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💜 Iris’s standpoint 💜

I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel as I looked out of the window, I was stuck in traffic and late for school. The traffic wasn’t moving one bit, very noisy. I was playing a soft song, focusing my full attention on it and nothing else. ‘Iris,’ I looked back at the girls sitting at the backseat. ‘What are you going to do about Hans?’ Violet asked with a odd look. I arched a brow at her.

‘What about Hans?’

‘Don’t you think it’s getting funny with the way he is forcing you to wear different colors? At first it was cute but it’s no longer cute or funny to me,’ she glared at my pink scarf. ‘Take that scarf off.’

‘Hans gave it to me yesterday, said it belongs to his mother and wants me to always put it on, it’s special.’

‘And why would he give you something that special? You are just Iris, no one else.’ She scoffed.

‘I’m Violet, you know I am. Why have you been acting strange all morning?’ I whined.

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‘Nothing, I’m sorry, just hate the new color,’ she apologized huffily, looking away from me to the window. Hmm, that was odd. I turned my head back to the road, the traffic was moving. I started my car and drive off, thinking about Violet’s odd behavior.

‘Don’t think about Violet, Iris, she’s just being jealous because you are starting to wear other colours that isn’t violet or purple related like she does. You know she’s very much obsess with it like you are,’ Sweet said sweetly. I smiled and removed the scarf from my neck. Hans gave me the scarf and some few other things to add to whatever I wear, he gave me after he dropped me off at home. He warned me that if I didn’t wear it, he’d stop talking to me.

‘You don’t have to listen to him,’ Violet snapped. ‘He’s nothing to you, just a partner.’

‘Hans is my friend,’

‘You are feeling indebted to him for helping your mother and you feel like doing all he says would keep him away from anger. You don’t want him to get angry and stop paying your mother’s bills, that’s what’s up.’ Violet said crossly.

‘You don’t have to listen to that idiot, he wants to start controlling your life which you shouldn’t let happen!’ Joe shouted. I clutched the steering wheel, I was wheezing. ‘What happened to the Iris we know? She’s going back to being that Iris her mother chose death over…’

‘Stop it! Stop it! Both of you!’ I shrieked. I exhaled and wiped the tears off. ‘I’ve taken the scarf off, haven’t I? Now shut the fucking hell up!’ They both kept quiet. Sweet started humming softly, shifting closer to me and smiling. My body was shaking with fear and anxiety. I quietly sobbed, trying to control my shaking body, trying to breathe normally. I drove into the school compound, I was shocked to see the cheerleaders standing at the parking lot holding banners with words written on it. Immediately I drove in, they started cheering and dancing.

‘What’s going on?’ Sweet asked bemusedly. I read the words on the banners…





I stopped reading as Hailey yanked the door open, I squeaked and shifted back. I was surprise at how fast it all happened. She pulled me out, I was surrounded by cheering girls and students, dragged to the gym where I sat down on the floor in the middle of the massive building, all of them surrounding me. To say the least, I was dumbfounded.

‘We are here to finalize the initiation of the newest member of Dark Empire’s cheerleaders, one of our sexiest girls so far. We Red Lionesses have always been recorded as the team with the sexiest of girls and we never go for less,’ Hailey said as she walked around me. Everyone was quiet. ‘We are not just beautiful, not just sexy and gorgeous, we are talented and extravagantly prodigy – if that’s possible – gifted, and above all, we are winners!’ Everyone screamed, waving their hands. ‘Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!’ She shouted. The noise decreased. ‘As I was saying, to welcome our newest member into the family, we are going to start with the initiation which isn’t much. The first stage was go see if any of the football and basketball team finds them sexy enough to give them a kiss, but she’s my brother’s girlfriend and off limit. Eventually, we’re moving on to stage two, the one month red hair streak…’ My eyes widened.

‘We get to dye my hair!’ I shrieked.

‘Duh,’ she said with an eye roll. ‘Red lionesses, it’s tradition. You either dye your hair red completely, or leave it in ombre, hue, highlight or any other red dye effect. It’s necessary for you to be in the team.’

‘And I have to wear that dye for one month! I can’t touch my hair!’

‘Your hair is purple, dyeing shouldn’t be a problem for you,’ Lee said smilingly. ‘It’ll be fun. You will have to wear red for a month too and of course, walk around with our signature red ring and wristband,’ she raised her left hand, showing me a pretty lion head ring and wristband. The wristband had “Red’s queens” written on it with little lion crests. ‘It’s pretty. Anything you will wear for the next one month must have red, it’s tradition. A party would be thrown for you on Friday night after the game, to welcome you to the family.’

‘I don’t like parties,’

‘Sleepover parties,’ Hailey corrected. ‘At my place. When the boys are busy celebrating, we’ll be sleeping at my house and having a sleepover.’

‘But why? Can’t I go home?’ I asked poutingly.

‘Do you want to still be a cheerleader?’

‘Yes but…’

‘Then it’s settled!’ Lee shrieked, clapping her hands loudly. ‘After school, you’ll get your dye done. Stage three is to get your uniform sewed to your size and your shoes!’

‘Okay,’ I murmured.

‘You can’t do this!’ Violet shouted. ‘Don’t add any colour!’

‘Okay, what’s going on here!’ Someone shouted. I didn’t bother checking, I was scared. If I put on red, what would everyone think of me? How would I survive?

‘Hey,’ I flinched and moved back from Hailey who squatted in front of me. ‘If you are worried about how you will look here, don’t be. In this school, those who wants to be accepted go for red, not purple, it’s sickening. If you want everyone to love you, accept you here, then you’ll go red and see how everyone would start throwing themselves at you. Dark Empire has four colors; black, maroon, red and autumn. Those are our signature colors, you can’t be accepted as anyone important here if you don’t use those colors to touch up your look. Take a look around Iris, look,’ I looked at the cheerleaders and football teams leaving, most of them had one of those colors on them. ‘You see it? Lee and I might not have red hair on us, but we always wear something related to the four colors. Look at what I’m wearing,’ I looked at her white asymmetric top, red mini skirt and ankle boots. ‘Even my jewelries are red, sometimes I wear black or autumn. This purple, is a bad idea.’

‘Is that why you don’t like me?’ I asked lowly.

‘Yes, and also for the fact that my brother is getting too close to you, I don’t mind being a friend if you will let me.’ She grinned genially.

‘Don’t accept it, she’s up to something,’ Violet said jealously.

‘Do you want us to be friends, Iris? I really want to. I’m sorry for all I’ve done to you, please accept my apology and hand of friendship,’ she stood up, stretching her hand down to me. ‘Please?’ I looked at her hand, my heart beating aggressively. Taking her hand meant accepting changes, adding other colours…

‘How would you be Violet if you add other colors, you will be filled with imperfection and everyone will see you for the psycho you are. Do you think anyone would like you after they find out you are insane?’ Joe taunted. ‘You will be bundled up and taken back to your father, throw at the devil himself…’ She laughed maniacally. ‘Then you will see the original Violet, smiling and shinning like the star she is. She will look down on you and mock you because you just weren’t good enough…’

‘Iris, Iris,’ I looked at who was calling me, Lee. We were alone in the gym, I was sweating profusely and crying. My body was shivering like I got caught in a blizzard. ‘Listen to me Iris, you don’t need to feel bad,’

‘I can’t,’ I cried. ‘I can’t, I can’t!’ I stood up and sprinted to the door, running blindly to it. ‘Oomph,’ I grunted, colliding with the door. I fell back on the floor, sobbing as Joe kept repeating the same words.

‘Hey!’ Hailey shouted excitedly, throwing herself on the floor beside me. I was laying back flat on the floor, legs to the door. She turned her body to lay horizontally, her head to mine. Lee dived on the floor too, intentionally rubbing her head on mine and laying vertically although upsidedown, the crown of our heads were touching each other. Lee took my hand, Hailey took the other. ‘Instead of thinking about it so much, why not see it as your own style?’

‘My own style?’ I asked in tears.

‘You’re thinking about Violet, right?’

‘How did you know?’

‘That is for me to know but the point is, being exactly like Violet is so boring, so lame. You being like her doesn’t make you special,’

‘It doesn’t?’ I asked quizzically.

‘Nope, it only makes you a copycat.’ Lee giggled.

‘But no one likes me as if I don’t put colors,’

‘I hate the colors you choose, it makes my eyes hurt,’ Lee said with utter disgust. ‘Be your own girl, put a little touch up in your style, make it you.’ I wiped my tears, pondering over what they were saying.

‘Don’t listen to them, Iris,’ Violet shouted frantically.

‘Let’s make a deal,’ Hailey suggested.

‘What deal?’

‘Try the new color for one week and see the reaction of everyone. If it’s not what you expect, then you can wash it off. But if it’s what you expect, then you add another color to your look, deal?’

‘And we’re friends, right?’ I asked expectantly.

‘BFFs,’ she whispered. She gasped and sat up. ‘We’ll throw the party for you on Friday night then we will have our own sleepover too,’ she said excitedly. Lee squealed too. ‘Melody would be coming soon, she’ll join us.’

‘Yeah! We can call ourselves Haileeris! Or…’

‘She can just be part of the queens,’ Hailey said with a roll of her eyes. ‘Dark has the queens of the school and you will be one of the top queens.’

‘What about our own friendship name?’ Lee whined. ‘We even have to add Melody… I know! Lee and the Leevanites,’

I snorted. ‘Why that? Do we look like your minions?
‘Tell her, she’s stupid,’

‘And dumb,’ I added. ‘Try something else.’

‘Red… Peng,’ Hailey called slowly.

‘Red?’ I whined.

‘Think about it, red is the favorite color of the school and we are four sexy girls. It would be phenomenon.’

‘Must it be red? I love the peng but the red…’ Lee said unsurely. ‘We are already bathing our lives with red, don’t need more. I think we should go for something else, something that makes us sexy and doesn’t spill too much…’

‘I’ve got it!’ We screamed, flying out of the floor and separating with fear. ‘One word, Foxy.’ We all groaned.

‘Hans, where did you come from?!’ Hailey shouted angrily.

‘Er…heaven, why?’





I drummed my fingers nervously, I was at the indoor cafeteria at Hans’ special table which was crowded with his hefty muscled body friends and some cheerleaders and girls throwing themselves at them. They were talking vociferously, laughing and blocking my ears. I couldn’t even eat, not with so many people surrounding me. I didn’t know how to share my food with Violet if they were looking, how to eat with them speaking so loud. Their noise was disorienting me, my body was starting to itch. No one was paying attention to me because I wasn’t on red, even Hans. He got pretty annoyed back at the gym after seeing I wasn’t wearing any of the things he gave me. Since then, he hadn’t spoken to me.

‘Just stand up and leave,’ Violet said for the umpteenth time. I itched my neck, I was getting dizzy.

‘Sister in-law!!!’ A loud frustrated groan waved through the crowded table, by the boys actually. The girls only started squealing. That guy that looked like Hans, the one that wore a skirt yesterday was here. He curtsied and the females in the cafeteria went crazy.

‘Huh?’ I asked confusedly when a headphone cover my ears. The music playing was loud but not as loud as the shrieks. It was one of Melody’s song, soothing in a sort of way. I touched the headphone and looked behind me, to see who wore it for me, it was Hans. He winked at me playfully. The guy was busy making the shrieks worse. Lee stood on the table and yelled something that made the screams die down.

‘Now y’all stop fucking shouting before you pop people’s heads!’ Hans shouted too. ‘If you want to shout, do it outside and out of my school. The noise I was handling was enough, shut it!’

‘Oh bro, you are such a kill joy,’ the reason for was the scream pouted.

‘Sit down Phoenix, and stop being a…’

‘My in-law!’

‘Phoenix…’ The Phoenix ran to me, pushed the girl sitting beside me off the chair and took over. ‘Phoenix, you just pushed Silvia to the floor!’ Hailey shouted.

‘Silvia,’ Phoenix called. ‘Are you dead? If not, go and die.’

‘Phoenix!’ Everyone shouted scoldingly. Phoenix shrugged and threw his hand over my shoulders.

‘Hello my brother’s beautiful!’ He shrieked. I removed the headphone from my ears and pushed it down to my neck. Something about his face and voice was making my stomach churn. His voice was lush, my heart thumped whenever I heard it. And then his touch and energy, it was contagious. Now I get why girls were swoon by him. He shared the same… Almost the same features with Hans, only Hans was better looking, more muscular, stronger and… Hmm, attractive. The only thing that made this one preferable was his voice and charisma, his aura was worth swooning for and he’s a flirt. Hans is flirty but not a playboy like this one.

‘Phoenix, if you dare flirt with my girlfriend, I’ll kill you.’ Hans threatened.

‘But she’s cute and has a pretty nose,’ Phoenix winked at me. I stared at him stunned, my cheeks going crimson. ‘You know I’m a sucker for girls with cute button nose and adorable face…’

‘Phoenix,’ Hans called with a sardonic smile, folding his hands under his chin. ‘Remember the time you were thirteen and you kissed my ex girlfriend’s cheeks?’ Phoenix shifted away from me immediately, pushing the other guy off the chair and taking over.

‘Phoenix, you have broken my ninety nine ribs,’ the guy cried.

‘Riley, you idiot, you don’t have ninety nine ribs.’ One blonde guy said frowningly.

‘Are you the once sprawled on the floor like a bag of sardines? I’m in pain.’

‘Riley,’ Hailey sighed. ‘Bag of sardines, really?’

‘Your brother has killed me!’

‘Get up Riley,’ that same guy said, kicking Riley’s head. I was looking around with confusion, I didn’t know anyone.

‘I’m still here,’ the girl Phoenix pushed groaned, she was still on the floor.

‘Are you expecting me to help you?’ Phoenix scoffed. ‘Oh wow! Jet I love your pie! She looks gorgeous!’

‘Get your immortal eyes away from my beautiful wife you wife stealer!’ I chuckled.

‘I was only complimenting her, don’t be the jealous husband,’

‘The last time you complimented my late wife which was her sister, you fucked her.’ Everyone, started laughing at their unreasonable argument.

‘You are both idiots,’ Hans laughed. I looked at my food, sad that I was all alone. ‘Guys, I haven’t even taken my time to properly introduce my Unicorn to the team; the family,’ I bit my lip and looked at him gratefully. ‘Everyone, this is Iris Hathaway, my girlfriend. Iris, this is my school family, I will only introduce the important ones. The husband of the pie is Jet,’ he said, he was talking about the blonde guy with brown eyes. ‘Phoenix is my younger brother, ignore his existence. The fools on the floor are Riley, football player and Silvia, cheerleader and one of the queens.’

‘Nice to meet you all…’

‘Unicorn?’ Jet chuckled.

‘That’s what my snuggly wuvie likes calling me,’

‘Ha! Snuggly boo,’ Hailey laughed. Hans glared at me, I can swear he blushed.

‘I’m not done,’ Hans grumbled. ‘Billy over there is captain of your favorite sport. He loves dating girls with fat head and oversized buttocks that can crush him in bed…’

‘Are you mad?’ Bill laughed.

‘It’s true, isn’t it?’ Lee laughed too. ‘He loves his lady size twenty; extra extra large.’

‘If you are fat, then you have a shot with this one.’ Jet patted the Bill’s head.

‘Which is hilarious because he looks like a mopping stick,’ I bowed my head as I laughed. ‘Sorry, I meant toothbrush,’ Hans corrected himself. Everyone was laughing. When the laughter died down, Hans pointed at a huge guy. ‘That’s Spencer, he loves drinking from a toilet…’

‘For the umpteenth time, I was drunk!’

‘Arf, arf,’ Lee barked. Everyone burst into laughter again, including me. Spencer threw his fork at her. She caught it between her teeth and barked again.

‘Stop it,’ Spencer whined.

‘Sorry, we won’t tell her about the time you sniffed Ivan’s dirty ass… Oops,’ Hans said innocently. The peal of profuse laughter increased.

‘Remember the time Ivan took off his shirt when he was drunk and went to make out with a pole?’ Hailey asked laughingly. The laughter increased. I didn’t know what happened but I laughed. We laughed until most of us started coughing. When the laughter reduced, Hans spoke again.

‘The rest people, I don’t remember their names,’

‘What are we then? Extra luggage?’ One guy asked.

‘I would say my shoe polishers,’ Hans murmured, sucking from his straw.

‘Hey!’ They shouted.

‘Let’s talk about something else,’ Lee chirped. ‘Like why we do what we do. I love cheering because I love talking and shouting, awesome, huh?’

‘I cheer because I love commanding people,’ Hailey said pompously.

‘I’m a football player because I hate my dad’s preaching,’ Jet said frowningly.

‘Wait, what?’ Hans asked. Jet sighed and stood up.

‘My dad is a boaster, always talking about experience he never had. Since my brothers and I were kids, that was all we heard. Iris, can I borrow your glasses?’ I blinked in shock, he took it anyways. ‘Thank you,’ he wore it and pushed it down like an old English professor. Everyone laughed shortly.

‘Iris, come over here please,’ Hans said while stretching his hand to me. I stood up and walked over to sit with him, so I won’t freak out.

‘You look pretty without the glasses baby doll,’ Phoenix said flirtatiously. Hans hissed and rolled his eyes.

‘As I was about to demonstrate,’ Jet said, walking around with hands behind my back. ‘In the 1960’s!’ He shouted all of a sudden. ‘I fought in the first world war! I was the strongest man there. My squad was sent out to rescue another squad, deep in an enemy base,’ he said with a dramatic boastful voice. ‘All my men got gunned down, I was the only one standing… Then my older brother would say “psst, Jet, it’s your turn to listen while we sleep”,’ everyone laughed. ‘Then I’ll say, “but it was my turn yesterday.” My wicked brother would sneer. “As the youngest, do whatever I say and listen while we sleep.” The wickedness. So when I found out that my eldest brother wanted to join the navy and the second was into volunteering work, I joined football. Now anytime my father want to start, I’d lean closer to him and whisper… “Psst, dad, I’m a football player, I don’t need to hear this. They on the other hand needs it because they are military connected, they need to learn from the master.” He would nod…’ Jet nodded and adjusted MY glasses. ‘Oh, yes, yes, yes my boy, very good words you say,’ he hitched his pants up and threw his legs. ‘Now Jeffrey and Jackson my boys,’ Jet threw his head back and whimpered. ‘Ooh ooh why,’ he cried. ‘That was my brother.’ My stomach hurt from how much I had been laughing.

‘Poundsie bro!’ Riley shouted. Jet bumped his fist as they laughed. I had never laughed this much in my life. When the laughter died down, Lee climbed the table again and bowed.

‘A moment of silence,’ she said sadly. Everyone bowed their heads too. ‘Before I start my story, let’s give a warm welcome to the newest member of the football team, one whose initiation will be done next week because the team must train for Friday game, Johnny Test! Come on applaud people!’ The whole cafeteria blared with applause as they laughed. The guy was just walking in and he was shocked by what was happening. ‘Come over here Johnny!’

Everyone oohed, whooped and chirped. The guy walked up to us. Hans pulled him down to seat as the guys slapped his shoulders. ‘It’s Jonathan Chesterton,’ the guy corrected.

‘Welcome Johnny Test,’ Jet laughed.

‘Oh… I feel a song coming up!’ Riley shouted. The cheerleaders shrieked.

‘Got a fire flaming hair
And a turbo fast backpack…’

‘Oh God,’ Johnny whimpered, sinking under the table. They continued singing, everyone who knew it joined. I don’t watch movie, I had no idea what they were singing.

‘A super busy mom
The boy’s best friend
Is a talking dog!…’ Since I couldn’t sing, I laughed and hit the table. Johnny hid under the table, cursing as he blushed with embarrassment.
‘Johnny Test!
Johnny Test!
This is a song
For a boy named
Johnny Test….! Whoo!!!!!!!!’ The clamor and brouhahas was intense.

‘Okay! Okay! Enough!’ Lee shouted. Everyone quiet down. ‘Welcome Johnny, be ready for your initiation next week and everyone, shhhh,’ she shushed. Everyone laughed. ‘Now, let’s talk about the boy who drank from a toilet one Christmas morning.’ Spencer bang his head on the table while everyone burst into laughter.

Where did Violet, Joe and Sweet go?


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