🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️

( Not like a model )

Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒

Episode 36



You are my earth and I am your moon,
I only know how to rotate around you.
I only know how to reflect back all the sun’s light towards you.

No matter how hard this universe tries to tear me apart from you
I will always remain attached to you.

Jake stood there in front of her with worry evident in his eyes.
His hasty footsteps made him go towards her and engulf her small frame.

Her good hand patted his back as the boy was literally on the verge of sobbing.

He couldn’t utter a word, but the grip of his embrace showed her how scared he was for her.
“I am fine sassy boy”

“I am so sorry…I am sorry Ell…. please…I….this happened all because of me…I left you …all this wouldn’t -”

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She silenced him as the first teardrop fell from his eyes.
“What did I tell you about boys and crying?”
He wiped his tears, holding onto her hand in his.

“Does it hurt Ell? Why is your shoulder bandaged?
Also your child…are you both fine”

“We are fine Jake don’t worry! You know I can’t die that easily..plus you my muscle strength, right? I punched him and drew blood!! Isn’t that awesome!!”

He stared at her like she has grown two heads.
Mouth open in shock.

“You can’t be serious! Did…did you really?”
“Yaa and I also smashed a pot on that bad man’s head!!”
His tears were replaced by a smile as he felt proud of her.

Placing his hand on her head he moved his head in disbelief.
“You are really something Ell, joking at this time is not what normal people can afford to do.”

There was a pause of silence as Elle looked lost in thought all of a sudden.

“Jake…I need a favour, can you please not tell Ashton about …”
Her gaze went lower to her fidgeting fingers that were placed on her belly.

“No Ell this is not right! He needs to know! He is the father Elle, you can’t hide something so big from him! He has the right to know!”
“I am not hiding Jake…I just need some time…I am not ready…I….”

“Have you lifted up this boyfriend t-shirt of yours and seen yourself in the mirror Elle? Your baby belly is almost showing!

You don’t have time…you have to tell him before he comes to know on his own!!”

“Hell, I thought that out late-night ice creams were making you fat….but once you told me…I could see why!”

“I know …but…what if he snatches my baby away from me Jake….my angel is the only thing I have….he can’t…I will not….”

“See Elle I don’t know what reasons you have to think this way but you are doing a mistake.

You have to tell him one day..why not sooner?”
“I …I don’t know Jake….”

“See Ell let’s be rational here.
Someone is trying to kill you, what happened today was all planned by someone.

And I think Ashton knows who it is.
You and your angel will be safe with him.

Please ell don’t be so stubborn !!”
He was right

Her life was in danger and only Ashton can keep her safe.
His eyes looked for answers to which she nodded.

Pulling her in for a hug he whispered in her ears.
“You are doing the correct thing Ell, don’t worry”

A throat was cleared behind them making Jake pull back from her.
They both took in the man standing at the door with his usual cold eyes staring at them.

“I….I will take my leave….see you later Ell…take care”
Elle smiled at him in reply making Ashton burn in jealousy.
How he missed seeing her smile at him like that.

As soon as Jake left them alone, Elle’s smile disappeared getting replaced by a scowl.

“We are leaving back to New York tonight, pack your stuff”
His cold voice ordered her, making her look up at him with equal coldness.

“And I will listen to you because?”
Her questioning gaze and raised eyebrow made Ashton narrow down his gaze on her.

“See Elle it’s fine if you don’t want to talk to me or ignore me but still you have to follow my orders without questions.”

“Do you consider yourself to be God or what? I don’t follow your orders, Ashton Lockwood. Not anymore”

Both refused to lower their gazes with each trying to show their superiority.

“I see you have grown a backbone staying with that guy. So what’s it?
Do you like him now?”

His question made her sense the ping of jealousy he was trying to conceal.

With a smirk on her face and shoulders held high, she approached his large frame.

“So what if I have? And anyway how does it concerns you, my dear ex-husband?”

That taunting gaze of hers made him fist his palm at his side’s.
He was feeling angry at his wife’s audacity to declare that she has feelings for someone else.

Grabbing her wrist all of a sudden he pulled her frame towards him.
“If you think a fuc*** piece of contract can stop me from having a claim on you.

Then you are badly mistaken, my innocent wife.
For you are mine Elle and I will make sure you understand this!”
His tight grip on her wrist showed how serious he was.

With jealousy burning as hot fires in those brown orbs he stared at her with a final warning.

“Yours? Are you bipolar or what Ashton for last I remember I was your ignored rejected and embarrassing not so beautiful wife!!”

The staring match continued with her refusing to back down to his dominating stare.

“Leave me hand”
His grip tightened instead to leave a bruise for sure.
“Will not in my fuc*** lifetime”

Her eyes widened seeing the determination behind his words.
“I said leave me, Ashton!!”

Her grip loosened on her wrist to only have her waist grabbed by him and her back to be pressed on his chest.

With his arms locking her movement he placed his head in the crook of her neck.

She struggled to try to loosen his hold to only get entrapped in them further.

His warm breath on her neck made her aware of what his intentions were.

But sadly her strength was not enough to break free of his prison.
“I hate you….I hate you so much.”

Her cries of frustration made him press a tempting kiss on her earlobe.

His other hand moved down with a lingering touch on her skin through her t-shirt.

Lifting up the hem of it with his playing fingers, he placed circles on her waist.

“Why….why are you doing this!! Why did you come back…just leave me !!”

He was busy getting lost in her addicting fragrance which he has longed for so long.

His touch on her stomach burning her subdued desires.
When suddenly everything stopped.

His hand on her waist stopped rubbing circles and his cold voice made her numb in shock.

“Are you hiding something from me?”
His words made her rigid like a stone.

Looking down at his retreating fingers near her stomach, her fear came true.

Within a second he was standing in front of her with his fingers lifting her chin to look at her face.

“I will ask you again…are you hiding something from me?”
Her down casted eyes, frozen state, escaping eyes were enough to tell him the answer.

She expected violence, but she got silence.
Her prolonged silence was answered by a kiss on her forehead and she looked at those disappointed eyes in surprise.

With a caring pat on her head, he was gone ordering the guards to collect her luggage.

It was a long flight and Elle’s tired limbs were in dire need of rest.

Placing herself on the king-size bed in the private plane, Elle dozed off to sleep in the background sounds of turbulence.

Unknown to her, he spent hours staring at the beauty of his wife.
His fingers twitching to touch that fringe on her forehead, but his mind stopping him at the last moment.

Covering her up with the quilt he crouched down at her level.
His gaze went lower to stare at her swollen belly.

He will get her report as soon as they land in New York.
He gave her the opportunity to tell him on her own but she preferred silence.

At that time, it took everything in him to stop himself from making her speak.

He wanted her to speak, he was desperate to hear “our child” to leave from her lips.

And he would be the happiest man on this planet.
But sadly he could see the lack of trust in her eyes.

She didn’t want to make him the happiest man.
She said she hated him.

Placid a lingering kiss on her navel he left the room in silence.

“Why are they standing here?”
Elle questioned pointing towards the guards outside her door.

“They are for your safety and yes, you are not to leave this room unless you have my permission”

She placed her hands on her waist, glaring at him.

“Do you take me to be a dog? I don’t need your perm-”
“6-7 , you will be allowed for a walk in the garden and that also with these guards following you.

No tantrums will be entertained, you can die of boredom for all I care but you are not to step out of this mansion.
Am I clear?”

“No!! I won’t listen to you!! You can’t control my life like that!! ”
“Then go step outside and die”

The coldness in his voice and the truth behind his words made her shut up.

Opening and closing her mouth like a fish, she was debating on telling him about their child.

After all, she needs to go for her check-up regularly.

His stare was fixed at his phone screen as she fidgeted with her fingers.

As soon as she gathered enough courage to speak his phone ringed.
Pressing the cell to his ear, he was gone while signalling the guards to get on duty.
“Sir she visited one hospital thrice in the last 2 months.”
“Which doctor?”

“Sir …a gynaecologist”

“And you are telling this to me now!! Didn’t I hire you to personally investigate everything on her.”

“I…I thought it was a regular check-up… sorry sir-”
“Shut it! Just get me her reports. ”

He ended the call and turned around to look at her room.

Luckily she was standing just in his eye view with gaze fixed outside the window and hands crosses in front of her.

His eyes teared in happiness.

He was sure she was carrying his child.
He couldn’t believe the fact that he was going to be a father.
But how can she hide something so big from him?

He trusts her enough to know that she is carrying his child, then why can’t she trust him once.

Yes, the contract was the sole reason.
She thinks he has divorced her and next he will snatch away the child from her.

Oh, Elle how low you think of me.
Taking hasty steps towards his office he took out the contract papers.
Tucking it inside his pocket, he was ready to teach her to speak.

“Just stop barging in like you own everything here!! Get out!!”
She said adjusting her towel closer to her chest.

Her wet hair sticking to her naked shoulders and hands clutching the fabric near her chest.

“Technically I do earn everything here in this room”
He smiled failing to hide the happiness of the good news behind it.

“You don’t own me!! And stop smiling like a psycho !! Get out you pervert!!”

He instead moved closer with his smile widening with each step that he took.

Trapping her between his arms and the wardrobe, he whispered in her ear making goosebumps to appear on her arms.
“Wrong answer wifey for I still own you”

She couldn’t push him back, as her hands were busy holding the towel in place.

“You don’t, you divorced me remember?”
“Oh Elle how gullible can you be? Don’t you know that it required two hands to clap?

For as far as I remember I never signed a divorce from you”
Her eyes widened as she took in his words.

“But the contract said……”
“Oh you mean this one”

Her eyes went up to see a burning paper in his hands.
Within seconds it turned to ashes between their feet and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“But…how…it said that…..”
“I married you in front of God and only he can separate me from you.”

She couldn’t understand much, her belief on him was at its rim and it only required one pebble to overflow it.

“Stop….just stop ….you can’t just come back and tell me that you still want me….I….what do you want from me…why are you saying all this….!!”

Her pitch went higher with each word she spoke.
Not ready to believe the man in front of her, she was drowning in doubts.

“I just need you, Elle….why are you so damn persistent to doubt my intentions! ”

“I am doubting your intentions when it is you who goes and kiss some other girl just after our divorce when it is you who orders his secretary to not forward my calls!!

When it is you who leaves me the fuc* alone for 4 long months!! When it is you who tells me not to trust you!!!”

His head lowered in shame, she was right.
He himself was at fault.

He wanted to touch her, hug her, kiss her.
But those burning orbs.

They dared him to take a step forward.
“I am sorry Elle …. please just. Just don’t stress out…relax…I will leave…”

His gaze went a little lower at her swollen belly.
With fingers yearning to touch it, he clenched them into fists.

Turning around to leave, he had only taken a step when her next words stopped him.

“Stop pretending like you don’t know. ”
His eyes shined with a child’s brightness as he turned around to face her.

“The happiness in your eyes, your consistent gaze and warm kisses on my naval.

I know you know it.”

He moved closer to her to only get stopped by the show of her hand.
“Don’t…just don’t step closer.

Who knows a power greedy man like you who can go to any extent to destroy a person.

What all he can do to get back his child and property…”
His eyes flickered in confusion.
Get back his child?

“Don’t give me that look! I know you wish to take away my child from me….just like everyone you also want my property!!”

“Have you lost it! I told you before also, I am telling you again.
I only want you, Elle!! Nothing more.

Plus didn’t I burn the contract just now.! Why will I do it if I wanted your property!”

“No…you destroyed that Veronica…she told me before only that you will do this,…I can’t trust you….my child…we are not safe….we need to leave”

She started moving around in anxiety making Ashton worried for her.
Taking out clothes from her closet she was throwing them onto the bed.

“Elle….Elle listen to me…. please”
“You can’t trust Veronica…she planned this Elle!! ”

But Elle was ignorant to his cries, movie her hands and eyes frantically she kept moving between the bed and the wardrobe.
She wasn’t listening.

Her logical side was not functioning after getting overpowered by emotional one.

Grabbing her shoulders suddenly, he made her stop her madness and look at him.

“Just stop with this bullsh**!! I love you dammit!! Why the hell will I harm you?

You are the only girl I have ever loved my dear ugly duckling!
The only girl that has made me fall madly in love with her innocence!”

He held her face between his palms staring at those worried eyes with assurance.

“I love you, Elle!!”

She couldn’t believe him.

Her eyes searched for the truth behind his words.
But sadly those blurring eyes were veiled by mountains of doubts.

He moved forward to claim her lips when she moved a step back.
His heart broke the very second.

With hands dying to clean the trails of dried tears, and arms shaking to engulf her in a warm hug.

He stood there staring at the love of his life in surprise.
He couldn’t believe this.

She can’t reject him.

He loved her.

She can’t leave him and that also with his child.
He wanted her back no matter the cost.

Before his mind could stop him, his legs have already moved forward and his hands have already grabbed her neck.

Placing his lips on her, he kissed her roughly.

Trying to show her how much her rejection has hurt her.

Her tiny fist assault on his chest was in vain as he pushed her back closing all the present spaces between them.

Changing from a tougher to a gentler pace, he tried showing her how much he truly loved her.

But sadly she misinterpreted it with control and dominance.

Pushing him back with all her strength, an echoing sound was heard in the silence of the mansion as she slapped him.

His head moved to a side as a burning pain entered his cheeks.
Looking down at the floor he couldn’t understand for a few seconds as what has happened.

Only when her furious voice screamed at him, did he realised it.
“I said stay away from me!! Don’t you dare touch me again!!

If you think you can mend all the wounds you left here …in this heart with these disgusting kisses then think again !! For they no longer affect me!!”

He couldn’t look up at her.
Taking in all her insults, he stood there with no intention to debate any longer.

Grabbing his collar she forced him to look at her, to only find emptiness in return.

He looked dead as he stared at her.
“Get it, Ashton Lockwood, for I will not repeat myself!!

This child here is mine and I will kill whosoever tries to take my child away from me.

Father or not..I don’t give a f***!!”

“I never thought you considered me to be such a low man Elle, but it’s fine I guess…maybe something was missing in my love only that you have started hating me so much.

The way you look at me, it makes me hate myself, Elle.”
Her hands dropped down and he stepped back from her, taking alone the little self-respect left in him.

“It’s my fault only….I failed in showing you my love for you. For pushing you away instead of on hugging you.

I am really sorry for everything you had to go through.”
“You don’t need to leave…please stay here as it is safe here….instead I will leave .”

“I will leave you if you feel safe that ways…I won’t bother you from now on”

He had reached the threshold when he turned around for the last time to look at those hurt eyes.

“Forgive me for my flawed love for it was the only thing I could ever give you

Please take care”
His face disappeared like that only, leaving her to crash down on her knees.

She stared at her hand that has managed to slap him, and it was shaking in her lap.

Hitting it on the wooden floor, she screamed in agony till her hand went numb just like her soul.

John was pleading desperately trying to reason out with his boss.
“Sir, please! You can’t go alone!! It’s not safe…we can arrange back up -”

Ashton lifted his one hand to silence him while tucking in the pistol on his waist with his left.

Loading in the ammunition cartridge he finally looked up at John.
“She has called me alone at her warehouse to settle everything tonight.

Backup can threat an attack on Elle which is not an option.
Double the security at the mansion tonight, you are in charge tonight”
John nodded as Ashton patted his back in encouragement.

“But Sir this is what she wants… it’s like a suicide mission. Sir please…at least take me along”

Ashton moved his head in a no while smiling at John for the first time in ages.

“Alone I fight this battle for my life
For her love for me is like a losing battle, but still capable to leave me unscathed.”

TBC 💢 💢💢💢


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