House of secrets episode 7

House Of Secrets🏘️🏘️
Episode 7
k!ssyou? I don’t un-derstand’ Nelson was stunned by her words.
‘You heard me darling, just come on, I know you’ve been
admiring me for a long time, just come and get it,are you shy’?
Rose flashed him a s£dûçt!vesmile and began to pu-ll at her
‘What are you doing’? he asked weakly, as her full brea-sts c@m£
into view, they were really supple and he knew he wasn’t going to
‘Something you’d like very much, come closer’ she beckoned to
him and he obeyed like a little child.
She k!$$£d him de-eply and led his hands to her br@, she loved the
taste of his mouth, she hadn’t had any other man ap@rt from her
father, this was the first time she was k!ss!nganother man, and to
be honest, it felt better.
‘St©p, are you sure about this’? Nelson re-leased her from his
‘Yes, I like you alre-ady’ she stared into his brown eyes.
‘Alright’ Nelson nodded, praying Helen never got to know about
his affair with Rose.
Minutes later, when they both l@yon the be-d, p@n-ting like
antelopes that had gone racing, his phone rang and he picked it
It was Helen, his heart froze, why was she calling? He didn’t want
Rose to suspect him and her mum, so he decided to ignore it.
‘Who’s that? You have a girlfriend’? Rose win-ked and turned to
face him.
‘No’ Nelson smiled. She was really beautiful he noticed, she was a
younger version of her mother.
‘Let me see your phone’ she dragged the phone from him before
he could protest.
‘I can explain…’Nelson li-cked hisl-ips .
‘Oh, mum? Actually she must be waiting for you in the garden’
Rose stood up and got into her dress.
‘Waiting for me’? Nelson raised his brows.
‘Sure, she nee-ds you to take her somewhere, last I checked you’re
still the driver’ she stormed out of his room.
Nelson stared after her pondering on her last words, he suddenly
felt humiliated, they just had S£x, yet she still saw him as her
mother’s servant.