My rich wife episode 2

Episode 2
No guy could approach Jocelyn for a relationsh!pin the whole of ABU because of her status and high mindedness. She was too clas-sic for many guys, so she was avoided. Even lecturers danced to her tune. Her few female friends were just like a robot-like relationsh!p, she dictated to them while they worsh!pped her like one semi goddess.
Even though she has money and everything she nee-ded, you could still notice this emptiness and loneliness around her. Money could not give her the true companionsh!pshe de-sired. Of course she began to make pas-ses at me. Her pride will not let her come openly to ask me out. Even though I knew what she wanted I didn’t as-sume, I wanted her to humble herself and ask for what she wanted. It took Jocelyn so long time to make her intention known, she wants an affair with me. Who will reject such a golden offer? If you are in my shoe, will you?
Jocelyn and I then began our relationsh!pjourney. That type of relationsh!pwhere you really don’t have a say. A relationsh!pwhere you are just being used for selfish interests. Well, I have been her errand boy for closely three years, submitting to her to keep life going, sure wasn’t a problem anyway. At a time, I didn’t know what I was, whether a b©yfri£ndor an errand boy. Even when I was promoted from an errand boy to a b©yfri£ndI almost could not see any difference because I still run those errands like before. Everything happens the way she wants it, I ha-rd ly tell her no. I was a yes, yes b©yfri£nd. I was not really bothered because we were alre-ady winding up our studies and I knew NYSC will post us ap@rt. I love Jocelyn except for her pride. The reality of her pride never done on me because our relationsh!pwas a boss-servant-like union. She dished out the commands and I obeyed, she planned, while I execute etc.
We graduated on the 16th of February and I thought I would have temporarily relief from Jocelyn, but I was wrong. She never told me she had discussed with her father to influence our posting to Abuja. When our call-up letter c@m£ I screamed out in joy when i glanced at mine and saw Abuja. She immediately stretched her letter to me, I took it and opened and it was Abuja too then I knew it was her handwork. She wasn’t surprised like I was, so she just put on a gentle smile. This is another one year of slavery in Jocelyn’s world, I told myself. I took everything in good fate thinking of the benefits of serving in Abuja, FCT. After our three weeks orientation we were both posted to NNPC Abuja for our primary as-signment. Everything was planned ahead of time.
What is your plan about us after our youth service, Jocelyn asked me without looking at my face. While I was still putting together my thoughts she began to reply her question. My dad had discussed with the Minister of Petroleum to retain us here after our youth service but only one chance is guaranteed. My dad agreed they should retain me while he get you another job in another parastatal. We will wed a month after our pas-sing out parade and settle down here in Abuja, she said all these without given me chance to say anything in response. But will I be happy if I marry Jocelyn? Won’t she be the husband and me the wife? Will she ever take order from me? Will she submit to me? Can I maintain this standard of her lifestyle? Am I doing the right thing? Do I truly love Jocelyn or her money? Many thoughts ran throu-gh my mind.
Do you think I should marry Jocelyn? If I am your biological brother, will you advice me to marry Jocelyn?
Biko … let’s keep it up guys. I love you all😇😇

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