My personal taste episode 18





*Rose’s point of view*

I woke up so early the next day. I don’t know the

time exactly but i walked to the window and

drew the curtains.

Its still a bit dark ouside.

I closed the curtains back.

I walked the bathroom and switched on the light.

I washed my face in the sink and took my

toothbrush to brush my teeth.

I watched myself on the mirror as i brushed my


Today im gonna go back to delta to face Lady B.

I wonder what she’s gonna do to me if i don’t

get her money in two weeks time.

I know she would be trying to reach me so she

could threaten me over and over again.

I wonder if Aunty Caro had tried calling my lines

or she’s still annoyed.

All the same, I can’t wait to get to my house. My

ap@rtment, where i’do feel more comfortable.

Not here, A mansion but there’s no comfort.

No love.

Mom threatens son.

Where Kelly hurts me with his words after

helping me.

Where someone goes out to eat only to get

back, drun!k.

I wonder if Kelly is still there in the sitting-room

and still in that position.

I still don’t un-derstand why he had to come back


I was done with brushing my teeth

I walked out of the bathroom, and out into the

corridor. I got to Kelly’s door but i don’t want to

check if he’s in.

Im sure he’s in and would get mad at me for

whatever reason.

He’s always been saucy and crazy.

I walked downstairs to the sitting-room. He isn’t


I yawned as my stomache grumbled.


What do i do now.

There’s nothing in that kitchen.

I hissed and sat down on a couch..

But im so hungry and cant help it..So i walk up

the stairs.

I walked to Kelly’s door, inhaled and knocked.

No answer.

I don’t want to open it to avoid recieving his

hurtful words again.

Its just too early for that.

I knocked again but no response.

I knocked again, ha-rder this time,

But he didn’t respond.

And i still don’t wanna open the door.

He must be a de-ep sleeper.

He must have woken up late in the night and

help himself up the stairs to his room.

I knocked again, no answer.

I shrugged..

I’ll have to find anything..Anything to eat.

I turned,and walked to the kitchen.

I got in.

Seriously this kitchen nee-ds cleaning.

Anyway, I walked to the counter, stretch my toes

high as i searched throu-gh the kitchen shelf.

But i found nothing edible. Nothing i can prepare.

I search the cu-pboard,


I bent, and opened every cabinet, still there’s

nothing in there.

Hmm! I can’t believe this.

My hands akimbo.

I stood, searching where else to find.

The fridge is totally empty. I searched it


Well, a miracle can happen.

I walked to it and pu-ll-ed the door open.


Nothing is inside.

What sort of human-being is this guy?

What do i find what to eat now.

Im so hungry.

This bu-tterflies in my stomache don’t want to

respect their selves.

My stomache is ma-king a hell of a noise.

I walk back to the cabinet to search again.

My hand t©uçhed something.

I took it out.

And i cant believe my eyes

A small white covered container with little

cas-sava flour inside.

Garri? in this kitchen?

Woah!.. I can’t believe this.

I quic-kly got a plate and poured it all into the

plate. It isn’t much but its better than nothing.

I got water.

Now, i’ll nee-d sugar.

But there’s none.

This guy nee-ds to be flogged, seriously!

I hissed and searched for any form of sugar but

what i found is salt.

I shrugged..

“I go use am like that nah.”

I took a spoon, poured little of the salt into the

spoon and poured the one in the spoon into the


Seconds later, i was sitting on the breakfast bar,

consuming the soa-ked garri.

Okay, it taste bad tho, but i got no choice.

To fill up my stomache.

“How can i die of hunger in such a house as



Soon, I was done drinking the garri, i drank

water. I am okay.

I took the plate to the sink. I thought of doing


Cleaning up the kitchen. Seriously?

I laughed.

At least that can make Kelly drive me to the

airport with happiness.

So i proceeded to clean up.

I first started by rewashing some of the dishes

and untensils. They ain’t dirty but i wanna wash


Then i walk to the fridge and pu-ll-ed it open.

It look a bit dirty.

I went behind and switched off the plug.

I got out the contents inside the fridge and took

them into to the sink.

I then cleaned the fridge. Both inside and


Then i walked to the counter to wash the crisper

and the rest of all i took out of the fridge.

Soon i was done. I dried them and place them

back into the refridgerator.

I still haven’t heard any sound of Kelly.

I shrugged.

And went for a mob and soaped water.

I got them and i began mopping the floor.

I know it’s more than an hour since i began

cleaning up this kitchen.

Kelly isn’t up yet?

Just then, i heard his voice. Right behind me, at

the door.

“You’re good at this.” He said.

Good at what.

“What do you mean?” I asked without looking


“Cleaning up.” He said.

“A dirty place has to be cleaned up.” I said.

“Including me right?” He asked.

I want to laugh, but i held myself.

“You ain’t seruous Kelly.” I said.

“How the hell do you even know my name when i

don’t know yours?” He asked.

I went on with what i am doing.

“Well you should know my name. Everyone does.”

He said.


I glanced at him and turned back to what im


“Well, what do you have to say about last night?”

He asked.

I rolled my eyes.

“Say. How?” I asked.

“This.” He said and i turned to see him pointing

at the red shi-t on him. I wore that on him last


“I only helped. You were drun!kand you threw up,

messing yourself with it.” I said.

“I never asked for your help.” He said.

“Really?” I asked, and turned to face him.

“Ya” He said, ma-king a funny face.

I shrugged. “Fine then!” I said and turned back to

continue with the mopping.

“Eaten?” He asked.

I don’t want to answer.

I pretended not to have heard.

“Have you eaten?” He asked.

I inhaled, annoyed.

“Yes, i mean no!” I don’t know which one to say.

“I wanna make an order. What do you want to


Always ma-king an order!

“I said i’ve eaten.” I said.

“You said Yes,then you said No. So i take No,

cos there’s nothing in here to eat.” He said.

“I’ve eaten.” I said.

“And you ate?”

“I took garri.”


“Yes garri. I drank garri. I found some inside the

cabinet.” I said.

“Oh.. ”

“How does that taste?” He asked.

I turned to him.

“You’ve never had it before?” I asked. Im not

that suprised.

“Yeah.” He said.

“It taste good but i had to drink mine with salt

because there’s no sugar.” I said and he made

another funny face.

“It tasted horrible then.” He said.

I nodded my head.

He rested his back on the wall and fl!pthrou-gh

his phone.

I turned and went on with what i am doing.

I don’t know if i should ask him the reason why

he was drun!klast night.

No! He’s surely going to yell life outta me.

“Damn!.” He said few minutes later.

I ignored him.

“I wasn’t able to make an order.” He said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Something like they’re on close today.” He said.

Bad for him then.

“Then you can go to an eatery.” I said.

Last night he went only to be back,drun!k!

“No.” He said.

“Why?” I asked.

I know it has to do with last night’s drama.

“I don’t want to.” He said.

I shrugged, “Okay.”

“Great. I have a option!” He said.

I ignored him.

You’re a woman, and i know you can

cook. So why don’t we go to the market, buy

stuffs and you cook for us to eat?” He said.

I chuckled.

“Really?” I asked.


“Okay. But plea-se promise that you’re gonna

take me to the airport right after it.” I said.

“Ofcos i must.” He said.

“Okay.” I said and he turned to leave.

“Lemme know when you’re re-ady.”

He said and walked out.

I inhaled.


Twenty minutes later, i was done with tidying up

the kitchen.

I walked to my room to shower. I got in to the


I pu-ll-ed off the pyjama.

I turned on the shower and i had my bath.

I walked out to the room, nak*d and without any

towel on cos i had used the towel to clean up

the mess Kelly made last night.

Im not scared cos i know he can’t walk in but i’ll

be quic-k with my dressing..

I went to the wardrobe and pu-ll-ed the door open.

I got out my blue jean and sweater.

That is the only clothe i had. And i washed them

that same friday night, after Kelly gave me this

room to stay for the night.

I got out my pa*tie and pu-ll-ed it.

Have i said that i’ve not been putting on that in

here since the friday night?

I had just one and i was keeping it, so i can wear

it the day im going back.

Including my b*a.

Then i took the jean and was about to pu-ll it on,

when i thought i heard some noise.

I looked at the door, cos my back was on it all

this while.

I saw nothing. It’s closed.

I shrugged. And pu-ll-ed the jean on, followed by

my b*a and the sweater.


*Kelly’s point of view*

I was done and re-ady, but she’s taking too much

time., It’s more than an hour now…

I nee-d to go tell her to hurry up.

I walked out of my room, up to her door.

I wanted to knock but i don’t know what

happened, the door suddenly opened a little.

And..and i saw her nak*d and about putting on a

pa*tie. Her back is on the door so i saw her as-s.


Okay, i tried not to look but i cant help not to.

She bent down to put on the pa*tie and my jaw


Oh fv¢k!

I blinked my eyes.

Just then i mistakenly hit my arm on the door.


I close the door and I ran out, into my room, and

shut the door fast but quietly. and fell back on

the door.


Oh my goodness..

How do i feel right now?

I have no idea.

I just hope she didn’t see me..

And i just pray,..I just pray ,I don’t try to do

anything stupid.