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July 24, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 67 & 68

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He’s A Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 67

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋




Location: Unknown

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t accept Byung-ho’s proposal, even though I felt sorry for him, I know it most be very horrible for him to get rejected by someone he loves.

I know he would feel greatly pained and hurt, and heavens know I have no intention of hurting Byung-ho. I love him but just as a friend and nothing more.

At one point I had this idea of just accepting his proposal and be his girlfriend, for the sake of his happiness alone…but I couldn’t do it

How can I be with someone else other than Lee Chun? especially when that person is the best friend of the man I love so much? It’s not possible! I just couldn’t do it…

‘ I am sorry Byung-ho, you are a great guy and a good friend but I don’t love you, my heart belongs to someone else, I am sorry, we can never be together ‘

That’s what I said to him before leaving the restaurant and I am glad he didn’t stop me or come after me.

But the look in his eyes, it tormented me so much, still I couldn’t stay with him even if I wanted to.

My heart, soul and body yarns for one person and one person alone… Lee Chun.

Sadly though Lee Chun doesn’t love me, he doesn’t feel the same way I feel for him and I can’t force myself on him just like I don’t expect Byung-ho to force his love on me, so I decided to stay away from him, from Lee Chun even though I love him with every single breath in me.

I can’t go back to the glass house, no way! That’s not my home, so decided to return back to the orphanage home. My plans are to stay there in the orphanage home for some weeks or days before I will finally leave Seoul to another city for good.

I can’t stay here in this city, everything here reminds me of Lee Chun, I can still even smell and feel him, like he was with me.

I am so in love with him, it hurts!

I need to go away, far away, maybe then I will be able to forget him but I doubt I will ever be able to forget him, it’s not possible but it’s worth the try…

The road to the orphanage home is quite far from where I am and it’s not easy for me walking there on crutches, couple with the fact that the rain is coming down heavily on me.

It was like a storm, it was raining non stop and I am being drenched in the unending waters.

It didn’t take long before the cold started gripping me even Byung-ho’s suit jacket was no longer helpful to me at this point but I still held the jacket around my back.

I plan on keeping the jacket with me, I will use it as a souvenir to remind me of Byung-ho…too bad I don’t have an any item to use to remember Lee Chun with?

But I really don’t need an item or anything to use as a souvenir for him, my heart is already a souvenir for him, everytime it beats I remember him….

I was busy walking gently on the side of the road_ honestly I was shivering to death as I walked but I didn’t stop, I need to get to the orphanage home, there I will sort myself out.

Like I said, I was walking on the side of the road when suddenly a van pulled over in front of me, nearly hitting me.

Hey! What the hell!

If that wasn’t enough two strange looking men jumped down from the van and came at me.

What’s going on??? I became really scared.

My legs, I couldn’t run, but that didn’t stop me from trying… however I really didn’t cover much ground if any before they seized hold of me and tried lifting me up.

They did lift me up, but I fought back.

“Help!.. let go of me!.. ”

I cried out and used one of my clutches to hit one of the men in the head.

I could tell that hurt him as he quickly let go of me to attend to his injured head, I could have use that time as an opportunity to escape but they were two.

The other man held me tight, I tried hitting him with my crutches like I did his friend

“ Let me go! ”

I yelled, flinging my crutches at him..but he caught hold of it and drag it out of my hands – both crutches. He threw them away.

I still tried struggling with him “ Let me go! Help!..Help!…let go! ”

I cried and struggled but he was too strong.

He overpowered me and soon after his other friend came back to the scene, he was bleeding from close to his forehead and he had this deadly look on his face.

“ Get into the van bitch! Unless I will kill you! ”

He threatened, displaying his small, sharp dagger in my face.

The sight of a knife put a great fear in me, I couldn’t struggle anymore but my mind was busy pounding what they could want with me.

So many nasty and scary thoughts was running through my head and I felt the tears building up in my eyes.

Oh God! Please save me!

They where about throwing me into the van when….

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”

One of the men screamed out in pains

Huh? what happened to him??

I turned around.. oh my God!

Lee Chun! He is here???

He was holding on to one of my crutches and it was the crutches he used in hitting the man hard on his back.

“ Let go of her! ”

He yelled in great anger and he didn’t wait for a response from the men he just kept swinging at them.

Hitting both of them hard with the crutches I could hear the sound of their bones cracking

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh… please stop!… ” Both of them were screaming and crying.

But Lee Chun just kept on swinging “ How dare you touch her? How dare you lay your hands on her? Do you know who she is? Do you know what she means to me?! ”

He kept yelling while battering them with the steel crutch.

At this point they both were rolling on the ground, screaming and begging for Lee Chun to stop, but he was relentless in his assault, I feared he will kill them.

” She is my love! She is my life! I will kill you both! ”

He yelled hitting them some more.

Oh my God!

Did I just heard him right?

Did he just called me his love? His life??

At this point I really didn’t care if he was hitting and beating those men to death, his words were just replaying in my head.

“ She is my love! She is my life!… ”

Oh God!

Does it mean… Does it mean Lee Chun is in love with me??

My whole stomach was over excited, like a million butterflies wanted to burst out from it, my intestines, it felt like someone was using my intestines as guitar strings and my heart..my heart, it was happy once more…

When the driver of the van realized Lee Chun was going to kill his friends, he drove the vehicle to hit Lee Chun..

“ Lee Chun! ” I screamed out….

Thankfully Lee Chun was able to jump away from the moving vehicle and that gave the two men the time they needed to escape.

Both of them limp and hoop into the vehicle and it drove off with much speed.

“ Bastårds!.. come back here let me kill you guys, I am not done with you fools! ”

Lee Chun yelled at the vehicle as it moved out of sight..

Then he turned around facing me, I just stood staring at him. I really didn’t know what to do?

I felt like like hugging him tightly and never let go of him, but I found myself standing like a tree.

He walked slowly to meet me..

“ Ji-a ” he called softly, but sorrowfully, placing his right hand on my left cheeks.

“ Are you hurt? Did they hurt you? ” He asked and I shook my head

I could see him become more relaxed

“ I am sorry Ji-a, I am sorry for being so stupid. I am so sorry for not doing what I ought to do. I am sorry for pushing you away, I am sorry for the times I made you cry.

I am sorry for not telling you how I feel, I don’t know if it’s too late for me now but it doesn’t matter, you need to hear this even if you don’t accept me, you just have to hear this because I will die if I don’t tell you.

I love you Ji-a, I love you with every single breath in me.

You are my anger, you see my joy. You are sadness and you are my happiness.You are my death and my life.

I love you Ji-a, I love you like nothing in this world not even God has seen this type of love before… ” He was saying and my heart was beating really fast.

Oh my God! He really does love me!!!!!

“.. I want to live my life for you, I want to spend every single moment and minute of my life loving you, protecting and making you happy is my first priority in life.

Ji-a your happiness is my joy and my achievement.. please I want you to be mine but know this I am yours already regardless of what you say. I love you. Please say you will be mine ”

He said staring deep into my eyes, I could see the love in his eyes, it couldn’t be mistaken. This was true love.

“ Yes, I am yours.. I love you ”

I said and there was this glow and spark in his eyes.

He cupped his hands round my face and plant his lips on mine.

It was a rough passionate kiss and this time it was no mistake.

The rain was still coming down heavily on us but I wasn’t feeling any cold. I just want to stay here at this spot, in his arms forever..


Episode 68

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋

Location: Unknown

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

I kissed her, I kissed her passionately, with everything in me, that’s how much I love her, with everything in me because she really is my everything.

Thank God I find her, thank God no harm had gotten to her before I arrived, even if I had seen a thousand men planning on doing her harm, I would still have battled with them all and God knows I will conquer them or die trying, but the fact remains I am willing to do every and anything to keep Ji-a save.

I can’t really measure how happy I am right now, from thinking I had lost Ji-a to Byung-ho, to almost losing her to some strange men then ultimately having her be my girlfriend.

All the sadness and pains I have been feeling all day quickly disappeared and was replaced with joy and happiness the moment I had those words come out from her mouth.

‘ I love you too ‘

I wanted to remain were we stood, under the rain kissing her forever, her lips were the sweetest thing I have tasted so far…but I don’t want her falling sick.

She has been under the rain for too long, I don’t want her catching a cold. I have to get her home and take care of her….

I forced myself to disengage from the kiss, even with that I still kissed her back for like 5 more seconds again.

“ I love you ”

I stated in heave breaths.

“ I love you too ”

She said softly.

Her stare was full of love, no girl has evet looked at me the way she does, non!

Most times what I see in the girls eyes – both the ones I have been intimate with and the ones I haven’t, all I see in their eyes is lust, but Ji-a’s own is definitely love.

Her eyes are really so beautiful and her lips were still as tempting to me like the first day i saw them, like I have never tasted them before.

So I kissed her yet again, this time it lasted for more than 10 seconds…even that wasn’t really enough for me. I can kiss her forever really…

“ I need to get you home ”

I said tenderly my hands still on her cheeks.

She nodded and I smiled.

Taking her hand I walked her to the car….and we drove home together.

Today marks a new chapter of my life….




Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

I am so happy to finally have Lee Chun as mine. He took me back to the glass house and on our way home the cold caught up with me.


I was feeling really cold, it felt like I was freezing.

I kept shivering and I could see Lee Chun becoming panicked in the steering wheel as he saw how shaky I was becoming.

So he drove really fast, with much speed and in no time we got to the glass house.

Getting to the mansion he lifted me up from the car and carried me in his arms into the mansion.

“ Hey, you will be fine alright. I will make you a hot bath and the cold will be gone then, after that I will make you a cup of hot chocolate.

Anything you want, I am here okay ” He said as he climbed up the staircase…

I was shivering but I kept my eyes on his handsome face, I am not sure I blinked for once. I don’t want to miss anything, his face is my favorite program…

Getting into my room he laid me on the bed and walked into the bathroom…he came out after some seconds holding a white, clean body towel in his hand.

Then he walked to the bed and picked me up from it, staring into my eyes he made me stand straight.

Then a twinkle of an eye he unzipped by gown from the zipper at the back, and the red gown fell off my body to the floor.

Oh my God! I was standing nāked!! Only my panties..

But he was very quick to wrap me up with the towel, from my chest down to thighs – close to my knees.

Plus he didn’t see my nakedness, his eyes were focused only on my eyes.

“ Still feeling cold? ”

He asked and I nodded.

” It’s time to bath then ” He said, pecked my forehead before lifting me up again, this time carrying me to the bathroom…

He had already prepared a hot bath – the bathtub was filled with hot water, not too hot though, just the right amount of hottest not to burn my body.

The water was also filled with bubbles of soap, it was really foamy.

He let me down gently, close to the bathtub and held onto me until I climbed, and got into the tub then he turned around

“ Hope the water isn’t too hot? ”

He asked still backing me

“ No it’s not ”

I replied then took off the towel and panties throwing them on the floor, before I sat inside the tub, the hottest of the water warming me up and it feels refreshen

“ You can turn around now ”

I said to him and he did.

He walked close to the tub, sitting down on the edge of the tub, he dipped half of his right fingers into the water, playing with the foamy water.

“ How are you feeling now? ” He asked.

“ I feel much better ”

I answered and he smiled softly

“ Do you know who those men where? Those men who tried abducting you? ” He asked and I shook my head

“ I don’t know who they were ”

“ Alright, I can still remember their faces I will find them and make sure they pay ”

He said his face reflecting his anger.

Huh, he still wants to punish them? The brutal beating he gave them isn’t enough punishment??

“ Can you just forget about them, they didn’t harm or hurt me, I am fine so I don’t think you should go searching for them anymore. I am sure they have learnt their lesson from the beating you gave to them ”

I said and he smiled.

“ You are so kind, your heart is really special, one of a kind ” He said and my cheeks heat up

“ Okay I won’t go after those men because you asked me not to, but if I should see them by chance I won’t spare them ” He stated clearly.

“ Okay…so I am your girlfriend now right? ”

I asked course all these was looking like a dream.

He chuckled slightly ” Yeah, yeah you are my girlfriend ”

Hearing him say that made me feel all excited.

“ Have you ever had a boyfriend before? Do you know what a girlfriend gives to his boyfriend? ”

He asked and those his questions made me nervous especially the last one.

” N.No ”

I muttered shaking my head.

“ No to which of the questions? ” He asked and he had a serious face.

“ Both ”

I said in a swallow.

” Well then, I will teach you.. I will show you ”

He said then started moving his fingers that were inside the water close to me.

His fingers found it’s way to my arm, and he gently and slowly rolled his fingers at a particular spot on my upper arm.

What’s he doing?

I don’t know but it feels really good.

His touch on any part of my body had a special kind of feel it gives me.

“ So do you now know what a girlfriend gives to her boyfriend now or should I show you more? ”

He said moving his fingers up my shoulders.

“ I.. I do ”

I replied, my heart gradually starting to beat fast.

“ You do? Tell me then ”

He said staring into my eyes while rubbing his hands on my shoulder and upper arm.

My throat became instantly dry “ H..her body ”

I stated and a smile touched his lips.

“ Are you ready to be a girlfriend to me? Are willing to give me your body? ” He asked and I swallowed really hard.

” ….Yes ”

I said very faintly but I am sure he heard it.

“ You will have to say that again course I didn’t quite get that ”

He stated and I felt my heart beating even really fast.

” I said..Yes, I am ”

I repeated loudly this time but taking my eyes off him.

I felt a finger of his rest under my chin and he lifted my face up, so he could look directly at my face.

” Hey, I love you ”

He said softy and with those words he kissed my lips…



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