Rabbit love Episode 4

Rabbit love Episode 4.
I had just closed from work after a hectic day at the local primary school were i teach, i was excited that i would see Kelvin the next day at the dinner p@rty which he asked me to accompany him to.
Throu-ghout the week, he alone occu-pied my thoughts, and to wors£n the situation he kept calling every now and then, ma-king it practically impossible for me to get my mind off him.
”oh wait, is that not his car, in front of my house” i asked myself.
I forgot that i was tired and that my b©dy was aching, I found myself smiling.
I quic-kly increa-sed my steps as if he would disappear if i don’t get to him fas-ter.
I got to the car and pretended like i didn’t see it and went to my little ap@rtment to open my door when a unfamiliar voice called me.
”Miss Becky?” he called in form of a question.
”yes, how may i help you?”
”my boss s£nt me to you” he explained.
”who is your boss”
”Mr. Kelvin”
at the mention of Mr. I bec@m£ confused, is he married? Oh God, don’t let it be.
Seeing that i wasn’t replying he continued.
”am Peter, am his personal driver”
”is he in the car” i asked, abs£nt minded.
”no ma” he answered and I bec@m£ disappointed.
”sorry, i only asked cause of the tinted glas-s i thought he was inside” i explained to him.
”well, he s£nt me to deliver a package to you”
”alright thanks, bring it in” i said and he left to the car to get the package which turned out to be a red flowing go-wn, a nice pair of heels and a matching diamond n£¢klace.
The evening of the following day at exactly 5 Pm, i heard a car horn in front of my house and i knew without being told that my prince charming had come to pick me for the p@rty as promised.
”wow” was all he could say when i c@m£ out in the dress that he had s£nt for me.
I knew without being told that i look good.
”wow” he exclaimed once again when i entered the car.
”you look breath taking” he finally said to me and i blu-shed.
”you ain’t looking bad either” i replied.
He was clad in a black designer tuxedo and the smell of his perfume filled the whole car.
I was filled with surprised when we st©pped at a building which i recognized immediately.
The gigantic sign which re-ad ”k!ssMODELS” was shinning bright and it was so beautiful but not more beautiful than my companion.
The ride to the venue had been a silent one as he kept answering one call or another and giving me looks that clearly spells ‘de-sire”
The car halted and he c@m£ down and opened my side door for me and held my hand like it was a high school prom night.
” you didn’t tell me, we were coming to this kind of exquisite place” i whispered to him.
He smiled at me.
”what would you have done” he asked.
”i would have put in more effort in my make up and all that” i said flatly.
”Beauty, you look superb alre-ady” he said to me.
We walked in and people started starring at us like we c@m£ from planet Mars.
The stares were ma-king me feel uneasy and i was praying inwardly not to fall.
”just take it easy, they won’t bite you” my prince charming said to me and i nodded.
some people c@m£ over to greet him and i kept on hearing boss, boss and i bec@m£ confused as to why matured and elderly men and women kept on referring to him as boss.
We took our seats and the event which comprised of award and dinner night kicked off.
So many awards were given out including, the reigning supermodel award which was given to Bella Madi, the face of k!ssMODELS.
At the end of the awards the Director of k!ssMODELS was called upon to give a closing remarks and i began looking around hoping to see the man who was running this wonderful empire but my search was cut short when Kelvin tapped me.
”let’s go” he said to me.
”are you going home alre-ady?” i asked him.
He smiled at me and simply said ”not home, the podium”
i was shocked, i didn’t even know how my legs were able to carry me to the podium.
When Kelvin started giving the closing remarks i was lost in thought, i didn’t even know he was this important or influential, i knew he was rich but i didn’t know he was as rich as this.
No wonder i didnt know he was the Director of k!ssMODELLING AGENCY, i have always heard that the director was someone who hated being in the news, simply put he hates ma-king public appearances and not many people knew him.
It occurred to me that, journalists and reporters were not allowed into k!ssMODELS premises unless they were invited, i looked around and there was no other c@m£ra men except one who was putting on a vest with the name k!ssMODELS written on it.
I only snapped out of the thoughts when i heard my name, the next words that followed shocked me to the bones
Those were the exact words he used.
I quic-kly clamped my hands over my mouth, i didn’t know how to react or what to do.
As if he noticed that i was clueless, he gave me a warm hvg.
This was a dream come true for me, i thought i would not see this day.