Identical Episode finale

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)
Episode 35
(Final episode)
Mi cha’s Pov:
I sat across the table as Mum and dad sat on the other side, both looking doleful.
There was a police by the door, watching us.
Well, just so you know, I was in the police custody.
“So…Josh has been transferred to a different city?” I asked anxiously.
“Yes, dear. He’s been taken to a different prison in a far away city and trust me, you’re never going to see him again” mum said and I sighed, hoping that was true.
“Don’t worry, Mi cha. I promise to get you out of here in a few weeks. You’ll be out before you know it” dad said with his hand on mine and I smiled.
Well, I hope so.
“Mum, dad” I called.
“When I get out of here, I wouldn’t want to be f0rç£d to make a decision on whom to live with. I’ve been away from my family for nineteen years and now, I think I want to join every p@rt of it – my mum, my dad, my sisters. I wouldn’t want anyone missing. So plea-se, just try and make it possible. I want our family to be complete. At least, you can consider it my first wish to you as your daughter”.
Mummy’s jaws dropped as she looked entirely displea-sed. Dad was rather expressionless and just looked at mum
“Uh…Kim jin, I wouldn’t want you to rack your head over anything, okay? The most important is getting you out of here. Don’t worry, like your…dad has said, we’ll get you out of here within the twi-nkle of an eye” she cut in twitchily and I lowered my gaze to the floor.
“How’re my sisters….?”
Few Weeks Later
Mi cha’s Pov:
“And…..a toast to foreverness!!!” Nana exclaimed and we all laughed and hit our wine glas-ses together.
“The hell, nana! There’s no word like foreverness” mum said with surprise.
“Whatever, mum! The dictionary was made by humans, right? So, it shouldn’t be a crime if we choose to add our words to it” Nana replied with an eye roll and the rest of them laughed again.
Afterwards, we all gulped down our wine and decided to focus on our meal.
Oh! Just so you know; we were on the dining and mum was sitting next to dad.
“Hmmmmm. Aigo!!! This stew tastes so good, Kim ji! You’re such a good cook” Nana said with her eyes closed and mum sl@pped her head.
“Lazy girl. Learn how to cook and st©p praising your sister” she told her and Nana held her head like she wanted to cry.
“Urghhhh! This Is is not fair! What did I do now? Besides,I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to cook. Mi cha also doesn’t know how to cook, right?” She grumbled and looked at me.
“Well…I’m a fast learner” I shrugged and she huffed.
“Um…girls” dad cleared his throat a little, trying to get our attention.
“I…have an important information to pas-s to you all. Actually, your mum and I will be gone for a few days. We…just want to spend some time and cool off in the Phili-ppines. But, we’ll be back before you know it”.
“Whaaaat?” Nana skrie-ked.
“You’re gonna leave us all alone?” Kim ji asked.
“It’s just for a short time, girls. You see…your mum and I have a lot of catching up to do and we nee-d some quiet for it” dad ch!pped in
“Well, we’re not babies anymore. It isn’t like we’ll be running round the house, asking for tea” Nana rolled her eyes.
“Anyway” she continued.
“Don’t worry about a thing, dad. You can go ahead with mum. I’ll take care of the kiddos” she sm-irked.
“What? Take care of who? Who’s the eldest?” I scoffed.
“Hey; I’m the eldest, of course! I’m pretty sure of that. Right, mum?” She turned to mum and mum shook her head.
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“You’re so impossible, nana” she said.
“Kim ji is the oldest among you; Mi cha is the second and you’re the last”
“Whaaaaaat??” Nana screamed, her eyes bulging out
“That’s a lie, mum! How can you say I’m thd smallest?”
Kim ji and I couldn’t help but laugh
“Did you just call me a liar?” Mum asked and used a fork to hit her on the head.
“Aigo!!! Mum!!” She cried, holding her head.
The rest of us ended up laughing.
Gosh! Crazy Nana.
After a while, we were done eating and I spent some time in the sitting room with mum before going to meet my sisters in the room.
We share the same room, actually.
I got in and surprisingly, found both of them fully dressed up.
Well, I wasn’t really surprised cause they told me about their appointments alre-ady
“Does the earrings match?” Nana asked me as she turned around in front of the mirror.
“Uh…Yes.” I shrugged and sat on the be-d
Well…Kim ji said she was going to meet up with a friend she made in Jeonju during her stay with mum. According to her, his name is Koraine and he just gained admission into one of the universities here in Seoul and as a result, he had to come over. He just arrived and Kim ji said she wanted to be the first to welcome him.
And as for Nana, she said Jeremy was taking her out to watch a movie.
Hm. And I guess I’m the only one left out
“Okayyyy. And I guess I’m good to go” Nana sl@pped her h!ps and said before reaching for her bag.
“Bye Mi cha” she pe-cked me on the cheek and left the room
Next, it was Kim ji and she also gave me a pe-ck.
“Sorry, we have to leave you. Maybe you should watch some movies” she win-ked at me and left.
I took in a de-ep breath and stared at the blank door for a while.
Then, I reached for my diary and pen and started writing down in it.
So far, things have tend to change. Life has been good. I got out of jail, mum and dad are back together and I don’t have to go on anyone anymore. I just wish there was a way I could erase those horrible memories from my head.
I’ve been able to smile more often, I pl@ywith my family and receive gifts from them. For the first time in my life, I felt human; felt alive.
Few weeks ago, if I had been told something like this could happen; if I had been told I’d be laughing among my real family, I never would’ve believed it.
Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt is to have hope and dream big. No matter how difficult it may seem, just give it a try.
I know I have a terrible past, but I’m not letting it influence me anymore. Back then, I was an as-sas-sin – Mi cha – with no surname.
But now, I’m Kim jin Gabriel. Although, its still a little difficult trying to adjust to the new name.
Shortly, I heard a knock on the door and went to check it out.
Oh! It was Williams.
“Williams?” A little surprised, although I was expecting him.
“Hey! Wat’s up?” He beamed, his hand crossed behind his back.
Hm. What’s he hiding again?
“Um…I’m fine and you?” I replied, my eyes fixed on his hand.
“Oh! Its just…some flowers” he said and brou-ght out the dazzling flowers and I smiled and collected them.
“Thank you. plea-se, come in” I ushered him in and he followed and sat with me on the be-d.
“Um…I brou-ght something else” he said as he di-pped his hand into his pocket and brou-ght out a little bottle.
“I saw this amazing hair oil and thought it’d be nice on your hair” he stated and I laughed.
Oh my God!
I seriously don’t know why he likes my hair so much.
“You shouldn’t have bothered, Will…”
“No; no; its okay. Don’t worry, I’ll apply it myself” he said ecstatically and stood up, still standing behind me.
He opened the bottle and started applying the oil gently on my hair.
Well, I just smiled and let him.
“Um…Mi cha” he called.
“I was wondering. Would you be chanced to go out for dinner tomorrow? You know, there’s this new eatery I just discovered and it looks really really cool. So, I was thinking you might want to try it out”.
“Williams” I rolled my eyes.
“Are you asking me out for dinner? Or you’re asking if I’d want to try out a new eatery?” I asked and he paused.
“Um…well, yes. I’m asking you out for dinner” he replied a little nervous and continued with the hair.
“Well….I think I’d also want to try out the new eatery” I said and heard him chuckle.
“Oh! Okay, then. Thanks”.
And the rest of the time was fun……
Thê Ëñd…..
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