Pia – episode 11

Episode 11

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“Pia, did he hurt you… Talk to me… did Richie hurt you..

“No sir…he only tried t….

” Richie.. I warned you…. didn’t I…I warned you twice over this girl… I have caught you looking at her severally…and I called you and warned you to stay off, carry your pas-sion outside my house…I told you not to go close, she is un-der my roof, un-der me and suppose to feel safe in this house…what is wrong with you… Have you gone nut…what are you doing in her room uninvited…if your bladder is h0t why not go to some brothel out there and ease it off, by the way I thought you have a girlfriend…your girlfriend Sonia will be so disappointed if she knows the kind of man you are… See Richie I have sacrifice much for you as a brother…and also tolerated so much $h!t just because we are blood and our late parents left you in my care but there’s a limit i can take from a grown as-s man like you… if you ever go against my rules again in this house I will willingly kick you out…or even lock you up and forget you ever existed…you should know what I’m capable off… Do not dare me Richie…Pia any day he tries anything funny around you don’t hesitate to let me know…I’m glad that you shouted…don’t be scared no one will hurt you here… I promise you that…just keep being a good girl…you are safe un-der my roof…so feel safe…Richie will not trouble you again…

After the incident Richie started avoiding me, he doesn’t mop at me like he use to do, he st©pped the constant looks, he was scared of his elder brother, he even comes home with his girlfriend sometimes, Sonia, who felt I was a threat to her b©yfri£nd, she was acting up in the beginning which never st©ps me from being nice to her, she later put off her attitude and started being more friendly with me, Sonia was a beautiful young girl and loved Richie, any time she spends a weekend in the house she will always want to help out, she was the only girl Richie brings to the house, and I know his elder brother will not tolerate him bringing in numerous girls to his house,

 my boss was very discipline, but no woman visits him, and I haven’t met his family yet, I once ask Ben the Butler, who has being with him far before me, I asked him about my boss family, if he has wife and children and Ben told me when he newly started working for him,

“Mr Ken use to have a lady who comes around often and on, the lady c@m£ from a poor home but Mr Ken polished her up, got a car for her, s£nd her abroad for her master degree program, but on getting out she had a white b©yfri£ndand didn’t want to come back again, so Mr Ken later moved on, then after almost two years, he had another lady whom he loved and cared for, he had good intentions for her but the lady got pregnant for another man and planned to ru-b the pregnancy on Mr Ken, who actually believed that the child was his and was happy, he started planing for happy family but the truth was suddenly revealed when the child’s real father surfaced and took his child, after DNA test revealed Mr ken wasn’t the biological father, he was broken after that incident and has being on his own ever since, he use to be very harsh after those incident especially to his workers but after sometime he bec@m£ nice again, he hate it when he is taken for granted, you are very Lucky Pia to work with him, although he can be very difficult to plea-se sometime but he is a good man, this is the little I know about him, I don’t know if he has family outside here, maybe a Wife or a child, I just don’t know and I haven’t seen any before, you are the first female he has employed in years and also be kind to, he avoided female workers in the house maybe because of what happened in the past, he felt like women are not to be trusted, but he has erased that mentality and that was why he allowed you live and work with him, I have being working for him for so many years now, he trust me and I try not to disappoint him, he has being a blessing to me and my family, he is not just nice to you because you are a female, no…not all…he is nice to all his workers, but he hates it when his orders are disobeyed, but I see he is extra nice to you, don’t b!ow it up Pia, just keep being a good girl and Mr Ken will extend his kindness to your family also, just like he did for mine…

I thanked Ben and went back to my quarters, and that night I prayed for my boss to find real love and happiness again, he is a good man, I don’t fully knows his story but I know he has a kind heart which despite he has being taken for granted severally it did not st©p him from being good.

My boss called me one day and said since I will soon be going to the university I have to get some b©dy that will replace me in the house, who is also ha-rd working like me, if I don’t have any then he has to put up an advert online, he nee-d a trust worthy person, the person must know how to cook very well, and she can stay in the staff quarters like me,
I told him not to put up advert yet let me check if I can get someb©dy first, I also thanked him again for his kindness, I just can’t st©p thanking him

Today he didn’t go out he was just pas-sing orders throu-gh his phone to his company staff, after which he l@ydown on a couch while watching the CNN news showing on television, i can see his mind was far but his eyes was on the television, so I mustered courage and went to him to ask if he was okay

“Sorry to disturb you sir…I just want to ask if you are alright…do you nee-d me to do anything for you..or you want to talk about something…I will be glad to listen..I just want to make sure that you are alright..

” yeah..I’m fine Pia, just want to a take rest today…

“Okay Sir, I will be in the kitchen in case you nee-d anything…

” alright…oh wait…come and sit down… Let’s talk, I don’t know why my mind is pla-ying tricks on me this days, you are growing into the woman i use to know in the past, you reminds me of someone, bringing back old memory, but that’s by the way, You have not really told me much about your parents… Or have you told me before and I probably forgot…

“My parents… are back in my home town..there’s nothing much to tell about them sir…

“I guess speaking about them saddens you, they must have being a terrible parents to have abandoned you…I use to feel terrible sometime when I think of the past, I wish I can right my wrongs, you must have wondered where my family are because you haven’t seen any of my family member aside Richie, for over three years you have being here, well I got jilted severally, I lost count though and I felt it was my past sin that is catching up with me, I’m not a terrible person Pia but I did something terrible so many years ago, I was much younger and have youthful blood flowing in my veins then, I’m not telling you this to gain your pity but for you to learn, I was living un-der my late parents who wanted me to study business Admintration after my secondary, so that I can take over my father’s business, I didn’t quic-kly got admission, I waited for almost three years before entering university, I was a bit wayward then, within that three years I was home seeking for admission i was also living life like it never matters, I had a girlfriend back then, my parents doesn’t know about, it was kind of a secret relationsh!pbecause my parents who were trying all their means for me to get into schools mustn’t know of my crazy life style, I continued with the girl and just when I finally got my long waited admission she c@m£ with the news that she was pregnant, I was angry with her for being so careless and I told her to go and ab-ort it, I threatened her when she refused, and i even denied I was responsible for it, well I went to school and forgot she ever existed, after years of studying and finally graduated, I c@m£ home and wanted to know what becomes of her and the Baby, I started asking around and was told the lady gave birth to a girl who she later left with her mother, is being almost twenty years now or more this thing happened, the little girl was with her sick grandmother who was taking care of her, she wa…

My boss Phone was ringing and he picked and it was a report from the office so I excused him to go make lunch for him because he skipped his breakfast, it was time for his lunch, maybe after eating if he still have time for the story I will be so glad to listen…I was alre-ady enjoying the story, although it brings back sad memories for him, pain was written across his face, I guess he never wanted to talk about it but because I looked like someb©dy from his past he decided to talk about it, maybe his daughter that the Lady born for him died that’s why he could not find her and he feels so sad about it, let me hurry up so that I can hear the rest of the story.


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