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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love on fire 2 Episode 5 & 6

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(💘💕Another Challenge💔)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

©️do not copy without permission❎

💔 Season 2 💔

♥️ Episode 5🔥




❤️Jason ☺️

Oh shit, WTF I looked at her still crying on my bed..

Hey I will see you tomorrow, go to your room before my wife sees you here

” You are a monster Jason, and I hate you”

As she left, I sad, ” don’t hate me yet cause both of us are a couple now”

I quickly dress the bed, then headed to the sitting room to welcome my wife.

Looking at Susan all I could see is Margaret face, I wish I can make her mine instead of Susan.

My wife hug me, same with Oliver but I got so cold at her because of Margaret.


I wanted Margaret again, I can even f**k her in the kitchen, am crazy over her, where has she been all my life, I made sure my wife got out of sight then I entered the kitchen, she wasn’t aware am in the kitchen looking at her, then I held her waist and she hit my hands off, ” get off me you bastard”

Hey, I won’t harm you, I love Margaret, ” what ?? You must be sick and out of your mind monster, leave me alone please, am here to

work and not to be your mistress”

Hey calm down, am sorry for my actions but I couldn’t resist you that’s why, I stopped her from creating a scene by holding her, count one to five and your anger will cool of, I joined her in counting it, 1…2….3….4…5 the I reached for her lips and kissed her so passionately, one of my ways I can use to make her mine, the kissing got so intense that I wish to make love with her right now then she stopped and gave me two sounding slap on my face,” don’t ever come close to me”, she left, gosh am loosing my mind already, I don’t even have interest in my wife anymore.

😭 Margaret 😭

I cried when I got home to the extent I passed my anger on Booker when he tried to tell me something important, I got so angry at him as if he was the one that raped me.

What has Jason done to me, firstly I was raped at tender age by my school teacher and I got over it because mom was there, I never wanted my first kiss to come from a monster.

After some days I came out and noticed Booker has packed out, oh no, I wanted to meet him for comfort, guess he actually wanted to inform me he will be packing out, I will miss him.

I always avoid Jason everything he tries getting close to me not until something strange started happening to me, I

started developing a fever and vomit most of the time, I noticed I missed my period, oh shit, hope am not………….

I carried out a test and it turns out am pregnant, no no, am not going to college anymore, Jason has ruined my life, carrying a married man child making me a mistress, no way.

I informed him about it but his attitude changed and he denies it saying he used protection but he never used one I told him, you raped me, ” I know what you want to do , because am rich, you want to frame me up with pregnancy, take that bastard to his father and not me, infact you are fired, a word to my wife, you are dead, no one messes with the Smith, I will send you some money to abort the pregnancy and I don’t ever wish to set my eyes on you”

My world collapsed already

After a month, life became so difficult for me, I did all manners of job but got scared to tell anyone Jason raped me and his the father of my unborn child.

There is a particular bar I always work at, a young handsome guy always disturb me for dinner but I refuse cause I hate men.

He never stopped despite my pregnancy is already obvious to the world, he kept on trying and trying then I give in and told him everything and he still loved me, ready to accept the child, I never knew he was rich as well, his name is Andrea your stepdad Charlotte, he made me believe love Is real again, he sponsored me in college too,just that most of us get unlucky at the beginning in search for love, am sorry your love life has to end this way.i tried holding my child Charlotte, Charlotte wait, I cried, she ran off, Andrea calmed down saying, ” give her time to think please, this will be hard for her, she needs time”.

Looking at Jason and his wife, Oliver already left, Jason you will continue to remain a monster, I never knew I will cross part with you and don’t ever think of calling her your child.

✍️ Writer pov ✍️

The sadness in the atmosphere made everyone unhappy, Susan pointed accusations on her husband but he fight back saying, she caused it all, she couldn’t handle her home and all she cares about was work , they had an argument as they left with their separate cars.

Ava met Ethan before leaving ,they talked about both of them working hard to make sure Charlotte and Oliver don’t hurt themselves, Ava has a feeling that there is a miss up somewhere in the past of their parents but they should see to find out, they exchanged numbers and bid goodbye.

The world saw these and blamed their parents for destroying the lovers love life, “really whatever mistakes we committed during our youthful age will always come back to haunt us”

Oliver is seen at the club, drinking to stupor, Vanessa took Charlotte to her apartment to calm her down.

Dylan got excited about the whole thing, he knows this is the perfect time for him to win Charlotte heart and marries her before any other news come up.

Susan brought a lady to win his son heart, she cared about her business as well, she wants them to get married for her to pattern with the girl parents, really Jason was right, she has no heart or feelings for her husband or the pains Oliver is going through presently,she cares about herself alone, now the story has started, another Challenge for these lovers.



💔 Season 2 💔

♥️ Episode 6🔥


💔 Charlotte ❣️

“Love we say it’s happiness, I call it my comfort, his love understood my craziness, I never see myself loving or someone falling for me, at first , it wasn’t in my chapter but what happens when my ink just have to fill the empty chapter to make a book, I was the empty chapter,he was my ink that made me realize,I am no more empty with him always there for me.

The first day we met, we argued and never knew we will meet again, it seems fate has something in stock for us, we meet again In a show I never dreamt of going, I remembered how my towel fell off and I quickly covered back, i kept meeting him no matter how hard I try to stay far from him, he was my knight in shining armor.

Even when my image was at stake, he never left me, he was there when I was lonely and sad, I got heartbroken when I saw a lady with him but got my trust back when I heard the truth and the one week stay together was awesome.

I can’t say everything out but those memories was my best gift given to me not until an attack came and he was still there and took a bullet for me, i guess our love doesn’t have limit, cause we love ourselves endlessly and unconditionally. When everything was ok, I expected we are going to create more memories together as our love grow deeper but my worst night mare happened when I was told the one person that makes my heart beat, that makes me wet anything he touches me turns out to be my brother.

How painful it is, how can I live with this hurt all my life, why did this have to happen now, I want to go far away from him cause am hurting.”

I cried as Vanessa calmed down, ” it’s okay dear, the world we live in is always full of surprises, am so shock as well, someone you love with all your heart turns out to be your relation, it really hurt but you can’t kill yourself, just try and accept the fate please”

The fact of telling me to accept the fate is making me loose my senses, I can’t see my loving someone else, I just can’t.

” You haven’t eaten for days, try and eat please, you loosing weight already”

” Vanessa I don’t just have the appetite to eat at the moment, everything seems like a movie to me now, it’s happening so fast ”

” I know but just try and do something else to distract you from thinking, what about your close friend you told me about Dylan, maybe he can help out mostly this period you are hurting”

” I will think about it,am feeling sleepy”

” You need to get some rest, you haven’t slept well for days now, when you awake ,I will make dinner for you and promise to eat”

She is just a great friend, I replied her saying, ” I promised”

My phone ringtone woke me up and I checked the caller ID, oh Oliver, I got so excited but when I remembered his my step brother now, I got sad again.

📳” Charlotte let’s see please”

Of cause I do miss him alot and have been wishing to see him for a very long time


📳” Thanks alot, will text you the address”

Few seconds I got a beep on my phone, he has sent the address to me,I jump up and put on a smart cloth, jeans and a fine top with an easy wear, I just packed my hair and left immediately,I promise Vanessa I will eat when I get back.


I got to the place, a beautiful garden, the flowers is just a perfect match for the place. Then I heard his voice behind me” Charlotte”.

We sat down facing each other,the atmosphere was just calm, both of us were just silent looking at ourselves till he finally broke the silence.

” I can’t breath anymore Charlotte”.

I looked at him, his so sad that his eyes were about to drop tears.

” Am such a coward for not coming to see you after the incident, I couldn’t take in the fact we are related, I truly love you and have never seen myself loving someone else”

I almost cried,” I feel same way Oliver, it hurt so much, I have alot of things have not done with you, but am so unhappy it can never happen, since we have an ill fate”

He came closer to me that I felt my body changing to his presence, ” we can still be together right, it doesn’t mean if we are related”.

I couldn’t reply his questions, then I got carried away as he kissed me,then I responded, we kissed so deeply that he touched my body and I got my senses and stopped him.

” Oliver stop, we shouldn’t be doing this”..

” I love you Charlotte, let’s break all laws and be together”

” That can’t happen, I came because I want to goodbye for good, we are not destined to be together, am happy the short time we had ,we made use of it, love on fire show still remains the best part of my life, please let’s not see each other again, move on with your life,the moment am leaving here, am moving on already,I wish you the best of luck”

I stood up and about to take my leave when he screamed, ” I love you don’t do this”, I cried and ran away.

😭 Oliver 😭

“Why this Challenge”, I said to myself

Why can’t we love even till now, I used to blame my dad for everything but now I understand more ,then I was just a kid, mother caused everything that is happening, she values her job more than us.

I can’t believe she wants me to move on.

I got home so frustrated, that I just want to drink in my room and sleep all day, but I saw a lady with mom in the sitting room, I greeted mom, she asked me to come over, the lady was just trying to be sexy for me.

” Oliver I knew everything that happened, happened for the best, now you need to get on with your life and our business,we need to sign for something big, meet Stephanie your wife to be, isn’t she pretty?”

My what !!!!!!!




I feel like crying in this episode, which wife ni, this woman I go change am follow u o

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