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July 24, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 41 & 42

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😋 He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

Hide your Wives!


Episode 41

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

What the hell!

What just happened??

The door just gave way coursing me to stumble into the room almost falling down in the process but i managed to stay on my feet with the help of my hands

my face was facing down to the floor and I was too embarrassed to raise my head up

This is so embarrassing! I am busted for sure

why did the stupid door had to open?

“ L..Lee Chun?? ”

I heard my best friend Byung-ho say, his tone of voice clearly showing his shocked and confused state

I still had my face buried to the ground in a slight crouched position

I was actually thinking of just running out without even given them a glance… until I heard Ji-a’s voice

“ Lee Chun?? W.. what are you doing here?… what were you doing at the door, huh? ”

She sounded slightly harsh but still her voice sounded sweet in my ears

A small smile touched my lips just by sound of her voice but I remained quiet, still in that crouched position

“ Hey, Flowerhorn did you miss your way or what?.. and raise your head up do you have a back problem or what? “She said


I feel like running out course I was still feeling embarrassed but I don’t want to leave her side

Gulping down my throat I slowly raise my head up to meet their suspicious and curious stares especially hers

” now speak. Tell me what were you doing at the door? Where you eavesdropping on I and Byung-ho conversation? ”

She asked narrowing her stare to just my face alone

“ N…o ”

I said draggingly standing up properly

“ Then what where you doing at the door then, huh? Tell me ”

She interrogated while Byung-ho was just staring at me

I sort for a believable lie

“ W..ell, I was walking – you know when a person move their legs, one step, two steps… ”

I started explaining what it means to walk course I haven’t think of any lie to say

“ Are you going nuts, huh? Did I ask you to explain what it means to walk? ” She said cutting me off

“ Well I figured since you haven’t been using your legs for so long maybe you might have forgotten what it means to walk that’s why I decided to explain in to you so you can understand my story better ”

I said with a straight face

“ Heyyy…Stop acting smart with me okay, now tell me what you were doing standing at the door or do you need me to get it out of you, you know I have my methods ”

She said frowning slightly while demonstrating with her hands how she would hit me

I didn’t know when I started smiling, I really did miss this, our fights…

“ Hey, what you smiling about huh? ”

She asked

“ Me… I wasn’t smiling ”

I denied and she rolled her eyes

“ Whatever. Now tell me what you were doing at the door ”

She said

Are we still back at this? I thought she had forgotten about it, I still haven’t think of any believable lie to say

“ O..Kay….so as I was walking, and walking and walking_ ”

“ If you say walking again I will drum hard on your ears with both hands that you will go deaf for a year ”

She threatened gnashing her teeth

“ Hey…most you always be violent about everything huh? I am only trying to explain to you what happened ”

I said acting all serious

“ Then get to the point and stop stalling, will you? ”

“ How will you understand if I just jump to the end tell me? You have to learn how to be patient, I can’t rush ”

I said but she just rolled her eyes

“ Okay, but your explanation better make sense unless I will so hit you hard on the head for wasting my time ”

She threatened again and I gulped down

” Okay…so as i was walking…when I saw something ” I said then paused staring at their faces as I didn’t know what to say

Byung-ho was just looking at me like

‘ What the hell are you doing ‘

While Ji-a was giving me that look like

‘ Can’t wait to slap his face ‘

” You saw what? ”

She asked impatiently

“ you won’t believe what I saw, you won’t. What I saw on the wall of the passage way even I was left in stock ”

I said in a suspenseful tone but honestly I have no idea of what to say

However I could sense both of them were becoming curious to know this unbelievable thing I saw to the point that Byung-ho spoke out

“ What exactly is this thing you saw on the wall? ” He asked and I took my eyes to him

“ Why don’t you try guessing ”

I said giving him a tense stare like I actually have something important to say

“ O..kay… is it a living thing or what? ”

I suddenly have a cue of what to say from what my best friend Byung-ho said

” Of course it’s a living thing, can a non living thing walk on the wall? ”

I said sarcastically

“ I don’t know, I am just guessing ”

He shrugged

“ Living thing? Like a bug? ”

Ji-a asked with a shaky voice and I took my eyes back to her, she seemed scared by that

I have finally gotten her, time to make her even more scared

“ Much bigger than a bug ”

I said and watched as her eyes dilated

” bigger? ”

She muttered

“ Yes, bigger ”

I repeated using both hands to show just how big the thing I saw was and watched in amusement as her eyes dilated even more

She is looking creeped out

“ What kind of thing can that be huh? ” She asked terrified and I chuckled silently

“ A reptile, a big lizard

I saw it crawling on the wall, I chased after it trying to catch hold of it but it ran fast to the direction of your room… ”

As I was saying Byung-ho just rolled his eyes, he knew straight away I was lying

Well he knows me too well, he knows I can’t make an attempt to catch a cockroach not to talk more of a big lizard but Ji-a was still buying my lies so I continued telling more

“ before I could grab it by the tail it entered into the room through a small gap in the door as the door wasn’t locked properly

So that’s how I ended up in your room, course I went after it, not like I was eavesdropping on you guys and accidentally entered, that would be silly right? ”

I concluded with a broad smile hoping she doesn’t suspect me

” so you mean a big lizard is currently inside this room? ”

She asked looking around every corner of the room in a frightened manner

I am enjoying this even more, so she is very much scared of lizards. I never knew she was scared of anything

Time to play the role of a superhero and save the pretty lady

” Yes.. but you don’t need to fear, course I am here. I will protect you from that four legged creature with long claws, with my awesomeness”

I said with both hands on my waist, chest and shoulders raised up high, feeling like Superman

“ Thank you but I don’t need your help, I have Byung-ho, he will protect me ” She said and my shoulders dropped down as well with all pride

What! Did I just hear her say Byung-ho?

” B.. Byung-ho? ”

I stuttered

“ Yes Byung-ho ” she repeated then turned to face him

“ You will protect me right Byung-ho? ” She asked and he gave out a faint smile with a nod

“ Of course I will ”

He said afterwards

“ You see I have my own superhero with me here already, so you can leave, maybe Min-seo needs saving ” She said sarcastically

“ What???.. Byung-ho can’t save you from this creature only I can, Just look at him, he is weak and he is also scared of reptiles especially lizards, when he sees one he starts running and crying like a girl

I said, it was a lie obviously and Byung-ho just shook his head at me like

‘ You have lost it dude ‘

“ Really? So only you can save me? ”

Ji-a said and I nodded

“ Yes, only I can, I am strong can’t you see ”

I said flexing off my muscles

“ Wow ” she exclaimed

” Okay, come stay close to me so you can protect me from the monster lizard ” she said and I smiled silly

At last mission accomplished

I marched triumphantly to meet her, then sat down very close to her, she was in the middle while I and Byung-ho were sitting by her sides

“ As payment for your protection, I will have to eat some of your meats ”

I informed her then moved to take one of the chicken wings on the table when….

“ Ouchhhhhh ” I cried out loudly holding my head with both hands

I had just received a hard knock on the head, and Ji-a is the one responsible for that

It hurts like hell

Byung-ho burst out laughing

“ Why did you do that huh? ”

I asked still rubbing my head

“ So after all your nonsense and totally rubbish story without any meaning you still want to eat my meats too huh?

I told you if you wasted my time with nonsense explanation I will hit you hard on the head

Did you seriously think I believed any of those nonsense you said? I just played along so you can get close enough for me so I can hit you… ”

She was saying and my mouth went wind open

I thought I had her fool but it turned out she was the one who had me fooled

She is really smart

“…and for your information, I ain’t scared of lizards, rats even snakes. If I should see a lizard around the house I will use it to prepare lizard stew ”

She said


” Gross, you eat that? ”

I said squeezing my face in disgust

” Nope, I don’t

I will cook specially for only you to eat ”

She said and the three of us burst out laughing

This girl is unbelievable!

I might be feeling some pains in my head as a result of her hard knock but…I am having fun and I feel much more happier now…


Episode 42


Location: Lee’s Mansion

Time : Same Day

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Oh my!

I am having so much fun!

so, so much fun!

Byung-ho and Lee Chun are really making my day worthwhile today

After Lee Chun had came into the room_ or should I say after he had mistakenly entered into the room course I knew he was eavesdropping on I and Byung-ho behind the door, silly boy, but we have moved passed that

So back to what I was saying, after Lee Chun had come into the room and after saying the most ridiculous cover up story, when he lied about chasing a giant lizard the size of a dog – after all that the three of us, I, Byung-ho and Lee Chun played a little indoor games, while eating the sweet meats

It was a simple, straight forward game really but it was loads of fun, the game goes like this

One person would bring up a topic concerning us and the three of us would take turns commenting on that topic

Like: scariest moments? Favorite song? Embarrassing moments? Etc

You get? Sure you do…

I have been laughing my aṣṣ out

I asked Byung-ho and Lee Chun to tell me their greatest phobias – the thing they are most scared of in this world and you won’t believe what they said it was

Can you believe Byung-ho is actually scared of puppies and Lee Chun is scared of bugs, all types bugs even harmless butterfly

Such grown up babies, scared of puppies and butterflies

“ Hahaha…. ”

I am still laughing really hard because of that

“ Heyyy… It’s not funny okay

Butterflies are scary, they are… ”

Lee Chun was still arguing that it is normal to be terrified of a butterfly

Can you believe this guy, how is butterfly scary? Something that is very cute and pretty

” And what makes them scary? ”

I said giving him that mocking look

“ They are, I have many reasons they fly like roaches and they have cripple arms and legs, they look scary ”

He said and I burst out laughing again

“ I have told you this before butterfly don’t look scary, you are embarrassing me here man ”

Byung-ho said making jest of his best friend and Lee Chun frowned

“ Really? I am embarrassing you? What about you? You are embarrassing me. Tell me what normal person is scared of a puppy? A cute, sweet puppy, huh? ”

Lee Chun said facing Byung-ho

“ But they look scary ”

Byung-ho muttered and I laughed even more

These two guys are so pathetic but so cute and adorable

I just watched in amusement as they argued, giving silly reasons for being scared of cute harmless beautiful creatures..

“..you are really weird, tell me what makes a puppy scary huh? ”

Lee Chun said to him

“ I will give you two reasons, 1: they have sharp teeth and claws and 2: they have a scary roar ”

Byung-ho said

“ What? ” Lee Chun exclaimed

“ You most be delusional…Puppies don’t have sharp teeth, there teeth are really tiny, it can’t do no harm and they barely have claws at all

I think you need to back to primary school, there is a difference between puppy and a lion, course what you describing is a lion, dogs don’t roar ”

Lee Chun said and I felt my intestines twist hard because of laughter

Jeez! So funny

They are arguing like kids

“ Really? I need to go back to primary school right? ”

Byung-ho asked and Lee Chun nodded

“ Yes ”

He replied

“ Then you are coming with, course you clearly don’t know the difference between a butterfly and a cockroach

How can you say butterflies are scary? Infact I think you need to be flogged for that statement ”

Byung-ho said

“ No, you deserve flogging for saying puppies are scary ”

Lee Chun argued

“ No you do ”

Byung-ho argued back and the both of them kept going back and forth much to my amusement

I was laughing so loud and hard..but then all of a sudden both of them stop arguing and shift their attention to me coursing me to halt my laugher, gulping down my saliva

“ What? ”

I asked, as I felt nervous and almost scared the way they were staring at me

“ What’s making you laugh huh? ”

Lee Chun asked frowning slightly

“ Yes tell us why are you laughing? ”

Byung-ho also said frowning slightly

This is not fair

Why are the both of them now ganging up on me? I feel like crying now

I gulped down “ Nothing ”

“ Good ”

Now tell us, what’s your phobia? ”

Lee Chun said

“ Exactly, tell us ”

Byung-ho echoed and both of them were looking really mean at this point

I shook my head “ Do I have to say it? ” I said giving them a puppy eyes

I don’t want to say what my phobia is course I know they will make jest of me since I have been laughing at them since even though my phobia makes more sense than theirs

“ Yes you have to, you can’t bribe your way out of this with those eyes, now answer the question, What are you scared of most? ”

Byung-ho stated, acting like a bad cop

I gulped down ” O..Kay….”

I said stalling

“ You wasting time, hurry up will you”

Lee Chun said impatiently

“ I am scared of riding in a hot balloon ”

I blunted out

“ hot balloon? ”

Both of them chorused together, looking shock

“ Yes ”

I said with my head down as I was feeling embarrassed..

I actually have a slight phobia for heights, it’s not very strong, as I can still manage to look down from the top of tall building so far I am doing so in the safety of a window or very secure protection

I think I can also manage to fly inside an aeroplane, even though I have never been in one before, but I think I won’t be too scared flying inside a plane course I will feel safe by it’s metal cover structure

However a hot balloon is a total different thing, it scares the living daylight out of me just by thinking of riding inside it alone

It looks so unprotected, No metal complete covering, it doesn’t even have a windows nor a seatbelt, no safety measurement whatsoever

It feels like flying to one’s death in my own eyes

What if a strong wind blow on the balloon while it’s high up in it air and it lose balance, what’s preventing me from falling off it?

What if a bird land on top of the balloon and burst it will it’s beak or sharp claws? That will be my dead for sure

I can never ride in it, that stuff scares me a lot….

And as expected they both started laughing hard and making silly jokes

“ Oh my! She is scared of riding in a hot balloon, so ridiculous, even a 5 years child isn’t scared of that ”

Lee Chun was taking the lead in mocking my phobia

“ Yeah, there is nothing to be scared about riding a hot balloon, it’s totally safe ”

Byung-ho added

“ It’s not safe, it’s scary, I have seen someone fall off it in the movies before ”

I said but then Lee Chun started laughing, this time overly excessive

I know he is faking the laughter, he is trying to get be annoyed, but at least my phobia is more reasonable than his

How can a grown up boy like him be scared of butterfly, huh?

Hitting hom on the arm, not too hard though ” Stop laughing okay, big head ”

I said frowning at him

“ Ouch…why you stopping me from laughing, huh? you laughed at me when it was my turn, why can’t I laugh now ”

He whined

“ Yeah i laughed course yours was hilarious, mine is normal, lots of people are scared of riding in a hot balloon but I have never seen or heard anyone scared of butterflies before

You need to be taken to a lab so an experiment can be conducted on you course I am suspecting you ain’t normal ”

I said

“ What! what about Byung-ho? He also needs to be taken to a lab too, what normal human is scared of puppies ”

Lee Chun said dragging his friend into the matter

“ Why most you mention my name in every bad thing huh?.. It’s normal to be scared of a puppy, Ji-a tell him ”

Byung-ho said

“ Nah ” I said and Lee Chun chuckled

” Sorry Byung-ho but you also need to be tested in a lab, you and Flowerhorn, both of you ain’t normal ”

I said and the three of us started arguing…

It was fun, much fun

But just then the door went opening wide coursing the three of us paused to look at the door… Min-seo then walked right in, without even knocking

What’s she doing here?

” Here you are Lee Chun baby, I have been looking all over for you, please I need your attention right now ”

She said bitting on her lower lips while using one hand to play with her breaṣts from the cover of her dress

I think she is trying to seduce Lee Chun or something but it looks really






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