Omolara’s faith Episode 10

Omolara’s faith Episode 10
“Breakfast is re-ady…” Lara cooed as she helped
Tony sit-up on his be-d.
He was watching her closely, she’s been
supportive ever since he c@m£ back from the
He had always imagined her paying him back his
evils now that he’s defenceless, but she proved
his imaginations wrong.
He wondered if she had forgiven him, cos he’s
not even asked for her forgiveness yet.
“Hope you don’t mind me putting too much milk
in your tea…the doctor said you should drink alot
of milk o.” Lara smiled as she offered him a cu-p
of tea in a saucer.
“Thank you.” he said almost in a whisper.
“Your toast is here, your boiled eggs, your potato
ch!ps, your fried plantains, your ….” Lara listed
as she pushed a tray full of food towards him.
“for only me?” Tony’s eyes wi-de-ned.
“Yes o! The doctor said you nee-d a balanced
diet!” Lara said
Tony laughed, he never knew she had a s-en-se of
“Eat up, while I get your bath water re-ady…” she
“Errrm..Lara?” he searched her eyes.
“yes?” she turned to look at him.
“I…errm…I…just…wanted to say I’m
sorry..for..for..all I did to you…I’m…” he
“Oh plea-se, don’t start! St©p those I’m sorry
stuff!” Lara frowned.
“I don’t..know….Its..just that…just that…I feel
I’m not worth your kindness….” he continued.
“Now, don’t talk like that, I hold no grudges
against you..okay? Now eat up and take your
bathe, you know your father would be here
soon…remember you’re seeing the doctor
today…huh?” she said sweetly.
Tony held her gaze for a while before she looked
away. She walked gently towards his bathroom.