My h0t neighbor episode 15 & 16


( I love him but he doesn’t love me back
cause I am a single mum) 🤪

Genre:- r0m@nç£Comedy

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 15



Authoress p.o.v

“Am doing good, I am almost at the address you gave him, where are you?” Sam ask.

“oh wait for me, I nee-d to pick my baby in school” Khalid said.

“your baby, when did you give birth that I didn’t know?” he asked. “she is not my biological child” Khalid replied.

“Alright I will wait for you but plea-se don’t keep me waiting” Sam said. “Alright” Khalid replied and end the car.

“Am sorry for keeping you waiting, let go with you car” Khalid said. “Khalid why don’t you buy a car for yourself?” Alexa asked.

“Alexa am comfortable without car” Khalid replied. “Alright what did you bring back from your town?” Alexa asked.

“many things, I will give you when we get home” Khalid said.

they walk to the garage where Alexa park her car, Alexa open the car door with her car key.

she sat at the back seat and gave Khalid the key. Khalid collect the key from her and drove off to Kim school.

“Hi daughter” Alexa greet her daughter. “mum how are you doing today” Kim asked her mother.

“am doing good” Alexa replied. she Carry kim school bag and heard to the car.

meanwhile Khalid is still sitting in the car he cover his face with his face cap and cross his leg at the back seat.

Alexa open the back door for Kim and she shouted in fright. “Jesus, mummy who’s this bad man” Kim ask and Alexa bur-st into laughter.

“mummy I said bad man is in our car and you’re laughing, are you not afraid of the bad man?” Kim ask, Alexa didn’t st©p laughing.

Kim move closer to Khalid and re-move his face cap, she moved back immediately he re-move the cap. Khalid bur-st out laughing.

“uncle” Kim said and jump on Khalid happily. “uncle you scared me” Kim said. “Are you afraid?” Khalid asked.

“no I can’t be afraid of you in a strong girl” Kim said beating her che-st.

“yeah my baby is a superhero” Khalid said. “uncle where have you been” Kim asked.

“Kim darling I went to see my father” Khalid asked. “uncle are you a baby?” Kim asked.

“no baby, why did you ask?” Khalid said. “I thought is only small children that has father” Kim said.

“No adult also have parents” Khalid replied. “really” Kim said. “yes” Khalid replied.

“uncle Khalid my clas-smate always tell me that I don’t have a father, will you be my father?” Kim asked.

“yeah I will be your father” Khalid replied. “Thank you daddy” Kim said and hvg Khalid happily.

“Am gonna tell my clas-smates Tommorow that I am not a bastard, I will tell them I now have a father” Kim said.

“Alright I will follow you to school tomorrow” Khalid said. “yeah thank you daddy” Kim said happily.

Khalid place Kim at the back seat and rush to the driver seat. he sat the on the driver seat and drove off.

“Daddy” kim called. “yes my love” Khalid replied. “plea-se st©p at the next junction, I nee-d to get some ice cream” Kim said.

“Kim did you have money to buy the ice cream?” Alexa asked.

“yes mummy, have you forgotten uncle jack gave me some money yesterday” Kim said.

“oh I thought you will spend it at school today. “no I kept it because of ice cream” Kim replied.

“don’t worry baby I will buy you any flavor you want, when we get to the ice cream shop” Khalid said.

“thanks Daddy I love you” Kim said. “I love you more” Khalid replied.

“Khalid thank you for being the father my daughter have ” Alexa said.

“it nothing, you’re my friend and I love Kim so much because she’s intelligent” Khalid said.

“thanks for loving my daughter” Alexa said.

**** *

“Good afternoon your majesty” Esther greet. “Esther how are you doing, I guess you c@m£ to see your friend” the queen said.

“no your majesty i c@m£ to see you” Esther said. “What happen hope all is well” the queen ask.

“your majesty, princess Susan told me prince Khalid have went back” Esther said and the queen smile.

“you don’t nee-d to bother yourself about that, Khalid is yours I will s£nd his address to you” the queen said.

“thank you your majesty” Esther said with a smile. “make sure you makes him fall for you and don’t forget our agreement” the queen said.

“Alright your majesty, I was very scared when I heard the news I have to rush down here to ask you if it’s true” Esther said.

“you don’t have to be scared my darling” Khalid is yours and yours alone” the queen said.

“Alright your majesty, I will be on my way” Esther said. “Alright darling, take this for your transport, don’t bother yourself about Khalid I will s£nd his address to you this night” the queen said.

“Alright” Esther said and went out.

“fool , I will also kill you by the time am done with Khalid, she don’t know I just wanna use her” the queen said and laugh to herself. she dial her pri-vate investigator number immediately.

Esther phone ring loud. “Why is Stephen calling me again” she said and pick the call.

“Hello” Esther said. “Baby what happen to your phone, I have been calling you for the past two days now, and you’re not picking my calls, what happen to you, hope you are okay?” the caller said.

“Stephen you called me for two days and I didn’t pick your call is it not obvious that I don’t want to talk to you?” Esther said.

“Esther but I didn’t do anything wrong to you, if I hurt you tell me and I will apologize” the caller said.

“look here Stephen, you didn’t do anything to me I am just tired of the relationsh!p, I have found someone better, plea-se don’t call my number again, goodluck” Esther said and end the call.

Khalid drove to the compound and saw Sam waiting for him at Alexa ap@rtment.

he pack the car at the garage. he c@m£ down and Carry kim from the back seat.

“hey buddy this is not my ap@rtment” Khalid said.

Alexa also come down from the car and was surprised and angry to see Sam.

“What are you doing here?” Alexa asked angrily.

“Alexa did you know him, he is my friend he c@m£ to see me” Khalid said.

“Alexa nice meeting you again, what are you doing here?” Sam ask.

Alexa push Sam off her way and run angrily to her room. Khalid also run after her with Kim on his hand. Sam hiss and sat on his car bonnet.

Am not happy at all can you imagine someone copy my story and sign contract with it. The person will be getting money from what he didn’t work for. I think I am gonna st©p writing stories online.



Episode 16

Authoress p.o.v

friend he c@m£ to see me” Khalid said.

“Alexa nice meeting you again, what are you doing here?” Sam ask.

Alexa push Sam off her way and run angrily to her room. Khalid also run after her with Kim on his hand.

Sam hiss and sat on his car bonnet. Alexa Rush to her room and bur-st into tears.

Khalid drop Kim in the sitting room and rush to Alexa room.

he knock at her door. he enter inside his room when he didn’t hear any response from her.

“Alexa what happen, why are you crying?” Khalid asked and sat by her side.

“he is back” Alexa said crying. “who?” Khalid asked. “kim father” Alexa replied.

“What!! where’s the bastard?” Khalid asked angrily. “he is outside” Alexa replied.

“you mean Sam, is Kim father?” Khalid asked. and Alexa nod her head still crying.

“oh sorry I never knew my Friend is the bastard that got you pregnant and ran away” Khalid said and place Alexa head on his shoulder.

“sorry don’t cry again, he doesn’t deserve you, don’t cry because of him, don’t let him know you’re still hurt, let him know you’re stronger than he thought, don’t cry again, he doesn’t deserve your tears.

let him know you’re stronger than he thought” Khalid said.

“Thank you” Alexa said. “mum why are you crying?” Kim asked entering her mother room.

“crying I am not crying” Alexa said cleaning her tears. Khalid also help her to clean her tears with his handkerchief.

“why is water coming out from your eyes” Kim said. something enter my eyes” Alexa said. “Alright” kim said and went out.

“Hey what did you do to my mother” Kim asked.

“little girl what did your mother said I did to her?” Sam ask and come down from the car.

“you don’t want to tell me what you did to my mother right” Kim said and move closer to him she kick him ha-rd in his di-ck.

“Ahhhh” Sam growl painfully. “that serves you right, don’t make my mother cry next time” Kim said and run inside.

“I will be right back” Khalid said and went out. “Khalid can you imagine what that little girl did to me” Sam said.

“you mean your daughter?” Khalid asked and fold his hand on his che-st. “you mean that girl is the child Alexa gave birth too, wow she’s so beautiful and smart” Sam said.

“you’re a fool for saying that” Khalid said. he move closer to him and punch him ha-rd in his face.

“what did I do to you?” Sam ask and hold his face. “I haven’t even started with you, you’re complaining, you won’t be able to walk if I finish with you Khalid said and pounce on him and started beating him.

Alexa rushed out and separate them. “you dont nee-d to stress yourself because of this fool” Alexa said to Khalid.

Khalid walk to his ap@rtment angrily and Sam also follow him. “where did you think you’re going to?” Khalid asked.

“common we are still friends, we have been friends for the past ten years and you can’t push me away because of a woman you ha-rd ly know” Sam said.

“one more word from you and I will b!ow off your teeth” Khalid said.

“relax man you don’t even ask me why I ran away?” Sam said. “I didn’t ask you because I know isn’t necessary” Khalid said.

“Khalid remember you’re not better than me” Sam said. “I am nothing like you Sam, I am a pla-yboy I accept, I am who I am because of a reason well know to you, and If I eventually get a girl pregnant, I will accept and take responsibility, even though I wont marry her and I don’t promise marriage when I knew am not re-ady, you promised her heaven and earth.

that the innocent girl believe you’re a good person” Sam said. “it wasn’t my fault” Sam said.

“is whose fault?” Khalid asked. “her mother fault” Sam replied. “how’s it her mother fault?” Khalid asked.

“She gave me enough money to Leave Alexa, she said Alexa disgrace them by getting pregnant for me, and she also wanna disgrace her, I accepted the offer because I am desperately in nee-d of money then” Sam said and Khalid sl@p him ha-rd across is face.

“you’re a fool” Khalid said angrily. “I agree am back to make things right, am back to take responsibility on my daughter and Alexa, that girl is very smart and beautiful.

I nee-d your help plea-se help me talk to her help me tell her I am sorry cause am sure you guys are close” Sam said.

“you must be joking” Khalid said and slam his door ha-rd in his face.

“Khalid I will come back tommorow make sure you help me talk to her, because I can do anything to have my woman and child back” Sam said.

“fv¢k off” Khalid said from his room. “Khalid I knew you are still mad at me, but I said am sorry when I say am sorry you knew I mean it, I love Alexa and I really do” Sam said.


“Have you found Alexa?” Mr Martin Alexa father ask. “I said you should forget Alexa after all we both s£nt her out of this house” Mrs Martin replied.

“Emily, I don’t know what I was doing then, I nee-d Alexa I nee-d to see her, it has been six years Alexa left this house” Mr Martin said.

“Am not sure Alexa is still alive, because she would have come to the house if she’s truly Alive” Mrs Martin said.

“Are you wishing Alexa death?” Mr Martin asked. “no why will I wish my daughter death” Mrs Martin said.

“my daughter is not death of can feel she’s still alive” me martin said. “your personal as-sistant called, he said some people are waiting for you at the company” Mrs Martin said. “Am not in the mood to see anyone tell him I am not coming” Mr Martin said.

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