His v!rg!nbride Episode 32 & 33

👰🏻❣️HIS v!rg!nBRIDE❣️👰🏻
❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
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❣️❣️Episode Thirty-Two❣️
(I want you back❤️)
‘Elena wait up!!! I’m sorry about not knowing what you’re…you’re going throu-gh at least i..I..this is so awkward’..i said as I walked into Elena’s room but still got no reply..
‘Elena I’m sorry okay??’..i added and before i could walk towards the be-d I heard vomiting inside the bathroom..
’Elena?? Oh my God I’m sorry!!’..I screamed reaching out to her and she raised her hand to st©p me..
‘It’s okay don’t worry I always get sick when on my period’..She said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand…
‘Well You’d be feeling better by now if you had told me?? Come on Elena so you couldn’t tell me you’re on your period?!’..i asked more sternly and she sighed…
‘I had no choice did i?? You know it isn’t actually comfortable talking about my period like that’…
‘I totally un-derstand,well now that I know let’s go’..I said.
‘To do what??’..She asked..
‘To make you feel better cause you’re as pale as a ghost’..
I chuckled a bit as Javier carried me up in his arms and went to the kitchen..
He said he didn’t want any servant around and ordered them to take the day off…
Baileywick who was flabberg@sted at the gesture thanked him profusely and screamed something like golfing as he went to change…
‘You know I kinda like this new you,when you’re not grumpy that is’..I murmured against his clean shaven che-st and he shrugged..
‘I guess it’s all thanks to you then’..he said and k!$$£d me softly with finesse..
I gr@bb£d the collar of his blue shi-t and dragged him closer as his hands explored my back..
‘Hmmm that was something’..he murmured..
‘Yeah I feel better alre-ady’..I replied and he smiled brushing hisl-ips against mine..
‘I really want you Elena and you know that’..He whispered against my ears..
‘Javier i—
‘Not re-ady yet I know and I’m willing to wait,it’s frustrating but it’s worth it’..He cut in and I t©uçhed myl-ips softly..
He’s willing to wait??…
No man has ever said that to me…
My vir-ginity was one of the main reasons I never had good relationsh!ps..
And my last relationsh!pwas the deal breaker of all…
Jonas really broke my heart when he said he wasn’t important to me anymore just because I didn’t give him S-x..
‘Hey why are you so down??’..Javier asked as he placed a bowl of h0t stuff on my table…
‘Nothing i was just thinking about some thing.What is that??’..I asked..
‘It’s broth,broccoli broth actually and it’s good for the cramps you’re having’…He replied..
‘It’s disgusting I don’t want it’..I said feeling the nee-d to puke and he frowned..
‘It’s not disgusting it’s actually tasteful’..He muttered spooning a portion into his mouth and then his smile faded.
‘You were saying??’..
‘Okay fine it’s disgusting but you’d feel better after drinking it’..He replied..
‘Gosh you’re awful Javier and i can’t drink this?!! Who knows if I might get sick the more or something even you can’t drink and you’re expecting me to drink it?!! Hell no!!’..I screamed..
‘Fine then let’s make a deal’..he said..
‘What deal?’..I asked..
‘You drink this broccoli broth and I’d give you a mas-sage every night till we get home’..he said..
‘Hmmm let me think about it….No’..I replied in a drawl..
‘Elena as your king i order you to drink it!!!’..
‘But I don’t want to!!!’..i cried out..
‘Fine then if you don’t want to drink it then we’re going home’..
‘Javier that’s not fair!!’..
‘It is’..
‘It is not!!’..
‘It is’..
‘No it isn’t you’re just pla-ying dirty!!!’..i screamed again he chuckled..
‘Drink it or we go home’..
‘Ughhh fine you’re such a j£rk!’..
‘But you love me right??’..he asked.
‘Yeah i love you’…
‘We have got to do something about this!!’..One said..
‘Do something?? What should we do? Break into the castle and kill Gregory?!! That’s not possible cause Northridge’s prison is one of the most secured place I’ve ever known!!’..Another replied and in a minute the little crowd bur-sted into loud murmurs of disagreement..
‘Silence!!!’..Their leader screamed and the noise died down…
‘There is only one thing we’ve got to do to make sure the plan is effectively carried out and Lord Bachor would help us with just that’..He said and Lord Bachor who was in a black cloak smiled..
‘Your wish is my command my lord’..
The next morning⛅
‘Lady Elena there’s a strange man looking for you downstairs’..Baileywick said as he walked into my room..
’Really?? That’s funny cause no one knew about Javier and i coming here so who could it be?’..i asked..
‘Well he said he’s a long time friend of yours’..he replied..
‘Okay I’ll be right down’..i murmured and went downstairs tying my robe around my b©dy..
‘Hey where are you off to??’..Javier asked and i shrugged..
‘Well Bailey said someone is looking for me’ .
‘Really?? Let’s go check it out’..He said and held my hands as we both walked over to the lounge only for me to see him..
‘Jonas?!!!!’..i yelled seeing my ex b©yfri£ndstanding at the window..
‘Hi Elena’..He replied and i had to hold onto Javier for support..
‘Wh..what are you doing here?!!’..i asked..
‘I want you back Elena..i want you back.I..I haven’t been able to sleep ever since your father told me you were married to some old king’..He replied and i glanced over at Javier whose eyes seemed to have reddened..
‘Uhhhh Jonas or whatever you call yourself i nee-d you to leave now’..He said and Jonas scoffed..
Why is this happening??..
Like why is this happening?!!..
‘Uhhh is he your b©dyguard baby??’..Jonas asked..
‘Jonas look I…i…how on earth did you get here??’..i stuttered..
‘Ohhh it’s a long story that involves one Lady Calla but that’s not what’s important.I’m back for you Elena and i want you back’..He said and went down on his knees..
‘He has five seconds to leave or his dead b©dy would be fed to the crocs’…Javier whispered and walked away..
Oh God..
❣️❣️Episode Thirty-Three❣️❣️
‘plea-se Jonas I don’t know how you got here or how you did it but you have got to leave now’..I muttered un-der my breath…
‘What are you talking about Elena you know I love you more than anything in this world?? I made a mistake breaking up with you and I’m re-ady to make amends’…He replied reaching out to me and I flin-ched backwards..
‘Look…look you don’t un-derstand he’s going to kill you and me if you stay here!!! I can’t believe you’re here but you have got to leave now!!’..i whispered with a tone of indignation in my voice and he scoffed….
‘What’s gonna happen?? Your b©dyguard is gonna kill me??’..
‘He’s not my b©dyguard Jonas don’t you get it?!!! He’s my husband and the ruler of this place and I love him!!! We are happy together and there’s nothing you can do about it!!!’…i yelled out in frustration..
‘Wait??? He’s your husband!! He’s the bastard your father f0rç£d and tricked you into marrying?? Oh my God Elena don’t tell me you’re in love with him!!!’..He fired back and i had to fight back..
‘Yes Jonas i love him very much,he might be a cold person but he’s a way better lover than you Jonas!!! He didn’t abandon me just because I’m scared of S-x?? He doesn’t talk down on me and tell me other girls are prettier than me?!! Fine doesn’t have a hvge s-en-se of humor but he loves me for who I am and doesn’t tell me how to dress!! What to eat and how to sit?! He doesn’t tell me to smile every time a c@m£ra pas-ses by?!! He’s a way better man than you’ll ever be Jonas Harper!!!’..i screamed pushing him away but he was way stronger…
Men are so damn stubborn..
He just doesn’t get the fact the fact Javier is gonna kill him if he still finds him here..
‘I was a j£rk Elena and I can’t take back every horrible thing i did to you but only say I’m sorry,My life has been so sullen and my health deteriorated because i can’t leave without you…You don’t love your Husband Elena!! You and i know that you don’t love him!!! Your heart still beats for me and i can still see the love we share in your eyes’..Jonas muttered loudly clasping his hands in mine and i gulped ha-rd withdrawing my hands..
‘plea-se just leave before the guards drag you out Jonas’..i said..
‘Elena I’m not giving up on you that’s what!! If that’s what you’re thinking!! I won’t give up on you cause I love you’. He replied and finally left..
Just when everything is going great in my life the devil decides to punish me…
Now Javier is back into his shell and Jonas is bent of ruining my life..
How did he even get here anyway??..
I chuckled lightly as i plunked down on my be-d..
My plan is going very well accordingly and with Mr Jonas around Elena and my darling Javier’s relationsh!pis prone to fall…
It’s just as if my fairy godparents heeded to my cries and s£nt him here to me..
When I found him at the Castle i had no other choice but to tell him where his darling ex girlfriend went…
I’m so good at conniving and with Mr Jonas around I will surely get my Javier back…
Lady Elena thinks she has finally won his heart??..
Well she thought wrong cause I always have something up my sleeve…
She won’t know what hit her!!..
She still loves him no doubt..
The look I saw in her eyes shows that she still loves him and not me and it makes me so angry…
Why is every thing turning against me??…
I’ve never been so scared of loosing someone in my life before…
I’ve never been so scared in my life and now I’m scared of loosing the one woman I truly love and willing to die for….
‘Your highness??’..I heard from behind me as a hand slid around my w@!st..
‘Is he gone?’..I asked icily..
‘Yes’..Elena replied and rested her head on my back…
‘So what did he say??’..I asked..
‘He said he wants me back but i told him that I loved someone else and he left angrily’..she replied..
‘Who’s the someone you love??’..i couldn’t help myself asking..
‘You silly!! I love you more than I’d ever loved him’..She said and a sad sm-irk at the corner of myl-ips…
Even though she claims to love me I still can’t forget the fact that he was her former love and it’s easy to rekindle a lost flame…
‘Javier you’re not going back into your shell are you??’..She asked..
‘No I’m not what makes you think so??’..I lied..
‘Cause you’ve not said anything for the past minutes’…She replied…
‘Well that’s cause there’s nothing to say’..i murmured..
‘plea-se something Javier I can’t bear your silence’..She whispered..
‘Fine then I…I love you Lena and I can’t bear to loose you’..I said and she walked in front of me…
‘You won’t loose me Javier and I don’t want to loose you also’..She said and I f0rç£d a smile on myl-ips…
They’re just words and they can’t guarantee if she’s lying or not…
I want to trust her..
I really want to but i can’t just hide the fact that I’m scared if she’s going to go back to that idiot…
I’ve got to do something about him somehow..
‘Elena you’ve got to let go’..i muttered un-der my breath..
‘No i don’t want to,I don’t want you to leave me and go back to your old self’..She whimpered and I pressed myl-ips to her forehead…
‘I’m not going back’..i said and when she tried to k!ssme I averted it only for herl-ips to land on my cheek..
‘Go to sleep Elena you nee-d your rest’..I murmured..
‘Lena plea-se listen to me’..i interjected and she sighed.
‘Well i love the fact that you’re calling me Lena if that’s sort of a consolation to you’…She said and walked away..
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the next day At Night☄️
I sighed de-eply as I walked into Javier’s room but he wasn’t there…
‘Baileywick where’s the king??’..i asked as i rushed downstairs….
‘He left’..He replied..
‘He left??’..
‘Yes he left for the the field with his sword,he always goes there when he wants to be left alone’..He added and I heaved a sigh of relief…
‘Where is the field Bailey?? I nee-d to speak to him’..I asked..
‘It’s behind the stables your highness’..He replied and I nodded..
I went back to my room and changed into a furry coat since the weather was beginning to get chilly…
This is exactly what I feared..
That he’d go back into his shell..
He always claims that everything is okay but de-ep down it’s not…
I put on an head warmer and and went down to meet him..
He was practicing with his sword and with so much anger and pain in his eyes that tears streamed down mine…
Where is the loving Javier I once knew?..
Where is the warmth and sweetness in his eyes?? .
‘It’s cold Elena go inside..yahhhhh!!’..He said aloud..
‘Ohhh I’m o..I’m okay never mind’..i lied trying to keep my voice as normal as possible’…
‘Elena plea-se go inside’..He said as he walker over to where i was standing..
‘No I won’t,not until you tell me everything is okay between us’..I whimpered and a glum look on his face appeared..
‘Wh..what are you talking about??’..He asked..
‘Don’t act like everything is okay cause it’s not!! You’re trying to put on a happy face but i can see right throu-gh you!!’..I screamed in tears…
‘Elena?? What are you talking about??’…He asked again..
‘Javier i should be asking you that question…We c@m£ here just for us but after what happened yesterday you just drifted ap@rt,that S-xy smile I always love every morning faded,you don’t even laugh at my jokes anymore!! You’ve gone back into your shell and it’s really hurting me Javier’…I replied in tears..
‘Do you think this is also easy for me?? Loving someone so much that you’re scared to death of loosing?? Do you think i just want to remain sad?? Do you know the burden of loving someone so much that it’s a weakness to you?!! Jeez Elena after that guy c@m£ and I saw the look in your eyes I’ve not even been able to sleep!!!…You know what?? I think we nee-d space from each other!! ‘..He fired back and as he turned to leave i slid my hands around his w@!st and clung onto him…
🎶I’m waiting up..
Saving all my precious time…
Loosing light,I’m missing my old us…
🎶Before we learned our truth too late..
Resigned to fate..
Fading away…
🎶So tell me,can you turn around??..
I nee-d someone to tear me down..
Oh,tell me can you turn around…
Put it away…
🎶Hold me while you wait..
I wish that i was good enough(Hold me while you wait)..
🎶If only i could wake you up(Hold me while you wait)..
My love,my love,my love,my love.e
🎶won’t you stay a while??(Hold me while you wait)…
(Lewis Capaldi-Hold me while you wait🎶)
‘Elena plea-se let me go’..Javier murmured but instead i held onto him and cried against his back..
‘Not until you promise to never leave me,i would never break your trust or fall in love with someone else Javier..You’re the grumpy bastard that stole my heart and I’m not willing to take it back’…i whimpered…
‘Promise you won’t let anything else come in between us Elena’..He replied and turned around..
‘I won’t let anything or anyone come in between us!! I pinky swear!!’..I said aloud and he chuckled as he lowered hisl-ips down to mine…
‘Together forever??’..He asked
‘Yeah i guess now let’s get out of here I’m freezing!!’…
r0m@nç£at it’s peak❤️🥺…
The drama and r0m@nç£just doesn’t end🥺❤️..
Has anyone had an experience like Javier??🥺❤️..
Or do you think he’s just being insecure??🥺❤️…
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