On the lioness tail episode 25

Episode 25.
He couldn’t take the disappointment and shame.
He paused and slowly moved to the couple who were still hvgging each other.
Jealousy and anger pierced throu-gh his soul as he watched the woman who was supposed to be his holding another man.
He c@m£ back for her, hoping things will work out between them, hoping she will reconsider and now he is left broken and more angrier than he has ever been.
He stared at the man, wondering what was special about him and why in gods name will she chose such a man over him?
Dhaki stood very close watching Kaya holding onto Yuri pas-sionately, he bite hisl-ips angrily, all the saliva in his mouth dried up.
His previous thought was that Kaya will choose him, she gave him a sweet smile that seems like an as-surance. he has laughed so ha-rd and began dancing in front of everyone to show how joyful he was.
His enemy, who is none other than Yuri stood and watch with sad face before turning to leave but Kaya halt him when he was about to walk away.
Dhaki paused from laughing and dancing as Kaya walks towards Yuri and declared him the man she wish to spend the rest of her life with.
Such act almost caused heart attack for Dhaki.
He wondered why will Kaya even smiled at him in the first place which he mistaken for love.
He was disgracing himself in front of everyone and Kaya was busy looking at him.
“I love you Yuri…
Dhaki suddenly heard her say, he was almost going crazy, he fold his hand into a fist and watch as they straightened from their hvgs.
She has never told him that before, Kaya has not boldly declared her love for him like she just did for Yuri.
the only sweet words she ever said to him are things like
“I love your poet”
“I want you too”
“I’m still waiting for the gods to confirm to me that you are truly the one Dhaki.” “Since the gods are silent I guess they approved of you”
“I know you will make a great poetries and sweep women off their feet”
Those are her only loving words to him.
She has never said “I Love you Dhaki” like she just said to Yuri.
Dhaki wish he can kill Yuri right now but Yuri is way too strong for a man like him.
If Yuri can kill a great warrior like Jagwa, the greatest warrior in seven Kingdoms then he is to be feared.
The family of Jagwa c@m£ to the palace, crying and cursing him.
Thank the gods he was a royalty, no one dares t©uçh him.
Thanks to the gods for his father who gave them a good line of consolation word.
“…Jagwa is a great warrior who died fighting. What a honor that he died as a warrior who fought for a just curse. We will all miss him but be rest as-sured that he died a happy man while holding onto his sword. The family that he left behind will be well compensated. Do not mourn rather go home and cerebr@te a great hero of our time…
That was the words that his father, The Chief of Ogunzi used to dismiss them.
After a week his father fell ill and now his elder brother is taking charge of everything leaving him with little p@rt to pla-y. His brother is also teaching his son on how to also become the next Chief of Ogunzi kingdom.
Coming down to Zukumo and getting married to princess Kaya, the next Chief of this great kingdom could have been one of the best thing that ever happened to him, aside the reason that he loves her dearly… well who wouldn’t love such a strong, wise, mouth piece of the gods, beautiful, br@ve and the first female chief of their time, aside all this fact he will indirectly become a ruler too just like his elder brother.
He will rule the great Zukumo kingdom alongside his wife. And he will be a name other Kingdoms, chiefs and many great men will reckon with.
Kaya is everyone’s wish both as a daughter, sister, friend and wife but only men like him are specially chos£n for her.
He was alre-ady ma-king progress and would have gotten married to her within past few days until Yuri from nowhere showed up and spoilt everything. Yuri trashed all his efforts to marry Kaya.
After the fight challenge and Yuri won, Dhaki has beseeched the gods to make out another way for him.
He really wants to be not just a chief but a recognized one in many kingdoms.
Many kingdoms are alre-ady aware of the br@ve daughter of Chief Dre, who is likely to rule as the next chief of Zukumo.
They sing her praises to young girls and many women take pride with Kaya’s name. They said she c@m£ and paved way for the girl child to have a name and respect accorded.
She is the people’s heroine. She may not even know how much respect and greatness that is to her name and how far she is well recognized.
Getting married to such a woman will be a honor to his name and person.
“The husband of the first female chief… who also rule in might and honor during his lifetime alongside his dear wife”
Dhaki frown as different thought crossed his mind.
He has pleaded with Chief Dre earlier to convince his daughter to chose him but the man has said that he can’t do that.
“Kaya is a special daughter, she is not like every other daughter of mine. she knows what she wants and will go for it. She didn’t ask me to make the choice of a husband for her so I won’t get much involve. I can pray and hope the gods will direct her path in ma-king the right choice. I’m sorry prince Dhaki, but Kaya will have to make that choice alone.”
That was what Chief Dre said earlier to him.
And now she finally made the choice and left him hanging.
No, he won’t accept such defeat.
Yuri c@m£ to steal, kill and destroy.
He has stolen the heart of the woman that is rightfully made for him, he has killed the only strong warrior in Ogunzi, Jagwa, his kingdom has to start training another warrior so that they won’t be left hanging in times of war.
Yuri has also destroyed his pride as a prince and his dignity when he trashed him like paper in the battle ground and now won over Kaya’s heart.
He won’t spare Yuri, he will kill him if he has to.
No man takes what is his and Yuri maybe a great warrior but he doesn’t know anything about ruling, he doesn’t even know how to compose a lovely poet, he doesn’t know how to love a woman tenderly.
Why will Kaya even chose him again? what did she sees in this beast of a man.
His temper was rising as he stared at Yuri.
Dhaki sighted a small knife like a dagger tugged by Yuri’s belt side.
He started moving closer to him.
He will take the dagger and dig it into Yuri’s b©dy and hope he will die and never wakes up.
As Dhaki got closer, Kaya turned to look at him.
She s-en-sed danger immediately she saw Dhaki.
Yuri’s eyes was too focused on Kaya that he didn’t seem to care whatever or whoever was around him
Dhaki rushed and went straight to the dagger, before anyb©dy could realized what was going on it was alre-ady late.
Kaya saw what Dhaki was about to do and pushed Yuri ha-rd and he fell back .
Before she could retrieve the dagger it was too late.
She screamed out in pain j as the dagger went into her b©dy.
Dhaki was shocked at what Kaya did.
It was Yuri he wanted to use the knife for but Kaya pushed him off and before Dhaki could control his motion the knife was fastened into Kaya’s b©dy.
Dhaki thought is Yuri and it was too late when he saw that it was Kaya that he stabbe-d.
He didn’t mean to stab Kaya but Yuri.
Kaya fell to the ground as blood gushed out of her like a river.
Without wasting time, Yuri picked her up from the ground and rushed out while Chief Dre ordered the guards to lock up Dhaki.
Yuri was ushered into a room with Kaya’s b©dy.
His heart was racing as he gently pu-ll-ed off the dagger that seems to be buried inside her stomach.
He to-re off his clothes and began to tire around Kaya as the bleeding becomes much.
He kept muttering prayers to the gods to spare Kaya’s life.
The dagger was a poisoned one indeed and kills fas-ter than one can imagine.
Why will Kaya push him away and took the knife stab that was meant for him.
She was the people’s hope, the next Chief of Zukumo, the female folk advocate, she was loved and recognized by all. Kaya is the pride of the land and nothing… absolutely nothing should happen to her.
Is just a matter of time and the poison will travel all over her b©dy.
He does not know if there was still more tekah maybe it will slow the speed at which the poison travels.
The poison will destroy all her b©dy system if nothing is done fast.
tekah would have neutralize the poison.
Everyone was gathered in the room as medicine men gathered around Kaya’s b©dy in no time.
Different smell of either animals or leaves were burning all around the room.
Deities were invoking the gods to intervene outside the house but no improvement.
Opa and Bambira were unstable, Chief Dre was panicking, his heart was racing as he watched Kaya. His beloved daughter.
Yuri stormed out with the poisonous dagger, he went to where Dhaki was being locked up.
But the guards safeguarding the place st©pped him from getting to Dhaki.
Yuri was barking angrily as sweat pours down from his b©dy that cold evening.
His b©dy was socked with Kaya’s blood.
He pointed the dagger towards Dhaki
His temper rose with full f0rç£, all he wanted was to get hold of Dhaki and put the knife to his throat.
“…if anything…I mean anything at all happens to her. I will not only ends your life but also that of your father who gave birth to a fool like you. Oh Dhaki you have wounded me de-eply, you have bruised my heart… and made me an angry man. I won’t spare you…no I won’t Dhaki if anything happens to Kaya. pray… Pray to the gods to help you out of this because it will be too bloody. I will cut you p@rt by p@rt untill you beg for death. When I’m re-ady all this guards can not st©p me in getting to you.. nothing at will st©p me. So.. you better pray to whatever god you believe in to help you by saving Kaya’s life.
Yuri left while Dhaki started pacing up and down in the cell as sweat broke out of his forehead.
Yuri terrified him with his every word and he meant it.
If anything happens to Kaya he’s life will be at stake.
The gods can bear him witness that he never meant to hurt Kaya. She took the stab that was meant for Yuri.
His target was Yuri but Kaya pushed Yuri aside and before he could withheld back the knife it was alre-ady buried inside her b©dy.
He never knew it was even a poisoned dagger, it was while in the cell he heard one of the guards telling the rest that the dagger was poisoned and Kaya may not make it alive.
The whole kingdom will be thrown into de-ep mourning if anything happens to her.
His jealousy and anger for Yuri has landed him into serious trouble. He prays the gods to be merciful and save Kaya’s life.
Yuri and the rest of the people continued doing everything possible for Kaya to live untill the following morning.
Her eyes were sh0t, the only sign that she was alive was slow heart beat.
The poison slowed it’s pace, Yuri was surprised that she was still breathing fine the next day.
Yuri started regretting why he brou-ght the knife along.
He usually takes it during a serious war or while camping in the forest.
He securely puts it away from reach whenever he’s home.
Coming with it to Zukumo kingdom to see Kaya, he thought of what he will use to prove to Kaya how much he wants to be in her life.
Giving her the most dangerous dagger is a risk he was willing to take but Kaya didn’t even t©uçh the dagger when he pres£nted it.
She still choose him over all the as-sembled royal and wealthy men that c@m£ to ask her hand in marriage.
She chosed him and boldly declared her love for him.
None of this could have happened if he had control himself and ask Leni to Leave after she was done attending to his injuries.
Instead he watched her go n-ked in front of him, ca-ressed his b©dy with her magic hands and he even held and k!$$£d her.
He could have done more than that if not that he couldn’t get Kaya’s thought off his head.
And Kaya caught them in the act, ever since then his mistake kept breeding one problem or the other and it finally landed them here.
The only woman he ever loved is fighting for her life.
For the first time, he felt a tear drop and wiped it off immediately.
Yuri went to Opa and Bambira. The two women were seen unstable.
He asked them if they have an idea if Kaya remained any tekah.
They both said they don’t know, is not everything she shares with them.
Yuri asked a troubled chief Dre who has not st©pped muttering words that only him can hear and pacing uncontrollably.
He also said, he has no idea if there’s any tekah left because Kaya never mentioned it to anyb©dy.
Yuri wish the gods will spare her life for few more days so that he can journey to the lioness cave and see if he can get tekah leaf.
Even if is one blade of it, he doesn’t mind. All he wants is to bring back a cure for her, if the lioness doesn’t tear him into pieces
The medicine man applied some substance around the knife wound but no improvement.
Kaya suddenly beckoned on Yuri.
She whispered something to his ears and he ran off immediately.
Opa ran after him to know what Kaya said.
“Where’s Ivan, Kaya’s sister?
He asked.
“Yesterday morning, Ivan’s husband to be c@m£ to take her on a tour around his kingdom. He is a prince in another kingdom. She was supposed to return this evening but she is not back yet. What did Kaya want Ivan to do for her?
Opa questioned.
As Yuri was about to open his mouth, Opa saw Ivan climbing down from her horse.
Her step sister, Zain’s daughter was saying something to her which made her drop everything in her hand and started running towards her mother.
“Mother, what happened to Kaya…is she going to be alright? Can I see her…
Yuri took her aside and told her that Kaya asked her to go into her chamber, unlock the schaefer locker and get out the bag that contains the tekah which she secretly kept away.
She quic-kly ran off, Yuri followed behind.
She climbe-d up to where Kaya usually keep her secret locker key.
Only her knows about it and none other in the family.
Kaya has warned her never to disclose to anyone, a dark day may come and help will be nee-ded then she will step in to save the day.
Ivan searched for the key but it wasn’t there. She searched all over but yet nothing
Yuri noticed a shiny thing that fell to the ground while Ivan was searching and quic-kly picked it up.
He showed it to Ivan, out of excitement she almost fell down but Yuri caught her up.
She quic-kly entered Kaya’s chamber, went straight and unlock the schaefer.
She brou-ght out a bag, rushed out and showed it to Yuri who stood outside.
Pacing and waiting.
Yuri recognized the bag, he opened it and saw the tekah was still fresh inside.
There were more than five tekah leaves.
He took one and asked Ivan to quic-kly return the bag and lock it securely in order not to expo-se the leaves to much air.
She did that and return the key to where Kaya kept it.
Yuri ran off to where Kaya was kept.
He opened her mouth and squee-ze in one drop of the tekah jui-ce.
He waited, other people around kept watching to see if there will be improvement.
Kaya was breathing slow but steady. She was breathing fine but that was all.
It seems the tekah wasn’t effective at all.
There was no more improvement they thought.
Yuri’s heart continued to race until Kaya suddenly opened her eyes and tries to sit up but a sharp pain s£nd her back to be-d.
Opa c@m£ and wra-p a hand around her daughter, same with Bambi and Ivan.
Chief Dre k!$$£d his daughter’s forehead and smile.
He raised his hands thanking the gods for Kaya.
Zain was peeping from outside. Ever since her involvement with the Mario’s she acts all cold and doesn’t as-sociate like before.
She still can’t look at Dre in the eyes.
Only Opa seems very friendly but the guilt of all the abominable things she did hasn’t left her soul.
Despite she asked for their forgiveness and everyone seems to have forgiven she still can’t let it all go no matter how she tries.
Her daughter was always seen with Ivan and as-sociate well with everyone.
Her father, chief Dre loves her like every of his daughter and she loves him too.
Zain refused to go in but she was happy that Kaya was finally alright.
She plans to either return back to her own kingdom, maybe she will find solace.
Seeing the people that she almost killed everyday if not for Kaya’s intervention many could have died which includes her husband. Seeing them is a big torment to her soul.
Bambira noticed the wound was still fresh but Kaya was active.
She asked Yuri Why is like that
Yuri who had not been able to hold back his joy said.
“The tekah neutralize all the poison in her blood stream, so that the poison will have no effect on her. Tekah works for internal injuries, poisoned or other serious sickness that can leads to death. The dagger wound will heal up naturally. Tekah doesn’t work for fresh wound except one that is either decaying off or stayed up longer than usual.”
Kaya was transferred to her main chamber where she will get an adequate rest so that the dagger wound can heal up fast.
Yuri stayed behind with kaya in her big chamber after everyone left.
“What where you thinking Kaya? Don’t you dare try such again. If anything has happened to you it would have been two bodies that will be lowered to the grave. You can’t die and leave me… what exactly am I living for? Watching you in that be-d bleeding is like someone was choking life out of me. I was alre-ady dying watching you struggle in pain. Thanks to the gods that gave you wisdom to save some of the tekah securely. Kaya… plea-se don’t do that next time. If the gods approved of my death is better I go… I’m not better than those who died younger than I am. Don’t take a b!ow meant for me next time. Is better I die, I don’t have much people looking up to me like you do. Kaya you carry the entire kingdom on your shoulder and nothing should ever… happen to you. It will be a great disaster. The gods be praise that I have you back. I feel like k!ss!ngyou all over, I want to carry you and hold you close to my heart. I want to appreciate life and thank the gods for my every breath. your pres£nce in my life means everything to me. I just realized that you are much more to me and to everyone… more than words could say…
Kaya looked at him and smile weakly.
“Your poet sounds better now than before. Far better than Dhaki’s! congratulations Yuri.
Yuri laughed out loud for the first time and Kaya joined him.
She winced a little before relaxing again.
“Have you truly forgiven me now Kaya…I had a lot of fears back there, watching you. Even as a warrior, I have never faced the kind of fear I faced while watching you dying. it was a fear that engulfed every fiber of my b©dy. I was greatly terrified…I don’t know if I have ever been so terrified like that. Which made me ask..if truly you have forgiven me?
“Yes Yuri. I choose you over others because I have forgiven you of whatever you might have done. I don’t care about it and we will joke over that in future to come. when I said I love you…I truly do.
Yuri breathed in de-eply before saying.
“Thank you Kaya. May the gods bestow more wisdom to you and be merciful just like you have shown me mercy. Can we start the marriage rites right away? I don’t want to waste further time, delaying further may be dangerous… but If is not okay by you then I’m re-ady to wait till eternity…
Kaya smiled and said.
“Yes, let the marriage rite began but allow me to get back on my feet first. I don’t want to miss any p@rt of it. Ivan my sister will be getting married in two weeks time. After hers then ours will follow suit…by then I’m whole and re-ady in soul and in b©dy.
Yuri smiled before squee-zing Kaya’s hand gently.
“…I will like to sleep now Yuri. There’s a special place made for you unlike the visitor’s rooms. Ivan is sitting outside the door with my other sister. I can hear them talking and laughing. She is probably talking about her love trip with her husband to be. They will take you to your special chamber or the beautiful maids outside my chamber will be glad to as-sist.
Yuri nodded and said.
“I love you Kaya. Let the gods keep you safe and sound, they will take evil faraway from you and into the territory of your enemies”
Kaya nodded to the prayer before replying
“And you too. And another thing, becareful Yuri, those maids are young and as beautiful as Leni, make sure you don’t fall into their charms…
She said while smiling, Yuri who was alre-ady on his feet responded.
“Not in my life time again. I have been taught a lesson that I will never forget until I draw my last breath.
He bent over and k!$$£d Kaya’s forehead before walking away.
Kaya struggled and sat up from the be-d.
She shut her eyes and began to mutter prayers to the gods as she give her thanks to them for sparing her life and that if Yuri, her soon to be husband.