My sweetheart Episode 2

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 2
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
“Iyke what are you doing here!” I yelled as I c@m£ downstairs with Benita behind me.
Iyke was sitting on the green couch but once he sighted me, he stood up and rushed to me.
“Baby, im sorry.. Let me explain everything. plea-se give me a chance heartcode.” He said, trying to t©uçh me but I flung his hand away.
“Get out of this house right now Iyke!” I barked and turned to go up (Don’t even know why I c@m£ down anyway.) But he gr!pp£dme and It caused me to st©p and turn to him.
Benita still stood behind me.
Her face down.
“Go to your room Benita.” I said and she rushed upstairs.
Iyke immediately knelt down, and held my two hands.
“Im sorry sugar.. Her name is Franca. She’s actually someone I met few days at a bar with Dan (His friend). Dan introduced her as his colleague at work.” He said.
I shook my head, “You are lying to me again Iyke. I know you now. You lie at everything! Why are you such a cheap liar. You said right there that she is your colleague and now you-” He cut me short.
“Sugar, the one I just said now is the truth. I swear baby.”
I blinked my eyes as I tucked my hair behind my ear.
“plea-se forgive me baby, I didn’t mean to lie to you.” He said.
“So why did you lie at first?” I barked.
“Cos I didn’t know how to say that then. You gonna be so mad at me. You’do ask so many questions. Im sorry sugar. plea-se.” He said.
I stared blurly at him with tears in my eyes…
He gently stood up and wiped them,then hvgged me.
“Im sorry. I got nothing to do with her. Trust me babe. I love you so much. You know that.” He said.
I blinked my eyes..
He t©uçhed my hair gently as we stayed just that way.
“Am I forgiven sugar?” He whispered into my ears.
I could feel his breath on my n£¢k which gave me tingles.
I rolled my eyes as a smile found its way out of myl-ips.
“Yeah.” I whispered back and he quic-kly dis£ngaged the hvg.
“Thanks cutie.” He said and immediately placed hisl-ips on mine.
I k!$$£d back..
I love him so much..
He withdrew the k!ssand gave me three seconds k!sson my forehead, then on my left cheek, then the right one, then on my nose..
Then back to myl-ips.
I laughed and hit his che-st placefully.
“I don’t mind just giving my lady k!sses all throu-gh the night if that would make her forgive me for real.” He said as he k!$$£d my nose again.
“Gosh.. I love this pointed nose of yours.” He said, smiling and then poked my nose pla-yfully.
I hit his hand and he caught my hand and placed it on his l!pas he k!$$£d my palm.
“St©p being weird Iyke.” I said but he smiled as he carried me.
“Ohhww” I let out as he placed me gently on the yellow three-sitter couch and c@m£ ont©p of me.
“What.. If I make my girlfriend feel so good with my weirdness?” He whispered as he brou-ght his face close to mine.
“Not here baby. Why don’t we go up to my room.” I said with a wi-de smile.
“Oh, that’s right.”He said as he looked up at the staircase like he’s just seeing it for the first time.
Then he flashed lvstful eyes at me and smiled sweetly as he gave me a de-ep k!$$£d that took my breathe away before carrying me up the staircase to my room.
“I love you sugar.” He said as we r!pp£doff each other’s clothes and he threw me gently on the be-d.
“I love you too baby.” I said back before ourl-ips met and our ton-gue clashed together.
He gave me the wildest oral before plunging his di-ck inside me.
I tucked my nails on his back and curled my legs around his w@!st as he pounded me sweetly and k!ss!ngme occasional k!ss-bites on my n£¢k and my ni***es.
I m0@n ed as he amazingly made love to me.
He was the best and would always be.
I don’t care if he’s bad or a cheat.
I love the way he makes me feel.
“I love you Vale.” He whispered into my ear and I bit my bo-ttoml!pas the words trailed to my heart and lingered down to my spine.
“You’re the girl friend…in.. the world and you’re so sweet. fv¢k it.” He said as his sped up his thrû-st.
I smiled as I closed my eyes.
I don’t mind giving the whole world to him..
This guy makes me feel great.
Iyke left an hour later after we showered and had a botthe of wine together in my room..
He k!$$£d me and t©uçhed my cheek with sweet smiles on hisl-ips.
I smiled too and finally, he hopped into his Benz.
I got that car for him two months ago as his birthday gift.
He drove off and just as Sheddy was about pu-lling close the gate, another car horned.
My mom’s car.
Sheddy opened the gate and the car drove in.
My mom.
She’s back… It’s late alre-ady so she should.
I walked to her and gave her a pe-ck on the cheek as she c@m£ down.
“Vale, how was work today?” She asked.
“Was great. And business?” I reciprocated.
“It was wonderful.” She answered.
“Welcome madam.” Sheddy said as he rushed towards after closing the gate.
“Thank you Sheddy.” Mom replied and he went back to his lodge.
“So where’s Benita?” Mom asked as we walked inside.
“Most be in her room, re-ading.” I said.
Mom chuckled.
“Benita re-ading or slee-ping.” She said and I laughed.
“Anyone.” I said.
“I saw Iyke’s car. He c@m£ around?” Mom asked as she turned towards the staircase while I gently sat on the yellow couch. Which kind of reminded me of Iyke and I..
It made me smile.
“Yeah mom he did.” I said.
“Are you guys fine now?” Mom asked.
I smiled, “Yeah mom.” I said and she shook her head and finally began walking up the stairs while calling BENITA’s name loudly.
I ca-ressed my forehead with my hand and fl!pthrou-gh my phone.
Just then, Iyke call c@m£ in.
I happily picked it up.
“Hello babe.. Im home how. Thanks for forgiving me and for being such a wonderful girlfriend.” His sweet voice sounded on my call speaker.
“I’do give you my all baby. Just don’t hurt me again. I love you.” I said.
“I’do be a fool to hurt you sugar. You deserve the best and its my best im gonna give to you.” He said, ma-king me smile wi-der.
“I love you baby.” I toned.
“I love you more than you can ever imagine.” He said.
“Do you mind if I pick you up from w9rk tomorrow, let’s go for a dinner?” He asked.
“Wow. So sweet. Ofcourse!!” I said, laughing.
“Yeah.. Im inlove with this laugh of yours. Triggers my heart.” He said and I laughed ha-rder.
After the call, I couldn’t help not s£nding him a text.
***I Love you baby.***
I sle-pt off that night, feeling really happy and wishing it would just be this way.
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