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means to love episode 39 – 41

🌷☀️🥀…. MEANS
LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 39 °°°


Fernanda rushed to the hospital and ran to Jeromino. He was looking so down alre-ady but luckily Amanda’s surgery was over.

“Fernanda!” Jeromino called out and gave her a ti-ght hvg and he felt a bit calm in Fernanda’s arms.

“It’s okay my love, I’m here now. We can get over this” Fernanda said as she hvgged him ti-ght.

“Why do you think Valentina would do such a thing? I’ve known Valentina all my life, she would never be this evil. Dad was like a father to her so why do you think she would even do something like that? Fernanda do you think this is a set up?” Jeromino asked in a shaky voice and Fernanda helped him sit down at the side bench close to Amanda’s room.

“Jeromino you’re grieving and that’s probably why you’re not thinking straight”

“What do you mean my love?”

“Valentina was supposed to be here when her daughter is going into surgery but she left for your dad’s place and why do you think that happened? Valentina left this hospital immediately your conversation with her so you should be able to figure this out” Fernanda said slowly and Jeromino held her hand.

“Valentina and I discussed about the biological father of Amanda because I suspected Frank isn’t Amanda’s biological father”

“Then why do you think Valentina went to your dad’s after having that conversation with you?”

“Is it possible Dad is Amanda’s biological father?” Jeromino asked with his eyes wi-de open.

“Do you want to run a DNA test? But that isn’t necessary, we should get hold of Valentina first. I want to know the reason why she murdered my father. She’s so evil and cruel, if Valentina happens to be responsible for dad’s death then I will never forgive her for this. She’s just too cruel to be called a human” Jeromino said angrily as h0t tears roll down from one of his eyes.

“I have no idea if I should feel good or bad for your dad regardless of everything he did to my family. I was hoping he would live to get punished for everything he did to my family” Fernanda uttered seriously and Jeromino stared at her.

“What are you saying Fernanda? What did Dad do to your family?”

“Your father was responsible for my mummy’s death as well as my uncle Luciano and that’s the reason why I hated him so much for the horrible things he did to my family” Fernanda said coldly and suddenly tears roll down her cheeks.

“What! Fernanda why are you just telling me this now? Why didn’t you tell me about all this” Jeromino asked seriously and Fernanda looked away.

“I didn’t want to tell you because I made a deal with your dad. I promised to keep my mouth shut if he gives me back my freedom. Your dad was the reason why I went to jail, he set me up and that’s how I got framed. I’m sorry Jeromino for not letting you know, I was only looking for concrete evidence before I told you about everything. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea when your dad clears his name again”

“Fernanda a murder case isn’t something you should take lightly. Do you think I wouldn’t support you if you told me about everything my dad did. Fernanda do I look that shallow to you? Dad committed murder so he should go to jail for that and serve a jail term. Yes he’s my father but he’s just like Valentina they’re both murderers” Jeromino said seriously as he clenched his fist.

“Although justice haven’t been served but I guess his death should cover for it. I can’t give him my prayers because I still hate him so much, I waited so long to get justice for mummy and now that I’m close to getting that, we lost him” Fernanda said seriously.

“I don’t think his death is enough to account for all the horrible things he did to you. No murderer should never be set free because he took a life which can’t be given back” Jeromino said furiously.

“Jeromino!” Valentina called out with a wi-de smile as she c@m£ out of the elevator.

Jeromino and Fernanda looked at her with fire in their eyes.
Valentina began to run to their decision and Fernanda dialed Officer Henry’s number.

plea-se pick up. Fernanda uttered in her mind anxiously.

“Valentina you murderer, you deserve to rot in jail. You’re an evil woman” Jeromino shouted as he began to walk to her and Valentina st©pped walking.

“What did you just call me?”

“You heard me right, I said you’re a murderer” Jeromino shouted and Valentina began to walk backwards.

“I’m not a murderer. I’m not a murderer” Valentina shouted with her hands in her hair.

“Valentina get back here” Jeromino shouted walking towards her just then the police arrived there.

“The police is here. Valentina Montero surrender” The police instructed pointing their guns on her.

“I’m not a murderer” Valentina shouted then started running. She ran throu-gh the exit door.

“Go after her” The police officers shouted and they followed Valentina throu-gh the exit.

“Valentina” Fernanda and Jeromino shouted as they followed the police.

They ran after Valentina and suddenly they lost track of her.

“Where did she go?” Jeromino asked looking around P@nting because they ran.

“She was right in front of us, how come she suddenly disappeared” Fernanda g@sped with her hands on her w@!st.

“Search the environment properly. She is not out of the hospital yet. She won’t be able to get p@ss the police at the entrance” The policemen informed then continued their search.

“Jeromino, Amanda is left alone in her room. Now Valentina is trying to escape I think she would Amanda as a bet” Fernanda suddenly uttered and Jeromino’s eyes went wi-de open.

“Valentina would never be able to hurt her daughter and Amanda just got operated on, she can’t be stressed out”

“You have no idea how desperate a murderer can be when he’s freedom is threatened” Fernanda said.

“If you’re having a hunch then I think we should head to Amanda’s room” Jeromino cut in then they ran into the elevator.

Valentina got to Amanda’s room and Amanda smiled at her.

“Mummy is it true daddy adopted me?” Amanda asked as tears suddenly roll down her ears.

“Not at all my love, would you come with mummy right now. We can’t be here we have to leave” Valentina said desperately as she helped Amanda up, removing the drip on her hand.

“But mummy where are we going? I still feel hurt in my stomach” Amanda winced silently and held her hand ti-ghtly.

“I really don’t have any other choice my dear but we really have to leave. Can you plea-se bear it for mummy” Valentina said softly and Amanda nodded.

Valentina took Amanda with her out of the room and they began to run, Amanda’s sp©t she got operated on started to bleed.

“Mummy it hurts” Amanda said faintly as she began to sob.

“Keep shut Amanda, you have no idea what’s going on so bear with it and come with me quietly” Valentina scolded harshly and Amanda boost into heavy tears.

“Mummy I’m sorry but I can’t bear it” Amanda sobbe-d holding her stomach as she couldn’t run any longer and Valentina sl@pped her.

“Don’t get me anger so better come with me” Valentina said angrily dragging Amanda with her.

“Mummy!” Amanda sobbe-d as she suddenly began to feel dizzy.

“Valentina let go of her” Jeromino shouted then dragged Amanda with him.

Fernanda sl@pped Valentina h@rd on the face.

“It’s all over now Valentina so surrender. How can you be this cruel to your daughter? Can’t you see she’s bleeding” Fernanda shouted then Valentina sl@pped her back.

“You’re the reason why all this happened” Valentina said angrily glaring at Fernanda and the police arrived.

“It’s all over now so surrender” Fernanda said seriously and Valentina sm-irked.

“I would never go to jail because I’m not a murderer” Valentina shouted like she was losing her mind.

Amanda coll@psed because she was losing so much blood.

“Amanda” Valentina called out worriedly but the police were walking closer to her so she walked backwards then jumped off from the fifth flow of the hospital.

“Valentina!” Fernanda and Jeromino shouted and the police ran down but Valentina has gone missing alre-ady. Only stains of blood was found on the ground.

“Search the environment!” One of the policemen instructed.

🌷☀️🥀…. MEANS
LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 40 & 41 °°°


Everyone was pres£nt at Agustin’s funeral except for the Dante family.
No one was shedding a tear, he was a really horrible man not even his relatives are re-ady to shed even a tear for him. Fernanda thought.

I lost you so quic-kly Dad, I wished you would have stayed alive to get punished for all the horrible things you did to innocent people. You’re my father but I can’t deny the fact that you didn’t live a good life. I hope you make up for all the bad things you did to people. Rest on Dad, you tried your best to be a good Dad and I will be always be grateful to you for giving me a good life. Jeromino said in his heart as a tear escaped his eyes and he wiped it off.

“I can’t believe till now, we still haven’t found Valentina. Where on earth did she disappear to?” Jeromino uttered seriously and Fernanda placed her hands on his.

“It’s your father’s funeral, you should show him the last respect before he gets into ground. You shouldn’t talk about anything else. I’m pretty sure the police are doing their job to look for her, I’m just worried she would come around because Amanda is here” Fernanda uttered.

“She’s so heartless, she would never come here. I can’t believe she did that to her very own daughter. Amanda almost lost her life because of Valentina’s actions” Jeromino said seriously.

“Jeromino I’m only here for you but I suddenly feel suffocated here so I have to go now. Spending another minute here feels suffocating”

“OK my love but I also feel like leaving here, I should go do some search as well. I think Valentina has an accomplice. When she fell off the hospital building, she wasn’t there so that means someone is helping her. Someone rescued her” Jeromino said suspiciously.

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“Mr Williams, he used to be dad’s right hand man and it’s quite impossible for him not be around Dad. He’s always together with dad but how come ever since dad got murdered he hasn’t showed up?”

“Do you think he also has something to do with Agustin’s death?” I asked curiously and Jeromino nodded.

“They’re both p@rtners in crime so every dad’s illegal deeds must have been carried out by him and he knows so well he will get caught if dad goes to jail and maybe that’s why he ran away”

“But your dad is dead now, is there any other reason for him to run away now”

“Of course! Dad’s connection. Fernanda can I come with you, I just can’t stand here and throw puzzles at myself when I can go to the direct source to get the answers myself”

“The funeral will be over soon, let’s just mourn. If you want me to stay then I will stay by your side my love”

“Thanks so much my love but your father took Marisol home so early, I’m hoping they got home safely. Valentina is still on the run we shouldn’t let our guard down. Amanda is here with us so I feel more safe”

Valentina sees me as an enemy now so I’m guessing her next move is going after me or Marisol. I said in my head staring at Amanda who was seated next to Valentina’s friend.

“Jeromino do you think Marisol will be fine with my family?” I asked nervously and he hvgged me.

“She will be fine, I spoke to the inspector and some police men are protecting your house. No harm will come to them not un-der my watch” Jeromino said then peeked my forehead.

The funeral was over and everyone went back home. Jeromino and I head to Mr Williams resident.

“Do you think he will be around?” I asked curiously as we got to his house before ringing the doorbell.

“I have no idea but he should be around. After all today’s dad’s funeral”

We rang the doorbell but no reason.

“Mr Williams I Kno you’re inside so can you plea-se open the door? I have some few questions to ask you about Dad’s will” Jeromino lied and the door cracked open.

“Let’s go in my love” Jeromino said as he held my hand and we walked in.

“Jeromino what do you want?” Mr Williams asked coldly with his legs crossed against each other with a gl@ss of wine in his other hand.

“Mr Williams, you weren’t pres£nt in Dad’s funeral. You must have been so busy” Jeromino said calmly with one of his hands in his pocket.

“Whose funeral?” Williams asked and Fernanda stared at Jeromino with a curious look.

“The both of you were very close so I was hoping you would be feeling terrible for losing your closest buddy”

“What Agustin and I shared were all in our contract so there’s no special feelings attached. I don’t see any reasons why I should attend his funeral when there was nothing between us. May he rest in peace and it was great working with him” Williams said coldly.

“Contract? What kind of contract restricts you from humane”

“That question only be coming from your late Dad but now that he’s dead, the deal is over and I’m inheriting 50% of his shares per our contract” Williams blurted and Jeromino’s eyes bulge out at the sound of that statement.

“50 what? Dad would never be so kind to give anyone 50% of his shares no matter how much that person sacrificed for him so I’m sorry I’m not believing that till I get my hands on the original will” Jeromino said seriously.

Something isn’t right here. If he claims it was all on their contract then why’s he refusing to speak out exactly what type of contract they had. Mr Williams I’m sorry but I can’t let you go either, my mummy died because of you and Agustin so the both of you must have to rot in hell. Fernanda said in her mind angrily.

“Agustin never gives for free but I’ve been with him before you were even born so all my sacrifices was worth it. I heard you are still searching for Valentina? Any progress on the search?”

“Why are you curious about that?” Jeromino asked seriously.

“I have a score to settle with her. She’s a real bad b**tch and she will regret crossing paths with me. Jeromino, regardless of me and your father’s contract, we’ve known each other for so long and that’s why I would give you an advice. Never stay in the dark until you find Valentina, devils loves staying in the dark. I would have protected you if your father was still alive but I have no more reasons to do so” Williams said calmly and Jeromino’s suspicions against Williams disappeared instantly.

Fernanda and Jeromino drove out of Williams surrounding and Williams watched them from his rooft©p as a wi-de smile appeared on hisl-ips.

“You can come out now. I know you have a lot you want to say to me” Williams said coldly as he gulped down the sip of his wine.

Valentina opened the rooft©p doors then walked out slowly because she was limping.

“I can’t keep on walking like this forever. Can’t you get me a good doctor? It’s so frustrating being in this state” Valentina said rudely and Williams sm-irked.

“No one asked you to jump down from the fifth floor, I’ve gotten you a good doctor so just be patient. Healing takes time, you should be lucky I saved you that day”

“Don’t expect me to be grateful for that. I’ve never been grateful to anyone in my life except Jeromino but it looks like he has also turned his back on me. He chose that wretched whore over me”

“What do you want first? Your daughter or Jeromino?” Williams asked looking away and Valentina stared at him p@ssionately.

“I want Jeromino first. If I get Jeromino, I will get my daughter as well so I want Jeromino”

“How do you want him? Dead or alive?”

“He can be dead after we’ve been together but for now I want him alive in good heart but why are you asking me this?”

“I want you to be indebted to me and my business with the Guzman isn’t over yet until it’s over”

“You should be upset I killed your long time friend but instead you’re trying to help me. Do you have any conscience as a human?”

“We’re just the same Valentina. The both of us are greedy and I am filled with anger inside so I don’t feel sorry for anyone not even myself” Williams said coldly with anger in his eyes.


I got back home after dropping Fernanda off at home.
Amanda have fallen asleep alre-ady. I said in my head after checking up on her in her room.

I head back to my room and it was completely dark. Williams words to me kept on flashing in my head.

~ Never stay in the dark until you find Valentina ~
I thought then swiftly turned on the lights but someone hit me h@rd on my head from behind and everything suddenly bec@m£ blurry and blank as I fell to the floor.



I opened my eyes slowly but I felt a heavy pain at the back of my head. I placed my hand there to check if everything was intact but I was carrying a bandage at the back of my head.

I looked around my environment and everything felt strange. This isn’t my house so how did I get here? I g@sped in my head as I sat up right getting conscious of my environment.

I stood up from the be-d then walked to the window. The building was in the middle of no where.

“Help! Someb©dy help me!” I shouted out throu-gh the window and someone knocked at the door.

“Who’s there?” I asked anxiously looking for any object to defend myself.
Luckily, I could only find a pair of scissors on the dressing mirror table.

“Jeromino it’s me, I’m coming in” The voice responded and it sounded familiar at the same time but my eyes went wi-de open when I realized who has that voice.

Valentina c@m£ into the room with a tray and some dishes on it on her hands.

“You’re awake. It’s time to have breakfast, let’s eat” Valentina said smiling as she walked to me but I noticed she was limping.

“Valentina what are you trying to do? Why did you bring me here? And where the hell is this place?” I asked seriously and she smiled.

“Somewhere you would never escape from. We’re not in Mexico city anymore, I took us far away for a vacation. Have you forgotten alre-ady, you promised to take Amanda and I on vacation and that’s why we’re here” she smiled and I ti-ght£ñed my teeth in anger.

“Valentina have you always had a mental issue? Because I’m just noticing that now or are you pretending to be crazy?” I asked sarcastically and she frowned.

“I’m not crazy, you’re the one who’s crazy. Jeromino we’re on family vacation right now so you better put yourself together. You don’t want Amanda to think otherwise”

“Amanda? You brou-ght Amanda here as well?” I asked curiously and someone knocked at the door.

“Who’s there?” I asked curiously.

“It’s me daddy. It’s Amanda” Amanda replied then I ran to get the door.

“Daddy!” Amanda called out excitedly and I gave her a ti-ght hvg.

“Are you okay my dear? Nothing happened to you right?” I asked curiously.

“No daddy, I’m fine. Mummy told me you prepared this special vacation as a surprise” Amanda uttered excitedly and I glared at Valentina who was wearing a wi-de smile.

“I couldn’t help it but tell her”

“Not really dear, your mummy prepared this vacation instead. I was surprised as well. Your mummy is really great but thank goodness you’re alright my love” I said then hvgged her again.

Valentina wouldn’t just bringing me here without having any other back up plan. What’s she going to use as a bait to keep me here. I really hate it when I become so helpless like this. Fernanda must be so worried. I said in my head.

“Amanda it’s time eat. Come eat with us” Valentina said softly and Amanda held my hand ti-ghtly as we head to be-d.

Amanda di-pped her spoon into the porridge and I watched the both of them eat.

“Jeromino you’re not eating?” Valentina asked staring at me and I smiled.

“I’m not hungry yet but when I get hungry I will let you know. Get back all your strength my love, so you will heal fas-ter” I said with a smile as I ca-ressed Amanda’s hair and she smiled.

Amanda will be safe here, I don’t think Valentina will be able to hurt her here. But why do I have the feeling Amanda is scared of her. I said in my head staring at my palm as Amanda held on to it ti-ghtly.

“Valentina can I go out for some air, it’s quite stuffy in here” I uttered with a smile and swiftly Valentina picked the air-conditioning remote and turned it on.

“I’ve turned the air-conditioner on so you should feel better now right” She smiled.

She’s trying to st©p me from going outside. Too bad Valentina you can’t st©p me from going out.

“Valentina can you st©p being stubborn. I just want to go out for some fresh air. Is there anything wrong with that” I said seriously as I stood up.

“Go ahead, you can’t leave this place anyways” She sm-irked and Amanda held on to me ti-ghtly.

Even your own daughter is scared of you but trust me Amanda, I will get us out of here.

“It’s okay I can just go out later” I swallowed h@rd then sat back.

Later in the night…
I tried to sneak out of the house but just like I expected Valentina was at the door.

“Planning on sneaking out?” She asked like a demon.

“You don’t plan on keeping me in here for the rest of my life. Valentina there’s nothing wrong with going out for some air. You can come with me as well if you think I plan on escaping”

“You can’t be able to leave this place either because you will have to lose a life if you do that” She sm-irked.

“What’s that supposed to mean Valentina?” I asked curiously and she brou-ght out her phone from her pocket.

“Help me! Help me! Someone plea-se safe me” Marisol cried out from the phone Valentina was holding.

“Is that Marisol?” I g@sped out as I tried to snatch the phone but Valentina swiftly moved away.

“If you don’t want Marisol to be found dead in the streets early hours of tomorrow morning then don’t even try anything funny”

“If you think that threat will work on me then you’re definitely fooling yourself” I said seriously.

“You can turn on the TV if you think I’m lying. Fernanda is probably showing in all TV channels” She laughed like a witch then walked to her room.

I swiftly ran to the TV shelf then turned on the TV.

~” plea-se I’m begging you, if any of you find my daughter plea-se don’t hesitate to call this number below and 2 million dollars will be given to whoever finds my daughter. That’s a sum of gratitude from my p@rt” ~ Fernanda said sobbing heavily at the news house.

I turned off the TV and sat on the couch with my heart shredded into pieces.

Valentina why did you have to get the kids involve in your dirty games? I hate you so much Valentina. I promise you you won’t get away with this.


I was seated at the sitting room with everyone. Calls kept on coming in so everyone was busy.

“Fernanda we just got a call and he said he kinda saw a woman carrying Marisol on her shoulders early hours of this morning and he thought Marisol was being rushed to the hospital by her mother” Dad informed and I stood up quic-kly.

“What! Where was she seen exactly?” I asked curiously as I wiped off my tears.

“She was seen heading to a train station but we have no idea if she got into the train station or she was only trying to deceive us In case we want to investigate” Fred said and I frowned.

“This isn’t done by anyone else but Valentina. She’s the only one who’s smart enough to get things this complicated and that’s why Jeromino is missing as well” I said seriously.

“Valentina the one who murdered Agustin? But what does she want from us?” Dad asked tiredly and I looked away.

“She’s only to start a fight she can’t win” I said seriously.

“And this is one of the reasons why I told you Jeromino isn’t good for you Fernanda. He has a connection to whatever problems we come across. Fernanda this is a sign” Dad said seriously.

“Not now Dad, no one’s in the mood to listen to that so plea-se” Fred said seriously and my phone started ringing.

It’s a call from an unknown number.

“Hello” I took the call.

“Fernanda are you looking for your daughter? I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out it’s me alre-ady. I don’t want to pl@yhide and seek games with you and that’s why I left you a clue” Valentina said over the phone and I clenched my fist angrily.

“If you do anything to my daughter, I will go down to earth and look for you. You can’t escape me from this surface of earth Valentina”

“Don’t make a fuss let’s meet up. And don’t even think about bringing the police with you, you don’t want get the corpse of your daughter. I will s£nd you the address” She said and hung up.

“That was Valentina’s call right?” Fernando asked curiously and I nodded.

“Just in case anything happens to me, you have to get Valentina down with me” I whispered to Fred’s ears then I picked up my car keys.

“Fernanda it’s getting late alre-ady, where are you going?” Dad asked curiously.

I didn’t answer anymore questions then zoomed off to the address Valentina s£nt me.

I got to the address and found Valentina standing at the bridge.

“What do you want Valentina?” I asked angrily then walked to her.

“Jeromino this is your last chance. You better make a wise decision. Fernanda or me?” Valentina shouted over the phone on a video call.

“Jeromino is that you?” I asked curiously.

“Fernanda my love are you okay?” Jeromino asked anxiously.

“Your love. Hahahaha! Watch your love rot in hell” Valentina shouted angrily then suddenly she pushed me h@rd out of the blue and I fell off the the bridge.

“Hahahaha!” Valentina laughed demonically.


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