Judas in the church – episode 1

Judas In The Church!

Episode 1.

Pastor King has seen that there was nee-d for the church to move forward after the death of his as-sistant pastor. He held a few hours meeting with the deacons and deaconesses of the church telling them of his intentions to get a new as-sistant pastor and most of them agreed it was a great idea. And so after weeks of praying and seeking God’s face he decided it was time to announce who his new as-sistant pastor would be.

The church was filled up to the brim, the news had spre-ad like wild fire that a new as-sistant pastor would be announced and so all the deacons and deaconesses were all pres£nt in church. Even those who had st©pped coming to church for some time now, they were all pres£nt in church.

Pastor King climbe-d on the pulpit and cleared his throat ad he began to address the congregation.

”Brethrens in the Lord, children of the most high God, my deacons and deaconesses, you are all welcome to church today. It is time for us to move forward after our pastor dep@rted to glory. It is time to chose a new as-sistant pastor who would help pilot the work of God to the glory of His name and shame of the devil.

I have fasted and I have prayed for weeks now, and by the grace of God, God has chos£n who he wants to move his ministry forward. He is someone that you may not expect, he is someone who may not even be expecting this. But this is the will of God and we must honour it. We must work with this man that God has chos£n and as you do so HE will bless you in Jesus name” And the entire church chorused ”amen”.

When the announcement was made, everyone was shocked. But they cl@pped and the congregation cheered as the ushers ran to his seat and led him to the alter. He was also in absolute shock.

Pastor King smiled as he handed over the mic to him. He stood and looked at the crowd, he could see some persons cl@pping, some where smiling , some were frowning and some were murmuring. He later found his voice on the mic.

”I am totally speechless, for days now God has been speaking to me and telling me He will use me for his work. I surrendered myself to Him and told him to use me as he willed, but I didnt know it was this big. as-sistant pastor in this great ministry wow” with this he la-id on the floor not minding the white shi-t he was wearing, and then he rolled from one end of the alter to the other end. His voice was so loud as he cried out.

”Lord I humble myself before you, use me as you will”

Brother Chuks who was the music director kwt out his voice and started singing a melodious worsh!psong, the church was thrown in an atmosphere of worsh!p. Some persons were alre-ady high in the spirit as they spoke in different ton-gues. Some stood up and left. Others were just there, moodless. It was a glorious moment!

To be continued

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