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High school romance episode 29

😍 Who’s that girl 😍
Author viola
I tried opening my eyes but they felt heavy and difficult to open. I moved my hand but it didn’t move, I felt stiff like I was tied to a bed. I tried speaking but something was attached to my face preventing me from speaking. I gradually fluttered my eyes open and it didn’t take me long to realize that I was in a hospital.
I slowly turned to the direction of the voice and Richard was staring at me teary eyed
“You’re awake” he shouted and ran out of the room
I was confused and couldn’t fathom what was happening till Richard returned with two doctors and our parents.
“Lancelot” mum shouted and tried running to my bed but on of the doctors held her back
“you may leave now” he pointed to the door and they walked out reluctantly
The doctor did some few check ups then removed the oxygen mask that was covering my nose and changed my drip.
“How you feeling?”
“Numb” I replied weakly
“can you move?”
I tried raising a finger but couldn’t “I don’t think so”
The doctors exchanged glances then lowered their heads. My heart started racing, I thought I was going to die.
“you’ll be fine” one of the doctors finally said then they walked out. They shut the door behind them and I watched them through the glass door as they spoke to my parents.
“how’s my son?” my mum asked worriedly
“He’ll be fine, we’re doing our best and we’ll do our best to save him”
“what’s our stand now?” dad wanted to know
The doctors shook their heads then one said “follow me to my office”
Mum gazed at me through the door before reluctantly following the doctors and dad while Richard entered the room.
“Lan” he called taking long strides to my bed
“how are you feeling?”
“not good, I can’t move a finger”
“You’re just waking up from coma, you’ll be fine”
“I don’t think so, I think am paralyzed”
“what did the doctor say?”
“he said you’ll be fine”
“what did he say about my condition?”
“nothing. They just promised to try their best”
“oh God” I cried and tears trickled down my cheeks “what have I gotten myself into”
The next day in school was so hectic and there were no classes as the bands competing for NYN prepared to leave for New York.
“How you doing?” Chance asked with a slap
“am kinda nervous about this whole New York thing”
“what if we lose?”
I rolled my eyes “what if we win? You just can’t tell just hope, believe and you’ll see”
“I agree but still nervous cause Selene would be present”
“you’ve always been singing when she’s present”
“that was before I told her I love her. You get it?”
“you like confessed your feelings for her?” I asked in shock
“yea what’s wrong with that?”
“that was fast”
“I’ve been in love with her for three weeks and you call it fast?”
“you should’ve waited to be sure what you’re feeling is love”
“it’s love I can feel it. I don’t like hiding my feelings”
“Good for you” I said with a thumbs up
“what are you doing about your feelings for Kelanie”
I covered his mouth and looked around in case someone heard him “don’t say it loud someone might hear you”
He pushed me off “but no one did so answer me”
“I plan on burying it”
“burying what?”
“my feelings” I replied sharply “I just want it to die then I’ll bury it”
“but why? Give it a try”
“it’s hopeless she doesn’t want to love again and if she can turn down her best friend, who am I?”
“it’s weird dating a best friend”
“am still not giving it a try” I said adamantly
“NYN brought these feelings and by the time it’s over, I’ll leave and bury it. I’ll never see her again”
“I’ll really miss you. Where do you plan on going from here? Luxembourg?”
“no way” I snapped
“am not returning home”
“then where?”
“somewhere far from home where no one knows me. Like here
“I wish you’ll return home someday. Your people are missing you”
“not now Chance I’ve got work to do”
“You’re not busy and it’s time you embraced the truth”
“shhhh!” I hushed then pointed behind him
“look who’s coming”
He glanced over his shoulder and I ceased the opportunity to run away while he was distracted staring at Selene who was walking up to him.
I breathed out in relief when I got to the empty balcony of our music room. I needed some alone time to think about things that didn’t consist of Kelanie nor my family.
“Hi!” someone greeted and I whirled around to see the girl with big goggles from the other day
“Hey!” I greeted back
“little miss milkshakes”
She chuckled sweetly
“That’s a cute name as long as its coming from you”
I raised my brows with a look of ‘Seriously?’
“am Angelou by the way”
“I know”
“how did you know”
“you’re my secret crush and I had to sneak up here to see you”
“that’s right how did you get up here?”
“I followed you”
“have you been stalking me?”
She shrugged “I think so”
I shook my head “what’s your name”
“my bad” she chuckled “am Stephanie”
“nice name”
“Thanks” she blushed
“what do you want from me?”
“I wanna be your friend”
“I might be clumsy, tattered, poor, nerdy, dumb, not classy, but I wanna be your friend” she said not cheerfully
“I even have your name tattooed on my chest across my heart see!” she dragged up her blouse revealing her chest and I quickly shut my eyes
“Am sorry”
“it’s okay just bring it down” I said with my eyes still closed
“am descent”
I nodded and opened my eyes and she was really descent.
“Stephanie or whatever it is you call yourself…”
“Stephanie” she interrupted
I sighed “you can’t be up here when you know you aren’t a student. What if you get caught?”
“you could hide me and sneak me around, I’ve always wanted to see what it looks like inside Glamour High but am too poor and my parents can’t afford the fees so you could give me a tour”
“you’re loquacious”
“I know but please don’t hate me I wanna be your friend”
“I don’t hate you”
“that makes us friends right?”
“am gonna take you on a tour round Glamour but you have to promise not to disturb me again”
Her smile faded “am I disturbing you friend?”
“yes I mean no”
“I understand” she sniffled “am poor that’s it”
“it’s not because you’re poor it’s…” I was still talking when she burst into a loud wail
“don’t cry someone will hear you” I pacified but instead she cried louder forcing me to draw her near and console her
“that’s enough be a good girl, friends don’t cry”
“alright am sorry for crying” she sniffled and dried her tears
“Thank you”
“now my tour”
Gracious Goodness!
“… and the 3 library…”
“you haven’t showed me the second library” she interrupted
“what? You’ve said that hundred of times and I’ve shown you hundred of times”
“That was the first library”
“Forget the library let’s forge ahead” I said and she reluctantly followed me as we climbed the third floor to the fifth bloc
“She’s beautiful” Stephanie gasped at the picture of Kelanie pasted on the wall as the 2nd Glamour Diva
“is she this beautiful in person? She must be a goddess”
“she’s really beautiful but let’s continue before someone gets us” I said and dragged her out
“can I see her?”
“But why?”
“She’s not part of the tour”
“I wanna see her”
“you can’t”
“but I want to see her” she pouted and stopped walking
“what’s it now?”
“look down there” she said and pointed down the students on the first floor “am gonna shout ‘I love you Angelou’ and jump down if you don’t take me to her”
“go ahead and jump”
She smirked and removed the jacket she was tying over her mini skirt and climbed up the rail.
“am gonna scream now and jump”
“you’re not”
“I LOVE YOU ANGELOU” She screamed and jumped but I caught her
“are you crazy?” I panted as I pulled her up
“I told you I was going to jump”.
“and you just succeeded in attracting attention” I yelled pointing at the students who were gathered and taking pictures
“am sorry but can we run now?”
“no way, am not going to run round the school with a crazy person. They’d think am going psycho”
“but am gonna get caught”
“you’re already caught. Look they’re taking pictures because of your craziness”
“you don’t get… ”
“Princess!” someone bellowed and some men ran up to us
She sighed and took off her goggles “came over”
“you might be mistaking her for someone else but this crazy girl can’t be a princess”
“are you okay?” they asked ignoring me
“am fine must you follow me about?” she asked irritated
“what’s going on here?” I asked
“call me” she simply said and gave me a card then walked out with the men but not before blowing me an air kiss and someone else caught it.
Who knew the crazy girl was a princess and beautiful without goggles?
I still have to find out.
I gazed around at the retreating students then walked to the music room (Blooms) The Blooms and Stupids were already set when I got there and Mr Justin was addressing them.
“where have you been?” Chance asked in a whisper
“with a missing princess?”
“I don’t even know her”
“your pictures are on social media all thanks to GGB”
“Chance!” Mr Justin seethed and we kept quiet.
He finished with his tutor then we all entered an arranged limousine to the airport.
“who is she?” Kelanie asked as we entered the airport
“the girl”
“I don’t know” I replied
“sure? Heard she’s a princess”
“I really don’t know”
We walked to the runway and our plane was ready.
The girls ran up the aisle then The stupids followed with Mr Justin while I walked behind with Kelanie.
“How’s Lancelot?” I asked
“I spoke with Richard yesterday and he said he’s still the same way, he hasn’t woken up”
“He needs your prayers”
“I know and… ”
“Kelanie!” someone bellowed from behind and I whirled around to see Richard running up to us tearfully
“what’s the matter?”
“Lancelot he’s dying and he needs you”
She tried running down but I grabbed her arm “you can’t leave now”
“I can’t leave Lancelot now, he needs me”
“the plane is about to take off get in” Mr Justin shouted from the door “you can’t abandon NYN it’s your dream”
She looked at Richard who was already on his knees “please save my brother” he pleaded in tears
“I can’t” she shook her hand and snatched her hand “NYN is just an award but Lancelot needs me”
“Kelanie are you crazy?” Blue yelled
“you can’t ruin our efforts and sweat”
“you can do this without me but I need to see Lancelot. I’d never be able to sing if anything happens to him” she said and ran down the aisle
“you can’t do this” I stopped her
“Angelou please understand” she said and ran out with Richard
We all stood watching at them in disbelief
“after everything” Zion sobbed
“we can still make it we just have to find a replacement” Mr Justin said
“who? Who will ever be like Kelanie?”
“she made her choice and you can’t blame her” Mr Justin said then added “let’s go”
I glanced at the way Kelanie took and I felt my heart ripping.
Did she just choose Lancelot?
TBC sha


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