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High school romance episode 27

🔺 Love Triangle 🔺
Author Viola
I couldn’t fall asleep that night as I thought of Kelanie and my new found feelings for her. At first, I didn’t want to accept my feelings for her cause I felt I would be cheating on Lisa but I’ve come to realize that the dead is the dead and the living are living. My feelings are growing but am scared to let it show and the feelings are gradually killing me now cause Tristan also loves her and her ex wants her back and it’s obvious she wants her ex.
Maybe I should talk to Chance about my feelings. I discarded the idea cause he’s going to suggest I open up to her but I can’t open up to her cause she’s going to turn me down. She doesn’t even like me.
I tried shutting her out of my thoughts but I couldn’t, her picture couldn’t get out of my head. I just wished everything the elderly woman said would come true but it was almost impossible.
“Am nervous” The Blooms said to themselves when Mr Justin finished enlightening us on what the NYN would be all about.
The competition was in two days time and we’d be leaving for New York tomorrow. Kelanie wasn’t excited about the competition the way she used to be and it was because of Lancelot’s condition. It was obvious she’s worried about him.
“Angelou” Chance sought my attention and I faces him
“I’ve been calling you but you seemed lost staring at Kelanie”
I sighed and glanced at Kelanie for the last time then dragged Chance out.
“I have a confession to make” I said when we were outside the music room
“you like her?” Chance asked like he was reading my thoughts
“I can’t help it”
“she’s beautiful, no one can help it”
“That’s the last thing I thought I would accept”
“There’s nothing wrong in loving again, what’s wrong is keeping it to yourself cause you’ll end up losing the person” Chance said
“Am going to transfer after the competition”
“Why? Did anyone find out who you are?”
“no” I snapped “no one but you knows who I am and no one is going to find out unless you tell them”
“Then why are you leaving?”
“I can’t continue loving Kelanie in silence”
“Then you tell her”
“And get turned down”
“she’s not going to turn you down”
“She’s still worried about her ex and I don’t want to fight with Tristan. I can’t drag a girl with two guys”
“you’re right but she’s going to love one of the three”
“and that one isn’t me, I know that”
“Give it a try”
“you know how much I hate being turned down”
“The same way you thought Lisa was going to turn you down but she didn’t”
“Kel… ”
“Hey! Guys!” Kelanie called walking up to us
“Mr Justin wants to speak with you” she said to me I glanced at Chance and walked out
Angelou walked out after I told him Mr Justin wanted to see him.
“How’s Lancelot?” Chance asked
“He’s not fine” I replied sadly
“you sound worried about it”
“Lancelot is my friend, I ought to be worried cause he’s dying”
“He’s your ex” Chance reminded
“I know but I care about him”
“After he broke up with you, you still care about him?”
“Weird right?” I rolled my eyes
“Love isn’t weird”
“Do I still love him?” I asked myself loudly
“You care about him means you love him”
I didn’t say anything again as I searched my heart if I really loved Lancelot.
“What if I still him?”
“then give him a second chance” he replied and added
“I’d advise you don’t love him?”
“nothing” he shrugged “just thought it should be over between you already and besides he’s still dating Mabel”
I didn’t want to talk about the topic again then I asked “How’re you preparing for your trip to Miami”
“you know that feeling when you finally embrace the one you love?”
I smiled cause I knew where he was heading to
“That’s how it feels. Going to Miami with Selene is a dream come true”
“You like her?”
“I love her”
I smiled “Selene is nice and…”
“did I hear my name?” Selene walked in
“unless you go by the name nice” I replied and we laughed
“Hi Chance” she greeted with a wave
“HI Selene” Chance greeted back and I nudged him with my elbow
“I have to check on something” I lied and walked out after winking at them.
I entered the music room and Blue was telling Fiona, Zion, and Phoebe something as they giggled.
“… it was so romantic and…” she brought her voice low in a whisper “we kissed”
Fiona, Zion, and Phoebe squealed and hugged themselves.
“I wish Angelou would look at me that way” Zion said dreamily flapping her lashes
“Me too” that was Fiona
“am tired of fighting, I just wish he picks one of us” Phoebe said
I thought about last night and how my heart was racing.
“Come join us” Blue said tapping the space beside where she sat
“what’s the gist?”
“Derek finally confessed that he loves me and asked me to be his girlfriend” Blue giggled
“am happy for you” I beamed and hugged her “did you accept?” I asked disengaging from the hug
“wow!” she mouthed and her sides “Blue has a boyfriend”
Fiona, Zion, and Phoebe joined me as we sang
🎶 Blue has a boyfriend
🎶 Blue has a boyfriend
🎶 Blue has a boyfriend
“stop it” she guffawed but I continued tickling her
“hope you don’t get a baby” Zion said and we burst into laughter
“Babies are cute” Blue grinned
“don’t tell me you’re already making babies”
“no way Phoebe” Blue snapped “we’re not making plans for that now”
“I really want my own Prince Charming, am tired of being a damsel in distress” Fiona said
I walked out of the discussion and headed for the library. Lessons weren’t going on cause different bands were preparing for the competition.
I sat on the floor at my favorite spot and started reading a book I borrowed from the library.
I looked up from the book and saw Tristan staring down at me
“Midnight Dreams” he read out the title of the novel “sounds interesting can I read?”
“maybe when am done”
“when will you be done?”
I chuckled “I don’t know, I just started”
He smiled then sat beside me “Where were you yesterday?”
“I got sick and went home” I lied
“why didn’t you tell anyone? We were all worried”
“am sorry, I didn’t want to bother you guys”
“How are you feeling now?”
“Better” I replied
“Have you heard about Lancelot?”
My countenance changed on hearing his name. Pictures of him lying on his sick bed came into my head and tears welled up in my eyes.
“Are you alright”
“Am fine” I looked skyward and blinked rapidly to suppress my tears
“Am sorry if I said anything wrong”
“it’s not you” I sobbed then he pulled me to his shoulder and hugged me tight
“if it’s about Lancelot then believe me he’s going to be fine”
I nodded and continued crying on his shoulder.
I felt tears rolled down my cheeks as Kelanie cried on my shoulder for another guy. It was the worst feeling ever. Loving someone and not get loved in return.
“He’ll be fine” I consoled but deep down in me, I didn’t want him to ever be fine again
“Am sorry” she said and pulled away from the hug. I looked away and wiped my tears. I didn’t want her to know I was crying.
“I shouldn’t be doing this, am very sorry” she repeated and wiped her tears hastily
“you don’t have to be sorry, am used to it” I said
She took my hand and hugged me
I huffed loudly and pushed my table down when I remembered seeing Tristan and Kelanie together in the library earlier at school.
It was hurting more cause I’ve finally accepted my feelings for her. It shouldn’t be hurting this much but it was and I needed to leave Glamour before this stupid love gets the best of me.
I got up and walked into the kitchen, Chance was cooking and dancing. He was really happy cause Selene professed her love for him though she haven’t accepted to be his girlfriend yet. I sat on a stool in my mini bar then took a bottle of wine and a wine glass.
Chance came from behind and snatched the glass from me just as I was about to take a sip.
“What’s wrong with you?” I yelled
“Am over excited” he giggled and gulped the wine
I huffed out loudly and stormed out of the house
“don’t be late for dinner” Chance shouted as I slammed the front door shut.
He was becoming too annoying and I think it’s high time he stopped visiting.
I hit the street with my headphones on and a cup of banana milkshake.
I found a bench by the park and sat down. A girl was also sitting on the bench and shaking her milkshake.
“hey! Come out!” she scolded the cup
“it’s finished maybe you should get another one” I told her then she looked at me with her big goggles
“really?” she asked and shifted her gaze to my hand “can I have yours?”
I stared at my milkshake then gave it to her.
“Thanks, I really love these” she said excitedly and started shaking the cup. I nodded slightly then shut my eyes and listened to the music that was playing in my headphones.
“Butts up!” I heard someone commanding rudely then I opened my eyes and Mabel and her crew were forcing the milkshake girl out of the bench.
The girl got up frightened and scurried away.
“What’s wrong with you?” I yelled “you just scares her”
“she’s dirty and am keeping the city clean” Mabel replied rudely pointing at the big signboard that read:
“Maybe you should start from your dirty mouth. The city would be clean if you watch it” I rerorted
She rolled her eyes and sat beside me. She was really cute and I wondered why such a beautiful girl would be that rude.
“What do you want?”
“a deal with you”
“What deal?”
She smirked “it’s about NYN”
“I have nothing to talk with you” I stated and proceeded to get up but she held me back
“it’s pretty simple and good for the both of us”
I scoffed and rolled my eyes
“That’s if you want to win” she added with a smirk


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