Melting his icy heart Episode 3 & 4

Episode three😎😎
Daisy ❣️❣️
I knocked again, from what I heard, he’s the only in living here.
After knocking for about thirty minutes and my knuckles red with pain, I opened my hand bag and brou-ght out my hair pin.
Thank God I learnt how to pick locks, thanks to Tina. That’s the only area us useful at.
I picked the lock and the door opened with a ‘pa’ sound. I smiled triumphantly and rolled my bags in closing the door behind me. He’ll change the lock tomorrow.
The living room is very big and everywhere is painted in black. That’s a very weird colour while the chandelier suspending from the ceiling illuminates the house with white.
He painted the interior of his room black while the bulb is white. I can see he’s not really okay.
“How did you enter?” I felt a chilling breath on my n£¢k.
He’s breathing out ice or my b©dy is h0t?
“Ever heard of picking locks?” I turned around to face him.
“Cool” he put his hands in his pocket and moved further into the room so my back is facing him now.
I turned around to face him again and watched him move closer to the window
The hairs on my b©dy stood, I was feeling cold. “Go out the way you c@m£ in”
“Thanks for the warm reception, I guess I’ll just have to pick any room I want”
His eyes turned to slits and he glared at me which was getting at my skin but I didn’t let him know it was affecting me.
“I want you to leave” he said again, this time, the temperature of the room dropped by degrees.
“I ain’t leaving here till I accomplish my mission, ap@rt from my bestie dissecting my b©dy, it’d be an insult to my personality” I countered back and rolled my bad upstairs. To the room opposite his. I had been given the layout of the house before so it made navigating the house easy.
My phone beeped on cue when I entered the room.
💬A credit card as been sli-pped into your travel bag in case you nee-d money for anything. Good luck living with Prince Eric💬
I opened my bag to check for the card and found a book which has the list of events the prince is supposed to attend.
One is taking place this night.
I freshened up and brou-ght out a chocolate bar to eat. Anything chocolate is my favourite.
I c@m£ out from my room and knocked on his thrice before entering when I got no response.
He was seated by the window gazing out in the sunny day.
I cleared my throat but he didn’t even spare me a glance, he continued looking out.
“From what I heard, you don’t talk but you talked to me today, should I take that as a miracle or am I too beautiful to ignore?”
“What do you want?” He asked flatly.
“Simple, get dressed we have an event to attend.”
He stood up and advanced on me quic-kly like a predator.
I walked backwards quic-kly and felt the nee-d to remind him of the law ” according to the southern law, a man isn’t allowed to raise his hands up on a lady. Irrespective of who you are, your hand would be cut off”
He camped me to the wall, placing both hands on the wall, he brou-ght his mouth close to my ears, his warm breath s£nding shivers down my b©dy.
“Will you get me dressed then for this important event we are to attend?”
“Huh?” I raised an eyebrow in surprise “G-get you dr-dressed?” I stuttered
“Hmm-mnh” he replied throatily and moved to steps backwards to re-move his shi-t.
Realizing what he was about to do, I pushed past him and ran to the safety of my room, my heart thudding fast in my che-st, telling myself “he doesn’t nee-d to go to the event today, let me rest.”
Gosh, he’s a s£dûçt!vedevil? Why didn’t anyone tell me that
Episode four
Daisy ❣️❣️
I yawned and stretched on the be-d, then sat up.
The be-d is a really comfortable one. I looked at the clock on the be-dside table, it was 11am.
I can’t believe I woke up that late. I stood up and freshened up quic-kly, ignoring my rumbling stomach then changed my clothes and went downstairs to the kitchen I earlier saw yesterday.
I entered the kitchen and found him eating french fries and Orange jui-ce. Seeing none was left for me, I poured cereal in a bowl and milk then took a spoon with me and headed to where he was seated.
I ate silently, sneaking glance at him occasionally but he just stared on stonely, he was even looking at his plate.
“Ahemm” I cleared my throat to catch his attention but he didn’t budge, looked on like I never existed and was sitting in front of him.
“Prince Eric?” I called out again.
He brou-ght his focus on me, still with that cold eyes.
“What’s your name?” I asked, he kept staring at me.
I decided to try another tactic, “where are you from?”
“Ever gotten married?”
“Dead wife or fiancee?”
“Retired wife or fiancee?”
“slee-ping love or awoken love”
“S-x life?”
“Runaway wife or fiancee??
I kept bombarding him with questions, he slammed his jui-ce on the table and left.
Did I ask a silly question? I just want to know how is love life is so I would know the type of lady to bring home for him.
I rushed my food and followed him to the dark living room.
What are you? A devil?”
“Omg! Are you by chance a vampire?” I g@sped out
“Or a werewolf? Are you an alpha? Your Luna rejected you?”
“Can’t you answer my questions?”
“Or are you a demon?”
“I’m so interested, what kind of demon are you?”
He turned his back at me coldly. One thing I hate in my life is silent treatment, It hurts me a lot so one way or the other he has to talk.
“Is black your favourite colour?”
“Are you a man or in disguise?
“Is that your hair or wig?”
He gr-unted and head out of the living room. I made to follow him again but his icy glare froze me.
“Why aren’t you in love? Are you scared?” I smiled cheekily.
He turned and left the living room Maybe I should rest a bit again and think of what to do next?
Why is he suddenly giving me the silent treatment?
Prince Eric💖💖
After the incident with my ex wife, I vowed never to let anyone near me especially a woman.
This girl does know she’s walking in icicles with me. Initially, a girl never gets further than my front door and with in my house, there must be something about her.
She definitely piques my interest but I must admit, her questions are really getting on my nerves. Can’t she shut that mouth of hers for just a minute besides that voice of hers turns me on everytime she talks. It’s so silky and soft.
Gosh, I can’t believe I almost lost it yesterday. I almost k!$$£d her small fulll-ips. They were alluring and kept calling to me and she’s really beautiful.
I have to stay away from her, I like being alone, I don’t want anyone with me but how will she go back the way she c@m£? I’m not sure my charms can work on her besides I think I lost those charms long long ago.
First, I have to find out why she’s here?
“She’s Evil” the second voice in my head said. The voice took habitat in my head ever since my ex left. It always made the right decision for me and told me what to do.
“She’s Evil and a threat to us” the voice said again.