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His average wife episode 33

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 33
To Love is to enjoy that free fall from a height
Expecting someone to catch you on time.
For either, it makes you indestructible to sustain all times or ruins you into pieces that no one can ever unite.
……..4 months later……….
“You know you don’t have to give me those puppy eyes! I would have said yes anyway”
Jake said with a duh look as Elle jumped into his arms.
“You are the best Jake!! Have I told you how much I love you?”
Jake smiled seeing that natural smile on her face after such a long time.
As her peach fragrance engulfed him, he hugged her tightly.
“No you haven’t…but I don’t mind waiting”
The words left his lips before he could stop them
Punching him on his shoulder she thought it to be a joke for which Jake was thankful.
“Strawberry it is then!!”
“Your wish is my command, my lady!! ”
Pulling back from her, he made his way towards his bike to only have her widen eyes in excitement.
“Omg are we riding on this! This is so cool!”
“Don’t tell me you have never driven a bike, Elle! ”
“I truly haven’t!! Dad always used to say it’s not safe!”
The mention of David made Elle get lost in thoughts for a second to only have her hide it under the cover of a fake smile.
Jake could see straight through her fake smiles, to only reply it with his own fake one.
“Place your right foot on this stand here and hop on holding my shoulder”
She nodded placing her hand on his shoulder to have him stop her abruptly.
“This skirt would not do…go change first”
He said looking at her long pencil skirt, which was bound to get torn in the process.
“Oh come on Jake! I am too tired to go and change!”
“Elle, try to unde-”
Before he could complete his sentence a fabric tearing sound was heard and he stared at her in shock
She stood there with a victorious smile on her face with her pencil skirt torn from her slit till her mid-thigh.
Unknown to her Jake blushed a hundred shades red on seeing those creamy thighs of her peeking through that rough slit
Without wasting a second she jumped onto his bike, holding onto his shoulders for support.
He gulped down his saliva trying to act as normal as possible.
Trying to ignore her soft touch on his shoulder and that heavenly breath on his neck.
“Come on Jake!! Ride it!!”
His hormones did a summersault when he misheard the word ‘it’ with ‘me’.
Only when she tapped his shoulder again did he wake up from his world of dreams.
“Where are you lost? Come on!! Or the ice cream parlour will be closed!”
“Oh ..hmmm ..yeah…sorry….I…”
“Go, Jake!”
He kicks started the bike to only have her scream in excitement.
The bike roared in the silence of the deserted street and soon they were flying with the wind dusting away her worries and hidden pains.
On reaching their destination she literally attacked the ice cream parlour pushing past the kids in the line.
“Your order madam?”
“Hmm 2 strawberry treats and 1 chocolate waffle”
Jake saw her making her way towards him with hands full of ice cream and waffles.
“Since when did you started liking waffles? I thought you hated then last time we went for dessert”
Her steps halted as she stared at her hand holding the waffles.
The question surprised her as well as her mind drifted towards someone who was very fond of waffles.
“Even…I don’t know”
Jake ignored her reply grabbing onto his cone of strawberry treat.
“Strawberry was not my type but then I met you”
Her eyes zooming onto him, trying to decipher the meaning behind his words.
“Do you mean to say that I have spoiled your taste, Jake Miller!! Go have your plain Vanilla then!! Give this to me!”
She tried grabbing onto his ice cream to which he stepped back
“Hey, woman! Calm down!! What’s with your sudden mood swings! ”
“No, give it to me! You go get another!”
She again tried grabbing his ice cream to which he held her wrist and pulled her towards him.
Making her close the distance between them.
She stared at him with that doe like eyes as he got lost in them.
“I never said I don’t like it, Elle, instead Strawberry is my new favourite”
Her eyes widened in shock as he smiled at her.
His eyes flickered between her hazel orbs and that strawberry ice cream at the corner of her lips.
How badly he wanted to taste the ice cream through her lips.
How badly he wanted to claim her.
“There is ice cream…at the corner of your lip”
Her hands were full so she tried cleaning it with her sleeves to only see the disappointment in his eyes.
Before she could understand much, his thumb was placed on the corner of her lips, gently cleaning it.
“You are such a clumsy girl Elle, sometimes I don’t know what to do with you”
His words did something forbidden inside her as his touch burned her.
Moving back from him she turned her back on him to calm herself down.
While on the other side he licked his thumb covered with her ice cream while staring at her back.
“I…. let’s go back”
He nodded and both went back in silence.
His mood worsened seeing her returning to her sulking again.
He usually doesn’t voice his worries but today he has had enough.
As she was making her way back inside with down casted eyes and lost mind, he stopped her.
“Tell me the truth, Elle? How are you?”
Her eyes refused to look up at him and he sighed.
“I am fine”
“Do you know Elle these are the most-lied words in English dictionary”
Her silence was frustrating as he held her shoulders, urging her to look up.
“Elle… please you are hurting me by doing this! He is not worth it… please try to understand this!!”
He shook her shoulders harder trying to waken her up to reality.
“I…dodon’t want to talk about it… I am fine see”
She smiled at him to only have him clench his hand into fists.
“Just stop with this Elle!! Stop smiling at every damn thing when you are crying from inside! Just let go your pain and everything will be fine!”
He nearly pleaded her but her smile didn’t vanish.
“I brought this pain on myself, Jake …you don’t have to suffer with me, just give me time…I will be fine”
“Oh come on Elle …. please just share it with me…I promise to make it fine….just let me love you”
She again smiled sadly at him, placing her hand on his shoulder
“I have only learned to share happiness Jake, for pain is only to be subdued.
And if you think I will break with this heartbreak, then think again because Elle is much stronger than you think”
Jake had tears in his eyes as he engulfed her in a bone-crushing hug.
She soothed his back as he felt all her pains.
“Please Elle….I….I don’t want …. please don’t change…”
“Shhh sassy boy, you are ruining my shirt with your tears”
He broke in laughter in-between his cries as he clenched onto her tightly.
Once finally done with crying he stood there in front of her cleaning his tears with the sleeves of his shirt.
She stood there smiling at him with head moving in disbelief.
“You are such a crybaby Jake, I thought boys didn’t cry”
“They cry Elle, they do cry but behind closed doors”
“So you mean to say you are not a boy?”
He smirked at her moving towards her suddenly,
Not expecting she stepped back to only have him step forward.
Her back hit the front door as she looked up at him.
Pressing one hand on her either side, he smirked.
“Do you want me to show you how much of a man I am …dear Elle?”
Her eyes widened as she interpreted his words.
Smirking in reply she held the handle of her door behind her back
“Sorry sassy boy for this girl doesn’t need a man ”
With this, she twisted the knob behind her and entered inside.
Making Jake lose his balance and fall down with his face pressed on the door.
Her laughter was heard in response as he smiled listening to its melody.
“You can drive a man crazy Elle and if not, he is not a man”
Her head was resting on the sofa as she switched through the TV channels.
The clock ticked 1 but sleep was the last thing in her mind.
Her thumb was pressing the button repeatedly in search of a good movie night.
But one look at his face and her fingers froze.
The remote was placed back in her lap as her eyes were glued at the screen.
“- said it to be a conspiracy of trapping her, the sources are yet to be traced.
Just a few months back a shipment was confiscated at the coastline of bosoro , it was said that the pirates have attacked it but no proof has been found till date.
The ship was illegally transferring drugs from Russia to Us and was raided on its way near the Gulf of Aden.
Police officials are yet to give their statement on this but without a doubt, WV Chemicals are under serious liquidity crisis as the investors are withdrawing their funds.
The CEO of the company Veronica K has made it clear that they will come out clean but we all know how unusual it is to defend such a strong accusation.
Waiting for you at the other side of the break is the backstory of this case which is said to be linked to none other than our hot bachelor Ashton Lockwood.
Stay tuned”
Elle gulped down the glass of water placed at the side table.
Her heart was throbbing inside her chest as her eyes were glued to the screen.
“Welcome back to world news, in continuation with the breaking news of today let’s see how Ashton Lockwood gets involved in this.
It was just a few months back when Ashton Lockwood stood at the verge of bankruptcy and just today he listened 79 th in Forbes list of youngest billionaires.
Unbelievable right? But that’s all true.
WV chemicals were the ones who won a case against him, leaving Lockwood industries on verge of insolvency.
But then the case was opened once again when Ashton appealed for justice, accusing WV Chemicals of deframing him.
The confiscation of such a big shipment at such a perfect time do sounds suspicious but how can anyone accuse him without any evidence.
So coming out clean Ashton Lockwood was seen coming out of court this early morning with a dashing smile on his face.
For how badly we have missed that smile of his in these past few months when he had suddenly disappeared.”
A present picture of Ashton was shown on the screen and Elle couldn’t help stop herself from longing for him.
Her finger twitched to touch that face of his which had grown a subtle beard over these few months.
But unknown to her the biggest bomb was yet to be dropped on her.
“Our sources have confirmed that our dearest heartthrob is single again.
Yes, you heard it right Ashton Lockwood just divorced his wife Elle Hamilton a month ago.
Both were not seen together since last few months and now have officially separated.
But the night is not over yet, even more, shocking news is that it has just been a month since his divorce and he was found locking lips with the hot sensational actress Chloe Sanders.
Ashton Lockwood is definitely a deep man for no one can truly understand him.
Both were found in a heated session just outside her premises and without a doubt, there was that spark between then which was missing between him and his ex-wife.”
A picture was shown of a tall blonde actress holding his face in her manicured fingers and kissing his lips.
Something broke inside Elle.
It felt like thousands of pieces of glass were picking her as tears welled in her eyes.
“Aren’t they the most gawked at couple my dear folks, for Chloe Sanders is a beauty one out of millions and our dear Ashton is no less.
Stay tuned for latest updates.
Meet you guys tomorrow at the same time.
Sighing off your favourite host, your own Nikki!!!!”
Loud music played in the background to which Elle was oblivious.
Her eyes still stared at the screen as her heart betrayed her.
The subdued pains all stuck her together as tears kept falling down her cheeks.
Her lips could taste the saltness in them as a sob broke through her lips.
It felt like tons of weight was placed on her chest as she found it difficult to breathe.
Her breathing became ragged as her hands started
shaking vigorously.
She trusted him, even after 4 months she still trusted him to come back to her and engulf her in the safety of his arms.
But this? Never in a million years, she could have thought that he would betray her like this.
He has moved on
He has forgotten you
You are not worth even a second of his attention
You are ugly
Ugly freak! Ugly freak!
The voices in her mind made her grab onto her head in frustration.
Her shaking hands searched for her phone.
She needed to hear his voice.
She can’t believe this till she hears him say it.
With trembling fingers, he called his number to be the only unavailability.
Cursing she called Maria’s number.
“Hi..Maria.I…am Elle speaking….can I talk to Ashton?”
“Elle ma’am…oh dear I was so worried!! How are you….”
“I am fine Maria… please Maria… please can I talk to him once”
“I am sorry ma’am but I haven’t seen Sir in the past few months, he doesn’t come back home”
Next, she dialled his secretary’s number.
“Hello, Lockwood industries, how may I help you?

“Hi….I am Elle speaking”
“Who Elle?”
She asked not much interested.
“I…. Ashton’s wife….can you please hand him the phone”
“Sir’ s wife? Oh you mean ex-wife, I am sorry but we have orders to not forward your calls. Plus sir is quite busy in his office with his new girlfriend, now if you may excuse me…I have some work to do.”
The call ended and Elle couldn’t help control the feeling of nausea that was building up.
Next, she knows an upthrust was felt in her throat and she rushed to the toilet seat emptying her stomach.
Once done, her forehead was covered in beads of sweat as her shaking hands were holding the seat for support.
She was in desperate need of someone to help her but sadly there was no one.
“…… soon you will wake to reality.
And mark my words Elle…no one and I mean no one will be there to cuddle with you and wipe your tears.
No one will feed your empty stomach and tell this to you.
Monsters in the real world don’t have horns and scary scars.
They are around you ready to pounce when you turn your back on them .”
His words ringed in her mind as she had lost the strength to even get up and go to her bed.
As another thrust made her head spin, she grabbed on the seat tightly ready for another one.
The logical side of her mind was telling her to go back to the drawing-room and call Jake for help.
But her emotional side had already surrendered.
Slowly crawling towards the sink she manages to splash water on her face.
Her hot tears got mixed with the coldness of the water and she couldn’t help crying it all out today.
You are no one to him
You were a disgrace for him
Don’t shadow his beauty with your ugliness.
She is one in million, she is beautiful, unlike you ugly duckling.
The voices in her mind were echoing in the small bathroom.
Her hands not enough to block her from her ears
“Enough!! Enough!! Shut up !! Just shut it!!”
She finally screamed breaking down all the cries to silence.
The mirror in front of her showed her devastated state.
Staring back at her own reflection with an equal intensity she stared at those red eyes.
“L earn to love yourself before you go out finding someone to love you.
The day you learn it, you will find all the happiness you are yourself throwing away”
“No one can enter here Elle..”
He said pointing to her temple.
“Only you can and only you have the power to destroy it”
His words were repeating in her mind as she stared at herself.
What was she doing to herself?
She was destroying herself!!
“I didn’t destroy you, Elle, you are destroying yourself!!
With your insecurities, your jealousy !!
You are doing this to yourself!!”
Till today she never understood what she was doing with herself.
But now when she is alone and there is no one to catch her, she finally understands the meaning of the words he has spoken to her.
Standing straight back on her feet with determination in her eyes, she looked up with newfound confidence.
Placing a hand on her stomach she looked down trying to feel the heartbeat of that little 4 months old heart learning to beat inside her.
“If not for me but for us, I can do anything my little miracle.
For your mom is Elle and she doesn’t need a man to give you a beautiful life .”
Someone asked me to define you and I went silent for a while,
For that was when I realised that even I couldn’t understand you.
For understanding, you was like forgetting what you asked for.
And I was not ready to give you my mind when my heart was already a captive in yours
TBC 💢💢💢


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