Luna in my home – episode 10

Episode 10.
By Amah
Luna was admitted in the hospital and treatment commenced immediately. She was stable before I left and walked back my car.
I called Aram and told him what has been going on. I told him that Bisi almost killed Luna and Bisi may never forgive me for what I did.
I defiled our home, broke her trust and lied to her. I told Aram if not for the fear of losing my wife, I could have taken his advice and tell Bisi everything when I still have the time. Things wouldn’t have gone out of hand like the pres£nt situation. My mind is at rest p@rtially because Luna will be fine, the doctor said so but I’m still in the hospital premises and afraid to go home to my wife because she is h0t tempered right now and may unleash terror on me just like she did with Luna.
Aram was surprise at how things escalated, he asked me to relax that everything will be fine and my home will be resto-red again.
Aram was trying to encourage me but I doubt if anything will ever be fine.
I decided to s£nd messages to Bisi first, apologizing for everything and pleading for her forgiveness even if is for the sake of our kids.
I s£nt different apology messages to my wife’s phone and hope she will be calm enough by the time I gets home. I sat in my car for sometimes, thinking of how shamble my life has become.
I later drove back home in the night. I sighted Luna’s bag beside the dustbin wheel bucket that was located outside the house.
Bisi must have thrown it there out of anger. I picked up the bag and put it in a safer place, far from the dustbin.
As I walked straight to the door, I found out that it was locked with key. I unlocked it with my spare key before going inside.
My heart beat has not st©p racing since morning. I shake inwardly on how to face Bisi again tonight. I kept thinking how I was going to make it right but couldn’t come up with anything reasonable. I was hoping all the messages I s£nt to her will do little magic for me.
Bisi can be difficult if she want to be. Even things that doesn’t supposed to matter much she usually take such things to heart. This was a heavy offence and I don’t know if she will ever forgive and forget.
The whole house felt so quiet when I walked in, I went straight to the kids’ room first but they were not there.
I rushed to I and Bisi’s be-droom, nob©dy was there. No sign of Bisi or the kids. Cloths were scattered from the wardrops to the be-d. There was a box of cloths on the be-d too. My heart was caught in my mouth as different thought crossed my mind.
What if Bisi has carried the kids and traveled to a place where I can’t reach her. What if she goes to her family house which was in another state, far from Lagos?
I checked the visitor’s room, the kitchen and every corner of the house as I kept shouting my wife and kids name but no respond c@m£.
I was almost going crazy as I try to reach her. I try calling her over the phone but she wasn’t picking up her phone either.
I knew she was not going to pick but I decided to try anyway and it was as I thought.
I tried calling her again as I moved towards our room and I heard a phone ringing inside.
I rushed in and follow the sound. The phone was un-der the piles of cloth on t©p of the be-d.
She probably forgot it there. I was destabilized. I don’t even know where to look for her and my kids.
I don’t want to get her family or mine involve. All the blames will be on me. I feel so ashamed of myself alre-ady, I know what I did and do not nee-d a reminder of my sins.
I sat on the ground and held my head in my hands. “What have I done to myself? My family is scattered and may not be able to survive throu-gh this. I was broken and felt weak and powerless.
I wiped a tear from my eyes. I never bargained for any of the things that happened. It was just a small mistake and I thought what happens in Abuja stays in Abuja but the devil wore cloth and shoe and travelled all the way down to Lagos. The devil creep right into my home in form of Luna and tries to destroy my eight years of marriage.
My wife and kids are gone and I don’t know where to look for them. No sign or note to where they might have travelled to.
I decided to call Aram, my only bosom friend who un-derstand, advice and encourages me on every stage of my shattered life. Aram was not only my friend he was a barrister, a man who loves and cares for his family. he was faithful to his wife and was also God fearing.
“Hello Aram, Bisi is gone. I c@m£ home from the hospital and met the house empty. She is gone with the kids. I don’t even know where to go and look for her. I’m a dead man walking Aram. I have lost it all. My wife has left me and she will never forgive me. I know I made a mistake but I never for once invited Luna to Lagos. Bisi caught us unaware in the office and Luna pu-ll-ed up her act and they bec@m£ friends. I hated such clos£ness and try to warn my wife but Bisi never listened to me. She said she just wanted to be nice to my colleague. She thought Luna was a junior staff in the office. I was shocked the day I c@m£ back and met Luna in my home. I asked Bisi why she did not even inform me and she gave another excused. Aram I never bargained for any of this. I was trying to escape from Luna but my wife was ma-king it so ha-rd . I’m not shifting the whole blame on her. If I did not sleep with Luna back in Abuja all this wouldn’t have been. I feel so sorry. I love my wife and my kids dearly. I love my family and i will give up anything just to have them back. I wish I can undo what I have done. I wish I did not cheat on my wife. Aram, I’m a walking corps because I live for my family. They are the reason I work so ha-rd and smile often. If they are no more what is the point of living. I don’t know where to look for Bisi or the kids. I don’t know Aram…I don’t.
I broke down and wept like a child. I can hear Aram speaking. I guess he put the call on speaker but I did not care. Emotion wage at my throat, everything and everyone was against me. I know even God must be angry with me right now.
“Yomi…Yomi…is okay. It was a grave mistake not just from you but from everyone involve in this. You set the fire and your wife fan the coal even without knowing. Something worse could have happened to Luna or anyone else. Luna took the highest risk by ma-king friends with your wife and coming into your home without any sign of remorse. But Yomi you had the larger share. I still wonder what you were looking for in another woman. Bisi got it all for you Yomi. She was a good wife and caring mother who does not joke with her home. Think about the peace of mind when you are with your wife in be-d and the guilt and troubled mind when you are with a strange woman… which will you prefer? I know you are only an imperfect human filled with mistakes, I also believe that everyone has learnt their lessons. Calm down Yomi, everything will be alright. Drive out to my place. I’m home with my family, do not panic and plea-se drive carefully. Come over right now…I will be waiting for you.
I sat on the floor, sobbing for some time, before stepping out again.
I drove out that night to Aram’s place. He was at the door when I arrived.
He ushered me inside his sitting room, while patting my back and trying to calm me down.
Immediately I stepped into his parlor my wife and kids were seated right in Aram’s living room. My son was asleep. My daughter was sitting quietly beside her mother, I guess she was also feeling sleepy because the time was alre-ady 9pm. it was pas-s there be-dtime.
I looked back at Aram wondering how he managed to bring my wife and kids to his house.
Aram’s wife c@m£ out of the room and greeted me, I responded quietly.
She looked at me like an unfaithful man before asking Bisi if she can take the kids inside to the children’s room but Bisi declined and said she will soon be leaving.
Aram’s wife looked at me again. I was cautious of her eyes. She must have heard what I did and feel disappointed. She may even tell her husband not to as-sociate himself with me again.
It may be an innocent eyes but ever since I started having this guilt feeling, I re-ad meaning to people’s reaction towards me.
She c@m£ to ask if she can offer me anything. Despite I was hungry and thirsty, I declined the offer.
Bisi angrily looked at me from head to toe. It was well expected.
I managed to dodge her bomb eyes by taking a seat beside Aram, who sat in between Bisi and I.
Aram later took me outside and as we relaxed by his car he began to speak
“I know you are probably wondering how I got your wife and kids to my place. Well, I nee-ded to do what I have to do because I can’t watch your home get razed down. I just can’t sit and do nothing while your home get destroyed. After you called me from the hospital to inform me about what happened. I have to quic-kly drive down to your place. Bisi was packing her things, she said she wanted to take her kids to somewhere else because she doesn’t want to set eyes on you ever again. She said you actually took Luna to the hospital even after what happened. Bisi was lamenting angrily as she gathered her cloths into a box. Your wife said since you have decided to choose Luna over her and the kids she will do the nee-dful by going somewhere else to cool off her head. She can’t live in the same house with you not after what you did. I have to talk to her and showed her how she also contributed to what happened. I told her how much battle you have been fighting to stay away from Luna and to also confess to her. Yomi, I just thanked God I arrived at the right time to still meet Bisi at home. I asked her to come over to my place with the kids and she can still leave after that if she feels the nee-d to do so. I took her and the kids to my place. She was really angry and couldn’t st©p talking all throu-gh the drive to my place even after we stepped into my house she was still raging. At a point she broke down and started crying. She can’t still believe that you will hurt her the way you did. She wept bitterly both I and my wife were there to console her. I put each of your calls on a loudspeaker just for her to listen and see how sorry you are Yomi. She was calm enough before you c@m£. I did not want to tell you at first that your family was with me, I wanted to see your reaction and to put your sober calls on speaker for Bisi to hear you. Give your wife time. She will eventually forgive. She is hurting right now and nee-d time to heal up. Don’t rush her or f0rç£ forgiveness down her throat. Love and care for her even more now than before. let her see throu-gh your action that you are truly sorry. Yomi, you have to be careful too. You started this whole thing….it was funny at first but not anymore. You have to make it right. My wife also spoke with Bisi. So relax, your wife will not leave you, I’m certain of that but if she ever want to, plea-se inform me on time. It won’t be easy but everything will be alright.
I thanked Aram. I’m de-eply in his debt.
Aram went back inside and spoke to Bisi for sometimes. I waited outside as he asked me to.
When he asked me to come in, I did and try to kneel and apologies to Bisi again but she turned her face, tapped my daughter who was slee-ping awake.
I stood, carried my slee-ping son to the car after thanking Aram and his wife. Bisi was alre-ady inside the car with my daughter. I entered and drove off.
We returned back to the house in silent.
I and Bisi live like strangers. She hates me close to her, I have to move to the visitor’s room. I comes back home very early from work every day and try to as-sist in anyway necessary. I still drop money for the house upkeep every day, makes dinner for the house but Bisi doesn’t eat my food or t©uçh anything that belongs to me. She distanced herself from me.
Aram kept in t©uçh and asked me if there was any improvement but even after two weeks Bisi was still the same. Aram said that I should be patient and give her more time. and that was what I did.
Luna was discharged from the hospital. She said she was going to sue me and my wife because we made her lose her pregnancy and almost killed her after inviting her to our home.
Luna kept threatening brimstone and thun-der on what she was going to do to me and my wife. I told her to go and thank God for giving her a second chance to live.
Even if she tries to take us to the court of law, she was still at fault for traveling all the way down and coming straight to my home oblivious to my dear wife who never knew what her agenda was.
I returned her bag, paid off different debt for her and still gave her enough money for her to travel back to Abuja. She said she wasn’t going back to Abuja until she gets her own pound of flesh.
Luna said she was going to be pregnant but Bisi made her loose her pregnancy and she will never forgive me or Bisi for that.
The only way she can forgive and drop all charges is if I pay her one more visit at her h0tel room
I left her after she collected the cash compensation gift I gave just for her to return to Abuja.
Luna was the last person I want to be seen close with.
Since she doesn’t want to go back to Abuja until she gets her revenge then good luck to her. I will have to report her to the police first so that whatever happens to her is none of me or my family business. And if she decided to take the case up, Aram is a barrister, he will know better on how to handle Luna’s case.
I believe she will never get close to my home again. I don’t know how she intend to get back at me or Bisi for beating her up and ma-king her lose an invisible baby.
I have done what I have to do. Treated her at my expense, paid her h0tel and hospital ac¢v-mulated bills and still give her money to travel back to her base. I can’t do more than this for her or agree to what she is asking of me.
If she haven’t learnt her lessons, I have learnt mine and I’m trading safer now.
Whatever the case maybe, all I want is for her to keep her distance from me and my entire family.
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