My mind as a teenager – episode 32

My mind as a teenager
episode 32
He sl@pped me and dragged me to a building.
He held my arm strongly and it hurt. I winced
in pain but he would have none of it.
Frank: You don’t talk to Frank anyhow you
want. Nob©dy runs their mouth in my
Me: You want to deprive me of my freedom
of speech whereas you claim you love me.
Frank this ru-bbish is not love o.
Frank: Shut up. You keep quiet when I talk.
Me: Impossible.
He wanted to sl@p me again but I don’t know
what st©pped him. I had to make use of that
opportunity. It was talk or die with it.
Me: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
How many times have I heard that you
fought your fellow man? Its in the b©dy of
vulnerable ladies that you practice karate.
Frank,this is the second time you’re hitting
me and let it be your last. How can you f0rç£
me into a relationsh!pwith you when you
alre-ady have a girlfriend who is as notorious
as you? Don’t you ever l@ya f!nger on me
Frank: And who says I have some other girl?
You should be grateful that I asked you out.
You’re the only girl in my life and whether
you like it or not,I’m going to have you.
At this point,I had to sl@p him and I did.
Me: Do I look like some cheap street girl that
you can f0rç£ yourself on? Frank,I’ve
respected you enough. How can you even lie
when the truth is alre-ady out. Or you think I’ll
never find out about school fees?
He was startled. I sized him up and walked
The sl@p he gave me still hurts even after
dinner. Did i tell you that my parents finally
left for the village with my siblings leaving
Ella and myself alone? Oh! I think I just did. I
started slee-ping in my brothers’ room
because Ella would always complain that I
disturbe-d her with my night calls. Some
night,it was with Patrick or Skipoo,other
times,it was with Raymond.
What else could I ask for? I was young and
beautiful and getting all the attention. On the
other hand,Vivian st©pped communicating
with me for some reasons I didn’t know.
Frank got my number and added to my list of
chykers(sorry,couldn’t figure out the best
word to use o so don’t murder me). Of
course he st©pped being a pest,he would beg
for a minute to talk to me. Little did I know
that I was slowly turning into someone else.
Where was that girl that ha-rd ly had a boy in
her contact?
Now,I had about four of them. Worst case
scenario, I was enjoying the attention and
didn’t have time to think of what the
consequences would be.
One week later,I had a fight with Ella. Can’t
really remember what happened. She beat
hell into me and Jesus,there was no one to
st©p her.
The best I did was to smash her Samsung
open and close phone. She left the house for
me and I had to nurse the scratch on my
She c@m£ back an hour later with a wicked
grin on her face. Later that evening,dad
c@m£ back with my mum. Immediately I saw
them without my siblings I knew I was in for
trouble. I quic-kly bolted throu-gh the back
gate,without my phone,ran like a  mad woman
down the street and guess where I was
heading to; Raymond’s house.
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