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Keeping up with Trisha episode 19 & 20

Author~ Remio Viola
“It’s the female category get up Trisha” I said but Trisha kept her eyes shut
“Excuse me” Davis got up and left then Trisha fluttered her eyes open
“Are you avoiding each other?” Chase asked Trisha with raised brows
“No” Trisha replied sharply
“I gotta go before am been called upon” Trisha said and rushed out while holding her forehead. I guess she was in pain. I and Chase exchanged confused glances then we left, taking different directions. I was hurrying to the hall when I ran into Daphne with her friends beside her.
“Who do we have here?” Daphne asked with a smirk
“The little wonder woman” Chloe said and the trio burst into laughter
“Look! I don’t have time for your annoying antics”
“shut up while the grown ups are talking” Anna shunned. I blinked rapidly in disbelief as I fought the urge to smash her head on the wall.
“I have an audition to attend now so I’ll make this snappy” Daphne began
“you love Davis right?” she asked me but I was quiet
“c’mon answer me, I know of your little feelings for Davis but isn’t Trisha supposed to be your friend? Why is she taking Davis from you?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Daphne”
“don’t be dumb, you’ve always had a crush on Davis right from childhood but he never noticed or maybe he did but he doesn’t care. Trisha is supposed to be helping you get Davis but she’s flirting with him, making sure he never notices you”
“Trisha doesn’t know about my feelings for Davis. I never told her”
“you never told me either but anyone who sees you would know you’re inlove with him including Trisha”
“Trisha still isn’t a flirt and she and Davis aren’t even friends” I defended
“Really? But they live together”
“That’s a lie” I was baffled
“she never told you” the trio burst into an annoying laughter
“Trisha isn’t your friend she’s a back stabber and the earlier you get that into your fish brain the better for you” Daphne concluded and walked out with her friends.
I was speechless but I wanted to find out myself. I walked into the hall and took a seat at the back. Trisha was performing and she was hell good. I glanced at Davis who was smiling at her. I felt tears slid down my cheeks.
“It isn’t that emotional” Chase said from behind
“Chase when did you get here?”
“I’ve been following you”
“I heard what Daphne and her puppies said to you. Don’t take that serious”
“Does Trisha really lives with Davis?”
“yes but the two aren’t close”
I was quiet for a while as applause rented the air. Trisha was done performing and Daphne came on stage. She was performing Desdemona.
“you really have a crush on Davis?” Chase asked
“Isn’t it obvious” I replied in tears
“Davis is the wrong guy for any girl”
“That that as an advice and get him off your mind cause he can never love a girl”
The female category ended then the male went on stage. Soon the audition came to an end and the contestants were congratulated and asked to prepare for the last audition when the winners would be announced.
“Trisha!” I called running up to Trisha as she left the hall
“you did awesome”
“Thanks Eva”
“Let’s go have lunch”
“am not hungry”
“c’mon Trisha I don’t like eating alone”
I persuaded her till she succumbed and followed me to the cafeteria. We joined the queue then placed our orders and carried our trays.
“Let’s go join the boys” I said referring to Chase and Davis. Chase was eating while Davis was busy with his laptop
“I prefer sitting on a different table” she protested
“I really want to be close to Davis”
Trisha heaved a sigh then said “Let’s go”
“Hey! Guys!” I greeted with a smile and sat beside Davis while Trisha sat beside Chase
“why aren’t you eating?” I asked Davis but he ignored me, I saw Chase giving me a pitiful look then he smiled and said
“Davis eats laptop for lunch”
Trisha chuckled and faced her meal. After lunch, we had three classes and school was over.
“Trisha I’ll give you a ride home” I offered. I actually wanted to see her reaction if she would tell me she lives with Davis.
“No thanks for the offer” she declined
“But why? You don’t come to school with your car anymore and this is the right time to know where you live”
“Chase already offered to take me home” she said but I knew she was lying
“why don’t you want to let me know you live with Davis?” I blurted out and she looked baffled
“I thought we were friends Trisha”
“It’s of no use, Daphne was right” I added and stormed out.
I watched Eva walked out angrily. I really don’t get her, there’s no reason why she should be angry and what did Daphne tell her?
From where I stood, I saw Davis rush into his car while coughing violently. He shut the door with shaky hands and the handkerchief he used to cover his mouth fell out then he zoomed off. I walked to the white handkerchief and picked it up. It was stained with blood.
Author~ Remio Viola
I stared at the blood stained handkerchief on my hand.
What exactly is wrong with Davis?
I rushed out of the school and flagged down a cab. We arrived at Davis’ house and I paid the cab man and rushed out. From the front porch I could hear Davis coughing violently. I rang the door bell and Sandra opened the door looking worried.
“welcome ma’am”
I really don’t like her calling me ma’am but this isn’t the time for arguments.
“where’s Davis?”
“He’s in his room, he’ve been coughing since he returned” Sandra replied worriedly.
I ran upstairs and paused at my room to drop my bag then I went to Davis’ room. He laid on his bed with the sheets scattered as he dragged them while coughing. The blue sheets had blood stains on it and the room was in disarray, I guess he pulled down everything while coughing cause the book shelf and tables were on the floor. I made my way through the mess and sat down beside him on the bed.
“What’s wrong Davis?” I asked but what I got as a reply was his continuous coughing. I remembered the drugs he took when he had this kind of cough then I took out the box from his drawer. I was kinda confused on the particular drug cause the box was full of containers of different drugs. I did a guess work and took out a container then I filled a cup with water
“Drink this” I proffered him with the tablets and a cup of water which he quickly collected with shaky hands while coughing. He swallowed the tablets and gave me the cup.
I helped him sit up on the bed then started arranging the room. When I was done, I turned to see him staring at me but he quickly looked away. His cough had subsided. I changed the blood stained sheets and made his bed and he laid down.
“Thanks” Davis mouthed
“you need to got back to the hospital” I said but he just rolled his eyes and looked away
“How do you manage to live alone like this?” I asked but he didn’t reply
“answer me Davis”
“Do you know the pain of living all your life without a mother Knowing she abandoned you and left?” Davis asked
“Yes, my mum died during childbirth so I grew up not knowing her”
“with a father who doesn’t care?”
“I don’t know that feeling cause my dad cares about me”
“Then you can’t understand even if I tell you”
“I can”
“Don’t force yourself to care about me Trisha, I know you hate me, no one cares”
“I never hated you Davis, you were just a bully but I really care” Okay that came out wrongly
Davis gave me an are-you-serious? Look
“yeah, I know it’s unbelievable but your condition is really pitiful”
I couldn’t stop staring at her as she talked. I never felt care but she made me feel it. All these years no one was ever there for me to help subside my cough but twice she was there. She arranged my room and made my bed. I felt care and love. I really miss my mum. The woman I vowed never to miss after the way she left and caused me pain but I can’t hate her.
I always envied Chase, at the slightest pain his mother was there but me….
“Thanks Trisha but I really I don’t need lies to be fine”
“you shouldn’t believe everyone will end up leaving like she did” she said before she could stop herself
“How did you know about her? Chase told you right?”
“am sorry if I said….”
“it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore” I cut in
“You have to eat something Davis, you barely eat at home, even at school” sh said and I was shocked.
No one ever noticed that.
“you’ve been monitoring me?”
“we live together and we attend the same school. You don’t eat before going to school, you eat laptops for lunch and you skip dinner” she said and I chuckled
“Nice” I smiled
“am gonna get you a meal”
“you’ll have to prepare it yourself”
“Am a bad cook” Trisha chuckled
“Sandra is also a bad cook”
“That’s a lie”
“Just go cook”
Trisha got up and asked “what should I prepare?”
“baked potatoes”
“choose something else”
“a chicken casserole”
“okay” she grinned then clapped her hands and left.
I smiled to myself, it felt sweet to know someone cares about you.
I took off my oven gloves then watched the chicken casserole as it cooked and the paste got thick. Few minutes later it was ready then I dished it in a plate and arranged it on a tray. I took a bottle of water that wasn’t cold and kept on the tray.
Davis’ health didn’t need cold water. Davis really needed care and help, betrayal left him in this present condition. What if I get him to trust him and end up betraying him.
Will he ever forgive me?
I don’t even think he would make it.
I carried the tray to his room and he was already asleep. Not wanting to wake him, I gently dropped the tray on the table and sat beside him. I felt his forehead with the back of my palm and it was hot.
He’s having a fever.
“am sorry Davis” I said and tried getting up to get cold water when he held my hand with his eyes closed
“It would get better if you don’t go” he said and his eyes fluttered open


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