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June 20, 2021


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My mind as a teenager – episode 32

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My mind as a teenager


episode 32

He slapped me and dragged me to a building.

He held my arm strongly and it hurt. I winced

in pain but he would have none of it.

Frank: You don’t talk to Frank anyhow you

want. Nobody runs their mouth in my


Me: You want to deprive me of my freedom

of speech whereas you claim you love me.

Frank this rubbish is not love o.

Frank: Shut up. You keep quiet when I talk.

Me: Impossible.

He wanted to slap me again but I don’t know

what stopped him. I had to make use of that

opportunity. It was talk or die with it.

Me: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

How many times have I heard that you

fought your fellow man? Its in the body of

vulnerable ladies that you practice karate.

Frank,this is the second time you’re hitting

me and let it be your last. How can you force

me into a relationship with you when you

already have a girlfriend who is as notorious

as you? Don’t you ever lay a finger on me


Frank: And who says I have some other girl?

You should be grateful that I asked you out.

You’re the only girl in my life and whether

you like it or not,I’m going to have you.

At this point,I had to slap him and I did.

Me: Do I look like some cheap

street girl that

you can force yourself on? Frank,I’ve

respected you enough. How can you even lie

when the truth is already out. Or you think I’ll

never find out about school fees?

He was startled. I sized him up and walked



The slap he gave me still hurts even after

dinner. Did i tell you that my parents finally

left for the village with my siblings leaving

Ella and myself alone? Oh! I think I just did. I

started sleeping in my brothers’ room

because Ella would always complain that I

disturbed her with my night calls. Some

night,it was with Patrick or Skipoo,other

times,it was with Raymond.

What else could I ask for? I was young and

beautiful and getting all the attention. On the

other hand,Vivian stopped communicating

with me for some reasons I didn’t know.

Frank got my number and added to my list of

chykers(sorry,couldn’t figure out the best

word to use o so don’t murder me). Of

course he stopped being a pest,he would beg

for a minute to talk to me. Little did I know

that I was slowly turning into someone else.

Where was that girl that hardly had a boy in

her contact?

Now,I had about four of them. Worst case

scenario, I was enjoying the attention and

didn’t have time to think of what the

consequences would be.

One week later,I

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had a fight with Ella. Can’t

really remember what happened. She beat

hell into me and Jesus,there was no one to

stop her.


The best I did was to smash her Samsung

open and close phone. She left the house for

me and I had to nurse the scratch on my


She came back an hour later

with a wicked

grin on her face. Later that evening,dad

came back with my mum. Immediately I saw

them without my siblings I knew I was in for

trouble. I quickly bolted through the back

gate,without my phone,ran like a  mad woman

down the street and guess where I was

heading to; Raymond’s house.



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