In the billionaire’s be-d episode 6 & 7


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💗 Rebecca’s pov 💬

“Excuse me?”

Did I hear well? Did Emeliano just ask me to take off my clothes? Probably not… He wouldn’t do that, would he? He wouldn’t let me embarras-s myself, would he?

Maybe I didn’t hear well.

“You heard me! Take off your clothes, don’t waste my time- we don’t have all day.” He seethed out.

My eyes wi-de-ned – I did hear well, Emeliano wanted me to str!p Unclad, why would I do that? Why would he even think that I would listen to him?

“Are you crazy? I’m not gonna do that?” Disbelief laced my words.

Emeliano c@m£ dangerously closer to me, ma-king me take two steps back, my heart hammered dangerously against my ribcage.

“I’ll count to five,” his intense angry eyes pierced my skin. “If you don’t oblige, I promise you will never attend a wedding, instead, a funeral .” He threatened…

Oh my God, what did he mean by that? Is he capable of killing my sister? I gulped ha-rd , staring at his blood thirsty eyes, yes- yes he is!

But how can I str!p Unclad in front of him? Where would my dignity go? No man, I repeat, no man has ever seen me Unclad.

“I can’t do it.” I answered in a shaky voice.

“What did you say?!”

“I can’t do it! I won’t do it!” I yelled back at him.

He nodded his head like he was reconsidering, not until… “One.” He began to count.

I held my shi-t ti-ghtly to my che-st, shaking in fear, why is this happening to me? God I nee-d your help, plea-se s£nd an helper!


I jumped in fear, did he really mean it, will he murder my sister? What if he had it in his power to do it? What am I thinking? He has it in his power to do it!


I jumped again, clutching my shi-t to my che-st ti-ghtly- what if I put my sister’s life in danger by not doing this? She could die! This d–n bastard could kill her, look at him! He could kill anyone!

💥“Four!” He snarled out this time, ma-king me gulp down ha-rd .
No one has to see right? It’s just him, no one else, I have to do this- I have to do this for April, if I don’t, he could kill her, or maybe even me.


“OK! Okay- I’ll do it…” I cried out, feeling bitter tears drop down my cheeks.

He c0cked a brow at me and folded his arms to his che-st, watching me. “Well, go on!”

“Why are you doing this? What do you get out of this?” I asked, feeling my eyes sting.

“Well, for one, I get to see you humiliated, and for the other one, you nee-d to see what happens to people when they say no to me.”

“Are you really going to kill her?” I had to ask.

“Oh trust me, I’ll kill her and her so-called fiancee and when I’m done, I’ll end your life as well, no one ever likes witnesses, so- I think you should weigh your options.”


“Five!” He yelled out.

Tears pu-ll-ed down my cheeks again. “Fine.” I let out.

My shaky hands moved to undo the bu-ttons on my short sleeved
shi-t, tears pu-ll-ed down my cheeks as I got down to the last bu-tton. I knew Emeliano was watching me, but I didn’t dare to look up, my heart pounded in my che-st as I eased off the shi-t, revea-ling only my br@.

“Go on.” Emeliano’s voice made my heart skip a beat.

I can’t believe this is happening to me! Why is no one coming to my rescue?

My shaky hands moved to unZi-p my Sk-irt slowly, until it reached the end point, just like silk, the Sk-irt rolled down my legs as I stepped out of them.

I closed my eyes, feeling so humiliated and shamed, here I am, standing half Unclad Infront of a ruthless pig!

“Take off the un-derwear.”

I looked up in shock. “What?” My voice c@m£ out in a shaky whisper.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” Emeliano muttered, his face was filled with disgust as his eyes raked my b©dy from head to toe.

This is worst thing that has ever happened to me. Something told me that after this experience, I would be scarred for life.

“Emeliano plea-se…”


I jumped in fright and immediately started to un-hook my br@, with shaky hands as I sobbe-d.

Soon after, my br@ fell off my b©dy I swallowed ha-rd , feeling completely shamed and expo-sed.

I dug my thumb on either side of my p@n-ties and began to slide them off.

“St©p.” Emeliano said.

h0t tears ran down my cheeks as I took my hands off my p@n-ties.

I felt Emeliano come closer, I dared not to look up, I felt him walk around me, like he was inspecting every inch of my b©dy until he c@m£ to stand Infront of me again.

He raised my chin so that our eyes would meet, when I looked up at him, I felt like a s–t, the way his eyes roamed down my br£@st to myl-ips then to my eyes, I felt so embarras-sed.

“Listen and listen good, guarra. ” He snarled out. “I’m gonna do worse to you, the next time you say no to me… This is just the beginning- next time, I’ll make you fv¢k yourself Infront of me.
And I think you know by now, how much I take these threats really serious.” He stepped away from me.

His eyes raked my b©dy once again then he Scoffed. “I wonder why you’re crying? Your b©dy is- is the most biggest turn off for a man- you’re actually nothing to look at, no wonder your b©yfri£ndnever bleeped you, your b©dy’s a nuisance- I just wasted my d–n time.” His look was that of disgust.

I gritted my teeth together, feeling disgusted with myself, his words really hurt me, his words hurt me to the core, I watched him exit the room, muttering something that sounded like, ‘ what a waste of time.’

I bur-st out in tears when I heard his footsteps fade away, quic-kly, I picked up my clothes and sli-pped then back on.
I was right about one thing- this experience has definitely left me scarred for life- I will never forget this.

“I hate you Emeliano,” I murmured. “I swear, I’ll make you eat back your words. I promise you.”



💬Emeliano’s POV 💲

“You did what?!”

Piper’s voice blasted throu-gh the speaker of my phone, I honestly went deaf in my left ear for about five seconds.
“Did you seriously have to yell?” I asked her, bringing my phone back to my ear when I was sure she wouldn’t go all banshee on me.

“Yes! Why would you do such a thing to a woman? Telling her to take off her clothes? To t©p it all, insulted her b©dy?!! No woman likes that.” Piper whispered yelled over the phone- I guess she was with Diego.

“That’s the point. It was a punishment.” I replied, convincing myself p@rtially.

I just wanted to make Rebecca feel really bad, to punish her for saying no to me, I did what I did because she- she said no to me and I was angry, any one in my shoes would do that. Right?

Fine, I lied, she wasn’t a turn off to men, but the exact opposite! When she took of her shi-t at first, I was mesmerized with her beautiful skin, it took everything thing in me not to lean forward and t©uçh her, her long legs were what killed me, just by the mere sight of them, got me arou-sedlike no other woman would.
I mean, I got arou-sedby just seeing her long legs! Crazy right?

I couldn’t bear it anymore, that was exactly why I told her to st©p, I was so close to fv¢king the hell out of her.

She was beautiful.

But, all I wanted was to make her feel bad about herself, to make her think twice before she made a decision without my cons£nt, to make the Lewis’s know that I would do anything to satisfy my thirst for revenge.

“Punishment? That is just crazy! You can’t scar a woman like that. Do you know how bad she must be feeling right now? Have you no heart, Emeliano?” Piper’s voice made me feel even more guilty than I alre-ady was.

“I didn’t scar her! Just give her a day or two, she’ll get over it.”
“Get over it? No woman can ever get over that! No woman! Even a bleeping s–t! Listen Emeliano- Rebecca has nothing to do with what her family did to you! Okay? Nothing! Don’t punish that poor girl for-”

“For the sins of her family?”

“Yes… That. Rebecca deserves an apology.”
Piper said.

“Excuse me? I will do no such thing Piper! Why would I apologise?”

“Because you did something wrong! Very wrong!”
I exhaled harshly. “You know me Piper! I don’t really say sorry without concrete reason.”

“You proud egotistical bastard!”

“Thank you. Anyways- any news on Her? Do you know if she has heard yet?” I asked.

Piper sighed over the phone. “Nothing yet. Look, why don’t you just-”

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow… Piper.” I ended the call before she could start lecturing me all over again.”

Apologize? Trust me, even though there was a knife to my throat, I’d never apologise. She deserved it, only for blu-shing at Marcos words! I’d never un-derstand what these females see in Marcos!

Never ever.

I stood up and paced in my study.

Nothing was working right for me, in fact, nothing ever did work right for me! First, I lose the one that I love, second, that fv¢kingiñg bastard was determined to ruin my life at any cost! Don’t even get me started on the third and fifth.

I wasn’t always like this, wicked, evil, rude… No I wasn’t, I was much more better , but everything changed when I got betrayed by the people I held close to my heart.

And now I have no one, absolutely no one.

The night was peaceful and cool, a very great weather to have the most healthy night rest anyb©dy could ever think about.
But guess what?

I couldn’t sleep! Not because I was thinking, not because I was uncomfortable, but because Rebecca continued to sniff and sob and sniff and sob, over and over again. . It was so d–n frustrating!

If there was anything I loved more in this world, then it would be my night rest, I hated disturbance and I was beginning to get irritated by this drama queen.

I tossed and turned in be-d, trying to block out the stupid girly cry sounds, I even placed a pillow over my head to block it out, but it only grew louder.

“Would you plea-se st©p!” I gro-an ed out, beginning to sit up.
She didn’t respond to me, all she did was sob ha-rder.

Are you fv¢kingiñg kidding me right now?

“Rebecca. St©p!” I warned her.

All she bleeping did was break down in more stupid tears.
“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I yelled, running my hands throu-gh my hair in frustration.

She turned to my direction immediately, and guess what? She looked miserable, like she had been crying the entire day.
Was she really that affected by what I did?

I felt all the anger in my veins wash away, this was not a feeling I was used to.

I felt all the guilt in me rush back to my head in full fv¢kingiñg f0rç£, ma-king me want to turn back the hands of time.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” She asked, her brows raised in amusement, and her voice cracked due to so much crying.
“How dare you even ask me that.”

I gritted my teeth, looked away, picked up my pillow and got out of be-d.

“I don’t have time to get angry all over again. So why don’t you s–k it up,” I threw my pillow on the be-d like couch. “And do us all a favor by slee-ping!” I dropped on the couch and tried to find a comfortable position to sleep.

“So, you’re not even going to apologise for what you did?” I s-en-sed the disbelief in her words.

Chucking, I found the perfect position. “Did you think that because you cried, I’d go down on my knees and beg for forgiveness? Or that I’d be t©uçhed by your innocent feminity? Sorry- have we met?”

“You are such a j£rk! A big fat j£rk.”

“I’m not fat… Learn how to phrase your insults.” I said, puting my arm over my eyes, preparing to sleep, not until I heard shuffling around me, I scrunched my brows and looked up.

Rebecca was ma-king her way to the door.

I jumped immediately and gr@bb£d her by her arm. “Where do you think you’re going?” I snarled out.

“Away from you!” She yelled.

I pushed her to the direction of the be-d. “You better get back in that be-d.”

“No.” She said, crossing her arms over her che-st in a challenging way.

“Remember the last time you said no to me?”

She scoffed as tears pu-ll-ed down her cheeks. “Of course? I remember… How can I ever forget that? It was one of the best moments of my entire life! Are you going to ask me to do it again? Trust me… I won’t waste my time and yours by hesitating! In fact, what’s there to hide?” She began to take off her shi-t.

Immediately, I held her shaky hands. “What are you doing?”

“str!ping Unclad. That’s going to be my punishment for saying no to you right? It’s fine, I’ll be glad to disgust your sight with my very sickening b©dy, as long as it annoys you.” She pushed my hand away, proceeding to undo her shi-t.

There was no word to describe how utterly guilty I felt, no word.

I st©pped her again. “St©p it! I don’t- I’m not asking you to str!p-”
“Why? Are you gonna vomit?”

Yeah, I might just vomit cause I’m so disgusted in myself.

“Rebecca, st©p this okay? Just get back to be-d?”

“No! I’m not gonna do that- I can’t sleep, I’ll definitely have nightmares.”

I sighed. How the hell am i going to sleep now?

“You know what? You can have the room for the night- whatever.” I said, ma-king my way to the door, not before looking back at Rebecca who looked a little bit relieved at my decision.

After leaving the room, I went downstairs to get myself some warm milk, which I was pretty sure would make me get a better night rest.

If staying away from Rebecca tonight, would make her feel better, then I’ll take that… I’d do anything to less£n this feeling of guilt, something I have never ever felt before.