Lucifer’s bride episode 16

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 16
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated ���
Roxanne’s POV
I sprang on my feet immediately, astonished.
What’s he doing here?
Oh, my! Nicklaus!
The students in the hall were still acting like they wanted to slump.
Damon finally walked in, his both hands crossed behind his back, taking slow and steady steps.
He looked extremely handsome as he walked towards my table, fixing his eyes on me the whole time.
Goodness plea-se. I haven’t done anything wrong. I hope he’s not here to hurt me.
I looked back at the food desk where Nicklaus had gone to, but surprisingly, he wasn’t there anymore.
Where was he? I couldn’t see him anymore.
I turned back to look at Damon and noticed he was alre-ady standing in front of me.
I stuttered in fear and lowered my gaze to the floor.
“Sit” he cut me off icily and I gulped nervously and took my seat.
He also took a seat in front of me, replacing Nicklaus.
� Oh, my God! Damon’s sitting next to her!
� Are you kidding me?
� Oh, gee! Who’s she?
My head was almost spinning from all ththe comments and I wondered if Damon could hear them as well. Of course he could.
Then, he looked at his guards by the door and cli-cked his f!nger and immediately, one of the guard c@m£ up to the middle of the canteen and pas-sed an announcement.
“All students should evacuate the hall immediately” he said strictly and all the students g@sped.
Wait; what?
Oh, my! Why’s he s£nding everyone out? What does he have in mind?
I was flummoxed and watched as the students started dispersing from the room, all grumbling.
� Why does he have to s£nd us out?
� I’ve been praying for this day when he’d show up in school.
They all kept mumbling but had no other choice but to leave and soon, the cafe was empty, leaving just Damon and I with two guards by the door.
Oh, mercies! I felt my heart pounding fast.
Why does he want us to be alone? There’s no way he can have s3x with me in school, right? It’s just not possible.
Surprisingly, I heard him scoff.
“It’s my school and I can do whatever I want to” he said with rancour in his voice and I flin-ched.
How…How did he hear me?
Is he really a mind re-ader?
He breathed out heavily and fetched a spoon of Nicklaus french fries, but didn’t eat it.
“Who was here with you?” He asked, staring at the full spoon.
“Um…It was my friend. He…He was here a while ago, but…I mean, he probably left when you asked…”
“A he?” He scoffed and asked.
“You’ve been keeping male friends?”
I stared at him, confused.
He doesn’t want me to keep friends?
“Male friends” he said, re-ading my mind again.
He t©uçhed his forehead and looked back at me, leaning closer.
“Do you realise I’m doing you a favor by letting you stay alive? You should be dead by now. But luckily, I’m sparing you. And for that, you’re to live by my will. Don’t push me Roxanne”
I sought for what to say but couldn’t find any.
What exactly is he driving at? Is he really angry because I have a male friend?
He sighed and leaned back on his chair.
“Get on your feet” he said and my heart gave a mighty leap.
No. plea-se.
I f0rç£fully stood up,, fiddling with the ti-p of my shi-t.
“Come close” he added and I felt my feet shaking.
Is he really going to do this here?
Oh, plea-se.
I walked slowly and nervously to where he was and stood in front of him and he pu-ll-ed me to sit on his legs.
“Ever heard of b!owjob?” He whispered into my ears and I stared blankly at him.
What’s he talking about?
“I…I. don’t…”
“You really know nothing, do you?” He asked with a huff.
But…I don’t know what he’s talking about.
Never heard of b!ow job.
Immediately, one of his guards c@m£ up and whispered something into his ear and he rolled his white sparkling eyes, looking tired.
“Your lucky day. Got something important to do” he said as he pu-ll-ed me away from his legs and stood up as well.
He left me and started walking away with his guards.
“And stay away from that *friend of yours*” he st©pped and said emphatically and finally walked out.
I stepped down from my ride and adjusted my school bag before proceeding for my clas-sroom.
As I walked along, I noticed all the students around kept stealing glances at me and it was obvious they were talking about me.
� Yes she’s the one.
� Damon had lunch with her yesterday
� He s£nt everyone out of the cafe just because of her
� She’s so pretty
Different voices kept visiting my ears and I all I could do was try to ignore them.
I successfully walked pas-s them and was about entering into the clas-sroom when I suddenly heard someone call my name.
I swiftly turned and of course! It was Nicklaus!
“Hey” he called with a smile as he stood in front of me.
What the heck?
He’s got a lot of explaining to do.
“Wats up Roxanne?” He went ahead to ask.
“You…what the hell happened? I mean, you just…vanished yesterday. You told me you were going to get the hamburgers, but I didn’t even see your shadow throu-ghout the day.” I rushed my words, being curious.
“I know, Roxanne, I’m sorry” he said and sighed, like he was being bothered.
“Listen, when I went to get the burgers, I had received an urgent call that nee-ded me to leave. I wanted to tell you about it, but, that Damon of a guy showed up and ordered everyone out. So,,I couldn’t” he expounded.
I looked at him and didn’t feel entirely satisfied.
It just didn’t seem right.
And my mum….
How did he know about her?
“Are you doubting me?” He asked and I lowered my gaze to the floor.
“Sorry Nicklaus, but yes. I…I don’t know, but…”
“Roxanne” he interpolated and sighed.
“Okay; fine, I’ll tell you the truth”.
I rose my eyes immediately to look at him.
The truth?
“Yesterday, I left because I was running away from Damon” he finally spilled the beans and my eyes dilated.
I s-en-sed it.
“What?” Was all I could say.
“I’m scared of him; the same way you’re scared of him.” He further said.
“He’s a beast, Roxanne. He’s hurt me dearly, just the same way he’s hurting you. I’m aware he has your mother locked up. And he’s turned you Into his s3x slave,fu-cking you mercilessly day and night,,not giving a damn about your feelings.
“The only reason you’re still alive is because he’s yet to access your powers. And once he does, he’ll kill you immediately”.
He paused and held my hands.
My eyes were almost bulging out.
“Listen to me, Roxanne; you and I still have a chance to st©p Damon. We still have a chance to bring his wicked reign to an end and save further people from his terror.
“You can st©p him and be free from him; we’ll all be free; me, you, your mother- we’ll all have a peaceful life. All you have to do, Is do as I say. And luckily, I’ve found a solution”.
He paused again and di-pped his hand into his trou-ser pocket, bringing out a little bottle.
I was just dumbfounded.
“This is our solution, Roxanne.” He said eagerly.
“This is our way out. All you have to do is take this portion right before he comes to have s3x with you and that’ll be the end of him”.
I g@sped and fred my hands from his.
To be continued…