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His nurse episode 9

🌹Sharon’s POV🌹
I sat in the living room reading some nursing tips on my cellphone.
For some days now, Donald and I have been ignoring each other.
Tho, I always check his health status and he has been doing fine.
His cancer is in it’s early stage so there he a great possibility he is going to scale through.
Tho he may be living on medications through out his life, which isn’t really my business.
He has been able to walk freely in the house without any attachments on him and I happy about that.
I won’t be babysitting him every time.
I heard a knock on the door jolting me from my thought. That is weird, For some days now, no one has come visiting even his so called goons.
I walked to the door and opened to see Monica smiling widely.
She was wearing a very short skirt and a crop top that stopped right under her b**bs exposing her belly button.
“Hey.” I said happily hugging her.
“Hi” she replied smiling too.
“Wow you look stunning, come in.” I said opening the door for her to come in.
“Wow this place look nice” she said surveying the living room.
“Yeah, the Almighty Donald’s house.” I whispered into her ear giggling.
She sat on the couch with one of her legs on the other exposing her thighs, I wonder why she dressed differently today.
“And Donald?” She asked looking around.
“He has been indoor for some days now. You know, privacy.” I said rolling my eyes.
“That is weird. You suppose to keep an eye on him always.” She said.
“Yeah I know, but some stuffs came up.” I said sighing.
“Stuff? What stuffs?” She asked narrowing her eyes.
“Never mind Monica, its nothing. Don’t let this spoil the moment.” I said smiling.
“I really want to see him, you know coming to visit you in his house. I have to say hello to him.” She said.
“Hmm! True. Let me go get him for you. Wait here.” I said walking to Donald’s room.
I got to his door and I hesitated in knocking.
“This is kinda difficult. We haven’t spoken for some days now and I coming to tell him that a lady he called monkey is in his house?” I thought fearfully. Oh God help me.
I knocked on the door twice before moving back a little.
“It is not locked.” I heard him say coldly from inside. I turned the knob gently and peeped inside to see him working on his laptop.
I walked in feeling kinda scared, but i summoned courage by moving closer to him.
“I didn’t call you, and I am feeling okay.” He said coldly without raising his head to look at me.
“I am sorry to bother you but someone wishes to see you.” I said looking at him but he didn’t seem to give me any attention.
“I am busy, you can see that.” He replied still focused on his laptop.
“Mr Donald, it is Monica. She came to see me and she really wants to see you, at least for formal reason.” I said hoping he would follow me to see her.
“Sharon, I thought you made it clear you don’t want to talk to me anymore except it has to do with my Health.
Then why are you here?” He asked raising up his head to look at me. God he looks cute.
I am beginning to regret I said those words to him. I didn’t want to have anything doing with him, I was scared I will fall in love with him.
“Sharon, I asked you a question. Answer me, you are wasting my time.” He said frustratingly.
“Mr Donald, please just this once and I promise not to disturb you anymore.” I said with a sober face and I found him staring at me.
“Fine.” He said sighing as he stood up walking to me.
“Thanks.” I said walking out of the room quickly.
🌻 Donald’s POV🌻
Looking at Sharon alone is enough to melt my heart. She really knows how to get me, and it is so annoying. No Lady has had an effect on me not until Sharon showed up.
I walked into the living to see Monica sitting on my couch.
She wore a skimpy skirt exposing her thighs. So disgusting.
I kept my face straight and when she saw me she smiled widely standing up and adjusting her skirt.
“Hi.” She said smiling stupidly.
“She told me you wanted to see me.” I replied coldly ignoring her greetings.
“Yeah I just wanted to greet you.” She said bowing slightly.
“Okay.” I said turning to leave.
“Mr Donald.” Sharon called shaking her head like she was giving me a signal.
“What?” I replied coldly.
“At least greet her too, you know.” She said smiling looking at both of us.
“Sharon.” I called tiredly.
“Please.” She said narrowing her eyes.
“Arrrgh fine. Hi.” I said and walked back to my room.
I so much dislike that girl and I don’t know why. Since the first day I saw her I didn’t like her one bit.
I have a strong feeling she is an evil person.
I sat on my bed and carried my laptop to start working again when the door opened revealing Sharon fuming in anger.
“What!” I said tiredly.
“You were so harsh to her.” She said pointing at the door.
“Sharon I don’t like that girl one bit. I feel she is evil, you need to stay away from her.” I said looking serious. And to my surprise she started laughing.
“I should be the one saying that about you. You are the evil one here not Monica, we should be the one staying away from you.” She said frustratingly.
“Fine! Go! Stay away! I don’t need any nurse okay? I will do just fine! Go!!” I yelled angrily.
😈Monica’s POV😈
I bade Sharon goodbye after I saw the Donald’s reaction towards me. She begged me to stay a little longer but I said no.
I can’t be in his house when he hates me so much. Will he ever like me? But Sharon said they are having some issues? What can that be? I mean they are ignoring each other.
I love the sound of that. Now I know almost everything in that house, where Donald’s room is and the rest.
I just need to settle down and draw out a plan. I will make him love me, even if he starts having feelings for Sharon I will make him hate her.
I will portray her in a bad way to him and then i will come as the angel to Donald and he will have no choice than to love me.
So, I will make them fall in love with each other, then I will carry out my plans and then Sharon will be out of Donald’s life finally and I will come in as the angel.
This is so great, I can’t wait to get Sharon heartbroken and see her cry like a baby.
I walked home hoping that my plans will come out well.
🌹Sharon’s POV🌹
“You really want me to go? I really want to, but I love my job. You can’t make me lose my job! I can’t wait for you to get well so I can get the f**k out of here.” I yelled angrily.
“No need to wait! Just go! You feel I shouldn’t live after all the evil things I have done right! Yes! That is true! But know that every action has a reason.” He said in a teary tone.
“Donald.” I called pitifully.
“Don’t you dare call me! Go,just go. You can never understand!” He said trying not to break into tears.
“Donald, I didn’t mean it that way.” I said walking close to him.
“Yes, you do! Every time you always see me as a bad one which I am, you think I am a murderer yes i am! But have you ever thought why? Have you ever thought why I haven’t killed you until now!!” He said as he finally broke into tears.
“Donald I am sorry.” I said as tears rolled down my face.
“No, its okay. You can go, life isn’t important to people like us after all.” He said turning away from me.
I felt guilt Immediately and I moved to touch him.
Tho I was scared, I summoned courage touching his shoulders.
“Donald, I.. I am sorry. I was just angry with the way you treated my best friend.” I said sitting close to him.
He didn’t say anything but all I could hear was his sob, I can’t believe I made Donald cry.
I pulled his face to meet mine and I saw how red his face was already. He looked away avoiding my gaze.
“Donald I am so sorry. I was scared, I wasn’t in my right senses, I was scared of doing something stupid that was why I decided to keep my distance.” I said cleaning his tears with my thumb.
“Now you have to keep that distance, please leave.” He said removing his face from my hands.
“No Donald, not anymore. I don’t want to anymore, I don’t care what people are saying or how dangerous I think you are. I don’t want to be Far from you anymore.” I said shaking my head.
“Sharon i think it is best if you do so. I can never change, not after what happened.” He said standing up.
“No” I said shaking my head as I hugged him from behind tightly. He turned to look at me and I pulled his head to me kissing him deeply.
I felt his tears touch my face and I felt so touched. I disengaged looking at him and he stared back at me softly.
“Please tell me what happened, I want to know what turned you into this. I know you weren’t like this, you are a soft spot and that is why you released that guy.
That is why you haven’t hurt me, that is why you are crying in my presence right now.” I said looking right in his eyes.
“Sharon, it is hard to say.” He said walking away.
“Donald I don’t mind. I will wait till you are ready to spill it out, I won’t force you to say it.” I said.
He nodded and I went close to him holding his hand in mine.
“I am sorry for making you feel bad.” I said bowing slightly.
“You don’t need to be, I pushed you to the wall. I should be the one telling you sorry.” He said trying to smile.
“Please can you smile for me, please!” I said pouting my mouth making him smile.
“I have never felt this free with someone before Sharon. You made me release my prey which I have never happened.” He said staring into my eyes.
“And why is that?” I asked smiling.
“I don’t know but I feel we have a connection. This is destiny Sharon, my illness, moving in with me is destiny.” He said smiling.
I smiled in response looking at him feeling so much love for him.
“I really wish you can stop these acts Donald.” I said hugging him.
“Sharon I don’t think I can. These people I kill needs to be killed that is why i do. I have never killed an innocent soul before.” He said breaking the hug.
“I guess report them to the cops will be the best rather than killing them. If you are caught you will end up in jail.” I said.
“Sharon when my younger brother was killed the cops couldn’t do anything!” He yelled walking away from me.
🌻 Donald’s POV🌻
“Donald please calm down.” Sharon said walking close to me. She made me remember the pain of my brother’s death afresh.
“Donald please talk to me. Tell me what really happened, your secret are save with me, trust me Donald. ” she said holding my hands.
We both moved to my bed and I sat with her beside me.
“I had a younger brother, you may be surprised about that because, you always hear I am the only heir.
My mother conceived my brother ten years ago.
We didn’t make it known to everybody that we had another baby because fathers rival, also a doctor threatened to do anything to him to make him sad.” I said sobbing slightly.
“Why were they rivals?” Sharon asked.
“He and my Father were in a competition. It was about choosing the best hospital in the whole America. He got so vexed after he had father won it and then he did something that turned me into the monster I am today.
” what did he do?” She asked eagerly.
“He killed my brother right in front of me. He shot him and his blood stained my white T-shirt. I pleaded so bad but he didn’t listen to me, I was just a fifteen year old boy who loved his baby brother.” I said as tears flowed down my cheeks.
“And your parents? Where were they?” She asked again patting me slowly.
“They went to their various works. My father was a very nice man whose hospital deserved that title. But because of people greed they killed My brother putting our family in an everlasting sadness.” I said cleaning my eyes.
“I am so sorry Donald. I never knew you have gone through such pain.” She said sadly.
“I killed him.” I said standing up.
“Pardon?” She asked standing too.
“I killed him with a sharp knife, thrusting it into his heart.” I said clenching my fist in anger as tears rolled down my face continuously.
My face began to grow red, i faced the wall and started giving it several Punch.
“Donald please stop.” Sharon said in tears.
“He was my first kill! He turned me into this!” I yelled still hitting the wall.
“Please Donald.” She said running to me and hugging me tightly. I stopped punching the wall and I broke into real tears.
She hugged me tightly making me sit on the bed. She made me rest my head on her chest and she patted my head slowly.
“It is fine Donald. Let it all out.” She said kissing my head.
🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹
Donald slept off after some minutes if crying profusely.
I felt so bad seeing him that way, now I understand why he is so angry with anyone who tries to dupe him, or anyone who is full of greediness.
I understand him well now, I just hope he can stop his acts already. It is ten years and he is still burning with fury, he needs to stop.
Tho he has been so hurt, life moves on. He can’t just keep killing people, I need to stop his acts, I know talking to him can’t just talk to him, I need another medium.
I noticed he melts seeing me cry and I am going to use that to stop him. I left his room after laying him on his bed.
I walked to the living room and sat tiredly resting my head on the back rest. I heard my phone ring from my room.
I ran to my room to pick up, Frank??
📲 Hi
📲 Hi Sharon, how are you.
📲 I am fine, you?
📲 I am good.
📲 Any problems?
📲 No Sharon, just called to check up on you. Are you less busy?
📲 Errrhnnn not really? Why?
📲 I thought we could just hang out for couples of some hours.
📲 Frank I have a sick patient here, I can’t leave him alone.
📲 Sharon please for just two hours, I know he will be fine for those two hours.
📲 Frank
“Sharon go with him” Donald cuts in. I looked back to see him behind me staring at me.
“Donald are you sure, I can’t leave you like this.” I said holding my phone’s mouthpiece.
“I will be fine Sharon. I shouldn’t keep you here all day, you can go don’t worry about me.” He said and walked out of the room.
📲 Okay Frank, where are we meeting? “Rolls my eyes”
📲 Yes!!!! Royal Restaurant! 3pm! See ya!!
He hung up before I could talk. I don’t want to see him, I know he will keep talking about his proposal to me and I don’t want to listen to him.
I walked to my closet reluctantly to pick a cloth to wear. I looked at my closet and I felt weary immediately, I really don’t want to go but I have given him my word already.
I saw a blue armless gown that stops right on my knee. Perfect! I wore the cloth after taking a shower and I made my hair fall down freely and smooth.
I took a silver shining purse and black medium sized heel. I walked out of my room to see Donald watching TV.
“Errrhn Donald I am off.” I said standing behind me. He turned to look at me and I saw his mouth drop open. He stared at me so much that I felt my knees wobble.
“Donald” I called trying to stop his stare.
“Sharon are you really going out to see Frank in that dress.” He said standing up.
“Ye. Yeah, is it bad?” I asked looking at my dress. I looked up to see him walking close to me, I heard my heartbeat very fast.
“I don’t want you to see him in this dress.” He said standing right in front of me.
“But I don’t see anything bad.” I said frustratingly.
“Go change it!!” He yelled making me flinch.
“Donald, I am not changing it!! You asked me to go when I really didn’t want to, now you are asking me to change my dress?! For what!” I yelled angrily.
“Sharon, you can’t go to see Frank dressing like this. It doesn’t even have an arm!” He smirked.
“Donald I am wearing it and you can’t stop me, you have no control over my life.” I yelled pushing him off the road.
He pulled me back to him and planted his lips on mine. I struggled to let free but he held me firmly. My hands were hurting and I felt tears drop down my cheeks.
Soon I felt him release his grip gradually and I moved back slapping him hard before storming out of the house.
I got outside and I cleaned my teary face with a tissue I took from my purse.
“I shouldn’t have slapped him.” I thought in regret. Well I don’t mind, he crossed his limits too.
To Be Continued


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