My hell final episode

2 days after getting discharged from hospital, sergeant Jones appeared at my mothers.
“I’m sorry Mrs Williams. Your husband didn’t make it. He died this morning.”
My head started to spin. My husband was dead, I killed my husband. I sat down before I fell down. Was I now the evil one? Was I just like Peter? I couldn’t speak. I was numb, I was the one who I thought was going to die. I raced to the bathroom and threw up. When I returned sergeant Jones was still waiting on the settee for me.
“I’m sorry Mrs Williams…”
“It’s miss Brown.” I didn’t want to be known as Mrs Williams anymore. I wasn’t married, my husband was dead and I killed him.
“My apologies miss. The case is closed. We found enough evidence of self defence.”
“Thank you Mr Jones.”
“plea-se call me Adam. I shouldn’t do this but here’s my card. If you ever nee-d anything give me a call.” He said before leaving. I was relieved that it was over even if that means Peter been dead.
After months and months of going to thera-py I started to eventually feel like me. I wasn’t controlled anymore. I realised I wasn’t evil like Peter, I was just fighting to live. I wasn’t completely healed but I was getting better, every night and morning I would picture Peter’s face after I stabbe-d him, even though he wasn’t here he was still haunting me, I’d wake up screaming from nightmares about out marriage, the pain was so raw and I didn’t know how to handle them. I sank into a de-ep depression and turned to drink for comfort. I st©pped seeing my mother and brother, I didn’t want to be close to anyone in case I got hurt again.
2 Years Later♥️
I was sat in a cafe sipping coffee and staring into space when I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find Adam Jones staring down at me with a smile upon hisl-ips.
“It’s Jodie isn’t it? I don’t know if you remember me but it’s Adam, Adam Jones”
“I remember. It’s nice to see you again Adam.”
From then on,I started d@t!ngAdam and 10 years later we’re now married with 2 beautiful children, twin boys. Life was perfect and it was all because I killed my husband. I still suffered with flash backs to my first ‘marriage’ but having Adam makes everything seem better. He is a great supportive husband and a loving father, he’s everything Peter wasn’t. For months I didn’t want to live anymore but now I lived life to the fullest with my loving family.
She had kill Peter at last
And she lived happily after😁😁
What lesson do you learn????
The End❤️