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Keeping up with Trisha episode 33 & 34

<Mission Impossible>
Author~ Remio Viola
I tossed and turned as I tried to block out the sound from my phone that was ringing but it persisted. I groped on the bed for my phone till I touched it then I sleepily answered the call
“Goodmorning” I said without looking at the caller’s ID
“Davis” I jerked awake
“You’re still in bed?”
“Yeah and you just interrupted my sleep” I yanked
“Come to the acting room something interesting is going on”
“What–” he already hung up
I grumbled and tossed the phone aside then went back to sleep.
My phone rang again and I got up with a start. I picked the phone
“Hurry!” Davis yelled then cut the call
I sighed then got up and traced my footsteps to the bathroom.
Thirty minutes later I was dressed up then I headed for the kitchen. I was about preparing a quick breakfast when my phone rang.
Davis again
I sighed then answered the call
“What’s keeping you?”
“What’s so important that can’t wait?”
“It’s so important so get your asshole down here” I seethed then cut the call
I really missed that old annoying arrogant Davis
I chuckled then headed for the acting room. So early but everyone was gathered in a circle. I strained my neck to see what was happening and I saw Daphne and her crew and… Eva.
What’s going on?
I sighted Chase and walked up to him
“Goodmorning Chase!”
“Morning Trisha”
“What’s going on?”
“You just got here?”
“Well Daphne, Anna, Chloe and Eva were caught to be behind your accident with Davis”
I gasped
“How? I don’t understand”
“My Terry was seen in the video from the airport tampering with the car and when he was questioned he confessed that Daphne paid him to destroy the brakes”
“How does Eva got to do with it?”
“She was also behind other plans
can you believe they planned to rape you?”
“What?” I gasped
“Yeah and Eva was the master minder” Davis said and walked up to us
“see why I never really trusted her?” Davis added
“What’s the management doing with them?”
“They’re gonna get expelled”
“Oh! Eva!” I said sadly
“Don’t tell me you’re having pity on her
she even planned on kidnapping you so you wouldn’t perform in the movie night” Davis said
“No buts.
She’s a betrayal and I hate betrayals, she’s supposed to be your friend instead she went behind you”
My heart shattered at that statement.
Is that how you’re gonna feel when I betray you?
“Trisha are you okay?” Chase asked waving his palm across my face
“Am fine– I… I got carried away”
I breathe out then stared at Davis
“If you’re not comfortable we can go somewhere else” Chase offered
“I’ll really need that”
Chase smiled then proceeded to take my hand when Davis beat him to it and took my hand first
“Let’s go”
I glanced at Chase and he looked hurt but he gave me a small smile and I followed Davis.
I stood facing Eva as tears rolled down her cheeks
“Am a bad friend right?”
I just watched her speechless
“You hate me right?”
“Say something Trisha”
I breath out– still speechless
“It was never my intention to hurt you or cause you any harm but I let Daphne’s words and my love for Davis get the best of me” she paused and wiped her tears
“I really want you forgiveness Trisha I want you to forgive me before I finally leave Star High”
“It’s okay Eva” I finally spoke up
“I don’t have anything against you
I’m just happy you learnt you mistakes and I hope you change genuinely”
“I will– I will
Davis doesn’t want to listen to me but please tell him that am truly sorry” she broke down
I moved close to her and hugged her
“It’s okay Eva I know he’s gonna forgive you”
A man on suit walked up to us
“It’s ready miss” he said then left
“I have to go but I hope you and Davis ends up together you’ll make a great couple”
I smiled, I never really thought of that.
But it’s the last thing that’s gonna happen
“there’s nothing between I and Davis”
“For now” Eva smiled
“Let’s see if it happens” she said the hugged me again and quickly unlocked
“Take care of yourself” I told her
“I surely will” she replied then walked to her car
I watched her till she entered then waved for me as the driver drove off
“And you forgive her?” Davis whispered into my ears then tickled my sides.
All the current in my body got exhausted and I felt butterflies in my stomach
“Stop it Davis” I laughed
“I… Can’t… I can’t… Breath” I guffawed
“But do you forgive her?” he asked then stopped tickling me
“Shouldn’t i?” I started tickling him
“Trisha… stopped… Else…” he laughed
“else what?”
“You’re gonna follow me to my room tonight”
“What?” I stopped then he laughed and ran off
“Hey! Come here!” I yelled
“catch me if you can” he yelled back and continued running
All my skills as a spy activated and I ran after him.
<Mission Impossible>
Author~ Remio Viola
I caught up with Davis but I couldn’t catch him– he was too fast
“Give up pussy face” Davis chuckled
Huh? Pussy face
“No way rookie”.
Nice comeback huh?
I kept chasing him till I got exhausted and sat on the ground
“I’m tired” I surrendered
“I knew you would” he chuckled and sat on a bench far from me
“Aren’t you gonna come help me up?”
“Am not thinking of doing that”
“Why are you so arrogant today?”
“Am I?”
“A lot”
“well I don’t think so”
I sighed then got up and sat beside him on the bench
“It’s a surprise how we became friends” Davis said then placed his palm on min
That felt somehow and those stupid butterflies got released from their cage
“I wasn’t expecting that either I thought we would die enemies”
“You’ve made me forget my pains most times I forget mum left and who dad is”
I swallowed an invisible lump in my throat
I’ll be causing you a whole lot of pain
“I wish you never leave”
“I won’t live with you forever”
“I know my dad called to say they’ve returned
Have you spoke with your dad?”
I shook my head in negation
“Not yet”
I know he’s talking of Mark who they suppose is my dad. He’s gonna hate me when he finds out I’ve been living in lies and pretends. I’m just gonna kill myself after this
“So I’ll be leaving now that they returned”
“Not yet your dad said he’ll be travelling for a week or too so you have to wait till he returns”
I nodded
“Tell him you’ll be staying with me”
“I can’t do that”
“I’ll be going back to my old life where everyone lives in lies and pretends behind the mask of a dead man”
I got scared. I knew he was talking of his dad but I was scared.
He hates lies and pretends and I’ve been living in them. He’s just gonna hate me the way he hates them.
“I pray your dad changes and quit drug” I said hopefully
“Yea the law is out there for him searching for Don Mc but no on got an idea famous McDonald is Don Mc and I can’t bear to see him get arrested and you gone”
“What if I stay and he gets arrested?”
What am I even saying?
We’re just friends
“it’s still not enough he’s family and you’re friend
see it’s not the same”
“Don’t you think he’s hurting others out there?”
“He is– a lot of them
There are many murder and kidnap records of him but I don’t have another person”
sorry, law is law and a crime is a crime
“Maybe your mum will return”
“That’s worse you know I hate her”
“What if Sophia returns?”
He was silent for a while then said “Can you please don’t talk about her?”
We talked of other things till it was time for practice.
“You all did well and we wish you the best by tomorrow night” Cindy cheered as we gathered with our luggage set to return to school. Everyone entered the bus that would take us to the airport
“Did you come in that?” Davis asked pulling me back just as I was about entering the bus. I rolled my eyes and followed him to his car. We got to the airport and I joined him in his jet.
7 days with Trisha, that was awesome I wish it would repeat itself. Her dad shouldn’t return in the next one year– I want Trisha to myself. I glanced at her from the side of my eye and she was reading a magazine.
You’re just so cute Trisha, so cute in a crazy way. Whenever these feelings started I don’t know but one thing is sure I love you and am gonna tell you that once we arrive. I don’t want to perform with you tomorrow as a friend. I really want you to be my girlfriend. I’ve never asked any girl out but am gonna start with you and am also gonna end with you.
I just pray you don’t turn me down cause am crazy inlove with you now.
I shut my eyes for the rest of the flight till we landed.
“Wake up sleepy head” Trisha called as she tapped my shoulder
“I wasn’t sleeping” I said as I grabbed her hand
“You definitely were”
“I so wasn’t”
“No time for arguments let’s go” she said then we walked down the aisle
“Our luggage?” she asked when we were leaving the aisle
“The guards will get them let’s go”
We walked out of the airport and a car was waiting for us. This time Jonathan was waiting beside the car.
“You go ahead” I told her
I wanted to surprise her
“Hope the car is safe?”
I chuckled
“Jonathan will drive you”
“Okay” she nodded and left in the car
I kept watching the car till it was out of sight then I called my driver to get me a car.
Am so gonna profess my love today.
We arrived at Davis house then I got down of the car
“Call me if you need anything” Jonathan said and drove off
Home alone
Just what I wanted
I can now search the house
I ran into the building and took long strides up the stairs.
This is gonna hurt but I have to do my job.
I found a dark corridor and entered. I grouped for the light switch but found none then I took out my phone and put on the torch. I found a door that needed a passcode. I inputed ‘Sophia’ and the door flung open
just doing my job


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