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My mother in law Episode 35 to 37

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My mother in-law 18+ ❤️

Episode 34




Everything were set,

Live bands were sounding everywhere .

We drove to the church for white wedding.

Lady pat and some of her friends attended the wedding.


We drove to Clara’s house for the continuation of traditional wedding.


Were gathered in the arena to witness the ceremony.


Uncle ( since her father is late,

Her uncle took the position of her father)

Pour the palm wine inside a cup and gave to Clara to go and

Use it and show them her husband.

She took the cup of wine and left.

After she

Found her husband(Val)

She drank the wine and gave her husband.

I was seated beside him(val) while

Jummy were

Also seated beside me with her hands on mine.

Val took the cup of wine and gave me from behind and I

Poured it away and gave him back an empty cup.

He did as if he drank it and put money inside the cup .

The reason why he

Gave me the wine to pour away is because

Of evil people.

They might poison the wine.

It happened

recently then,

That a new married couple slept after the day of their traditional wedding and couldn’t wake up in the morning.

The news went viral so the new strategy were adopted.

Val stood up and hugged his wife and they moved

To where Clara’s uncle were sited.


Knelt down and he gave them his blessing.

As soon as they stood up to dance,

Clara fall on the ground instantly.

Val lifted her up and people rushed to know

What’s is happening.

Clara couldn’t talk or breath anymore.

We called,

But she didn’t

answer us.

I ran outside the compound and drove in my car.

Val and I carried Clara inside the car and we drove off.

As I was

Driving ,

Val were weeping and sobbing.

When we got to the hospital,

Clara were admitted in the hospital and doctor commence treatment immediately.

As Val were crying inside the hospital,

Doctor and I were consoling him but that didn’t

Stop him.

“Igwe how can you tell

Me to be quiet?

What about my unborn child”

Val cried



Will you kill yourself because of that?

What happened

Had happened

so we can’t do anything about it.

We can’t question God

in any situation we found ourselves.

Be a man and everything

will be settle.”

I advised.

One hour later,

Clara couldn’t still wake up.


told us to go outside and excuse her for some minutes.

I held

Val hand and we moved outside.

Some minutes


Lady Pat and Jummy arrived the hospital with some other people

from Clara’s family.


were asking us what the problem is.

” we still didn’t know,”

I replied them.


“Where is she now?”

Lady Pat asked.

I told her that she is still lying in the bed helplessly without breathing.

Lady Pat said we should go and see the

Doctor to know what’s happening,

“Because a stitch in time saves nine” she quoted.

We moved to the doctors office.

Lady Pat asked him what the problem is.


DOCTOR: Well ,am trying my possible best to know if she’ll be OK.

I’ve checked her body and there is nothing wrong with her.

Her system is functioning well.


ME: is She now breathing?


DOCTOR: yes, she is breathing.


Val stood up and started thanking God, We became so happy.


LADY PAT: Can we see her now?


DOCTOR: no,,,, she needed some rest.


We all moved out of his office.

Some minutes later,

Lady Pat

gave Val cheque of #200000

for the hospital bill and left and leave Jummy.



We entered the room where Clara were admitted.

She was breathing but she couldn’t open her eyes or talk.

Three days later,

there is no improvement,

We transferred her to another hospital.


The doctor checked her,

he told us to take her home that we shouldn’t be spending our money in the hospital

that we should take her home and follow this problem traditionally.

We took her home,

the next day,

we took her to one native doctor.

Immediately we entered the shrine,

He shouted on top his voice.



Episode 35 ❣️


The native doctor

started with incantations.


He asked,

Who is the husband and Val indicated.


NATIVE DOC: Do you know who is Yvonne?


VAL: Yes ,I know her.


NATIVE DOC: **Did some incantations again** Your wife will be save if only you say the truth.

**My ears were widely opened to know what truth

he’ll tell**

Don’t hurt a hand that feeds you because you’ll regret it.

Who is she to you?


VAL: she is my ex-girlfriend, she was the one

I wanted to marry before I met this my wife.


NATIVE DOC: Can you remember,

four years ago, where you went to with her?


VAL: baba ,

please, I don’t understand.


NATIVE DOC: A child that said his mother will not sleep will know no sleep.

An ear that doesn’t hear,

always follow the head when it’s chopped off.

Isi kota ebu,

ogbakasiaya aru( He who arouses the bee should not run

When the bee comes out)


I can remember,

four years ago. You and Yvonne went to a shrine and took an oath.


VAL: Yes the great one.


She was the one who persuaded me to go and took an oath

for me to prove my undying for her.


NATIVE DOC: What did the priest told both of you that day

after both of you took an oath?


VAL: **Val became cold like an interior dog nose.

He was speechless**



NATIVE DOC: Speak !!


VAL: The priest told us that,

the oath has been sealed between both of us and anybody that tried to go against it,

will bear the consequences.


NATIVE DOC: Here is the consequences ** He points at Clara as she was

Lying down.**

Your dyeing wife.

Your wife will get herself only if the oath you took with your ex girlfriend is reverse.


VAL: so what will I do?


NATIVE DOC: ** starts an incantation.

Some minutes later,

he paused ** you’ve to go and apologize

to her,

If she agreed,

take her to that same native doctor where both of you went and

took the oath and he’ll reverse it,

without that,

Your wife will remain like this till she die.

She has only seven days to live on this earth,so

you’ve to do what I told you within the seven days

or your wife will die.

**Val stood up and

breadth down in fear.

He was speechless.

I stood up and started encouraging him to be a man and

face his problem.


I dropped #20000 on the ground and we carried Clara to the car.

We went home very late in the night.


VAL: Igwe, what’ll I do?

Yvonne can never

agree to follow me to the shrine to reverse the oath.


ME: Forget she is a human being and a woman also.

If she fail to follow you,

then know that she had also tied herself because she wouldn’t marry.

Just explain everything to her,

I’ll also help you to talk to her,

I believe she’ll listen to us.


VAL: This is a very difficult task for me.


ME: if you act like a matured guy,

I believe it’ll be easy .

But Val,

Why did you agreed to take an oath with her

while you know,

things changes at anytime?

The person you love today,

Maybe your worse enemy tomorrow….

Why did you fall for her?


VAL: Igwe you know how we loved and cherish each other,

I don’t ҡռօա

things will change this way,

to tell you the fact,

I still love her.


ME: abeg keep this love matter aside and let’s think on how to convince her and save this innocent girl that is lying helplessly.


WARNING:” Don’t ever take an oath with anybody,

No matter the kind of love that’ll be flowing in both of you,

Be it your wife or anybody because time changes.

The person you call your love maybe your worse enemy tomorrow,

But we’re not praying for that but,

Prevention is better than cure.

An oath can tie down your future tomorrow,

Many have tried it and failed,

Beware not to be a victim.”


The next day,Val came to work and explained everything to our boss and she permitted him to go and come back once the issue is been resolved.

Now Val’s punishment starts.


Will Yvonne accept to go with him after breaking her heart??


What if you’re to be Yvonne,

What will you do??



Episode 36


The next day,,,

I went to work while Val was absent from work.

Started from that day,

I started handling our two offices.

That evening,

When I came back from work, Jummy was in my house.

When I entered inside the house,

She hugged me and also added it a kiss.

I entered inside the bedroom and she followed me.

She helped me to removed my cloth and hung it on the wardrobe.


JUMMY: so sweet heart,,, how was your day.


ME: it was awesome…


JUMMY: you’re not looking good,what’s the problem. ** I was muted** c’mon ,,what’s the problem?


ME: Its about my friend Val and his newly married wife.


JUMMY: it’ll be well. Just stop bothering yourself,

Yvonne will listen to him.


** she started petting me,,,

Calling me all sort of sweet names to cheer me up.


She told that she’ll bath me and I agreed and we entered the bathroom.

We unclad each other and she took my sponge and started bathing me like a baby.

Omo that day was one of my happiest moment.

As she was bathing me,

As soon as she pulled the sponge down to my d–k,

I used my two palms to cover my d–k..

“What are you covering?? Remove your hand now!”

She said jokingly.

“You wan comot my oproko? Abeg leave my

local govt for me.

You wan thief am?”

I replied jokingly.

We started laughing.

After she finished bathing me,

I bath her also.

We came out from the bathroom and we entered the bedroom.

There is nothing sweet like a life of a newly married couple.

She entered the kitchen,

and came out and told me that

That the food is ready.

We matched to the sitting room and ate together.

That night,

I didn’t touch her and she still can’t believe that

both of us can sleep together in the same room and in the same bed and I didn’t touch her.

I prepared to work and left but before then,

She told me that,

She’ll go back in the morning.

I drove to Val’s house.

On getting there,

he was in the parlor crying.


ME: why are you crying?


VAL: Igwe,,I don’t know what else to say.

Look at me and the condition of my wife.

Could you imagine that Yvonne refused to follow me to the herbalist.


ME: what! She can’t be serious. Val put yourself together.


a man and face your problem.

I know what Yvonne is up to.

She want Clara dead so that both of you can continue from where you guys stopped.

But she wouldn’t succeed.

I’ll visit her when I come back from work today.


VAL: ok.. Please do.


I went inside the bedroom to see Clara,


I zoomed off.

When I got to the office,

Our boss is already in the office.

She called me to her office and started asking me about Val and his wife.

I told her all that Val told me.

I went back to my office.

After work,

As I was going home,

I met Yvonne where she was going on the road so I stopped and hail her.

I told her to come inside the car and she jumped in.

I drove her to my house and we matched inside the house,

I offered her a soft drink.


ME: Yvonne ,

Please we all are Christians. Just temper justice with mercy,

save the poor innocent girl who has been lying

Helplessly for some days.

I think Val told you all that the herbalist told us that she’ll die if nothing is done about it,

and you’re the only remedy to this problem.

Please help Val and save his wife,please just do it because of me.

To err is human, forgive divine.


YVONNE: Igwe if this is the reason why you summoned me to your house,

I think I’ll go.

I don’t want to hear anything about Val and his so-called wife.

If she want to die,

Let her die it doesn’t concern me.


ME: haba! She is a woman like you,just think if you’re in her shoe.

Just save the poor girl and her unborn child.


**she stood up and wanted to go,

I drown her back and held her head.

I looked into her eyes for some minutes,all I see is lost.

I started fingering her from her head to toe.

I pushed her on the sofa,

I started with kissing,

Before I could know what was going on,

She already loosen my belt and brought out my

d–k and started s–g me.

I c-m in her mouth and she ran to the bathroom and spit it out.

Before she could come back,

I was already unclad and she too.

I s–ked her b–bs before I located her p–y and started fingering her.

I withdraw within some minutes and insert my d–k inside her.

I started sampling her on the sofa,

before we could know it,

We fall on the ground and continued.

Yvonne nearly kill me with her hot body.


I c-m inside her but my c-m was just small because I feel it when it was entering her.




Episode 37 😎

After the s-x,

I got myself and realized what I did with her.

I started pleading her for forgiveness and she didn’t even bother.

She was so happy because I can see it in her face as she was lying down.

YVONNE: You don’t have to worry atall, ,, I enjoyed the s-x and I know you do also,,so why are you begging me for forgiveness?

ME: I’m engaged….

YVONNE: and then?

ME:it’s unchristian for us to be doing this kind of a thing.

YVONNE: So na now you know? All men are the same.

Val do regret after having s-x with me and so you do.

ME: I’m not regretting it but. ……

YVONNE: (cut in) but what?

ME:ok…. but nothing? (I said that in order for us to Stop the argument)

Please I hope my request is granted?

YVONNE: Which request?

ME: To follow Val to the herbalist to reverse the covenant you made with him.

(She kept quite and was looking at me…

I started pleading again before she obliged.

I entered the bathroom to take my bath,

As I was bathing she knocked at the door and told me that she want to bath also.

I told her to wait till I finish but she insisted so I unlock the door and she entered,

We bath together.

She slept in my house that night.

Early in the morning,

Val called me and I excused myself from Yvonne by leaving the room.

I went to the sitting room and answered Val.

He asked me,

If I later see Yvonne and I told him “yes”.

“She has agreed” I said.

He thanked me and asked

me “when did

she Said we’ll go” and I told him that it’ll be that day.

He was so happy hearing that.

When I dropped the call,

Yvonne entered and asked me who called me in this early morning.

I told her that

it was my wife.

I prepared to work,


I drove to Val’s house with Yvonne,

When Val came out and saw us,

He knelt down and started pleading to Yvonne

to have mercy on him and let the by gone be by gone.

She accepted his apology by hugging him.

Val moved inside his house and got his car key and they drove off.

I entered my car and drove to work.

On getting to the office,

I saw Jummy where she was parking her car.

I went to her and perked her by the side.

She turned and smiled at me and gave me a hug.

All my colleagues who were outside was looking at me so surprised.

I asked her ,

Who she came to see and she told me that her mum

send her to come and pick one file she left at her office.

We matched inside my office first.

I gave her the key to her mothers office.

She took it from me and helped me to clean my office and tidy everywhere before

she left to her mother’s office.

Some minutes later,

she came out with the file and handed the key to me.

I took the key and she perked me and told me that

she will rush and give her mother the file.

“Mummy said you should take care of the company that she will be away for some days.

she left my office.

In the

afternoon, I got a call from Val that

his wife has woke up.

I was so happy ,

after the call,

I call Yvonne and thanked her.

I decided to move around the company to supervise,

thereafter, I went back to my office and someone knocked at my office door.

I told

the person to come in that the door is open.

The door was open and it was one of our staff.

She greeted me and told me that,

there is a delivery file our boss told her to prepare

and she is through with it.

she said that our boss called her to submit it to my office so

that I’ll go through it.

I took the file and checked it properly,


I told her to go and she prostrate and left.

In the evening,

when I closed from work,

I drove to Val’s house to know how Clara is fairing.

on getting there,

I knocked and Val opened the door for me and immediately,

Clara saw me,

she ran to me and hugged me. She started thanking me for being a good friend to his husband.

Val told me that,

he’ll host a ceremony for that on next Sunday.

on Sunday,we went to the ceremony which Yvonne were present.

One month later,

I started preparing for my wedding/traditional ceremony.

I insisted that our wedding ceremony will be at the village where nobody know me,

my reason is that,

I don’t want anybody to be a hindrance more especially those ladies I slept with.

It is only those that has much girlfriends that wed outside the country.

so any guy that took his fiance outside the country to wed

f–ked girls wella during his bachelor’s stage,quote me anywhere.

I picked some of my friends who I trust well and we traveled to Jummys Village for wedding/traditional marriage.

My marriage goes well that day without any hindrance and I was so happy at least God has answered my prayer.

In the night after our marriage,

I had a superb s-x with Yvonne.

we enjoyed our honey moon in the hotel.

Five days after our marriage ceremony,

I moved to Lady Pat house. She gave me one flat from his house and told me to be staying there for some months,

and then she’ll build house for me.

I parked in and we started living in the same house but different flats.

One week later,

Jummy told me that she’ll be going bad to continue with her NYSC service.

she said,

she’ll be coming back every weekend.

She traveled,

leaving her mother and I at home.



To be continued

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