More than a game episode 22

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🀄 Book twenty two 🀄



⚡ Hans’ standpoint ⚡

Jealousy, I had always had it, felt it whenever mom gave dad or Lee more attention than me, felt it with my girlfriends especially Merissa, but never this much. I wanted to dive into the phone, straight into the pictures and rip them ap@rt. I knew who he was, Knight, he is good looking and good enough to take Iris away from me. How did Iris meet him? She must have found her great grandfather, is that how she met Knight? Why was he holding her so close? The space between them was just too thin.

‘Hans!’ Hailey snapped.

‘Oh what is it?’ I snapped back.

‘You have been pacing around for minutes, muttering curses to yourself and glaring at your phone at interval. What is it?’

‘Nothing,’ I huffed.

‘Definitely something,’ Phoenix said with a light chuckle.

‘Come on my first baby, plea-se tell me, what’s wrong?’ Hailey whined.

‘Can you believe that Iris is now with your godfather and she didn’t bother to tell me?! Instead she is busy throwing herself on… Okay, Iris can’t throw herself on him but he is throwing himself on her and holding her so ti-ght, so, so, so close…’ I trailed off and looked at the screen of my phone again. ‘Look at how she is smiling for him, she has never smiled like that for me before, never dressed up so S-xy to plea-se me. Look at his hand around her w@!st, she will never let me hold her like that… Look at this one,’ I shoved the face into Phoenix’s face. ‘Look at how he is sniffing her hair, so close to k!ss!ngher… Look! They are k!ssing…’

‘Jesus Christ Hans!’ Hailey exclaimed. ‘Where is this jealousy? Are you blind?’

‘Knight is whispering to her, not sniffing her hair,’ Phoenix said as he stared at the picture. He swiped it. ‘And she isn’t smiling but glaring at her. Did you say she has never smiled like that for you before? Bro! She practically worsh!pyou! You made her smile more times than anyone could count, made her laugh her as-s out as well. You gave Iris a reason to be happy, a reason to want to be healthy and better again, why let jealousy blind you?’

‘Never dressed up S-xy?’ Hailey snorted. ‘Remember Friday night after the game? How she went S-xy black?’

‘She didn’t do it because she wanted to, you f0rç£d her to, you both did. Iris have never dressed up for me before,’ I whined.

‘Dude! You don’t even know why she is dressed like that!’ Phoenix exclaimed, throwing his hands up. ‘What happened to a person just wearing something to look good?!’

‘He is holding her,’ I cried.

‘Hans, you said she will never let you hold her like that?! You sle-pt on the same be-d with her thrice…’

‘Which you both kicked me out,’ I cut Phoenix off.

‘You held her ti-ght when you made out with her at the club, remember?’ I kept my mouth shut. ‘Hans, we both know you have more privilege in holding Iris so shut up. That guy is her cousin, Knight is her cousin.’

‘No he isn’t,’

‘Yes he is,’ Hailey argued again.

‘I don’t believe you and even if he is, that doesn’t st©p him from wooing her.’ I continued stubbornly.

‘Fine, let’s confirm, I’ll call her.’

‘You have her number? She alre-ady called you both?’ I asked bitterly. She rolled her eyes and unlocked her phone. ‘Can I have her number?’

‘I doubt she will talk to you,’ Lee scoffed, the first time she spoke, it was a rude one. Hailey glared at her warningly. ‘Whatever,’ she stood up with her phone, eyed me and stomped out of the roof t©p. Lee hated me now, I had never seen her hate anyone else than Violet before, now I had been added to her list.

‘Don’t worry Hans, she’ll forgive you in time,’ Hailey said with a small smile.

‘I don’t know why she is taking aspirin for someone else’s headache. If it was me Hans, I would have used this as an opportunity to fv¢k the twin and later ride the other one…’

‘Shut up Phoenix,’ I snapped. ‘Can I just have her number? I nee-d to talk to her.’

‘I alre-ady s£nt it to you, check,’ I brou-ght out my phone quic-kly, I didn’t want to think about what Iris would do if she finds out, I didn’t do it intentionally but it happened. I saved her number and dialed it, guilt was eating me up. It shouldn’t matter since we weren’t d@t!ng, but I knew it did. I called her the first time, she didn’t answer. I tried impatiently for two more times, the same thing.

‘She isn’t picking up, she doesn’t have my number and Iris don’t pick up the calls of a stranger,’

‘She knows your number,’ Hailey murmured. ‘How then did she call you when she was still in Mumbai?:

‘Then why isn’t she picking up?’

‘Lee accidentally told her what happened between you and Violet,’ she said softly, a soft tone filled with guilt. I g@sped, my phone sli-pped from my hand. ‘I’m sorry Hans, she accidentally said that…’

‘And who said anything about accidentally?’ Lee said with a snort, she was leaning on the door.

‘Shhh,’ Phoenix shushed.

‘Don’t shush me,’ Lee snapped. ‘I did that because Iris deserves to know and don’t you dare tell me you would have told her because I know you Hans, you will never tell her.’

‘You should have let me worry about that!’ I shouted. ‘I sle-pt with Violet, so fv¢king what?! Anyb©dy can sleep with anyb©dy, it doesn’t matter!’

‘Is that what you are thinking? That slee-ping with Violet doesn’t matter?’ She growled. ‘Violet is Iris’ sister! slee-ping with someone else while d@t!ngis called cheating, especially when you do it with her sister!’ I narrowed my eyes at her.

‘In case you have forgotten, Iris and I aren’t d@t!ng,’ everywhere went silent. Feeling guilty was one thing, but we were never d@t!ng.

But you know that de-ep down, you are d@t!ngher… My subconscious said.

‘But you know she likes you, you know how she feels about you, why don’t you care about how she would feel,’ she sobbe-d.

‘I care! I really care! If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be feeling so guilty! I wouldn’t feel like dying every time I t©uçh Violet! I know that even if I should cheat, it shouldn’t be with her sister, I know! Don’t make me feel worse than I alre-ady do!’ I roared at her. The silence followed again, the beating of my heart was the only thing I could hear. Lee walked back to the chair and sat down, I didn’t like seeing her cry. ‘I’m sorry for yelling at you,’

‘I don’t know, I just really want you and Iris together, you are both going to be together anyways but I don’t want her to hate you, I don’t want her to feel like you chose Violet over her. I know I shouldn’t have told her, but I knew you wouldn’t have told her until Violet use it against you. Iris will forgive you, but I just nee-d you to st©p slee-ping with Violet.’

‘I didn’t do it again, it was only that time,’

‘I’m sorry for overreacting,’ she whispered.

‘Awwwn, make up and k!sses,’ Phoenix cooed. ‘Where’s my hvg?’

‘Don’t t©uçh…’ Phoenix hvgged me ti-ght, snuggling his head into my n£¢k.

‘So warm and cozy,’ he squealed. ‘Hans, can I sleep in your room tonight?’

‘Urgh! Get off me!’

‘You’re so warm, I want to k!ssyou,’

‘Phoenix!’ He pushed me down to the ground in an attempt to k!ssme. ‘Get him off me!’

‘Okay Phoenix, get off him,’ Lee walked to him and pu-ll-ed him off me.

‘No! Hans!’ He shouted dramatically. ‘My love!’ I jumped to my feet and kicked his shin.

‘Don’t make me punch you,’

‘But my love, my beautiful love,’

‘Phoenix,’ I snapped and raised my fist. Phoenix staggered back with his hand on his che-st.

‘Why has thy forsaken me? Oh my tender heart deserves not this break, why oh why my dorling?’

‘Best pee!’ Hailey skrie-ked. I averted my eyes to her, she was on the phone.

‘Lightning k!ss,’ my heart skipped, Iris’ beautiful voice felt like a croon to my soul. It felt like forever since I last heard her speak. ‘How have you been?’

‘Not good since you hung up on Lee and I two days ago. Are you that upset?’ Hailey looked at me as she spoke. Phoenix hissed and strutted away.

‘Not really, I have better things to do than think about your brother and my sister. Those things are irrelevant to me right now, so let’s talk about other things that matters like how is my mother?’ I whimpered, looking down at my feet. She was upset.

‘Oh, she’s fine, getting better actually. I went to see her today, told her you called and she was very excited. I saw the pictures of you and Knight on the Internet? That was you, right?’

‘Yeah, it it. Do they recognize me?’

‘Who would? If I hadn’t seen your real hair color once, I wouldn’t have known it was you. Why were you with Knight? Are you two together now?’ I looked at her curiously, her answer was all I nee-ded to end this unreasonable jealousy.

‘Together?’ She chuckled. ‘I thought you were aware that Knight is my cousin?’

‘See, told you jealous prick,’ Hailey whispered to me, ‘Oh yeah, totally forgot. Just that Knight is a very good wom-anizer and Melody’s ex…’

‘Melody’s what?!’ Iris skrie-ked quizzically.

‘Ex, first and only b©yfri£ndactually. He cheated on her while accusing her of cheating,’

‘Whoa,’ she breathe. ‘He just told me about it, how he regretted it and how she hates him.’

‘Melody doesn’t hate him, she is just bitter about the fact that he isn’t coming back for her, she still loves him and want him to try to win her favor back. Instead of doing that, Knight went out to d@t!ngothers to feel better.’ Lee said this time.

‘Hi Lee,’

‘Hey my love, what’s up?’

‘I’m tired, everything is stressing me out. So you are aware that Knight still loves her?’

‘Melody herself is aware, that is why she is bitter, he isn’t doing anything to make it up to her, try to earn her forgiveness. I also think Knight is afraid of coming back because of Bluey, you know how that female gets when being protective. Melody’s breakup really upset her, she will murder Knight.’ Hailey said chucklingly.

‘Wanna pl@ycu-pid?’ She sounded excited, but I could hear her hurt, she wasn’t happy.


‘I was thinking maybe you guys can come over, I nee-d help, serious “be a proper lady and plan your gala” help. If you guys don’t help me, I’ll die before my time.’ Hailey and Lee laughed. I sat down on my chair, my mind went back to the night at the club, it was the only intense inti-mate moment we had. I never admitted it out but I willingly sle-pt with Violet because she looked like Iris in a sort of way, I missed her so much I thought maybe falling for Violet’s temptation would help push that feeling down.

It was low of me but the perfect excuse to use, one that everyone would easily fall for and forgive me. That was why I felt terribly guilty, too guilty. Phoenix and Jet were the only one who knew about it, they were the only guys I de-eply trusted. I really wanted to tell her but they both said some things are better left unsaid than said. It was better to leave it at the pres£nt situation than tell Iris the main reason, that would really upset her.

Hailey’s phone dropping on my l@p brou-ght me back to reality. Iris was still there, waiting for her to reply. I remained quiet, contemplating if I should answer the call. Hailey did that intentionally, to give me time to talk and fix things with her, I couldn’t find my voice. Iris wasn’t like all my clingy girlfriends, even when I did wrong, they still c@m£ back begging if I didn’t beg. Iris was different, stubborn and cold, one that would easily throw me away if I misbehaved. Even if she liked me, she would never let that get in the way if I cause her only emotional trauma. That was my fear, she tossing me away.

‘Are you going to take the phone or should I hang up?’ Iris asked stridently. She knew, I picked up the phone and cleared my throat.

‘Hi Iris,’ I said nervously. She remained quiet for seconds.

‘Yo, hey Hans? How have you been? Any luck with getting into my father’s system?’ I was confused, wasn’t she mad anymore?

‘Y…y…yes, and it isn’t good Iris, not good at all.’

‘Did he murder my mother?’ If she was going to act like that, then so would I.

‘Yes, he did, Iris. Your mother had a video of something he did, something that would cost him his license as a scientist and put him behind bars for years. She threatened to also tell your grandfather that you were alive if he didn’t return Violet to her and take you…’

‘What video?’

‘I don’t know, but he did say he still had a ha-rd copy of the video for scientific research. I couldn’t get more about that but the information I have is enough to put him behind bars for the rest of his life. Your father has an un-derground facility somewhere, he didn’t name any specific thing he is doing there, but just wrote it. There is no location, name or clue. I only got his own murder confessions, a lot of them and a hidden project that caused a lot of damage but he blamed it on his former p@rtner. That is enough, right?’

‘Not completely, not yet,’ she murmured. ‘I nee-d every single information and I know how to get it, I will get it Hans, just bring the one you have to me whenever you are coming over.’

‘Okay,’ I had to ask her, my conscience wouldn’t let me act like nothing ever happened. Iris acting indifferent wasn’t a good sign. ‘About what Lee said…’

‘You slee-ping with Violet, I don’t care, it’s not my b©dy and you owe me no explanation.’

I knew it.

‘Iris, plea-se let me explain…’

‘Give me one very good reason why you nee-d to explain to me, we aren’t d@t!ng, you don’t like me and you did that because I said to get something, no problem. Thank you for your help Hans, you have always been there for me from the very start, thanks for being a good FRIEND.’







I hate that word! Why does she have to say that?!

‘When we meet, we are going to talk about us being friends,’ I growled out upsettingly. ‘That word, don’t let me hear it again, ever.’ We weren’t d@t!ng, but that didn’t mean we were friends.

What is she to you then?

‘Why? Aren’t we friends?’ She asked innocently.

‘No,’ I snapped. ‘We aren’t friends, not anymore.’

‘Then what are we?’

What are we?

‘We, you’ll know when I see you, goodnight Iris.’ I dropped the call.

What is she to me?

🍁 Lee’s standpoint 🍁


I wiped my hands on the towel as I walked into the living room, I was at Johnny’s. He called me over to help him buy some groceries and bring it over to his place, his parents went on a three days cruise and were returning, he wanted me to help teach him how to bake cake. Of course I knew it was an excuse to drag me to his place so his parents would see me, I went with it anyways. I dropped the towel on his head. He laughed and re-moved it. I looked at what he was watching and rolled my eyes.

‘Do you ever not watch p©rn?’

‘It’s nice, wanna join?’

‘Imagine your parents walks in now and see you watching this,’ I picked up the remote control from the cushion table and changed it to DreamWorks channel. So far, things with his parents were starting to get better because he followed my advice.

I’m so wise!

‘You watch too much cartoons,’ he huffed. I eyed him and sat beside him.

‘When are they coming? I nee-d to leave,’

‘Why? You can meet them.’

‘I nee-d to pick Melody up from the airport,’

‘I thought you said she returned?’

‘Travelled to see our maternal grandmother, I called her back to return, we are leaving America to go see Iris…’

‘What! But you didn’t tell me!’

‘I just did,’ I said smilingly.

‘How long will you be there?’

‘Hmmm, two to three weeks…’

‘That’s too long,’ he whined, sinking into the chair. I smiled at him and looked back to the television. ‘Hey,’ he whispered, scooting closer to me. I glanced at him, the cartoon was better. I flin-ched when Johnny’s hand settled on my l@p. I inhaled and tried to relax, it wasn’t the first time he was dropping his hand there.

I shifted slightly when he leaned into my n£¢k, he was getting too close. ‘Did you get a new perfume?’ He whispered huskily. I gulped and laughed nervously.

‘Y…y…y…yes, my aunt got it for me, you like?’

‘I love,’ I shivered as he k!$$£d my n£¢k. ‘The scent is better than your former one, very alluring.’ Of course I should have remembered that he was just watching p©rn and there was a girl right beside him. His left hand stayed on the chair, right above my head and his right went dee-per into my Sk-irt.

‘Johnny,’ I whimpered. ‘plea-se st©p,’ I pleaded, placing my hands on his che-st and the hand trespas-sing my privacy. My stomach fluttered, he showered bu-tterfly k!sses on my n£¢k, gliding his hand on my th!gh and ma-king circles with his f!nger. ‘Johnny, plea-se st©p… Oh God…’ He gently lowered me to the couch. ‘J…’ He closed myl-ips with his, silencing my weak plea for him to st©p.

My hand on his che-st went around his w@!st, the other hand was pinned to my side by Johnny. He switched the pas-sionate k!ssto a French k!ss, forcing my back down on the couch. I k!$$£d him back, m0@n ing into his mouth whenever he squee-zed my brea-sts throu-gh my br@ and dR@p£d blouse. I bit his l!pand pushed his face away for breath but seconds later, he claimed myl-ips again. He helped re-moved my blouse while I re-moved his tank t©p. We resumed k!ssing, his hand went back to my legs but this time, he didn’t ca-ress, he brushed his f!ngerson the surface of my entrance. I m0@n ed into his mouth, my b©dy shuddering from the foreign s-en-sation.

A loud honk had him flying away from me. ‘Dammit! My parents, Hadley dress up!’ He hurriedly gr@bb£d his tank t©p and ran out of the living room to distract them. I sat there dazed, I almost… I g@sped and cu-mpped my mouth.

Too soon.

Too soon.

Too soon!

I snapped out of the shock, gr@bb£d my bag, shoes and blouse and ran to the kitchen. I wore my t©p back on as I ran, and then used the backdoor to get out. I hurriedly wore my shoes and ran around the building, just when they walked into the house. Immediately Johnny closed the front door, I sprinted to the gate, good thing I parked far away so I could take a walk. I opened the gate and ran out of the compound. That would be the last time I sit close to him in a quiet place.

🎀 Hailey’s standpoint 🎀

‘Are you sure you don’t want me to come along?’ Jet asked poutingly.

‘No, it will just be us girls, you guys can arrive later.’

‘But I’ll miss you,’ he whined. He had his hands around my w@!st, his back rested on his car and my hands on his che-st. To say the least, d@t!ngJet is the best thing that have ever happened to me.

‘Well, I’m not going just yet, am I?’

He chuckled and pe-cked my nose. ‘Richie c@m£ to me yesterday,’ I arched a brow.

‘What for?’

‘He warned me to leave you alone, to st©p bothering you with my lies,’ he said amusedly. Jet was finding it amusing. ‘Are you sure I shouldn’t put him in his place?’

‘Just ignore him,’ I brou-ght out my phone from his pocket. ‘Where are you going with this?’

‘Oh,’ he grinned sheepishly. ‘I used it, forgot it was…’

‘Jet,’ I snapped.

‘Fine! I might have used it to upload three pictures of us,’ I gro-an ed. ‘Richa-rd nee-ds to see that we are together,’ he whined.

‘Did you tag him?’

‘Yes, I did.’

‘I told you, ignoring him is maturity,’

Wow, Iris, what have you done to me?

‘But…’ Lee rocketed into the compound. ‘I’m sorry,’ I scoffed and walked towards the front door. ‘Hailey, I said I’m sorry!’

‘Get lost!’ He ran up to me, spun me around and cages me to his b©dy in the name of hvg. I sighed in defeat, I can’t resist his warm hvg. ‘Don’t ever do that again, okay?’

‘Why don’t you want me to?’ I looked up at him with a smile.

‘You don’t nee-d to prove anything to Richa-rd because you are the one I really I loved, the one I still love and the one I might – don’t get too c0cky I said might – forever love. Richa-rd was only a friend and that he remains. No one else k!sses me except you, no one is mad enough to sneak into my room at night and hump me until my w@!st breaks,’ I glared at him after saying that. He grinned sheepishly. ‘Just ignore him, you will always be better than him.’

‘That is all I nee-ded to hear, bye love.’ He pe-cked myl-ips and pu-ll-ed away from me. A scream left his mouth when he saw Bluey just sitting there and looking at us. Melody and Lee bur-st into laughter, falling back on Lee’s car as they did that.

‘Melody,’ I cried. Jet kept screaming, even tho he didn’t move. Then Bluey roared. In slow motion, I watched as Jet coll@psed on the ground.

‘You have got to be kidding me!’ I exclaimed. Phoenix who was watching from the balcony was laughing too. I face palmed myself, is this my hero? ‘You chicken!’ I kicked his stomach. Jet woke up with a scream, gr@bb£d my hand and ran to his car. At least he didn’t run without me. My second b©yfri£ndpushed me in front of Bluey the first time he saw her, and then he ran away.

Can you imagine.

💜 Iris’s standpoint 💜

I signed the do¢v-ments one after the other as the queen’s secretary watched me. She couldn’t come because she fell ill so her secretary did. After I finished signing, I pushed it over to her. The secretary opened a big rose gold box and pushed it over to me.

‘From now on, that is your seal. It is like your great grandfather’s but different, comes with your own crest. You have to remember to keep your seal safe, okay?’ I nodded. ‘Now, Mr. McMillan, plea-se stamp your signature with your seal as a confirmation to the final transition and you Lady Hildegarde, stamp your seal over your signature.’ We nodded. I looked into the box, there were three seals.

‘There are three seals here,’

‘The three seals are the same but the crest are different. You are to use the blue crest for minor signing, the red for important signing and the one with gold and silver power and bronze crest is for very important signing, very very important I say.’ He explained.

‘How would I know which one is important?’ I asked curiously, looking into the box.

‘I am sure Mr. McMillan can handle that lesson for you, but for this, use the first one.’ He t©uçhed the very important seal. Each seal was gold but the first one had silver. I took the seal, he guided me on how to stamp the do¢v-ments one after that other.

‘Is that all?’ Grandpappy asked.

‘First, we must print them all out. One copy would be with the queen, one in the royal treasury, one with your chos£n lawyer and the original with Lady Hildegarde, she shall keep it wherever she wants. Just make sure the do¢v-ments are safe.’ He warned.

‘I will, thank you Mr. White.’ He nodded with a smile.

‘It was nice meeting you Lady Hildegarde,’ he bowed in respect. ‘I shall return tomorrow to take the copies?’

‘Don’t bother Axel, I will personally deliver it to you,’ Grandpappy smiled. He nodded. ‘You can go Hilde, go and rest.’

‘Thank you pappy,’ I stood up and closed the box. Grandpappy alre-ady showed me where to keep it. There was a little cemetery where he buried his wife and her dog. The grave wasn’t for the dog as believed, it was the door to a secret room for all his do¢v-ments. It was so well hidden you would never know.

After keeping the seals, I went back to my newly prepared room, took off the heavy go-wn I wore and kicked off my shoes. I fell on the be-d with just a br@ and p@n-ts. I wra-pped the duvet around me and picked up my phone. ‘Five, four, three, two…’ Knight barged into my room, always on time.

‘Hello tuts!’

‘Hi Knight, what is it this time?’

‘I’m going clubbing with a couple of guys, wanna come?’

‘What for? Waste my life?’ I asked emotionlessly.

‘Just have fun, they insist I come with you, your picture is driving them insane.’

‘So you want me to dress up, follow you to a club and get R@p£d?’

‘No,’ he laughed. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you.’

‘Yeah, no.’

‘Come on Iris, live a little,’ he said with a wave. I rolled my eyes. He surprised me with a picture.

‘Why did you take that?’ I asked chidingly.

‘You are only wearing a br@ and p@n-tie and in be-d, covered by your duvet, good picture to boast with.’ He said as he typed on his phone.

‘Are you going to post that? I’m your cousin, don’t plant the wrong idea.’ I warned.

‘Then would you come with me to get a wild picture with other guys and let them post it on net?’ I sm-irked, I like that question. ‘You can get a certain someone really jealous,’ he said in a singsong. I jumped out of the be-d and grinned.

‘Let’s p@rty!’


To be continued