Pregnant episode 22

Episode 22
Written by Simrah Saeed
♠️Ethan ♠️
” E..Ethan ” she called in a painful tone. Gosh! I can’t find my car keys . I checked the drawer glancing at her, she’s sweating profusely. God! Where is this key?
You won’t blame me that I’m confused like this. It’s my first time seeing a lady in labour.
I might own a hospital but I’m not a doctor. I don’t know anything about doctrine… Hell! I’m afraid of seeing blood … I built the hospital and employed professional doctors specialized in different fields ..
” Fool, idiot, take me to the hospital” she yelled.
I stared at her unable to say anything. My wifey that I know will never abuse anyone.
That’s to show the pain is crucifying..
How foolish I can be, this isn’t my room..
” Gosh! Sorry Angel ” I rushed to her helping her up ..
She kept yelling and crying reigning insults on me till we reached my door.
Thank goodness Lisa was at sight ..
” Get to my room and bring my car keys on the be-dstand ” I instructed and she nodded..
” Ouch! Ahhhh! ”
” My w@!st Ethan it hurts so much. It hurts” she winced hitting my che-st… Geez!
The way she’s hitting me ha-rd is really painful.. I should be the one to give birth nexy time
” Uhhmm, uhh ” she fanned herself
” Sorry angel ” I drove off in full speed
” Don’t angry me, drive fast ” her hand landed on my back and I gro-an ed..
” You are the one that put me throu-gh this, I don’t want to give birth again ” she said and he bur-st out laughing..
She don’t want to give birth again because of labour pain..
Although, they are really trying risking their lives to bring another baby into this world..
Women deserves some accolades…. It’s not easy ..
” Doctor, nurse ” I yelled and the two nurses rushed towards us…
” Did you just come to stare at us? Are two mad? Call the doctor and get the stretcher ” I snapped and they left and returned with it..
” Mr Ethan, calm down. Your wife will be fine ” Doctor Zach as-sured seeing how worried I look…
” Can I go in with her ?” I asked hoping so.
” Don’t worry Mr Ethan. She will be fine ” he patted my shoulder and left in a hurry ..
I kept pacing about ignoring the stairs. I’m not in the mood to shout, all I want is my wife to be fine…
She first then the baby ……
I sat in the waiting room but it wasn’t comforting me, I stood by window, to the door, wall and sat down again…
Adrianna’s POV
I just can’t think straight, I messed up a big time… I was so obsessed with Ethan to the point I see the person that truly cares for me as trash..
What was I thinking? Ethan was just a friend and we used to be S-x p@rtners but he never liked me….
” I warned you about this Anna ” Carley said nonchalantly..
I wish I had listened to her…
” I thought I will succeed ” I placed my hands on my l@p
” I suggest you go back to Naylor, the guy loves you d–n so much Anna ” she said and I sighed..
How can I go back to the guy I publicly humiliated?
” What if he ignores me or what if he has a new girlfriend ?” I asked .
I’m very certain he now sees me as $h!t, I pla-yed with his heart and toiled with his feelings..
He’s everything a lady will nee-d in a man but I was cajoled by the sweetness of money ..
He’s rich and okay but not as Ethan, that was what pushed me …
He now hates me, how do I apologise to him? What if he throws me out of his house?
” Don’t be a pessimistic b—h idiot, I’m sure he will forgive you. I will talk to him then you give it a try ”
” He loves you Anna that he can even accept you with another man’s pregnancy trust me ” She said and I chuckled..
Isn’t she a true friend? I hvgged her ti-ghtly while smiling…
” You are chocking me with this your embr@ce crazy girl ”
” Thank you so much Car ” I said laughing. She hates it when I call her that ..
” I’m not Car I’m Carley ” she replied sma-cking my arm
” And you are welcome bestie anything for you ” ….
♠️ Ethan ♠️
It’s been two good hours since Olivia was taken to in and no sign of any doctor..
Is she fine?
The baby is not my problem right now, if she’s safe, we can always have another baby..
” How’s my wife doctor ” I asked immediately the doctor opened the door..
He wiped his face with an handkerchief..
His facial expression is unexplainable…
” Doctor I’m asking you how is my wife ”
If he doesn’t answer me, I might break down any moment from now..
” There is a good and bad news Mr Ethan”
” The good news is that your babies are perfectly fine ” he said with a small smile..
Wait what?
” Babies?” I asked
” Yes Mr Ethan your wife was delivered of a set of twins, both girls ”
A smile crept up on my face.. Twins? Baby girls?
” How’s my wife ?” I asked and his mood turned sour…
Hope it’s not anything bad? If anything happens to Olivia I don’t think I will survive it..
” How is she?”
” Uhhm your wife, she is…….”