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July 24, 2021


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Jide Episode 21 to 28

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Jide 18+
Episode 21 & 22


We went back to our room, I called the boys on how disappointed I was on how they left me and didn’t even check on me… Who knows if they had checked on me, they would have been partakers of our romp.

They gave funny excuses that they went for their own parole… Now how will I handle this two ladies.. only me? We were hungry so I took Nolly with me to look for food. She was in her bumshort, I wore my shirt unbuttoned with my trouser.. We got out of the room, and I did my magical thing again….”Holding her hand” later on, she wrapped her hand around me… with her head on my arm. We got out of the hotel finally… It didn’t look like we were going to see anything reasonable to get so instead of risking our dear lives, we went back to the hotel and settle for the hotel’s food…. It was expensive and small in quantity… God knows what Naomi is doing in the room currently.. We were able to get some snacks and drinks… When we got to the reception, I don’t know when I held Nolly’s head and kissed her…. I was starting to like Nolly already, like really like her… She gave me her virginity, infact she gave me her whole life cos it’s obvious she wasn’t a wild person but had always aspired to. I could only repay her by loving her… truly
Episode 22
We got back to the rooms, little did I know what Nolly was going to become in my life later on… The three of us gisted for a while, we made jest of eachother especially Nolly… the novice.. how she opened her mouth for pleasure and how she reacted when banged.. On that note, we slept off, one by one.. I was the last to sleep, I slept beside Nolly, that’s the first time I would actually be sleeping with a girl… someone I like… I wrapped my hands round her, I could tell she loved it cos she wrapped her legs on me in reply. Nothing happened really… we were woken by Naomi who woke us up by force. She was ready to get out of the room already and head for home.. Nolly wasn’t going to wake up,so I stood up, put my shirt on and escorted her…. on our way out, I asked if she enjoyed herself, she said “yea”… as she opened the door, I placed my hand on her massive butt… She replied me with an evil look, I understood… It was just a one night stand and nothing more… I wished her good!

As I got back to the room, I jumped on the bed like a hungry lion… I approached Nolly’s lips…. her eyes were closed so I thought she was still deep in sleep… I was going to get off her when she held my thing with her hand… to be honest, I wasn’t hard before then, but when she touched me…. I lost it… not immediately but I did lose it. She smiled on how much control she actually holds as my girl…..

Me: Baby, see what your hand is capable of doing…. just your hand…

Nolly: Just my hand Why are you lieing… Naomi’s hand just touched it also? SO?

Me: Yea her hand touched it, but it was still through your hand… Baby if any other girl is going to come to me, she’s going to come through you…. you own me, Nolly…

Nolly: So what you’re saying now is I’m your girl right?

Me: Yea… if you’re not my girl then who is……

Nolly: Hold on …I’ll be right back..

As she left, I swear I was scared…. As she seen something? Or does she know about Shola? What could she be coming for? I wasn’t myself on that bed…. She came back, brought a white handkerchief with blade….

Me: What’s that Nolly? What? Is that what I’m thinking?

Nolly: What are you thinking lover boy…. Or I’m not your one and only anymore Common baby…

Me: No o… I can’t.. What for now? Because of love? No Nolly, this isn’t happening…

Nolly: It has to Jide…. you’ve my virginity now, remember…..

Episode 23 & 24

So Nolly is going to trap me? What for? I insisted on No… but then again… I felt there was nothing involved so I gave in.. She cut me slightly on my palm, I did the same… I licked her blood, she licked mine.. All these were all her instructions… To be honest, as at that time, I didn’t believe in those myths… Why would she tie me down… with blood? When we both enjoyed ourselves….

Nolly: Baby, I’m not going to leave you or substitute you for anything or anybody else in this world…

Me: Baby, I’m not going to leave you or substitute you for anything or anybody else in this world…

We hugged and she gradually brought her pants down…. as she removed the blouse… She laid down and stared at me…

Nolly: Why are you keeping me waiting sweetheart….

I removed my shorts, unleashed me demon…. she stoked it with her hand gently… she brought her head up and put my demon inside her mouth.. Though she was a novice, that was the best Mouth Gig I had… or maybe it was charmed… I got a little pre-c-m out and she laid down… I grabbed a condom, inserted it….. and approached her… As I approached her, she she held me back….

Nolly: Why are you with your condom on? husband!

Me: Why won’t we use condom, haven’t we been using it…. or what do you mean?

Nolly: Yea, we’ve been using it… but not now.. we don’t need it again… I want to feel you as a whole.. inside me Jide..

At this point, my head clicked…. and I remembered Shola.. I haven’t even called since the last time… I’ve made a blood covenant with a Nolly…
Episode 24

You would have taught that was enough for me to stop… at first I paused and decided on what to do… I slid in my demon inside Nolly’s womaniless… My head started boiling and I wasn’t feeling it…. I removed myself from Nolly.. and headed for the bathroom.. with my phone.. I tried Shola

Me: Hello…. Shola?

Caller: Hello….This is her roommate.. Why haven’t you been calling? I thought she said you were her fiance.. You’re really absurd. Your girlfriend has been in the ICU for days.. and you’re just calling now.. Men sha, and their wayward attitudes.

Me: How is she?

Caller: She has just responded after a long silence…

Me: What really happened? How did it even happen?

Caller: I was with her that day in the room, and she was on the phone with someone, suddenly she left, leaving her phone on the bed.. It took a while before I heard her scream from the toilet.. She tried to insert a knife into her womanliness..

Me: **Understanding the whole situation, I sighed… and thanked her for saving Shola’s life** So what’s the name?

Caller: I’m Bose… and you’re Jide isn’t?[Naija girls sha]

Me: Yea… I’m.. Do you mind beeping me with your number after this call?

Caller: Okay, I don’t mind…

Me: Thank you!

At least there was a little hope, a little light shone in the tunnel..I was already becoming a sex addict.. but that didn’t stop me from getting back into action.. On getting to the room, Nolly was dressed, she sat in front of the door… I didn’t even care if she heard my conversation or not.. I dropped my phone… and went to have my bath… As the shower was running down… I remembered Nolly and my unlocked phone were the only ones outside… with the shower running, I rushed outside the bathroom and almost fell, but I didn’t.. I entered the room, saw the phone was still on the bed, and Nolly was just looking out through the window. I grabbed the phone and locked it… She saw me as water was dripping on the bed and floor, and all I came to do was to get my phone.. I could see her suspicious face, so I ran to her and kissed her, ran back to the bathroom…

Episode 25-28

I got dressed and we went to school. We got a cab that dropped us at the school park. It was an interesting ride back to school… As we got down in school, Nolly held my hand, I could guess what was on her mind, but it wasn’t anything.. I had to play the good boyfriend role… I escorted her to her hostel.. and right in front of the girls, she kissed me… Even though we had just started, she was already feeling insecure… We all know why. I got to my hostel, met the boys playing fifa.. I wanted to play, so I queued. When it was my turn, as I held the pad.. They saw my new mark on my palm.

As they wondered, I told them I made one mumu covenant with Nolly and it didn’t mean anything..

We continued with the game… sleep came… I slept like a log… When I woke, I saw about 5 missed calls from Naomi and 1 from Bose, Shola’s friend… I called Bose back and confirmed the number… I liked the way she spoke on phone…this time.. it was smooth and sleek.. She updated me on Shola’s status, as she’s responding really well now. She had left the ICU.

Nolly wanted to come to my hostel, I wasn’t going to allow that, not with the high number of Hot boys around… I decided we just hang out in school.. Nolly was officially my girlfriend now.. in S.A… I couldn’t help my self off the situation.
I knew Shola’s number offhand.. So I didn’t store the name…. Nolly handed the phone over to me, is that your brother? She asked….. She doesn’t even know anything about me as at yet, brother? Really… I cut the call and sent Shola a message I was going to call back after class…. A minute later, my brain booted that it was Shola who was talking, the lady carrying my un-born child… I rushed out of the class, without looking back… and called her back…

Me: Hello……..

Shola: Baby!

Me: God, baby.. I’m hearing your voice again? wow baby…. I’m so happy right now… You almost killed me Shola…. I’ve been having sleepless nights thinking about you….. I’ve just been devastated..

Shola: Hmm, I see….indeed. Bose told me everything…How you didn’t call for sometime….. and all..

Me: Baby, it wasn’t my fault, even though I’m entitled to the blame… I can’t wait to see you baby… How’s our baby?

Shola: Jide, I tried aborting the baby and killing myself that night…after all you told me… But it didn’t happen…Bose was just there at the right time… I was in coma Jide..

Me: Why would you even try all that… there’s no reason… Is the baby still alive Shola?

Shola: I don’t know for now… some tests have been carried out to confirm that.

Me: I’m going to be home soon… I’ve missed you so much girl.. I can’t wait to set my eyes on you again..

Shola: I hear you Jide.. I’ll talk to you later, shogbo? Oko mi..

With that call, my mood changed, for good. how come I still love Shola this much… and Nolly….

The world of a teenager!.
I went back to the class, it was deserting already… but Nolly was still seated. I approached her carefully, from the back… I kissed her on the neck… We were on our way…

Nolly: So who was that?

Me: It was a friend, my best friend actually… She just came out of coma…

Nolly: Oh really… Good for her.. How come I didn’t know all this? and more so, you didn’t even save the number with a name.. I mean, who doesn’t save his best-friend’s name…

Me: So what are you insinuating?

Nolly: I don’t know… I don’t just know.. Probably there’s something you’re hiding..

Instead of Nolly be thanking God that someone just came out of coma, she’s dealing with her insecurity issues.. I got angry with her statement..

Me: Yea, right! Possibly… I’ll talk to you later then

Nolly: Later? What now?

Me: I’ve to go… leave me.. as I got my hands off her…

She was shocked.. I needed her to understand something.. As I got to my hostel, I called Shola…and this time, we really talked.

Me: Iyawo mi….

Shola: hehe… Jide I’m still on the sick bed o… stop giving me goosebumps…. baby of life…

Me: What goosebumps sweety… you deserve every single word I alter.. Everything I say.. You are 10times worth than any of my words baby… You don’t know how glad I am to be speaking to you..

Shola: AH! Jide, I love you! I love you! Stop…. So how are my competitors ….

Me: Competitors? What do you mean?

Shola: The S.A girls ow… those ones that are troubling you or you’re the one troubling them….

Me: See this girl sha, so you don’t trust your husband again.. too bad….

Shola: I trust you now, that’s why I’m asking you cos you’ll tell me the truth.. isn’t baby?

Me: Yea I will.. and the truth is there are no competitors… There’s just the owner of the whole business.

Shola: Hmm… I hear you baby… I trust you! And you know I don’t even really care.. as long as my love is not shared with any LovePeddler..

Me: Nobody baby, can take your place in my life…

*As we were talking, Nolly was trying to call me… it was holding up on waiting….*

Me: So what’s up with school now?

Shola: School is okay.. God has given me the grace to really handle this situation well.. I really want to have this your baby…. She keeps troubling my stomach every now and then…

Me: Of course… who’s stomach is she going to trouble again.. Mine? when she’s not food… cos that’s all my stomach knows.

Shola: Yea I know…. I’m glad the thing between your legs knows much more..

Me: Does it? Although it has explored you inside out …hehee

Shola: You’re silly… It explored me… my horizons… and now I’ve a baby at hand..

Me: I love you….so much… I’m gonna talk to you later..

Shola: I love you toooooooo!


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