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Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 1 & 2

Season 2 episode 1/2
🌹🥀2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
👰🕺SEASON 2👰🕺
“don’t be like that, well it’s something like that but there will be a woman and plea-se don’t guess who”
“I don’t even want to, but why didn’t you tell me” jason asked as he opened the door.
“it was supposed to be a surprise but you just ruined it”
“whatever” jason said and walked out.
“Crazy guy” [email protected] commented and la-id on the be-d.
Dr Harper’s & Belinda’s room.
Jason knocked on the door two times and Steve’s voice called out “come in” he entered and shut the door. “hey Steve.” He greeted.
“sup boy, sit down” Steve gestured for him to sit down on the be-d, as he was hanging his clothes in the wardrobe. They were silent for some minutes before Steve broke it. “you know Belinda would have been the one doing this while I will be lying comfortably on the be-d watching, but now she’s not here” he sighed and jason chuckled a little laugh. Steve turned to him and said. “a wife is such a blessing that you can never imagine” he walked to a sofa which was opposite the be-d and sat down.
“what are you driving at” Jason asked.
“the reason why you are here” he answered. Jason looked down and battled with his f!ngersknowing he has been caught.
“busted” he muttered to avoid Steve from hearing it but he heard it anyway.
“yep. I’m pretty sure everyone has told you how sweet it is to be married.”
“I wanna hear it from someone who has experienced it.” Jason whined.
“you parents has experienced it”
“they are old”
“oh, you want to hear it from a modern marriage?” Steve asked.
“not just that, I just want to know how I can live with someone I don’t know”
“yea, about that Jason, I need to remind you that you didn’t actually know me until you got to know me, so why are you bent on using that against Goldie?”
“I don’t know, I guess I’m just being a little paranoid” Jason whined and bit his bottoml-ip.
“a little? Jason listen to me, I know Goldie, my father was her mentor, if he were to be alive, he would never miss this wedding for anything in the world, cause Goldie was the daughter he never had, a well cultured African woman, so down to earth, stubborn especially when she knows her rights which is one of the reasons why my father loved her.” Steve stated and stared at Jason for a while to know if he would react but he just sat there bitting his f!ngersand su-cking hisl-ips s£dûçt!velywith his face bent low.
“jason there are three things you should ask yourself which are ‘are you scared of getting married’ or ‘are you scared of getting married to Goldie’ or ‘are you scared of falling in-love” Steve asked him and got up, he went back to the wardrobe to continue with what he was doing. Jason sat for a while and pondered but knowing that the conversation is over he stood up and left.
The next day in the Anderson’s house
After lunch, summer ran into Goldie’s room cause she was looking for her mother.
“bingooo” she screamed excitedly when she saw them: Belinda, Goldie, Andora, Vanilla and Ciara. She ran to her mummy.
“mummy!”Belinda smiled and took her in her arms.
“my angel, what’s wrong?”
“mummy, I saw a very big, enormous, gigantic, large cake in the living room, can I have some” summer pleaded with a cute puppy face, everyone laughed.
“my baby, do you want Goldie to kill you, that’s her wedding cake” Belinda replied and Summer’s fake frowned her face, but suddenly brightened up and said “I’ll go and ask her” she walked to Goldie and called. “unfortunate girl….” They all bur-st into another round of laughter.
“she still call you that?” Andora asked, Goldie shrugged with a smile and turned to Summer.
“yes my dear, can I help you” she asked as she ca-ressed her cheeks.
“can I have some cake, plea-se!!!”
“awwww, now how can I say no to such an adorable princess? Ice-cream…” she called Vanilla. “plea-se take her down stairs, go to the freezer, there’s another cake there, cut a slice and give to her”
Vanilla stood up “ok, um, where’s can I find the freezer” she asked.
“the door after the kitchen, and make sure you hold the door with something to avoid it closing when you enter, unless you want to freez to death” Goldie instructed.
“not now plea-se” Vanilla shook her head, and left with summer.
Goldie turned towards Ciara and called. “C.J”
“yeah bit-ch” Ciara answered, turning her attention to her.
“what about the thing I asked you to do for me?” Goldie asked.
“the shower night, yea, I’ve alre-ady prepared everything, the girls are outside probably having fun, everything thing is re-ady including the [email protected] dresses” Ciara reported.
“I was beginning to think that you guys didn’t organize a shower night, thank goodness you did, it would have been boring as hell tonight” Andora breathed out.
“I’m pretty sure hell is not boring, have you been there before?” Ciara asked humorously and they laughed. “and yes of course we organized a shower night, Goldie loves shower nights a lot, she would be crazy not to [email protected] hers”
“thanks a lot C.J, I hope you also bought night go-wns for the picture [email protected]” Goldie asked.
“about that….” Ciara started in a low tone and Goldie twisted her brows at her. “the shower night won’t take place at home…..”
“Excuse me” Goldie flared.
“I booked a mini bar for us in PROATA h0tEL” Ciara shrugged.
“What!” Goldie exclaimed.
“oh my gush Ciara, you are the best…” Andor commented excitedly
“I know right” Ciara replied with a broad smile and they did a high five hand shake.
“PROATA h0tEL is a wonderful place, you will love it Gold” Belinda encouraged.
“I know it’s a wonderful place but why outdoor shower [email protected], why not this house?” Goldie asked.
“hello, it’s a girls’ night ‘PNI’ duh!” Ciara blurted.
“PNI? Parents not involved? Why should parents not be involved, it’s not as if we are gonna be smoking weed or doing something crazy” Goldie argued.
Ciara narrowed her eyes at her. “you never can tell” she whispered.
“C.J” Goldie yelled and threw a pillow at her, they laughed. “you are such a bad @ss”
After dinner, Jason and [email protected] went back to Jason’s room. [email protected] stood by the window and was looking out towards the gate, while Jason sat on the be-d, busy with his phone. He raised his head and looked at [email protected], he scoffed and went back to his phone. Few minutes later he looked at him again. “hey dude, come on, relax, what’s your p, they are gonna come, by the way why are you getting all angry, I should be the angry one here. They are coming for me not you” he said to him.
[email protected] scoffed and replied. “well since you don’t give a damn, let me be the worrying one here” Jason laughed. “fvck, I told this idiots to be here by 7:30 pm, now it’s 8:30 and there’s no sign of them” [email protected] complained. Jason stood up and walked and went to stand with him.
“it’s so beautiful out there, the natural breeze that calms the trees and beautiful flowers, the busy road, the traffic, the people…. Everything is just so beautiful” Jason commented with smiles on his face, [email protected] turned to him in amazement.
“you are so wonderful dude, I’ve been standing here for like 30 minutes now and I didn’t notice all those things, but in just 30 seconds, you alre-ady made a poem.”
“that wasn’t a poem” Jason argued with a teasing look.
“it more like a poem”
“whatever dude” jason replied and looked outside. “see, I told you to relax, they are here now” he announced as soon as he saw a black prado jeep entering the gate.
“that’s Harry’s car, so it was Harry that was holding them” [email protected] complained with a staged angry look.
“I’m glad you are smart enough to realize that” jason said to him, he walked to the wardrobe to pick a jacket.
“that lazy boy, always late to everywhere, I’ll so deal with him” [email protected] beefed and left the room.
“hey dude, wait for me” jason called and ran after him laughing.
Their friends were alre-ady out of the car heading to the door but the door swung open and angry looking [email protected] matched out, he looked around, searching for Harry. Harry knowing that [email protected] had alre-ady suspected him for the late coming hid behind Danny, but [email protected] found him and dragged him out while the rest laughed. When the door opened again they went quiet but immediately jason popped out his head, they screamed “they latest Groom” Jason smiled at them, but his smile vanished when he saw her, standing there, looking all s£dûçt!veand inviting in her blue extremely short go-wn and 8 inches stiletto, her de-ep redl-ips were shimmering un-der the flood light looking all plumpy and fresh, her skin glows like a neon bill board, and her curves are still as killing as they were in high school and college.
June Bicroft
“what the hell is she doing here” Jason muttered to himself.
June Bicroft
“what the hell is she doing here” Jason muttered to himself.
He went to [email protected] “thanks guys, but plea-se can I borrow [email protected] for a moment” he pleaded.
“dude you are supposed to be on your knees by now apologizing for not telling your guys that you are getting married jason” Danny complained with a fake frowny face, hitting jason slightly on the back.
“guys I’m so sorry, it was so sudden and I promise to apologize later but right now I have some poison to give to [email protected] and I’m gonna explode if I don’t talk to him, you know me too well”
“yea, I don’t wanna die, so take him” Danny said and puched [email protected] lightly towards Jason and he dragged him like 12 feet away from them.
“are you mad, why did you invite!” Jason fired at him in a whispere.
“oh june, it’s not my fault that she [email protected]£….. but dude why are you angry that she [email protected]£…. Oh wait.. is it because you guys used be a thing….”
“I never [email protected]£d that slot, she lied….”
“we all know that jason, but you didn’t let me finish, I wanted to add ‘ is it because you guys used to be a thing and she’s still crushing on you? And she might complicate things between you and Goldie’ am I right?” [email protected] tea-sed with a sm-irk on his face.
“who fv¢king cares about Goldie and complications?” jason barked. “ouch, that hurts” he muttered to himself but straightened up to avoid [email protected] from noticing.
“my question has not been answered yet Richy, why did you invite her?”
“I didn’t invite her”
“then why is she here?”
“come on am I supposed to answer that, you know that June has a soft sp©t for you and she will go anywhere or do anything as long as it has to do with you… well when I was inviting Chris, she happened to be there with him and I didn’t know the phone was on speak out, so she heard it and insisted on coming, I couldn’t say no, that will be awkward” [email protected] explained, Jason took a de-ep breath.
Ok fine, but you better find a way to take her away form me, she’s such a pest” he warned.
“just be expecting the worst, that girl is crazy especially when it has to do with you” [email protected] blurted out.
“you fvcking know this, yet you foolishly allowed her to come, if anything bad happens, my parents will kill you”
“am I the one who should control you staff for you”
“that’s your business”
“and you are talking about your parents, as if it does not concern you too”
“you know I don’t give a damn” Jason fired and walked back to the guys while [email protected] ran behind him.
“alright guys, let’s go inside, [email protected] will tell us when the [email protected] will start” jason instructed.
“but [email protected] said, the [email protected] won’t take place in the house” Harry said.
“uh, what do you mean?” Jason asked in confusion.
“he said we will be rocking it in PROATA h0tEL” Danny added and made some crazy dance moves.
“What!” Jason exclaimed.
“come on dude, it’s a nice h0tel, you’ll love it” [email protected] stated.
“yea J.J, you’ll love it” June smiled s£dûçt!velyat him and ca-ressed his biceps flir-tatiously. Jason stared at her as if she’s a ghost and without a word he moved three feet away from her.
“you know I’m not gonna bite you” June @ssured him and moved closer but Jason moved farther away. The rest were alre-ady laughing at the drama.
“come on June, he’s gonna be a married man tomorrow, so it is expected of him to stay three feet away from other women” Chris pointed out amidst laughter.
“oh, I’m so sorry Mr. groom, pardon me, but I mean no harm. So plea-se will you st©p running away from me? And by the way I’ve not hvgged you since I [email protected]£. So come here” she flashed a s£dûçt!vesmile and hvgged him slightly ti-ght, with her whole b©dy tou-ching his and Jason shivered.
*ok, yea, Jay was right, I think I’ve made the worst mistake of the century, I wonder how Goldie will take this. Thank goodness the wedding is tomorrow and after tomorrow she’ll leave and everything will be fine again. I just pray she’ll be on her own and not always gum herself to jason.* [email protected] thought to himself.
“alright guys, let’s go prepare for the [email protected]” Jason said as he f0rç£fully dis£ngage himself from june. They all went upstairs to prepare.
Jason was in his room fixing his hair after dressing up, “God I am so handsome” he blurted out.
“of course you are, no doubt” he heard a familiar female high pitched voice, he turned immediately and saw June standing at his closed door. She dressed like her usual crazy self: a very short shimmering forest green sleeveless go-wn, 8 inches stiletto, so many jewelries, heavy makeup and her hair sprawled down to her shoulders, her plumpyl-ips that are now pink, courtesy of al-ipstick, curved in a s£dûçt!vesm-irk.
“wow, you look pretty” Jason honestly complimented.
*but not as pretty as Goldie even with all the makeup… what just [email protected]£ out of my head, come on Jason, Goldie is ugly and you know it….. dang it, she’s a beauty…. St©p it Jason* jason battled with himself.
“thanks, you don’t look bad yourself” he heard June speak.
“huh?” he snapped out of his head, he looked down and saw her smiling up at him, she was standing two inches from him.
“when did you get here” he fired and moved back.
“J.J why didn’t you tell me you were getting married?” June asked.
*as in side chick, this girl, respect yourself and st©p calling me J.J, am I your puppy? I’d prefer to be called Jay than J.J, jay is kinda mature but J.J is just like Junior Jackson, so annoying, but jay sounds so good and the way Goldie calls it, just as if she’s singing a melodious song, as if she doesn’t want to break the name, so carefully and….. snap out of it stupid me*
“why are you smiling J.J” June asked in confusion.
*ok, if this slot call me J.J again, I’ll kill her, why is she even asking me that stupid question?*
“and why are you even getting married” she asked again, as she ca-ressed his shi-t.
“well, I’m getting married because I want to”
“is she that beautiful, does she really worth it?” she asked.
*see question* he muttered to himself. “yes, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen” he answered her, she chuckled and circled him, she [email protected]£ back to face him.
“more beautiful than me” she whispered and tried to k!sshim but the door flung open, he saw what waould have happened but pretended he didn’t.
“we’ve been waiting for you guys, what’s the hold up?” he asked.
“sorry, I was just waiting for J.J” June stated.
“well, you can go down now, Jay let me help you fix your hair” [email protected] said and walked to Jason, June shrugged and gingerly walked out.
“what was that all about, was she about to k!ssyou?” [email protected] asked.
“I didn’t even un-derstand, she acted so fast”
“you better be very careful” [email protected] warned.
“I’m fvcking trying my best, and why are you standing there, you said you wanted to help me with my hair”
“hair bawo, e be like say you don craze, my friend fix that thing and let’s go”
“you are so annoying, I hope you know that?” Jason fired and brushed his weaved hair, and they left.
In Jason’s car, June was sitting in the front [email protected]£ngers seat beside [email protected] who was driving, while Jason was sitting at the back. She was disappointed that Jason was at the back, she sat in the front seat because she thought Jason would be driving but instead [email protected]…….
*why does he have to be the driver, I wanted my J.J not this punk. And how can J.J even think of getting married to some else, gush I can’t stand another woman near him not to talk of him saying I do to her…….. arrrghhh….. annoying…. Is the bit-ch more beautiful than me, I know I might not be able to st©p this fvcking wedding but I can at least try to make him change his cute mind….. but first I have to sit with him and not this punk….. and arrrhhhg…. Why is he singing with his annoying voice… well, actually his voice is really cute, I just wanna be a bit-ch…. Hahaha… whatever, I have to do something* june thought to herself.
“can you st©p singing with your annoying voice” she fired at him.
“can you st©p listening with your annoying ear” [email protected] fired back and continued singing.
“arrrhhh, you know what? pu-ll over”
“is that supposed to be a comman?” [email protected] asked, still driving.
“fvcking pu-ll over you punk” she yelled at him.
“what’s the matter June, why do you want him to pu-ll over?” jason asked.
“cause I don’t want to be listening to his annoying voice, so I’ve decided to join you at the back” she replied.
“it’s still the same car June, if you come to back, you will still be hearing it” jason stated not wanting her to joing him at the back.
“yea, but it won’t be so loud, so plea-se Richy pu-ll over”
[email protected] pu-ll-ed over. “fine, you can go to the back” he said to her.
“I thought you won’t st©p” June said with a sm-irk.
“what would you have done?” [email protected] dared.
“a lot of things” she giggled and stepped out.
“dude, what the bu-tt” Jason fired at him in whisper.
“relax bro, I know what I am doing” [email protected] replied. June opened the back door and sat beside Jason, almost cudd-ling him, she tunred to [email protected] and said. “ok, I’m fine now, you can move”
“I can’t” [email protected] replied.
“excuse me?
“I have a slight headache, hey buddy, can you plea-se come and take over the wheel?” [email protected] asked Jason.
“sure buddy” jason replied with a teasing smile. They both opened their doors and stepped out, Jason took over the wheel while [email protected] took the front [email protected]£nger seat next to Jason leaving June alone at the back and Jason drove off
“what just happened?” June asked herself in confusion.

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