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His little mistress episode 31

💋 Irresistible attraction 💋
✍ Author Viola’s Novels ✍
👯S͢E͢M͢I͢ F͢I͢N͢A͢L͢S͢ 👯
🍭e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 31🍭
Georgia broke down into quiet sobs and slowly put down the gun. Two of the cops rushed and seized her while Amberle fell on her knees.
“Amberle?!” Terry called and ran to her side
Amberle opened her mouth to talk but spat out blood.
“Amberle?!” he called shaking her violently “what’s wrong with you?”
Amberle tried talking but couldn’t. She shut her eyes in pain gasped for breath.
Amberle slowly brought her hand up and looked at her blood stained hand.
She touched her stomach again and that was where Terry noticed the knife that had been stabbed into her side.
“Amberle?!” he shouted and tried pulling out the knife but she let out a loud shriek and he stopped.
“you stabbed her” one of the cops accused Georgia
“I didn’t stab her.. I was with a gun and not a knife” Georgia said in self defence
“we don’t have time for arguments” another cop said “let’s take her to the hospital”
“excuse us sir” they said to Terry and carried Amberle out
Terry stood transfixed. He didn’t bother following them as he stared at his already blood stained palms.
“How could you stab her Georgia” he started softly then raised his voice “I pleaded with you”
“Terry don’t be crazy. Who stabs with a gun?” Georgia yelled back
“Take her to the station” one of the cops instructed then turned to Terry “Inspector Cole” he introduced and showed Terry his ID “You’ll have to follow us to the station for questioning”
“I’m going nowhere” Terry spat out without moving
“your cooperation is needed in the case. You might not be a culprit but you’re a witness to the crime scene” Cole explianed
“I’ve got someone to find”
“Does that explain why you’re here?”
Terry glared at the inspector and said nothing.
“Inspector?!” an officer called, running towards them
“what now Tom?” Cole asked
“we saw a man at the backyard, he was
“did you get him?”
“No.. He was able to out run us”
Cole scoffed “so what did you come to tell me? That you saw a man who could possibly be a criminal and you let him get away?”
“we’re sorry Inspector but we found this” Tom showed the inspector a knife which was nearly wrapped in a handkerchief “I think it’s the type of knife that was used for the crime”
Cole stared at the knife thoughtfully then collected the knife from Tom, carefully holding it with the handkerchief.
“He mustn’t have gone far by now. Gather the team, we need to find this man”
Tom scratched his head nervously without making an attempt to move.
“why are you still standing?” Cole asked in rage
“cause, I fear– the man got away already”
“Alright inspector” Tom rushed out through the door then Cole faced Terry
“Tom could be a dumbo most times but a genius other times” he said to no one in particular
“if it’s who I think it is, then Tom is right.. He already got away” Terry said
“who is that?” Cole wanted to know
Terry opened his mouth to talk when they heard someone screaming.
“who’s there?” Cole asked softly.
They exchanged glances then ran off towards the direction the screams was coming from. Terry and Cole stopped at the end of the corridor and looked around. There was no other way. No doors. No windows.
The screams continued and Cole traced the voices to be coming from below them.
The floorboard creaked below them and they went on all fours.
“Is there someone in there?” Cole shouted, placing his ear on the floor for a reply
“Someone help us” a voice shouted from inside the floor
“Zac?!” Terry recognized the voice
“Terry is that you?”
“Zac?!” Terry smiled “hang on, you’ll be fine”
“It’s locked” Cole said, touching the lock that Goldsax had used to lock the floorboard
“We could break it open” Terry suggested, looking around for any possible weapon
“Give me your watch” Cole demanded
“my watch?”.
“quick! We don’t have time. There’s a bomb ticking in there” Cole said and Terry reminded Goldsax’s words.
“it’s alright. I was kind enough to give them time. The bomb won’t blast till the next 3 hours, long enough to say every necessary goodbyes”
“There’s really a bomb” Terry stated
Cole rolled his eyes “I already said that”
Terry took off his wrist watch and gave it to Cole. Cole tried the lock.but it wasn’t working. He dropped the wrist watch in frustration and turned to Terry.
“I need something flat”
“I can’t find anything” Terry said
“Terry?! Terry?!” Zachary called “Terry?! Can you hear me?”
“Terry you have to get out of here. You’ve got less than 15 minutes before the bomb explodes” Zachary said
“Less than 15 minutes” Cole said inaudible “that’s enough time”
“Let’s call in the others. There has got to be a way to break this lock” Terry said
“I don’t need a lot of people when I’m working” Cole declined then brought out his phone. He smashed the phone on the wall and took of a flat piece of it. Terry watched Cole try the lock again with the flat piece he had collected.
“open already” Cole groaned in frustration when the lock wasn’t opening. He was already sweating profusely.
Terry’s pulse ranked up as the screams increased. He thought randomly for another way to break the lock but nothing was coming into his head.
“gotcha!” Cole grinned as the lock opened.
“Phew!” Terry breathed out in relief and helped Cole open the floorboard “that was really smart”
“I’m an inspector” Cole boasted
“Terry?!” Zachary called on seeing Terry and Cole creep in
“Zac?!” Terry ran to them. He stared at the chains Goldsax had used to tied them the shifted his gaze to Cole. Cole understood what his stare meant.
The chains were just too much to loose with the little time they had left.
“Help us” Charlotte begged in tears
Terry glanced at her. She was really different from the Charlotte he knew 5 years ago. She looked dirty and tattered, and worn, and her hair was all messy. Romi, Zachary’s mom had grown old on their little dungeon. Not really old in age but old in looks.
Terry glanced at Zachary’s father, Luke, he was trying to be strong for his family but Terry could see that behind those brave eyes, were fear and pain.
A pain that would end in few minutes.
Either by death or life.
Terry glanced at the bombs. They had 7 minutes left to loose the chains and get away.
“we need help” Terry told Cole
“I don’t need a lot of people while saving lives.. Just you is okay. A little mistake can end us in a second so we’ve got to be careful” Cole said and added “let’s get to work”
Terry moved to Zachary first. He was still confused on how to loose the chains.
“be careful with the bombs” Cole prompted “They’ll explode if you touch them”
Charlotte whined when Cole touched her.
“It’s okay” he whispered “I’ll be careful”
Terry watched Cole as he removed the chains effortlessly. He was been careful not to touch the bombs but he was fast at the same time. The chains were much but weren’t tied.
“Start removing the chains already” Cole hurled and Terry bent down to touch the chains on Zachary’s legs. He dragged out the first one and a bomb rolled.
“Be careful” Cole shouted “else you’ll kill us”
Terry nodded and dragged the second chain. His heart was beating fast and he feared for a mistake. He slowly removed the chains, being mindful of the bombs and soon he was done with the chains binding Zachary’s legs then he moved to his hands.
“6 minutes left” Cole shouted “hurry”
Terry glanced at Cole who was already done with Charlotte and Romi’s chains.
“Terry! Hurry!” Zachary urged. He looked at the bombs then his eyes drifted to the ceiling where Terry and Cole and come in from.
Someone was watching them.
Their eyes met and the person quickly closed the floorboard.
“Terry?!” Zachary shouted “someone is trying to lock us”
Terry looked up as the floorboard closed and he quickly pushed it with so much force that sent the person flying back. Terry climbed up to meet the person who was already trying to escape. He stopped him and pulled off the mask he was wearing.
Hugh laughed “Hello Terry?! Looks like we’ll both die together”
“I knew you were here”
“yea.. I thought as much” Hugh scoffed and hit Terry. Terry fell back into a pile of blocks. Hugh went after him and picked up a big block to hit him when someone grabbed him from behind.
It was Cole.
“I think you’re under arrest gentlemen and….” Cole was still talking when Hugh kicked him. He fell back and Hugh seized the opportunity to rush to the door. He reached for the door and tried escaping when Charlotte threw a stone at him. He slumped on the floor and made to run when Terry stopped him.
“We weren’t done talking little brother” Terry stated
“Get out of my way” Hugh warned
“Terry?!” Cole shouted “The bomb!”
Terry gasped “Zac?! Run!”
They all darted for the door but Hugh pushed the door close.
“we’ll all die together” he stated and bolted the door. Zachary looked around and picked up a huge block. He charged at Hugh with the block and hit hard on his head. Hugh screamed and passed out.
“Let’s go” Zachary opened the door and helped his mother out
“Terry?!” Cole sought his attention “help me carry him” he said, referring to Hugh
“Are you crazy? We’ve got less than two minutes before the bomb explodes” Terry rebuked
“but we need him for questioning in the….” Cole was still speaking when Terry hurled him over his shoulders and ran out
“put me down” Cole struggled as Terry ran. They were mid way in the premises when the bomb exploded and sending them flying to different directions.
Few minutes later, when the blast had calmed down, Cole and Terry got up and looked at the burning house.
“I hope no one is in there” Cole said
“I think everyone got out safely” Terry put in
“let’s go find them” Cole suggested
They proceeded to walk out but Terry stopped.
“Amberle?!” He called out “Amberle?! Which hospital was she taken to?”
“you mean the girl who was stabbed earlier?”
“She was taken to the States hospital is there….”
Terry ran off before Cole could complete his statement.
“I think I’ll have to find them by myself” Cole sighed and walked out in search of the others.
Terry got to the hospital and rushed to the ICU. He found a nurse pacing about the corridor and hurried to her.
“Was a woman who was stabbed brought here?” He asked the nurse
“Yes.. Who are the patient?”
“I’m her husband”
“your name please”
“Terence Oswald”
“And your wife’s name?”
“Amberle Oswald”
The nurse jotted down their names in her notebook then said “follow me” She led him to Amberle’s ward and stopped at the door. There were two officers guarding her room.
“The patient’s husband is here to see her” the nurse informed the officers and the stepped aside
“Your wife is awake” the nurse said “she’s so strong that she wouldn’t sleep.. Even the pills didn’t work”
“can I go in?”
“sure– you’re her husband” the nurse replied “but don’t let her talk too much or stress herself so she doesn’t plead”
“Alright” Terry pushed the door open and walked in
Amberle looked up when the door opened and smiled “Terry?!”
“Amberle?!” he grinned and kissed get deeply
“what happened?” Amberle asked when they broke the kiss
“Everything is fine now Amberle”
“And Zac?”
“we found him and his family.. They’re safe now”
Amberle smiled “I’m really happy. I couldn’t sleep thinking something bad happened to you”
“I’m fine” Terry said then asked “how’s your wound?”
“it still hurts badly”
“I’m sorry”
“you didn’t stab me Terry” she chuckled then asked “where’s Georgia?”
“No news about her yet but she has been arrested and Hugh died in the blast”
“So it’s just the two of us– and Zac, and his family”
“just the two of us matters” Terry said and Amberle blushed “you need to rest so your wound can heal”
“Terry I’m fine now that I’m seeing you. Those officers at the door really scared me”
“but I insist you rest”
“Come hug me”
Terry laughed and sat on the bed beside her.
“hope this doesn’t hurt you” he said as he hugged her side
“it doesn’t hurt like staying way from you
Terry smiled and touched her hair
“Is there any news about my mom yet?” Amberle asked
“I forgot to ask” Terry sighed “I’ll find out. You don’t need to worry, your mom is definitely okay” he assured
Amberle smiled “I love you Terry”
“Amberle don’t even think of flattering me” Terry said jocularly
“What?” Amberle laughed
“Don’t laugh too hard.. It’s going to hurt you”
Amberle laughed more and winced as a sharp pain shot through her side, where she had been stabbed.
“I told you” Terry accused “now stop laughing”
Amberle tried to stop but ended us bursting into a more outrageous laughter.
“Terry stop it”
“You’ll hurt yourself”
“ouch!” she winced in pain
“Amberle you’ve got to stop laughing”
“Then you’ve got to stop breathing” Amberle said seriously “cause you’re the only one who makes me smile”
“Oh! Amberle! Flatter me more” Terry laughed
“see” Amberle laughed too “you made me laugh again”
“does it hurt”
“ouch! Yes” Amberle guffawed
“you know what?”
Amberle turned serious “what is it?”
“why not I kiss it better” he winked
“no one is watching”
Terry looked around “you’re a patient”
“And you’re my doctor. You’re a doctor remember?”
Terry smiled and pulled her into his arms.
“Close your eyes and make sure at doesn’t hurt”


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