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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His Virgin bride Episode 8 & 9

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❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
Rated 🔞
❣️❣️Episode Eight❣️❣️
(Playing dirty😕)




‘Yes I know you like the king Calla I know you love Javier’..She replied and I blinked continuously..

‘H…Ho..How..You..You can’t prove that?! You’ve only been here for two days!!’..I stuttered and she smiled crossing her arms lightly…

‘It’s obvious girl,it’s so freaking obvious that you love him and only God knows what you did with him last night’..She said..

‘I beg your pardon lady Elena i may tolerate a lot of things but certainly not you berating me in this manner!!! For lord sakes he’s your fiance!!’..I protested and she scoffed..

‘Ohhh stop the pretense lady prissy and proper I know when a woman is in love and yours is pretty obvious,for heavens sake I see the way you look at him!! It’s been two days fine but still its so freaking obvious!!’ ..

‘So how can I help you Lady Elena?! What is the deal all about??’..I asked already tired of her valid points knowing that she isn’t lying one bit…

I’ve always loved Javier ever since father brought me to the castle to play…

I’ve literally hated swords and every boyish things but I had to learn all that because of him…

I mean i hate dirty things and tunics but I

had to pretend to love it all because of of the love i have for him…

‘Well the deal is for you to make Javier fall in love with you before the wedding,he clearly likes you right.? So make him fall for you the more and let him cancel the wedding’..She said and I chuckled softly..

‘I’ve known Javier for 18 years of my life Elena and he doesn’t love,Javier isn’t a man that loves he is a man that gives only pleasure for a moment and in a flash it’s gone’..I replied and she smiled ..

‘But there’s something you ca n do Calla,think about it —You love Javier and as a woman who wants what she wants you should fight for it’..

‘I’m sorry but I can’t do that and if you’d excuse me I’d love to change!!’..I replied remaining adamant and she shrugged walking away..

‘Think about it Calla’..She said and I let out a wince…

I should think about it?!!..

I should think about making Javier fall in love with me?!!.

Javier is a man that doesn’t love?!..

He’s a dirty player with extremely handsome features which i fell for a long time ago..

I can’t make Javier fall in love with me but there is something I can do to make him hate you more Lady Elena..

You think you know how to play dirty??..

Well think again…



I can’t believe last night I almost had s*x with Calla on my own bed..

And the funny part was that she wanted it too!!!…

Flashback(last night)💭💭

‘So what’s bothering you Calla??

You’ve been acting all nervous ever since when Elena came what is wrong??’…I asked..

‘Ohhh it’s just that..it’s just that I’m scared..I’m scared about loosing you as..loosing you as a friend,you’ve been the only person that truly understands me even though you break women hearts like peanuts’..She stuttered and I chuckled softly..

‘Don’t even dare think about that Calla!! I told you before and I’ll tell you again—Elena will just be my queen just for show,you as well know I’m not in support of this marriage as well as Elena but what can we do?? My father and her father made a deal and so we don’t have a choice’..I explained and she started sobbing..

‘Calla…’..My voice trailed off..

‘I understand Javier i get it I…’..She cut off as her lips went down on mine and we began kissing passionately…

I turned her backwards began nuzzling her neck already in the mood and she grasped my hair locking my mouth on hers…

I released myself from the kiss and proceeded down to tease her breasts through the warm cotton..

‘I want you deep inside me Javier,please give me more’..She rasped and that’s when my senses came back..

‘We shouldn’t be doing this Calla go to sleep’..I muttered putting my shirt back on…

‘Why Jared?? i..I.thought you..

‘Don’t say anything Calla,you are my friend and nothing more’..I cut in and went into the bathroom..

End Of Flashback💭💭💭

In as much as I love women and s*x there was no possible way I could disrespect my friend like that…

She’s my best friend and not my s*x conquest..

I muffled a groan and turned around to go back to my room and then again I bumped into Elena wearing the same black boots and a man’s shirt…

‘Didn’t your father teach you any manners?? There’s no way I would allow you dress like this in my Castle!!’..I yelled trying to give her a piece of my frayed temper…

I mean who knows if she’s wearing undergarments under that shirt..

‘Hey how I dress is none of your business and Queen Ariel said I can wear whatever I want to so get out of my way’..She replied trying to walk away and angrily I grabbed her by the neck and pressed her to the wall..

‘As long as you’re in my vicinity you do as you’re told!! And next time try to dress more appropriately in corsets and drawers got that??’..I warned..

‘Tell that to your mistress Calla I don’t care’..She spat back and shoved me real hard walking away..

Mistress Calla??..

What does she mean by that??..



I’ve got to get out of this marriage someway or somehow since escaping is out of the question…

I could do the old switcheroo wedding trick but it won’t work…

I could object to the wedding at the altar but that won’t work either…

I could make Calla make Javier fall for her but that b**ch is too uptight…

It’s obvious she likes the dude i mean who wouldn’t want to apart from me anyway…

He’s got the body of superman and the hair and eyes of Marilyn Monroe which looks like his mother…

Ughhh or…

I could play dirty??.



‘So what you’re trying to say is that Elena asked for a deal for you to trick me into marrying you?!!’..I screamed rising up from my chair..

‘Yes she did Javier,she even told me to sleep with you and get pregnant,I wasn’t expecting this kind of attitude from her but she shocked me deeply’..Calla replied..

‘Thank you Calla,I’m so glad you’re a very great friend and I can’t believe Elena could be so shady you can go now’..I muttered angrily and she bowed before leaving..

Like how could Elena stoop so low to ruin the wedding??..

I know she acts stupid and all but i wasn’t expecting something like this from her??…

What kind of upbringing did Duke Viero give to his daughter?!!…



I giggled as the horse breathed into my hands as I rubbed his nose…

‘You’re a pretty horse,I guess I’ll name you spotty cause of your graceful spot’..i whispered and rubbed his fur…

‘You know he likes you’..Someone muttered from behind me and when I turned it was the guy I helped two days ago get on a horse..

‘Ohhh Tonio right!?’..i replied and he nodded…

‘Yes and I didn’t know you’re the King’s bride??’…

‘Yeah i didn’t know too,so you’re a stableman huh??’..

‘Ohhh don’t let me fool you,I’m Lord Tonio,Javier’s cousin’…He replied and I gasped loudly .

‘B..but you don’t look royalty!!’…

‘Yeah I’m not into dressing fancy and oh it looks like Javier is coming and he looks pretty angry so adios!!’..He said and left immediately…

I came out of the stable and the next thing I knew Javier grabbed my hair and pushed me to the wall..

‘Hey what’s your….

‘Shut up Elena!! I can tolerate a lot of things but one thing i can’t tolerate is you stooping so low to using my best friend for your personal use i mean what kind of a despicable person are you?!! How on earth could you tell Calla to get pregnant for me?!!’..He screamed .

‘Wait what?!! I never said such thing!! She’s lying!!’..I protested and he scoffed…

‘Calla would never lie to you but you would!! And i would marry you Elena,I would marry you and I would have you as my wife and get ready cause you’re going to be really worked out when we make love tirelessly’..he said breathing onto my neck while I fought hard to escape from his grasp..

So now Calla is playing dirty..

Why on earth would she lie??..



❣️Episode Nine❣️❣️
(Engagement party💍)



I coughed loudly and tried gasping for breath as Javier walked away angrily…

But I thought Calla doesn’t love him so why on earth would she lie??…

I spat out a little of the blood in my mouth and went back into the stables only to see Tonio brushing a horse…

‘Hey?! How did you get in??’..I asked and he smiled..

‘Well I lied before,I’m not a lord I’m just a stable keeper don’t mind me for lying before’..He said and I crossed my arms smiling..

‘I almost believed you!! Dude that’s not cool but it still doesn’t explain the reason why you ran away when Javier came’..I asked still frowning…

‘When the King is angry he can do many uncontrollable things and the last thing i need is loosing my job as a stableman’…He replied…

‘Ohhh well then it’s a pleasure to meet you stable man Tonio’..i muttered and patted his shoulders leaving…

I went back into my room and few minutes later I heard a knock on my door..

‘Who is it??’..i asked and a maid came inside..

‘I’m sorry my lady but the Queen requests your presence’..She replied .

‘Ohhh what for??’…i asked again …

‘For the engagement party’..She responded and left my room..

Engagement party??

What does she mean by engagement party?



‘Ohhh you…’..The pretty blonde wearing a pink frock dress moaned loudly as I pinned her to the wall and got to work with her…

‘Just shut the hell up and let’s make sweet love’..i whispered..

She gasped loudly as I nipped her bottom lip and kissed her nipples which was clearly showing..

I pushed her to the ground and began undressing her and just before thing could get interesting the door bursted open by Gregory..

‘Your high —

‘Gregory!!!’..I screamed and he jolted..

‘I’m sorry your highness I’m sorry’..He begged with his hands already clasped in fear..

‘Yeah you better be sorry this is the second time you’re doing it.What do you want anyway??’..I asked buttoning my shirt back on..

‘Ohh nothing much sire just that the queen asked for your presence in her room’..He replied..

‘What for?’..I inquired with a frown on my face..

If there’s one thing i hate then it’s when mother calls me in the middle of doing something important…

‘For the engagement party your highness’..Gregory replied and left..


Engagement party??..

What engagement party??..

‘Hey you can leave’..i said to the frock girl of which name i do not know and do not care about…

‘So should i come back later??’..She asked in a very sexy tone nipping my bottom lip and I smiled..

‘Yes come to my room tonight and I’ll show you what I’m all about’..

She giggled softly as I kissed the nape of her neck and left the room for mother’s…



My door opened and when i turned it was Elena who came in with a frown on her face..

I don’t know much about her but I’m pretty sure my late husband did a good thing by making that deal with Duke Viero…

‘Good afternoon’..She murmured not even bothering to add ‘highness’ or ‘majesty’..

‘Afternoon Elena please sit and Oh Javier’s here’…I replied as my son bursted through the door like he was mad or something…

‘Yes mother I was busy doing something important so this better be good’..he replied and plunked down on the edge of my bed…

‘Well your engagement party is tonight’..i said..

‘What?!!’..They both screamed in unison and I smiled..

‘Yes,your engagement party is tonight that’s all I wanted to say’..

‘Mom you can’t say that?! I’m the king of this kingdom and I make my own rules especially when it comes to how my marriage would take place! You can’t make such decisions for me?!!’..Javier yelled..

‘You are forgetting something Javier and let me remind you!! Before you became king I was the queen of this kingdom and I am still your queen mother so when you speak to me you speak with respect,the royal seamstress is ready and she awaits you and Elena in your rooms respectively,you can leave now’..



It’s like a nightmare come true..

The nightmare of me being truly betrothed to my worst nightmare Is really coming true..

I thought..

I thought I had enough time to scheme another plan to make JAVIER and I not get married…

I thought there was enough time to change his mind not to marrying me but it seems like I’ve failed…

My engagement party is tonight and that means the day I dread the most is near —My wedding ceremony…

‘Are you going to keep standing there looking stupid or go into your room??’..Javier asked and I jerked from my thoughts immediately…

‘Are you going to keep standing there bossing me around or into your own room to f**k some b**ches like you always do!!’..I snapped back and he frowned deeply..

Yeah frowning is his signature look…

He never smiles..

‘Are you always so vulgar with your words?!! Can’t you speak like a normal lady?!’..He yelled and walked away angrily..

I smirked seeing how pissed he was and went into my room only to see a very short dwarf-like woman on my bed…

‘Uhmm excuse me who the hell are you??’..I asked and she jumped down from the bed immediately..

She had a mop of frizzy unusual blue hair and she had the height of a gnome cause she wasn’t up to my elbow..

I watched in awe as she walked towards a pair of boots and wore it on and then she became tall..

So f**king unbelievable..

‘Sorry my lady I’m Madam Patricia,Pat for short and I’m here to make your dress’..She said..

‘Wait you’re the seamstress?? Sorry but i was expecting someone more…

‘Taller??’..She cut in..

‘N..no that’s not what i meant I mean I was expecting someone more younger don’t take it the wrong way you look…you look beautiful so uhmmm’..I stuttered not knowing what else to say and she smiled exposing a set of silver teeth..

Like what the hell??..

She looks like a blinging troll…

Her appearance is of no sense to me but she seems to be a pretty nice person..

‘Uhhm Madam Pat can I please ask you for a favor??’..i asked..

‘Yes my dear’..She replied blinking lightly…

‘Can you please don’t make a dress for me?? I don’t want to wear a dress for the party’..



At Night☄️☄️

‘You look amazing’..Calla muttered as my back hair was slicked down by the hair stylist..

She was wearing a black stoned sequined gown with a white stoned head piece..

She looked beautiful…

‘Yeah thanks’..i murmured in reply and she smiled resting her hand on my white coat…

I stared down at it and a lump formed in my throat which made me take her hands off..

‘Look Calla what happened between us that night was a mistake,you’re like a friend to me and I don’t want to…’..My voice trailed off as the trumpet sounded signaling the engagement party…

‘We’ll talk about this sooner or later’..i muttered..

I walked down the hallway almost at the doorway of the ball room but then someone caught my hair..

It was Elena..

Wearing a ridiculous clown like night gown and flip flops..

‘What on earth are you wearing?!!’..i screamed..

‘I’m dressed for our engagement party your highness’..She replied with a sly smile on her face..

What the hell?!!..




Okay what on earth is Elena doing??..
And do you think she’s being reasonable or just childish??🥺..

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