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His sexual addiction episode 27 & 28

💄HIS s£×UAL Add!¢tION

{ His Personal Maid }💄

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 27:

” Where were you last night? ” Madam Dacia questioned as soon as she entered my room.

” I… I…” I stammered. ” I was in my room.”

” I will keep saying this over and over again, you are lucky that The Master saved your life. If not, you would have been like your pathetic friend. ”

” Eve is not pathetic. ” I muttered, not sure if she heard it.

” What did you just say? ” Of course she did hear me. I didn’t say a word to her question, pretending not to have heard what she said. ” I’m talking to you, what did you just say?! ”

” Nothing, I said nothing. ” She dragged my by the collar, landing a hot slap on my cheek. She pushed me h@rd, I fell to the ground.

” Keep thanking your stars and pray The Master doesn’t leave again or else, you will hate what I will do to you. ”

I looked at Stella who returned the gaze at me. ” I’m sorry, Avery. ” She threw an apple to me, ” I brought this for you. ” She left.

I stood to my feet, heading to Master Rutherford’s room. Seeing Madam Dacia’s expression would only tell how much annoyed The Master would be.

Stella told me they were out on a walk. Or had they returned sooner than I thought?


was scared to knock on his door, but I know I still have to. No matter what, I still have to enter and face what ever punishment he will give me.

I shut the door behind me, and just as usual, the room was damn dark and quiet. My heart started beating fast, who knows if he was some where in the room.

I was scared of that dashing sound, I hated it so much. It always gave me a heart tension. ” Master. ” I called. ” Master, it is I, Avery. ”

” You were meant to be here last night. ” He said in a dark voice. ” Didn’t I inform you? ”

” Y… You did, Sir. ” I shuttered.

” Then why weren’t you hear as instructed? ” I heard the sound of chair move.

” I… I… I came to… check but… you weren’t around so… I had to return back to my room. ” I stammered.

” You didn’t check on me. ” My heart skipped a beat. Does it mean… He didn’t go any where? ” I have been in here… do you know what you did? ”

I could hear the sound of his footsteps approaching closer. ” I… I’m sorry, Sir. ”

” You kept me starving. You deprived me of my meal. And for that, I will punish you. ”

I moved backwards, reaching for the door knob. I held it to open the door when his hand held my throat. ” I’m gonna ask again, where were you last night? ”

I found it h@rd to breath, he was choking me to death and to say a word was a difficult task for me. ” I… ” I tried to say. ” I… I was… in my room. ”

” Lies!! ” He stormed, tossing me h@rd to the ground. ” I hate lies!! I hate lies!! ”

I coughed several times to catch my lost breath. I was holding my neck, m@ssaging it softly. ” No one dares to lie to me. No one!! ”

” I speak the truth, I was in… ” He grabbed my neck again, this time tighter than before. I beat his hand but it never hurt him. ” Pl… please. ” I pleaded.

” I will ask you for the one last time, where were you last night?! ”

” I… was… in my… room. ” He slammed me h@rd against the door, biting my neck h@rd. The pain of his teeth on my skin was ten times painful than the other times.


he had drank enough from my blood, again he tossed me to the wall. I couldn’t move, I was helpless on the ground.

My eyes was growing heavy, my head making a siren sound. I knew I wasn’t gonna survive this bite cos it hurts… Like hell.

I p@ssed out.


” Avery! Avery! ” I jerked up, p@nting heavily.

” Where am I? ” I asked Stella who sighed at me.

” You p@ssed out. ” She replied. ” Your body was laying outside The Master’s room. ”

” What?! ”

” Yes. I was able to drag you in here. ” she said, sitting beside me.

” He bite me. ” I whispered.

” He always bite you, Avery, it’s not like it’s a new thing. ”

” No, this time it was painful. ”

” That’s because he was angry at you for not coming. ”

” But you told me he was out for a walk with Madam Dacia. ”

” Of course, he was. Do you think I would lie to you? Madam Dacia also said it, she informed me that she will be outside for a while with The Master.

And this isn’t the first nor second nor third time they go out in a walk, it’s every time. And they never come back on time. I told you so you won’t have to waste your time looking for who wasn’t in his room. ”

” I feel empty. ”

” What does that mean? ”

” I feel like I don’t have a single blood in me. I just don’t know why he hates me so much. Why don’t he go ahead killing me than suffering my life! ”

” He thinks you are special. ”

” Special? ” I scoffed. ” No, he thinks I’m his salad he can have any time any how. I wish I taste like a fowl dung. ”

Stella bursted out laughing. ” What?! ”

” Seriously, you saying that? ” She kept laughing.

” Yes, at least he won’t have to s√¢k me every single night. ”

” Okay.. okay. You prefer to have a fowl dung tasty blood, ” I nodded my head, ” and you think if you do, you will be alive till now? ”

” Who cares if I am alive or not. Besides, Eve must be some where comfortable and safer than this place. Probably that’s heaven if I may say. Who doesn’t want to go to heaven? ”

” Before you think if going to heaven, I brought you some thing to eat. The doctor said I should give it to you. ”

” You didn’t tell him The Master s√¢ks my blood, did you? ”

” No, not at all. I oy told him you’ve refused to eat for quite some days now and you are getting thinner and pale every day. So, he asked me to give you this. He said you need fruits to restore you lost bloods. ”

” You’re a pretty good liar, you know that. ”

” Of course, I do. ”

” Oh, I almost forgot about the apple. ” I took it from where I kept it, chewing it slowly. ” You wanna ask me some thing? Go ahead. ”

” But, let’s be honest with each other, were you actually in your room last night? ” She asked.

” No. ” I kept chewing on the apple. ” I went out to spy. ”

” Spy? ” She repeated. ” On who? ”

” Who else? That devilish Christiana of a girl and her so-called friends. ”

” You could have gotten your self in trouble. ”

” Luckily, I didn’t. ”

” Did you find out any thing about their plan? ”

” I couldn’t. The first time, they almost caught me and the second time, she whispered it to their ears. So, I wasn’t able to evesdrop. ”

” Shit! ” She stamped her fist to the ground.

” Don’t worry, they won’t do a thing to you. ”

” Now, here comes the saviour talking. ”

” Trust me, some one is helping me with this matter. ”

” Who? ”

” His name is Gideon. ”


💄HIS s£×UAL Add!¢tION

{ His Personal Maid }💄

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 28: FINDING OUT.


” Mmm, who’s this Gideon of a guy? ” Stella asked, biting on the banana.

” Don’t worry, you’ll get to know him soon. But for now, let’s just say he is the guy who wants to help. ”

She chuckled. ” I really want to see him, you know. ”

” I forgot to ask him where he stays. But I’ll try asking him tonight. ”

” Last night wasn’t the first time to meet him, right? ”

” Yeah. Actually, it was the second. ”

” Oh, I see. ”

I can show you to him if you want. That’s only if Madam Dacia doesn’t ask of you when you leave. ”

” I won’t have to take too long. Just a glimpse of him and that’s all. ”

” Just a glimpse? I doubt. ”

” So tell me, is he too handsome to spare just a glimpse? ”

” Handsome? ” I scoffed. ” He’s way too ugly for my liking. ” After a brief silence, I asked. ” Can I ask you a question? ”

” Sure. Go ahead. ” She pilled another banana, chewing on it.

” How did Madam Dacia and The Master get to find out I wasn’t in my room? ”

” I think she checked on you herself. She can do what ever it takes to make sure The Master have you dead. ”

” I never thought he was this serious, I thought he had said that to frighten me. ”

” You still see The Master as some kinda joker? I can’t believe you think wrong about him even till now. I’m telling you, Avery, The Master enjoys your blood than any other thing.

He had only refuse to drink from you these few days because he wanted you to regain more bloods. ”

” What could he look like? ”

She rose her eyes at me, ” I bet you don’t wanna find that out.”

” Of course, I do. Is he a human or an animal? ”

” At first, he was a human. But now, he is some thing else you don’t wanna see. ”

” What was he like then? I mean when he was a human being. ”

” No one knew what he looked like, even now he has turned, no one knows either. ”

” Mmm. ”

” You still wanna see him? ”

” Maybe. Maybe not. ”

” I think you better stay with the maybe not. ”


( Later That Night… )

” Are you sure you wanna do this? ” I asked Stella just to be sure if she was gonna change her mind. I didn’t want her to get into trouble before Christiana does put her.

” Oh please, Avery, let’s get going already. ”

We left my room to the same place I had met Gideon the two times we met. ” How long will he take to show up? ” She asked, impatiently.

” I have no idea. ”

” What? ” She grunted, ” I thought you said you two were friends. ”

” No, I never said that. Gideon is not my friend, and he is not even close to that. ”

” So, you have an enemy as a helper now? ”

” You can say that again. Besides, I wasn’t the one who asked for his help, he volunteered himself. ”

” Is he the one over there? ” She said in a whisper, pointing at a direction.

” No, that’s a different person. We should go and come back tomorrow. What do you think? ”

” We stay here, I can’t waste tonight for nothing. And besides, I might not be free tomorrow as today. ”

Guess today is a bad luck then. ”

” Yeah, sure, it is. ”

” Today is definitely not a bad day to me. ” I know who that voice belongs to, and I know who owns it.

” Is that him? ” Stella whispered.

” Yes. I forgot to say, he’s kinda annoying too. ”

” Don’t worry, I’ve been with annoying people before, his isn’t different. ” We turned around to his direction. One hand was in his pocket, and the other hand held the head of his sword.

” And look what we have here, ghosty girl and her best friend. Oh, let me guess, your the Stella Christiana is up to killing. ”

” Yes, I am. Avery told me a lot about you… ”

” Not surprised. She told you about the part where I’m so annoying, right? ”

Stella chuckled, ” No, she said about the part where you promised to help us. ”


Writer ✓

He looked at Avery who looked away with a scoff. He smirked, ” Never expected you to acknowledge the good side of me. ”

” Don’t get high hopes yet. Just trying to be a little s£ntimental. ”

Stella smiled. ” So, what do you sat about it? Are you gonna help us? ”

” Sure. And guess what, I did find out what they are up to. ”

The two girls stared at each other, shocked. ” You did?” Stella felt amazed.

” Of course, I did. ”

” Now, can you just go ahead saying it and stop keeping us in suspense. ”

He smirked again.

” What?! ”

Stella couldn’t hold herself from laughing.

” Where does Madam Dacia store her under wears? ” He asked.

Avery scoffed. ” What does Madam Dacia’s under wears have to do with this? ”

” A lot, sweetheart.”

” In her wardrobe. Why? ” Stella answered.

” Because, that’s the next place for their target. ”

” What will they want with Madam Dacia’s under wears? ”

” I think I should be the one asking you that. ”

” Seriously, what do you care about that? ” Avery yanked.

” Easy, sweetheart, I wasn’t asking to know. ”

” Thanks, Gideon, I really appreciate your help. ” She thanked.

” Any time. ” He turned his gaze to Avery, ” You didn’t tell me you were coming. ”

” I wasn’t.”

” Then why are you here? ”

” Because she wanted to know who you are. ”

” I’m surprised you really do have a good mind about me. ”

” Hmm. ”

” Can I ask you a single question? ” He stared at her for an answer but she said nothing. ” Why do you hate me this much? I just met your friend tonight and she already appreciates me, but I’ve known you for quite some days now, yet… ”

She rolled her eyes at him. ” You wanna know why?”

” Yes.”

” You find that out yourself. ”

Avery scoffed and walked away. Stella didn’t know what to say so she ended up forcing a smile at him, following her behind.

” Avery, wait!” She called. ” Stop, Avery, let’s talk. ” She held her shoulder. ” Avery. ”

She stopped. ” What, Stella? ”

” That was rude, back there. You should have at least be polite to him. Look what he did for us… for me, isn’t that enough for us to be grateful?

Avery, Gideon isn’t the bad guy here, it’s Christiana and her friends. We need to give him a chance. ”

” He might be of a great help to us, but that doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t the good guy. ”

” You said he was annoying, I didn’t see any thing annoying about him. ”

” Seriously? Well, I won’t have to blame you for not seeing it. He just played the baby Jesus back there. ”

She started to go when Stella said the words, ” You have feelings for him, don’t you? ”

Avery paused, but didn’t turn back. ” The only feelings I have for him is hatred. ” She started to her room.

Stella smiled. ” I hope so. ”


To Be Continued..

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