🍝Day 4🍜

Author Viola





I tossed about in my bed holding the covers tight to my body. It’s been three days since I fell sick and haven’t been going to school. I’ve been sick ever since Kelanie travelled and I don’t know if am just missing her or am jealous cause she’s with another guy.
Paris wouldn’t stop teasing me of being love sick but he would never understand.

“Tristan” mum called sitting beside me on the bed “how do you expect to get better when you aren’t eating?”

“am not hungry” I replied with trembling lips

She placed the back of her palm on my forehead to check my temperature.
“you’re burning with fever. We need to see a doctor”

I just need Kelanie.
After 4 years, am scared am still going to lose her to someone else.
“I’ll be fine”

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“you’ve been saying that for the past three days, am getting worried”

“you don’t have to” I insisted then shut my eyes. Mum sighed and walked out of the room. As the door slammed shut, a drop of tear slid down my cheek. I just wished I could die from the sickness.
Truly it hurts to love someone and not to be loved in return but what hurt the most is loving someone and not getting the courage to let the person know how you feel.
I fell into the two situations and my life is a mess now cause I love Kelanie.

“Son” the door opened and dad walked in

“am fine dad”

“you’re not fine” he argued and sat on the bed “I told my dad the same thing when I was your age”

“You can never understand dad, no one will”

“but I do” dad said and touched my forehead “you need to see a doctor”

“I’ll be fine”

“I once loved a girl from childhood but she never loved me back cause we were neighbors and she loved my elder brother. I died in silence till they broke up and just when I thought I had her, her parents sent her into a convent to be a sister”

There was pain in his eyes as the memory came back.
“I spent months in misery after she left but I got the chance to tell her about my feelings”

“Am sorry dad”

“but I finally met your mum and she brought so much joy to my life”

I thought of Kelanie and the pain she has brought to my life.
Will I ever find someone who would bring joy to my life?

“I always had the feelings that you were into Kelanie but I was never sure till I asked Paris and that was yesterday but am sure you’ll get over it”

“it’s this some kind of hereditary love deficiency?”

I chuckled “you might end up having Kelanie, you just can’t tell”

“I hope so”

“can we visit a doctor now?” dad asked pulling down the covers

I dragged back the covers “no”

“come on son, you have to get better before Kelanie gets back”

“she won’t be coming back for me” I said sadly

“you’ll be fine. Just let her know how you feel”



“How’s your preparation for NYN going?” Vann, the leader of The Spiltz asked

“Going well” I replied and stretched my legs on his laps

“you’re not my girlfriend Shayne”

“you wish” I clicked my tongue and turned to The Reds “How’s it going?”

“No much competition apart from The Blooms” Rita replied

“what about Barbie Girls, Harmonies…”

“they aren’t our competition” I interrupted Lewis

“There’s a new guy in The Stupids heard he’s dope” Mia asked

“We got so much competition” Vann replied with a sigh of exasperation

“Especially Stupids, Flames, Last Summer… I can’t mention all” Tyler put in

“I just pray Rock of Ages doesn’t show up. The world loves them” Gwen said

“I can’t be scared of Kelanie and also be scared of Lauren” I said

“With Kelanie out of the way, our competition is less” Mia said

I took the glass of wine Vann was drinking and gulped it down.

“wanna smoke?” he stretched out a pack of cigarettes

“you sure know what I need” I said and took a stick

“here” he helped me lit it then dropped the pack

“aren’t you smoking?” I asked puffing out a cloud of smoke

“I’ll smoke from yours”

“you aren’t my boyfriend Vann” I smirked

“you wish”


“Three days to Glamour Diva. I bet the girls are training” I sighed

“you should be forgetting about the competition now. you still got NYN” Angelou said

“NYN is just one competition” I said “am losing but Glamour Diva and Homecoming Queen”

“all hope isn’t lost yet”

“it’s lost for me” I fell back to the couch and covered my face with my palms “Mabel would be happy now”

“reasons you have to be happy”

“I can’t be happy Angelou, I might not be able to sing on NYN”

“Maybe we should talk with the principal” Angelou suggested

“Ms Chantel already did but it’s hopeless, she wouldn’t listen”

“just forget about the competition”

I got up “let’s practice we got just six days left”

“okay” he replied but made no move to get up


he just stared at me wordlessly

“come on let’s practice”

“do you know how much I hate practicing?”

I rolled my eyes and scoffed “then you shouldn’t had agreed to come”

“you didn’t want to come and so did I but we didn’t have a choice did we?”

I stared back at him then he finally got up.
He walked passed me and brushed his hand on mine, shoving something into my palms.
I watched him disappear into the music room then I opened my palms and my eyes widened in shock.







🎻 BLUE 🎻

It’s two days to Glamour Diva and preparations were being made in earnest and so was training for the homecoming game.
I watched the hall being decorated and I remembered Kelanie. No one has been able to reach them since they left for the ten days training.

“What are you thinking about?” Derek asked from behind

I jerked and whirled around “you scared me”

“am sorry”

“How’re the guys preparing for the tournament?” I asked

“our best but we need Angelou”

“do you need him for everything?”

“he’s good with sports and we gat to win this one”

“I get it” I rolled my eyes and looked at him. He was staring at me and I looked away shyly

“Blue” he called softly taking my palm in his “there’s something I wanna tell you”

“hey! Derek” Lex called running up to us “I’ll have to borrow him, it’s urgent” he said and dragged Derek out without waiting for my reply.

Why now?

I muttered at the interruption. Just now I thought Derek was finally going to ask me out. Why did Lex have to interrupt?

“Dooms” Mabel called walking up to me with her Barbie dolls

“what do you want?”

“just to warn you to warn Kelanie”

“save your trash” I said with the wave of a hand and proceeded to walk out

Mabel dragged my hand and made me look into her face “you don’t walk out on me”

“let me go Mabel”

“or what?” she dared tightening her grip on my hand

“You wanna fight?”

she smirked “am not gonna fight with you Blue am gonna beat you”

“bring it on, we’ll both get suspended and you know what that means?” I ached my brows “badluck for you”

“Jerk” she cussed and pushed me roughly

“Bitch” I pushed her back

she removed her jacket “you wanna fight”

“nice invitation” I smirked and slapped her then Lara and Caitlyn ceased me

“fight me now” Mabel yelled and slapped me

.”animal” I spat on her face and she slapped me again. Students started gathering at the scene and taking pictures. GGB.

“Bitch” Phoebe came from behind and dragged Mabel by her hair. Other Blooms came out and that was how the fight between The Blooms and Barbie girls broke out and we ended up in the principal’s office.


“am disappointed in you girls” The principal spat out but I was impatiently waiting for her to suspend all of us.

“you all know the punishment for fighting in the school…”

“we’ll all get suspended” I cut in and Mabel shot me a glare

“Am not suspending any of you” the principal said

I couldn’t stop myself from shouting “what!”
Why on earth did I fight?

“You’ll all be forgiven cause the school can’t dismiss students like you”

“but we fought” I protested

“you’re all forgiven” she stated and Mabel smirked



“why didn’t she suspend us?” I asked

“cause Mabel was involved” Ms chantel replied

“that’s not fair, we fought and as punishment we should be suspended”

“what’s your plan Blue?” Fiona asked

“I want Mabel suspended from the competition. If Kelanie can’t compete then she shouldn’t compete” I replied

“the principal can’t suspend Mabel” Ms Chantel said

“why?” I demanded

“Mabel is her niece”

“I see”

DAY 6 ☀


I paced about in my room after breakfast that morning. Tomorrow is Glamour Diva and an stuck in here with Angelou instead of preparing.
I dropped on my bed and shut my eyes to suppress my tears.

Mabel finally succeeded in taking it from me. No matter how hard I tried, my tears rolled down.
I brought out my music book and started flipping through the pages till I opened the page I wrote the song I thought I’d be singing for the competition tomorrow.

I cried as I sang the words then the book fell off my trembling hands. I picked it up and the paper that fell from it. Angelou finally returned the paper yesterday and I was surprised cause he told me he lost it.

“Kelanie” Angelou knocked on my door and walked in immediately

“I didn’t ask you to come in”

“I couldn’t wait for you to” he said and leaned on the door

“what do you want?”

“You’ve been in here that you didn’t realize it’s afternoon”


“it’s lunch time”

“an in pain can’t you understand?” I half yelled and he took his lower lip into his mouth without saying anything. Just staring at me like he was thinking about something.

“Your pain shouldn’t affect my stomach” he finally said peering into my eyes

“why you staring at me that way?” I asked feeling uncomfortable

He muttered something inaudible and sighed “I’ve got other things to do like practicing for the tournament. Why must they lock me in here” he yelled bitterly and walked out

He reminds me of Lancelot but the only difference is that Lancelot cared about me a lot.
I laid on my bed and dozed off.


I finished my lunch then started writing a song I planned on teaching the guys for NYN. I couldn’t focus so I closed the book and thought of Kelanie.

Everything about her reminds me of Lisa and I don’t know why. I still love Lisa but I don’t like remembering her cause the memories hurt but Kelanie brings everything back.
Just like Kelanie, Lisa was in so much pain when I first met her. Then, she was 11 and her mum died while trying to rescue her and both of them had died in the fire.

She would always run away from her auntie’s house to the cemetery and cry all day.
I first saw her in the cemetery on the day my grandma was buried. She was sitting beside her parents grave and crying.

I wanted to talk to her but my sister stopped me. She told me that Lisa was a ghost.
What could a little girl of her age be doing in a cemetery?

The next day, I ran to the cemetery to see her and there she was, crying. I tried consoling her but she ignored me and wouldn’t talk to me so I sat beside her and joined her in crying till evening then she went up.

We continued crying without talking to each other for one week before she finally talked to me. That was how we started, we became friends and would always go to the cemetery to cry together.
But now, I go to the cemetery alone to cry for her.

I got up from where I was sitting and walked to the window. It has always been Lisa and I’ll always love her no matter what.


I whirled around to see Kelanie walking up to me

“I found this” she opened her palm and showed me a necklace

I quickly touched my neck and Lisa’s necklace was gone “how did you get that?” I asked

“it fell when you left my room”

“but it never comes out. I’ve never been able to take it off”

“I like it” she said admiring the necklace. Lisa had given it to me the day before she died and I’ve never been able to take it off.

“give it back”

she shook her head “I want it” then put it around her neck and hooked it

“take it off”

“I like it” she giggled. Everything about her, including her smiles coupled with the necklace she was wearing reminded me of Lisa

“take it off” I seethed

“okay” she pouted her lips “don’t yell at me” then tried removing the necklace.

“it’s not coming out” she said after series of trial

“what do you mean”

“I can’t take it off”

I walked behind her and tried taking off the necklace then my eyes drifted to the tattoo behind her neck. Lisa had the same tattoo behind her neck.
Her mum tattooed the letter ‘L’ behind her neck and Kelanie also had the letter ‘L’

“Who are you?” I pushed her roughly and the necklace came off

“what do you mean?”

“the tattoo”

“You never forgot that” she said and touched the tattoo


“am Kelanie now”

“what do you mean?”

She smiled displaying Lisa’s exact dentition.

“Who are you?”




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