucas had spared my life but used me thinking he was doing me a great Favour. I clasped the edge of the machine to stop the screams and horrible voice of Lucas in my head. Calm! Calm! Calm! I chanted in my head. I shouldn’t let those horrible days take the best part of me but no!! It won’t stop. I shook my head from side to side

“Are you okay? Miss Ria?” I felt Cassidy hand on my shoulder

“Yes..yes..I’m fine”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Cassidy”

“So why won’t you accept any help from a man?”

“Nothing..” I faked a smile “it just something relating to my past” I managed to say and hoped that Cassidy won’t ask anymore questions

“Well Miss Ria everyone have a story to tell..about their past”

“You have a past too?” I didn’t realize how foolish that question was until I said it..well maybe the question will stop her from asking me questions for now

“Kind off..but it nothing big. It just that I broke up with my first boyfriend two weeks ago after I found out he cheated on me with my best friend”

She replied in a sad tone

“I should be blamed for what he did actually”


“Jake wanted sex but I wasn’t ready for such…oh well you know how guys are..you don’t give them what they want then they get it elsewhere just to make you feel guilty”

“You still don’t have to blame yourself”

“I expected Jake to understand my decision. Even before we started dating, I told him I wasn’t ready to have sex until my wedding night and he agreed. He said he respected me for that decision. But a month later he started asking me for sex anytime I go visiting at his place…he asked me to prove to him if I truly love him but I couldn’t. I don’t have to give myself to him and go against my will just to prove that Love him. Jake intentionally slept with Betty just to hurt me”

“Let say…Jake might have thought you’d come begging him when you find he was having an affair with your best friend”

“Yes Miss Ria..I didn’t beg him…it was painful but I didn’t shed a tear because of him…someone like him doesn’t deserve my tears”

“And he doesn’t deserve a girl like you. No relationship between two people can survive oof it is based on material benefits. Don’t not give things to people with the expectation of getting something In return”

“Yes my mom said the same thing..that was why I decide to announce the breakup so he won’t feel important”

“So what about your best friend?”

“She stopped talking to me..like I care” she snorted

“Our friendship is over”

Once in my life I made such decision. I promised that i won’t defile myself until my wedding night. My Mom was still a Virgin when she met my dad..and he had cherished and respected her for being a Virgin at such age. I had thought it was going to be easy for me to maintain such stance since I was blind.. I had no where to go or any boy to meet..but I never thought of a criminal coming to take me away and defile me. It never occurred to me..Lucas took my innocence and dignity.. And now that decision is of no use.

Will I ever feel loved? Will I fall in love like any human? No! No man will ever fall for a woman who was repeatedly raped by criminals.

“Miss Ria are you having issues trusting Men?”

Cassidy’s question stunned me out of my thoughts..I didn’t respond. I don’t plan to reveal my layst to her..I don’t plan to tell anyone about it. The door bell rang. I sighed. saved by the bell

“I will get the door”

I heard Mrs Elsie exchange greetings with Cassidy

“Welcome back Mrs Elise” She kissed my cheeks

“How are you?”

“I’m fine”

“I can see you have a company”


“I had to beg the stylist not to take too long cause I was worried since you’re home alone”

“You should have taken your time”

“Yes I know but I wasn’t at peace”

“Cassidy offered to stay with me anyways”

“Yes i didn’t want to leave cause she was alone”

“Oh Thank you Cassidy”

“Stop making it sound like I’m a kid who needs a Nanny”

We laughed

“So how -”

Mrs Elise was interrupted by a beeping

“That’s my phone.. Sorry” Cassidy said

“Hello..oh will be home soon” she said quickly

“Your dad?” Mrs Elise asked

“Yes..Miss Ria I’m sorry I’ve to leave now”

“It okay”

“And sorry I wasn’t able to finish up what I started”

“I understand”

“Bye” she kissed my Cheeks

“Yeah bye”

“I will accompany you to the door” Mrs Elise offered and the door clicked

“I’m almost done with your dress Mrs Elise” I said when she came back

“Was Cassidy adjusting the old lady’s dress?”

“Yes..she can use the machine”



“Hmm she is good”

Mrs Elise exclaimed and I nodded

“She is extremely a good company. Calm and knowledgeable and it was nice to have her around”

“Good to hear that coming from you Miss Ria. That reminds me Sophia transfered the Money for her dress”

“Please Call the delivery girl”

“I already done that.. She will be here anytime soon”





“So how was it?”

“Good” Cassidy nodded

“So did you find out anything?”

“Yes.. I found some things about her”

“Tell me about it”

“She is having issues trusting men cause it something about her past”


“Yes..and she doesn’t want to share it”

“Are you saying Ria had issue with men in the past which led to her distrusting men?”

“I think so”

“Did you ask her about her sight?”

“She was born blind..and I asked if she has ever thought of surgery”

“What did she say?”

“She said yes..but she doesn’t have the money”

“Cassidy I’m thinking of helping her. I can foot the bills”

“Miss Ria won’t accept your offer..she told me that herself…..that she wasn’t going to accept a help from a man”

“She said that?”

“Yes..and I think it about the past”

“Cassidy you still have to help me get more information”

“Mr Ian I suggest you get close to her yourself”

“But you just said she doesn’t trust men”

“Yes..but I feel you should be straight with her..it not cool pretending to someone like her..like me going to her house to get more information about her. I want to be with her freely and learn to sew”

“You wanna learn?”

“Yes..I know about it..i even helped today”

“Cassidy I understand… I also want to be close to her..but Ria won’t allow me..I’m a man”

“You can make it work. Miss Ria might have closed heart to love..but I believe you can win her Heart..with your kindness and good nature. You love her don’t you?”

“I don’t know..but I think so”

“Miss Ria just needs someone like you. Loving nature,you are nice and cool,ready to help anyone.. And I’m sure you can make Miss Ria trust men again”

“You think so?”


“I wish it was that easy Cassidy”

“It easy”


“I think I have an idea or a plan” She said with a bright smile on her face


“I’ve been out for hours

Really it been days but I lost count

Running out of powers to go and do the things I’ve been talking about

Yeah I made plans to more than who i was from way back

But I feel like I’ve given up

And I feel like I ain’t enough

Am too hard on myself no i can’t lit up..”

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“Cassidy do you think the idea is gonna work?”

I asked Cassidy who sat on the small couch with her eyes glued to her phone

“We just have to give it a try”

“Well..what if she refuses to come?”

“Then let hope she shows up…and work according to plan”

That not the answer to my question


I looked away from Cassidy and glanced down at Ria’s card on my desk

“Go on and call her”

Cassidy urged me

“Which of these numbers belongs to Mrs Elise?”

“The first belong to Miss Ria herself. The second is the home line and then the third one is for Mrs Elise”

“Why didn’t you just go straight and tell me that the this one is for her?”

“Well….I was just thinking you might need to call Miss Ria someday….” She shrugged

“That enough..” I sighed…this going to be hard but I hope it works

“Okay..I just hope she agrees to meet up”

“Yeah..let hope she does”

I dialed Mrs Elise Number and she picked on the second ring


“Good Afternoon”

“Uhmmm Mrs Elise?”

“Yes..yes..Mrs Elise on the line..”she paused and continued ” who am I unto?”


“Ian?” She repeated in a low tone. What was she trying to do? Remember where she heard that name from?

“We met at Ainsley -”

“Oh! Ainsley Hospital!” She completed

“Yes Ma’am”

“And you’re the man that retrieved Miss Ria’s purse from that thief!”


“Why didn’t you come and get a dress done for your wife?…. After all I gave you that card for that..and I was expecting you to give us a call”

“Oh really sorry for not calling ever since you gave me the card… And Mrs Elise -”


“I..I don’t have a wife”

“Oh you don’t?”


“But…you have sisters..aunts and female friends?”

“I do actually”

“So why haven’t you patronized us.. Get a dress at our place… Mr Ian..a trial will convince you”

Now the conversation is heading to another direction entirely…I didn’t call to have someone persuade me to get a dress.

“Mrs Elise I gave the card to a friend who wanted to make a dress for his daughter…”

I took the cellphone away from my ear to whisper to Cassidy

“What was that Name Mr Griffin told Them?”

“Mr brown”

“Oh yes Mrs Elise his name is Mr Brown”

“Oh!! Oh My God! You directed Mr Brown to our workplace!”


“Thank You Mr Ian. We already gave Cassidy her dress the day before yesterday..and she like it!”

“Yeah I saw the dress..it was stunning”

Wait am I supposed to say that…No! It might blow the secret!

“Thank you once again Mr Ian”

“You’re welcome.. So Mrs Elise I was thinking..of setting up a meeting for just me and you. So we can discuss some things about -”

“Do you want to get dress?”

I looked up at Cassidy who was now close to my desk. “This is not gonna work” I wrote down in a pad and she replied

“Yes Mrs Elise I want to get a dress for…”

“Niece” Cassidy Whispered

“My niece…yes niece she is 9years old”

“We make dresses for kids too”

“Go straight to the point now” Cassidy jolt down on the pad

“And not only about making a dress for my niece.. We talk about some other things too..hmm business”

“Business?..okay! I love that Mr Ian”

“Yeah..so when should we meet up”

“I’m less busy now…we don’t have much work at hand”

“What about now?”

“Fine by me”

“I work at Lint Corp”

“Lint Corp Industry?”


“Which of them?”

“The main office.. Someone will be waiting outside to bring you to my office”

“Okay I will be there soon”

“I will be expecting” she hang up

“Plans working?”

I sighed out loud when I dropped the phone on my desk

“Yes..i just have to call Lauren and inform her I want to get a dress for Mia”

“please do so while I talk to Mr Griffin”

“Okay and please call me Ramsey”

“Sure” Cassidy exited the room




“Miss Ria”

Mrs Elise called on her way out of the kitchen.

“Miss Ria”

She called again and sometimes just hearing her talk makes me happy

“Yes..Mrs Elise”

I answered from the couch I sat on trying to do my eye exercises. Eye exercises is mainly meant for me to recognize things normal human could see. I learnt to recognize things when my parents enrolled me into a school for the Blind. The teachers spent their time teaching us how to do things on our own,how to read and write without anyone’s help. And I remember my dad had gotten a private teacher to help me identify things..visual images and some other things i needed to know easily but I was a bit slow in learning how to do things on my own. Then my mom had thought me how to identify materials..clothes materials actually,by it textures, quality and designs. The exercise and lessons had help me learned to do things myself..like I know every part of my apartment, I can cook and find things as long as no one moved it from it initial place. When Andrea died,I had to start going to stores myself..it wasn’t easy..the year Andrea died was very tough cause..I had to learn to do the things she used to do for me..like going to the grocery store and others..but one thing I couldn’t do was use the phone to check out orders from customers. It was her job…but after she died no one was there to help…but all the same thanks to Andrea who helped me counts steps along the way..from our home to everywhere we visited…I have them noted in my diary..the steps… all of them.

And then after her demise I had to leave alone and survive.. ‘Surviving’ it actually what I’ve been doing right since when I was born. It was a good thing i met Elise..she became my Andrea,my eyes and my Angel. Things got back to normal the moment she stepped into my life. She is a blessing. She helped me,her good communication skill brings more people to us. Mrs Elise works as a babysitters aside my sewing business. To be honest I truly don’t know what would have become of me if she wasn’t in my life now..maybe I wouldn’t have survived or maybe I would have in more hard way..who knows probably I would have given up. But all I see in my Life is that God has been so good to me. He always has this way of bringing good people into my life the moment I needed one…but it just so sad that they always end up leaving me behind – Death.. So cruel! Taking away good people and leaving the bad ones to live on the earth. And at some point, I started thinking if I was a bad luck.. A jinx perhaps. Or maybe I’m not! Cause this little voice keeps whispering into my mind that “You’re not a bad luck”.. And guess what? I claimed it in my head and mind. ” I’m not a Bad luck”. Not only that.. I even did a rhyme for myself which I taught Phoebe and Phoenix

“I am a blessed child

I am destined to be great

I am not giving up on my dreams”

And lastly which I didn’t add to the rhyme I taught the kids. “I will never give in to the thought of suicide”

Suicide i say?…yes! I’ve tried to commit suicide once when Andrea was alive after we came to Chicago. I started feeling like I was a burden to Andrea cause she worked two jobs at a time to fend for us. Hmm Thank God she came in from work before I stabbed myself. She talked some sense into my head and I never thought my death would cause Andrea trouble. And I keep praying nothing happens to Mrs Elise and my kids.

“Miss Ria I’m heading out”


“I want to go out now”

“Yes i heard that..but you said no outing this morning”


“Are you seeing someone Mrs Elise?”

She bursted into laughter

“Miss Ria..well I wish I am seeing someone..but anyways I’m not”

“Okay so where are you off to?”

“Mr Ian just called..he wants to see me”

“Who is Mr Ian?”

“Ian..you don’t remember?”

“I don’t…”

“The man that got your purse back from a thief..i mean the guy we saw at the hospital”

“Okay..but why does he want to see you?”

“He wants to make a dress for 9years old niece. And I think he doesn’t want to come here with her because of -” she stopped

“Me right?”

“I didn’t say that..” She said in a low tone


“Can I?”


“I’ll go ahead then”


“Take care” she kissed my cheeks




I alighted from the taxi and looked up at massive outer part of Lint Corp. Two armed men dressed in uniforms stood at the huge glass door leading into Lint Corp. And where is the person sent to bring to bring me to Mr Ian?. A handsome looking man emerged from the entrance,he looked around. Is he looking for me? Guess so! I met him halfway

“Are..are you the one Mt Ian sent to bring me to his office?”

“Yes…are you Mrs Elise?”

“Oh yes..I am Mrs Elise and you are -” I waited for him to fill in his name


“Nice to meet you”

“Same here” he smiled brightly “please this way”

The armed men opened the door and we walked in. Wow! I gasped! I’ve never been here seen a building as big as Lint Corp! So damn Massive! Some greeted Ramsey on the way. We got to an office where a young woman sat at a huge desk and Ramsey stopped to open another door.

“Go in ma’am” he gestured to me

“Thank You” I nodded and stepped into the large office. There Ian sat at the desk and then Cassidy was on a big couch. Why is she here?

“Take a seat Mrs Elise” he motioned to me to sit on the couch. I couldn’t stop glancing around, taking in the beauty of his office until my gaze fell on the glassy object on the desk. “IAN BRYANT CEO OF LINT CORP”. I gasped in shock as I look back up at Mr Ian. He is the CEO! Unbelievable! Why didn’t I realize that when he had said he works in Lint Corp?!. Mr Ian stood up from his desk and sat on the couch And i repositioned myself.

“Mr Ian..I didn’t know you are the CEO of Lint Corp”

He itched the back of his neck

“Yes I am the CEO.. And I’m sorry for not telling you that..”

“No..no you don’t have to be sorry..I mean it okay” I let oy a handful of breathe to fill my lungs

“How are you doing Mrs Elise?”

“I’m fine”

“And..what about Ria?” I met his gaze when he asked in a concerned tone

“Miss Ria is fine”

“Is she home alone or the kids are with her?”

“The kids are in school..and Yes Miss Ria is alone at home..but I was home with her before you called me”

“Will she be fine alone?”

“Yes..she is always home alone anytime I’m at work or the store buying materials. And the kids are always with her during weekends”

We lapsed in silence. Mr Ian lost in thought. He said that he wants to make a dress for his niece but I don’t see any 9years old kid around. Mr Ian cleared his throat. A phone beeped and well exchanged glances. That was my phone!

“Sorry..it mine”

I searched my bag. Miss Ria was calling with the home line

“Hello Miss Ria”

“Mrs Elise are you on your way home now?”

“No..no Miss Ria..I just got to Lint Corp now”

“Have you met him?..I mean Mr Ian?” She asked and I looked up at him

“Oh yes..he is here”


“Do you need anything?”

“Yes..I can’t find the linens you brought in yesterday”

“Linen?” I said trying yo remember where I placed the nylon last night

“Yes Linens..I want to sew Calista dress but I can’t find it”

“Are you done with your eyes exercises?”


“Okay..oh Miss Ria I’m just trying to recall where I dropped it last night…ah! Yes! Yes! It on the pressing table!”

“The pressing table right?”

“Yes..and I’m sorry for not placing it in the right place”

“It okay Mrs Elise. Thank You”

“Take care”

“Mrs Elsie -”


“I don’t know if you have enough money with you”

“Is there anything you need?”

“I just need you to help me drop by at the restaurant to buy cupcakes for the children”

“Yes I will..do you want the big size?”

“No..no the six in one is better”


“And a bowl of ice cream”

“I will get everything”

“Thank You Mrs Elise!”

The line dropped

“I’m sorry…”

“No no it okay” Mr Ian replied

“So where is the little girl you wanna make a dress for?. i brought some of our collections and I’m sure you will like it”

“Actually..Miss Elise I won’t be the one picking out the dress but I called her mom who is my sister..lemme just say they will come over to your place”

“O..okay” I nodded slowly. Seriously I wasn’t expecting such response. Why did he called me when the girl in question isn’t present?

“Mrs Elise remember I said we have to discuss business…”

“Oh yeah”

“So firstly I just want to ask some few questions about Ria”

“Pardon?” I raised an eyebrow

“Mrs Elise..Mr Ian wants to help Miss Ria” Cassidy spoke up for the first time. And what does she mean by that?


“Look Mrs Elise I don’t know how to tell to this but -” he stopped. Well I hope Mr Ian’s expression is not what it means to me. He continued

“Ever since I set my eyes on Ria at the park… I haven’t been at rest. And Thank God met her again and also thanks to you for giving me her card”

Well to be sincere, I didn’t give Miss Ria’s card for him to make a dress but it was for him to get closer to her. I saw how concerned he was and also happy when Miss Ria was talking to Phoenix. He had looked at her differently,like he felt something for her. If only Miss Ria could see him then his look would have swept her off her feet.

“Mrs Elise I will really appreciate if you tell me few things about Ria”

“Huh?!” I stunned out of my thought. Now he wants to know about her…what do I say? There is a lot to know about Miss Ria

“I don’t want you to think I’m trying to dig into her personal life..but I just want to know..not all but few”

“I will leave you two to talk” Cassidy stood up

“Thank you Cassidy.. And please try calling the Baker again”


She left

“Are you in love with Miss Ria?” I asked unexpectedly. His eyes widened at the question. What was that Spark?

“No..no” he stuttered

“I don’t want you to think like that Mrs Elise… I’m just concerned about Ria”

Concerned? But not in love. Sure he is in love and also concerned but he is denying it while his countenance says the opposite. I stared intensely at him and nodded slowly. I got what I wanted from those sparkling eyes. He loves her! I tried blink back tears. Someone loves Miss Ria but it so sad such doesn’t exist for her. She doesn’t care about his existence or even his kind. I’m sure if Miss Ria was asked to take away one thing from the world.. It would be Men!. Yeah i know it because of what happened..but would things have been different in her life now if she didn’t go through those horrible experiences. And sometimes i used to wonder if she will every fall in love? I sighed out loud. It not bad to let this young man in anyways

“What exactly do you want to know about Miss Ria?”

“Uhmmm can you tell why she behaves unusual anytime a man is around?”

“Mr Ian…I really want to tell about Miss Ria..but what you just asked is too personal. I can’t tell you about it”

“Is it about her past?”

“Yes..and she doesn’t want to share it with anyone…but maybe if you get close to her she might tell about it”

“No..I doubt if Ria will ever allow me close to her”

“I must tell you it won’t be easy but you can give it a try -” I paused “Mr Ian please don’t get close to her for that reason”

“Yes I know Mrs Elise.. I don’t want to be friends with her because of that. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know about it” I nodded..quiet sensible

“How old is she?”


“About the kids..are they are her biological children?”



“Miss Ria adopted them few months ago..and she is ready to raise them as her own” I shrugged

“Yeah I noticed her likeness for them at the park and hospital. What about the blindness?”

“She was born blind” he rubbed his palms together

“As she looked into getting eyes surgery?”

Yes! Severally!. Even when she was little her parents had accepted an offer that led to their death. So sad! Even Miss Ria had tried saving up but something ends up happening to her savings.

“Yes Mr Ian but you know eye surgery is expensive. She doesn’t have that huge amount of money. We planned to take on a loan from the bank to foot medical bills”

“A loan?”

“Yes..and we are starting the process next week” he stared at me

“I want to help Ria” he blurted without looking away from me

“I can pay the bills Mrs Elise”

“Really?” Oh yes! I know he can..he is the CEO of a great industry. But the problem is Miss Ria will turn him down

“I’m willing and ready to do it for Ria”

“You see Mr Ian I don’t have any problem with you paying the bills..but Miss Ria won’t accept your help”

“But why?”

“Hmm lets just say she doesn’t trust your kind”

“You can help me Mrs Elise. Try to persuade her..it for her good. It will be a good thing if she can see again”

“I suggest you just loan the money to her?”

“No I don’t want that. If I do that it like I’m adding more to her problems”

“Okay I will try to talk to her”

“Well Mrs Elise if she doesn’t want to see me then you tell her Lauren Bryant heard of her case and so she wants ti help her”

“No..no we don’t have to tell her a different story”

“I just thought that will make her accept my offer”

“No I will explain in a right way. And thanks for offering to help us”

“You’re welcome”

We stood up and walked out of the office

“Ramsey” he called the young man at the desk

“Yes CEO”

“Set up a meeting with Doctor Hawn”

“Okay sir”

“I will discuss with the doctor to knoe how we go about the surgery”

He said to me on our way to the elevator


“Say me hi to the kids”

Soon we stepped out to the opening where staffs bowed as they pass by. He hail down a taxi when we came out of the company. I entered and waved at him and he did the same before the cab moved

“Bing restaurant” I said to the driver

“Okay Ma’am” I thought of everything I discussed with Mr Ian. He was willing to help but I still doubt if Miss Ria will ever accept such help. How do I convince her?. Images flashed through my mind…they were the most horrible moments of my life but it all in the past now. why now? Sounds like a good way to talk to Miss Ria.


“What do you do when you can’t let go?

What do you say when you just don’t know how feel?

And you know nobody knows how you feel

Cause everybody gat their own Damn problem!

So Everybody tryna find their way

And day by day is the struggle

In this world you know you have to hustle

Just know you are not alone

You don’t always have to be strong all by yourself

I said it okay to ask for help…”





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