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His mrs clumsy Episode 16 & 17

Mrs Clumsy 👑
Episode 16
📿 Roxanne 📿
” Rape her to death and wipe those idiots memories with the antidotes ”
What? I landed my butts on the floor in fear running away from those guys.
My mouth trembling, my heart beating fast with the tears that flows uncomfortably.
Rape to death? How cruel can he be?
” P.. please sir, don’t kill my sister I beg you ” Zoey pleaded.
” Shut up little girl and guys, get to business ” he instructed again pushing me against the ground as they approach me. The five of them.
I can’t bear the pain of being raped not to talk of five men. What crime have I committed?
” H.. have mercy on me please sir” my pleas was answered with a thunderous slap. I fell back to the floor crying my eyes out
One of them removed his trouser with two pointing guns at us making sure Cory doesn’t move. He was crying but couldn’t do anything.
I have heard stories of this but I never thought I will one day be a victim.
How can my own Uncle hate me this much because of wealth?
He forcefully tore my dress making his way on me. This is how I’m going to be raped to death in front of my siblings?
How will they feel? Zoey fainted immediatetly the guy climbed up on me while Cory buried his face in his palm boiling with so much rage
I caused all this, I should have informed someone. Even if it’s Rex or Liam.
With my dress thorned , I was left with my under garment.
” P.. please don’t do this to me ”
It was a waist of strength, I was becoming weak. What do I do than to give in?
Tired of struggling and got beaten up, I laid without fighting.
His hand went in between my thighs finding it way to my p@nties.
I couldn’t scream, no strength left in me to do that absolutely.
He brought out his ¢0¢k ready to dive into me when we heard a lot of gun shots from outside the room…
He jumped up immediately running to get his gun.
Are they here to save me? Did Rex, Liam and Adam find out I was here again? I sighed in relief seeing the way that ‘ devillish uncle ‘ tensed up.
” Boys, out! Make sure you bring everyone of the cops down. They are here, take them with you and let them go ” the man said referring to Cory and Zoey while walking closer to me.
I’m glad he’s letting them go. I pray they get out of here safely
I was too weak to stand up, this is not a time to fight.
He roughly grabbed me from the floor pointing the gun on my head before dragging me out with him.
🏓 Rex 🏓
Thank goodness! The cops brought all the men down while Adam rushed Cory and Zoey to the hospital leaving Liam and I. They look all wound up, tired and weak. Zoey was unconscious.
I wouldn’t ask why, her little brain can’t take things like this.
They actually kidnapped all of them? Then where is my Foxy?
” Some of you should move in and… ”
” No need to come in I’m the only one remaining ” a man said holding Roxanne with a gun pointed at her as he smile devilishly.
Did he wants to kill her ?
” don’t hurt her or I will kill you” I said almost running towards him with rage but one of the cops held me back.
The man chuckled without saying anything….
” Calm down Mr Kings, if we use violence, he might kill the young lady ” the cops said .
” You will let me go and I won’t hurt her ” he said …
I turned to Liam to seek for opinion but he seems shocked as he staggered back ward ..
He severally rubbed his face for reasons I don’t know as he stared at the man with Roxanne .
” Is that all you want?” One of the cops asked….
” That’s just it ” he replied..
” D….Dad?”
Wait! What? Dad? Liam’s Dad? Kidnapped Roxanne and her family? For what? Why?
I glanced at Liam who stood rooted in his place blinking severally then at the unknown man holding my Roxanne. He froze immediately he heard Liam called him and he let go of Roxanne unkowningly as the gun fell from his hand too.
Okay! What’s happening here? They hastily picked up the gun and shoot one of his legs in case he will try to run.
” Son.. ” he called in a surprised tone.
He was too flabberg@sted to remember that he’s a wanted person right now..
I ran to Roxanne as she lie lifeless on the floor. She’s fainted….
” Roxanne, Foxy! Don’t worry okay, you will be fine ” I muttered to her unconscious body .
” How could you Father ” I heard Liam said as he tried to fight the man in tears…
It’s really confusing and at the same time it baffles me what connection he have with Roxanne.
” It’s not time for this man, let’s take Roxanne to the hospital first, she’s dieing ” I said .
He picked up Roxanne running towards the car ..
” Thank you officer ”
” It’s our responsibility sir “….
📿 Roxanne 📿
I woke up feeling stressed and weak. My head hurts so much. I tried sitting up but a soft hand stopped me. Rex!
” Don’t Foxy”
” How are feeling foxy ?” He asked holding my hands in his.
I smiled at him …
” I’m fine Rex, how are my siblings?” I asked. Even after knowing they aren’t my real siblings, I can’t bring myself to see them as strangers. We grew up together, only that makes us siblings.
” They are fine now and Adam and Liam went to get some food for them, I will just call them to get extra for you ”
Talk of Liam, is the man really his father? How did this all ended this way?
If he’s really Liam’s father, it makes him my cousin according to him….
I saw the shock on Liam’s face as he recognized the man to be his father…. I mean, who wouldn’t be?
” Ohh, okay ”
” It’s fine now Roxanne, everything is fine so recover fast for me ” he said placing a soft klzz on my hand .
There’s nothing more important than having those who got your back all the time .
Imagine if I never met them, I could have been dead by now. I just wonder how they normally get to know I have been kidnapped or so.. I will ask him later ..
” Thank you Rex ” I said weakly
” Anything for my baby anyways,the thanks should go to Liam and Adam. Most especially Liam ” ……
Every one of them has played a very vital role in my life.
” Foxy, I don’t want to loose you again ” Rex said while I chuckled as I placed my head on his thigh
” What makes you think you will loose me again?”
” I don’t trust all those hungry guys out there, they might just take you away from me ” he grumbled
” Very funny, no one can take me away from you silly ”
” That means you are all mine ” he shouted. I covered my ears immediately.
” Hey did you want to damage my eardrum?” I said hitting his shoulder ..
” No foxy ”
He replied shortly stealing a klzz from me..
My mind drifted to Liam, I don’t know but I think he’s been avoiding me lately.
” Rex ”
” Yes Foxy ”
” Uhhm did you think Liam has been avoiding me?” I asked ..
” I think I noticed that ”
” You have the idea why?”
” Yeah, I guess it’s because of what his father did. He’s so embarr@ssed to see you, the truth is that he hasn’t been himself”
I sighed, it wasn’t him that wanted me dead but his father so why is he feeling guilty about nothing?
Ever since I recovered, I’ve only seen him briefly. He isn’t the cheerful and funny Liam I used to know.
And his father? The case is still in court.
” But I’m not angry at him, Bella do come around and we cool ”
” Well, shits happened, he ought to feel that way Roxanne. To see that your dad almost killed one of your best friend because of money, will you be able to face him/her?” He asked while I shook my head …
” I understand but still… ”
” The best thing is to have a talk with him okay?” He cuts in
” Okay !”
Mrs Clumsy 👑
short romance story 🌸
Episode 17
🌺 Liam’s POV 🌺
The shame and embarr@ssment is just so unbearable for me. Now I know why he’s been persuading me to take over the company’s business, the business he took away from his brother. Dad killed him because of money and he’s still after his daughter? ..
I feel so ashame to face Roxanne after I got to understand everything.
I won’t forgive my father for this, I will make sure he’s s£ntenced to jail even if it means accusing him wrongly.
I just can’t believe I was lvsting after my sister all this while. Yes! The few times I have spent with her, I think I was falling for her.
I became fond of her. Even when I knew she loves Rex, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her or getting my mind off her.
Maybe the only connection I will have with her is she being my blood. My sister!
How can Dad be so cruel to have murdered her parents?
I don’t know what else to do than to avoid her for now… I feel guilty and sorry for her.
” Hey bro ” Bella called sitting beside me
” Yeah ”
” What’s wrong? You looked worked up” she asked
” Na! I’m fine, just a little stress ” I lied. It was a complete lie because I was actually worried, worried that Roxanne might hate me after knowing her parents was murdered by my selfish Dad.
He said he did it for Bella and I. What sort of excuse is that? I hate him for making me feel inferior, I hate him for breaking my friendship with Roxanne…
” Sure? ”
” Sure Bella, get my food please ” I said so she could leave. I need time to think and cool off the flame burning inside me.
📿 Roxanne 📿
” Idiot let me go, we are getting late” I said hitting Rex’s arm. He actually came to pick us for the court and yeah! Today is the judgement day.
Like I said, the case between my uncle and I was forwarded to the court and here we are ready to go.
If that man isn’t jailed for murder, rape and kidnap. I will never be happy with myself.
He killed my parents and almost got me killed too.
I can’t just get over the plain fact that I am not just an orphan but I also don’t know any of my parents. How sad..
” I want some times with you Foxy ” he grumbled
” Not now okay, we don’t want to keep the court waiting do we? ” I asked as he shook his head .
” No babes but I’m hungry ” he said pouting.
” You should have eaten before now Rex”
” I never said I was hungry for food Foxy” he replied as he traced his hands down my body. Geez!
” Rex! Not now please ” I begged, I don’t want to loose my sanity before we get to the court. His touch is enough to make me abnormal for sometime.
” Foxy ” he whispered huskily klzzing my neck. Gosh! I was becoming weak under his touch. If he don’t stop, we might end up being the one to be going to jail…
” Rex!” I m0@ned his name
” My innocent eyes oh my God! ” Zoey said covering her eyes while Rex released me gr0@ning. She’s a saviour
” Did you see anything?” He asked playfully
” Of course I didn’t but you should stop being all lovey dovey we are getting late” she said rushing out
” Yes, let’s go guys ” Cory added. Seriously, what he was doing really got me.
” It’s not over Foxy ” he whispered to my ear. I laughed pushing him to towards the door.
” With enough proves and witnesses, even his son testified against him. I hereby s£ntence Mr Hudson to life imprisonment with h@rd labour ”
” And the new owner of the company is Miss Williams, she can change the name if she wishes”
” Court !”
Ah! I sighed in relief knowing that justice has finally been taken for my parents and I.
What surprises me most was Liam, he testified that his father was guilty of the crime. He chose me over his father? But when will he stop avoiding me? Although I will have a talk with him later…
” Congratulations Foxy, you are among the winning team darling ” Rex said
” Yes, after me, she’s the winner ” Adam added while I chuckled and Rex nudged his arm.
Liam supposed to be here with us but because I’m here, he wouldn’t show up.
” Thank you all for fighting for me, I’m very grateful ”
” You are welcome beautiful and I think its time you embrace your family ” …
” Yeah, I have the thought in mind ” seeing Liam so alone makes me all moody and goofy … He’s the elder brother I always wished to have so why will our bond break like that?
And crazy Bella, each time I remember the first time we met. I do chuckle. Hi kwaku on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. I thought she was bis£×ual but I came to know she was just playing around and being childish .
🏓 Rex 🏓
” Remember the very first time I saw you in the University?” I asked as she placed her head on my shoulder.
” How can I forget the creepy look you were giving me” she smiled. I tugged the strand of her hair behind her back .
” Seriously, I was lost like a puppy with just staring at you ”
” Seriously, you scared the crap out of me with your unstoppable gaze even when I had a crush on you ”
” I knew you had a crush on me that was why I fired at once ” I said as we both began laughing…
” How did you know?”
” That’s my tiny little secret thou, let’s go. I have a surprise for you ” I held her up dragging her along with me
” What’s the surprise?” She furrowed her eyebrows
” It’s left for you to find out Foxy ”
Minutes later….
” Wow! This house looks beautiful Rex” she enthused
” You like it?”
” Like is an understatement, I love it ”
” Then it’s yours ” I dramatised as she apparently stopped fantasicing about the house.
” Mine?”
” Yes Foxy and here is your car key ” I shoved the key in her hand as she stared at me with mouth agape.
” Rex ”
” Shhhh, s£×y Ladies like you don’t cry ” I wiped her tears giving her a hug.
” I know you have the money now but I want to be the first to give you things of this type ”
” thank you Rex ”
” Can we go in now?”
” I badly want you Foxy ” I confessed, I can’t wait anymore. She’s mine right?
I klzzed her earlobe down to her stomach as she m0@n in ectacy
” Rex” she whispered audibly
” I can stop if you don’t want me to” I said
knowing fully well that I’m lying. I don’t want to.
Heck! I can feel my £r£¢tion bulging out of my shorts. I might reach my climax real soon I’ve waited for long.
She held my hand giving me full cons£nt.
Our l!ps mated, my tongue laced hers.
My hand met with her soft b**bs and I fondle it gently..
Everything was cut short when my phone rang. I ignored it the first time but it rang again.
Why now?
I checked the caller ID and it was Dad..
fv¢k! He’s such a kill joy. gr0@ning loudly, I picked the call still on top of her.
I can’t leave now you know, we have to else I will burst.
📲 Son
📲 Afternoon dad.
I said and gave her a soft klzz on her l!ps
📲 Where were you?”
📲 Uhmm, I was in the shower when you called.
📲 Okay, you should be coming home tomorrow. Marcus will be coming for your birthday.
He dropped the bomb shell. Marcus? Why is he coming now that everything is going smoothly with Roxanne and I?
📲 Are you there son .
📲 Uhh, yeah. I will be home
📲 Good, till then.
I hung up with a sigh.
” Is there a problem?” Roxanne asked
” Uhmm no Foxy ”
I replied as I resumed klzzing her. That I’m scared and sad of my brother’s return doesn’t mean my need has been satisfied. I want Roxanne so badly..


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