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July 24, 2021


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Kisser girl Episode 3

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Kisser Girl

Episode 3

Theme: She is not her mother




‘Flash back’

‘Kingdom of Powers’

Six women adorned in white apparel sat on six golden chairs, their leader sat right in front of the room while three sat at the left and other three women sat at the right

The name of their leader is Susan

“I welcome you all to this wonderful meeting , I’m gonna go straight to the point.
According to the book of prophecy delivered to us from the other world
it says a child shall be born whom shall dismantle and destroy our kingdom, as I’m speaking, there is a woman on earth that is destined to give birth to that very child, I have identified the woman and draft a plan.

The woman is gonna give birth on the 6th of November , this very year , you and I know that we can not watch the child that will destroy our kingdom grow.

however, I think we should maximize her power, let us make use of it to take as many souls of men to our world, she can be helping us sacrificing many men into our kingdom here and isn’t that a blessing to us, of course it is” Susan said

And the six women nodded

“Mother Susan, what shall we do?” One of the women asked

“One of us is gonna to the human world. On the day the woman is gonna be given birth, you make the woman loose her memory and collect her child from her, she will never be able to remember all that happened in her past

After all, she wouldn’t even know whom the father of her unborn child is , prior to that time, you must have being dating the very father of that child. I know whom the father is already.

Once you get the new born baby from that woman, you claim that it is yours that is after you had have intimate affair with each other so he would think you bore the child for him.

Once the child begins to grow, you sacrifice her soul to us , she will become cursed and she will never be able to make use of her power, which among you can fulfil this task?” Mother Susan asked

“I mother, just give me all necessary details, I will do exactly as commanded , I can’t stand our kingdom being destroyed” One of the woman said whose name is Ella

“Good! Ella, the woman’s that is gonna give birth to the child is named Tracy, because of her wealth and influence , she had had countless sex with many of her workers , but the prophecy says she will get pregnant for Michael.

So you go to the world and seduced Michael into dating you, once the woman gets pregnant, I will send a messenger to you that you should start pretending like you are pregnant , do that for nine months and on the ninth month, visit the hospital that Tracy is, wipe her memory and collect her child, present that child as the new born child you bore for Michael, name the child Jennifer

After you have sacrificed her soul to us, we will let you leave the human world as a result of failed breast cancer surgical operation.

Then we can be controlling her from here , you will keep appearing to her anytime she engages in a soul ties with a male, once she agrees to love another male that loves her, the curse with which we cursed her with will start manifesting in her.

You show up and ensure that she forces that very male to kiss her, once she is being kissed by that male , we will sacrifice his soul and he will die of loss of blood after many weeks” Mother Susan said

“I understand everything perfectly mother, send me” Ella said

“Go now” Mother Susan commanded and Ella left to the human world


Note: I do not use strong words because of Facebook policy, when I say intimate affair, I meant what happens between two adults on bed at night.

‘Flashback Continues’

Tracy is a rich but spoilt kid, ever since she was eighteen years , she had being living alone, she invites male over to her place and they have intimate affairs all night, one can say she is a slut cus she is really addicted to sex

She invites her gullible male worker to hotels at night to have sex with them, she had not married yet and even though she was influential and had a lot of workers under her, she is just 23 years.

Her father made her a chief executive officer in his magazine producing company cus she is very intelligent. Good enough, she manages the company well, just that she can’t do without having an intimate affair

One of those days , she called Michael too, Michael had barely started working for a year in her company.

She told Michael to meet her at the hotel and Michael obliged.

She seduced Michael into having an intimate affair with her at the hotel room.

Michael didn’t give it much thought, he saw it more like an opportunity to have fun with his boss.
he simply hoped that his boss is clean, meaning that he hopes his boss is without a sexually transmitted disease

Michael had the intimate affair with Tracy, they both enjoyed it, after which , Michael left.

Tracy had slept with many men, she then realized that she is pregnant after few weeks, she didn’t bother asking any of the men she had slept with, she knew it will be very hard to know whom the father will be.

She didn’t know that the pregnancy in her is a child of prophecy, she decided to keep the child and give birth to the child.

After Michael had left Tracy at the hotel, he was about to enter his car when he met a very beautifully adorned lady

“Hi” the lady who was leaning on Michael’s car greeted

“Erm… Did I know you?” Michale said politely while smiling

“Maybe, you really look handsome” The lady asked

“Oh really!” Michael said and giggled

“You are not bad either” Michael retorted the compliment

She smiles and stood upright like she wanted to leave

“Erm..sorry, are you going somewhere? Maybe I can give you a ride” Michael said

The girl smiled

“You wanna give a stranger whom you didn’t bother asking which name she bares a ride” The lady teased

“Pardon my manners, what’s your name please?” Michael asked

“Ella and you?” Ella asked

“I’m Michael, it’s nice meeting you” Michael said and opened the side door of his car

“It’s my pleasure” Ella replied and stepped into the car

Michael entered through the owners door and drove

“So, where are you going please?” Michael asked

.”I won’t mind if you take me to your house” Ella replied

Michael giggled

“Tell me you are joking” Michael teased

“I’m not” Ella replied

Michael was surprised, he was already single and searching at the moment, Ella came into his life at the right time

He drove Ella into his house, the rest is a story, they had an intimate affair that night and commenced their relationship

Few weeks later, Ella told Michael that she is pregnant, Michael was happy to know , but is Ella really pregnant? Of course not, Ella is an agent sent from the Kingdom of power down on earth to curse the child of prophecy, that is the child inside Tracy.

Ella formed a womb in her stomach supernaturally that will make anyone believe that she is pregnant, Michael takes extra good care of her during those times he thought Ella had genuine pregnancy

After eight months and few week, November 6 to be precise, Ella had already known supernaturally which hospital Tracy would give birth in

Ella walked inside the hospital and dressed like a nurse , she was among the nurse that helped Tracy in given birth, after some nurses went to bath and do some stuffs to the child. Ella placed her palm on Tracy’s forehead

Tracy’s head became hot, a true mother that she has just become, hoping that they bring her child to her to take care of, but unfortunately, evil prevailed over her , Ella made Tracy lost her memory supernaturally

Tracy slept off, Ella collected the child from the nurses that bathed the child and promise to deliver the child to Tracy, they can’t recognize her , she has casted her spells on everyone in the hospital

Ella disguised herself like a mother and walked out of the hospital, she presented the child to her husband , Michael as her new born child

Michael was surprised that Ella didn’t show any sign of wanting to give birth before the left home in the morning, but he ignored , he knew or I say, he thought it’s impossible to steal another woman’s child

They named the child Jennifer just as the prophecy had said. Michael became the father which he actually is and Ella became the mother

By the time Tracy woke in the hospital, she couldn’t remember anything .

The doctors found out about the loss of her memory, they asked the nurses about her child but no one could give a reasonable answer , the doctors and nurses agreed to tell her father when he comes to check on her that she had her lost her memory because her child died , if they do not do that, they know that Tracy’s father is very rich and influential, he will charge them to court

True to say that when Tracy’s Father arrived, the senior doctor told the lie to the father and he believed it .

He helped Tracy home and invited seven professionals doctors to help her in recovering her memories, The doctor helped her in remembering a lot but Tracy never remember given birth to a child

After few years, Tracy got married but she couldn’t give birth cus the only child the prophesy had proclaimed she will give birth to had being stolen

She became barren till date

Ella who was acting as Jennifer’s mother, she takes good care of Jennifer , one would have thought she is indeed the mother of Jennifer

Until the day assigned for Jennifer to be cursed, it was midnight and she walked into Jennifer’s room, she casted spells and sacrificed Jennifer’s soul to the kingdom of power

The kingdom of powers were happy that they have successfully cursed her

They knew she will be bringing many male souls into their kingdom, once any male fall in Love with Jenny, she must force them to kiss her and their soul will be sacrificed to the Kingdom of power thereby making them die of loss of blood after many weeks

Ella had already accomplished her mission on earth, she needs to go back to her world, she developed breast cancer , her husband took her to the hospital for surgery , but she died of surgery

Ever sine then, Ella had being monitoring Jenny , once a guy falls in Love with Jenny and she agrees, she must force the guy to kiss her

Anytime she is under that curse, trying to force any male that fell in love with her into kissing her, Ella must appear to her encouraging her to ensure the male kisses her and she will think that Ella is her mother

‘Flash back ends’

Robert who had turned into a wolf scampered at Jenny, he pushed Jenny to the floor and growl like he will devour Jenny

“Mother, help me” Jenny said when she realizes that Robert’s power had overpowered her

“Maybe you should die, maybe your time is up on earth, it’s better for you to die than for me to watch this wolf break the curse over you” Ella said but Robert heard

“Mum, don’t you want the curse to get broken over me?” Jenny pleaded with tears already dropping on her face

“No, I do not , who is your mother in the first place, just let him devour you because if the curse is broken over you , our kingdom is at risk” Ella said

“Mum, what are you talking about?”Jenny asked pathetically

Robert heard what Ella said and stood up, the wolf in him calms when he realizes that the person who curse Jenny can not be seen with the naked eye, but he heard her voice and the person is even pretending to be her mother

Robert felt sorry for Jenny but Jenny was still under the curse

” kiss me now or I kill you , or you turn back o wolf and kill me cus either of it must happen” Jenny said



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