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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 35 & 36

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He’s a Korean S*x god

Hide your Wives!


Episode 35

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋




💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Wait… What?

He wants me to hop on his back?? Like seriously? Is he messing with me or what? He most be kidding

Does he know how embarrassing that is, riding on a guys back, like some 1 year old kid

No way, I can’t do it… No I won’t!…

“ Alright climb on my back already ”

He said impatiently

“ No, I won’t ”

I said sternly arms folded

Turing around, while standing up straight

“ Really you won’t? ”

He repeated what I had said already like he wanted a different answer but I nodded

“ Yes ”

“ Then how do you hope to get into the hospital building? Can you fly? Hope you know your legs ain’t strong enough to walk with? ”

He said like I didn’t know that already

Does he think am foolish or what? Big head

“ My wheelchair ”

“ What? Didn’t you hear what I said earlier, huh? I left it at the hospital ”

He said in a slight frown

“ Then we have to go back to the hospital and get it, course there is no way I am getting on your back, that’s not happening ”

I said squeezing my face in an even tighter frown

that his

“ Heyy… don’t try to act smart with me Okay

I have told you already, you ain’t going back to that hospital and if you keep proving stubborn I will have to drive you back home

Meaning no crutches for you today and you will have to crawl on your belly to get by in the house”

He stated

He is so mean! What kind of big head boy is this, he is just bent on ruining my day

Why did I even accept to come with him to the hospital? I am seriously regretting that decision

“ So are you going to climb on my back or should I drive you home? ”

He asked

I have no choice than to climb on his stupid back, this is so embarrassing

“ I hate you! ”

I cursed

“ I don’t like you either so we are equal, so what’s your decision – Home? Or my back? ”

I remained quiet for some time weighing the two options

“ your back ”

I forced myself to say

“ What? I didn’t get that ”

He said pretending to not hear

“ I said your back okay! ” I yelled loudly and chuckled softly

What’s making him laugh? Big head fool

He turned backing me and crouched down enough for me to be able to climb on his back

“ Okay hop on ”

He said and I sluggishly climb on him, my arms round his shoulders

Oh my! This is so embarrassing, but I can’t lie I am really excited about it, I don’t know why..

“ Hold on tightly ”

He instructed,

which I did, pushing my self upward a bit so I can balance well, as a result my face rested on the side of his neck

He stood up straight with his hands holding firmly to my laps that crossed his wrist region so I won’t slip away

As he started walking, I couldn’t help but sniffed his neck as he smells nice

Oh my!

He smells really great!

I sniffed his neck again with my eyes slightly closed


So sweet

“ What are you doing? ”

I hear him say

“ Nothing ”

I said quickly composing myself and he chuckled

“ You are sniffing me ”

It was more of a statement than question and I swallowed not knowing what to say

“ Uhm.. ”

“ I smell really nice right? ”

He said and started laughing silly then I found my voice

“ What?…No!

You smell like a pig, terrible, I feel like throwing up because of the smell ”

I was lying obviously, he smells really great

“ Yeah, keep lying to yourself okay ”

He said still laughing softly

“ Just shut up and walk okay! ”

I said and he kept quiet as he walked but I could see him smile by the side of his face

What’s making him smile, huh?

But I most confess this is quite fun, I mean I am honestly enjoying riding on his back even though it was embarrassing as some people were staring at us awkwardly

But some other set of people where just staring at us in awe maybe thinking we were a couple and I kinda like the way that feels, like being a couple and all

But I know that’s never going to happen with a person like Lee Chun, not only he is a pervert he is also in a different class than me, way, way direct…

He had been quiet for some time, time to look for his trouble

“ Can’t you walk any faster than this? ”

I lamented

“ Heyyy ” he hushed

“ I am not a horse, you don’t except me to be running do you? ”

He said and I rolled my eyes

“ But you ain’t a snail either, so why are you walking this slow ”

I said in a sigh pretending not to like being on his back

“ You complain a lot, jeez!

You will have to pay me for the lift, my back is aching already ”

He said and I just rolled my eyes….

We kept quarreling and arguing all the way into the hospital building

And it was quite fun, I was enjoying insulting Lee Chun and also the ride on his back

_____________ 🕰️

30 minutes later

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

In less than 20 minutes Cripple monkey was examined and deemed fit enough to now walk with crutches by the new doctor, a female therapist

The new therapist didn’t romance and massage all over cripple monkey’s thigh like the previous stupid therapist did

She just touched some parts of Ji-a’s legs especially her joint and asked Ji-a some questions which she answered

Then she passed crippled monkey good to go

A pair of crutches was then brought and with a little demonstration done by herself the therapist showed Ji-a how to use her new walking tool properly then ask Ji-a to give it a try

Which Ji-a did

Ji-a was giggling and feeling all trilled as she walked with her two legs, using the clutches of course

I smiled formed on my face…

After that we left the ward heading out of the hospital

At first cripple monkey was enjoying walking by herself with her clutches but as we walked some distance down the hallway I discovered she was getting tired and her legs were becoming wobbly

She isn’t used to walking on clutches yet, it will take some time for her to get use to it

I think she needs my help but I know if I offer my assistance she will most likely reject my help or start an argument like always

She is just so stubborn

So I didn’t offer to help her, but I had my eyes fixed on her thou

I watched as she struggled even more to walk, her legs was becoming even more and more shaky and she almost fell…but I held one of her arms

“ Hey cripple monkey are you drunk or what? I think you need to hop on my back again ”

I said and I was expecting her to insult me or reject my offer

“ Okay ”

She accepted

Oh my! She accepted so quick!

she most really need my help

She looked quite tired though

I smiled then crouched down and she climbed on my back and I carried her away down to my car…

” Hey cripple monkey, how do you like your new legs huh? ”

I said making jokes but I got no reply

“ Cripple monk_ ”

I stopped saying when I realized she had fallen asleep on my back

I smiled then continued walking with her sleeping on my back…


Episode 36


Location: Chan’s Mansion 🏛️

Time : Day

☺️ Byung-ho’s POV ☺️

I decide to put my cooking skills into practice, so I put on my cooking uniform and stepped into the massive kitchen to prepare my lunch, not that I have any choice though

I live alone – Yes I live alone in a mansion, my dad bought it for me as a gift

Its a big, beautiful structure but it’s no where as big and elegant as the glass house ( Lee’s Mansion ) That building dwarfs mine, mine is a normal size mansion, and I quite like it like this

In case you don’t know I also come from a wealthy family like Lee Chun, the Chan’s family

My father is very rich, he belongs to the elites in South Korea, he owns a line of restaurants and hotels in Korea and across Asia

But as wealthy as my father is, his wealth is nothing compared to that of Lee Chun’s father

Lee Chun’s father is a multi billionaire, he is worth around 65 billion dollars while my dad is just a billionaire, having a net worth of around 2 billion dollars

Lee Chun himself has about 10 billion dollars saved in his trust fund

In other words Lee Chun’s dad and Lee Chun are rich enough to buy me, my dad and his company off if they choose to

Well regardless of that I count myself really lucky to come from a family like mine, we are still pretty rich, we can afford anything we want, to prove that point, I and Lee Chun went to same primary and highschool and both of us will also enter same business school in a few months time

Lee Chun and I are both billionaire sons and I am not anyway envious of him for the fact that his family is more richer than mine

I love him, even if he is a jerk most of the time, I love him still, I love him as a brother

Unlike Lee Chun I have no siblings, I am the only child of my father, so I am mostly alone, that’s one of the reasons why I bonded so tightly with Lee Chun while growing up, course I saw him as not a friend but as a brother…

Okay so back to the original discussion

Time to cook

I could easily afford to get myself a personal cook just like the glass house, I mean I do have maids that clean my house, i just don’t have a cook cause I choose not to, why?

because I enjoy cooking myself

Yes, I do love cooking

It has been my passion since I was a kid, just like my dad – who is a great cook

He is the one who taught me all I know in cooking and I want to be just like him

Today I will be making a simple light meal – scrambled eggs which I will eat with a glass of orange juice..

Placing the frying pan on the gas stove, I turned it on and it started heating the pack up

I then poured the right amount of groundnut oil on the pan needed to fry the eggs

I had already sliced and chopped my tomatoes, onions and veggies inside a small bowl, so I emptied everything inside the frying pan and it started singing…after some seconds

I picked up another small bowl at the counter, containing my already stirred up eggs and poured it into the pan and it fried together with the other stuff in the pan..

In less than 2 minutes my lunch was ready, I know the food isn’t much. I normally don’t eat this light especially my lunch meals but today I just have to eat light course I don’t want my stomach filled up as I need it empty for what I have planned

You see after my meal I will go freshen up and head to straight to Lee Chun’s house

I want to take Ji-a out on a food spree, both of us will just eat and have fun

I Chuckled inwardly, just thinking about Ji-a was making me smile and happy already

“ Ji-a ”

I muttered to myself softly

I have never met a girl like her, she is_ she is really different from the other girls I know

She is funny, completely hilarious really but equally as sweet and charming

There is something about her that always draws me to her, I want to be close to her… I really enjoy her company…

Dishing my meal myself, I walked to the dinning table with the tray containing the scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice

Sitting down I made to eat when I heard the doorbell ring


Who could that be?… I wasn’t expecting anyone

The doorbell rang again so I stood up and went to go see who is at the door

” A second “…

On getting to the door, I opened it only to be left shocked

” You!… What are you doing here? ”

I questioned with a tight frown forming on my face…


Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

Time: Day

👛 Kia’s POV 👛

“… When will Lee Chun arrive, huh? When? ”

That would be the thousandth time, this silly friend of mine will be asking me this same questions

When will Lee Chun arrive?

When will your brother get here?

It’s been hours now are you sure Lee Chun is coming?

When? When? When? When?

She is driving me insane with her continues nagging

What’s her problem, huh?

Do I look like a tracker that tells when a person would come back

I would have kicked her out, the only reason I am tolerating her is because of the large junk of money I plan in collecting from her hand_ not that I really need the money anyways

I am a f**king billionaire’s daughter

“ Heyyyyy!

I have told you a million times that he would soon be back, but if you know you can’t be patient then carry your little a$$ out the door_ infact leave Now! ”

I said rudely, pointing to the door

She quickly got on her knees, her hands touching my knees

“ I am sorry Kia, please don’t kick me out…you know how bad I need this, please you can’t kick me out.. you know I am your good friend, you can’t do this to me, I really need your brother ”

She was begging pathetically

And it’s really pathetic though, she is a really beautiful girl but she is on her knees begging because of a d**k, because she wants to f**k my younger brother’s d**k

I felt sorry for her, not that this is the first time a girl would be going on her knees begging me to set them up with my younger brother

It happens all the time, I am even making some cool cash because of it, but for some reasons seeing this my friend on her knees just made me wonder?

Is my younger brother d**k any different from the other million guys d**k out there?

Can’t these bit*hes just pick one hot, cute guy out there and let him screw their inching pu**sy to oblivion

Well maybe my younger brother d**k is different course it seems to drive girls insane, completely mad!

“ Alright, alright… I won’t kick you out BUT you have to stop with the annoying questions okay ”

I told her and she accepted

“ Thank you, I will, no more silly questions. From now on my mouth are sealed ”

She said holding her mouth with two of her fingers

“ Good, now sit down will you? ”

I said, not comfortable with the fact that she was still on her knees

She stood up then sat back down on the couch close to me

There was finally silent…

Not too long after Lee Chun’s car made it way into the compound

He is finally back, I know my brother will be so happy when he sees the gift I brought for him today

My friend here is really pretty and I am definitely show Lee Chun will be so eager to screw her

“ You can scream now, Lee Chun is back ”

I said and started jumping on the couch and screaming excitedly

“ Heyyyy

I didn’t mean you should scream literally, and will you get down from the couch, silly girl ”

I said in a frown

“ Sorry ”

She said then composed herself…

Wait!… What’s this I am seeing

From the glass wall of the building I could see Lee Chun pick up Ji-a from the vehicle and placed her on to his back


He was actually backing that Ji-a girl on his back as he walked

When did this start?… What is he doing

This is weird, really weird

Anyways he should come here and screw my bit*hy friend so her body system can relax..

“ Alright bring the cash before he enters the building ”

I said with my palm opened wide

She dropped a really large sum of cash on it that my hand felt quite heavy

“ This will do just fine, get ready for that tiny pu**y of yours to expand ”

I said and she giggled shyly

Silly girl…

Lee Chun finally entered into the building and I went to meet him


Ji-a is actually sleeping on his back, I really can’t explain what is happening here, but I guess that’s not my business

My business however is getting him to f**k my friend

“ Hey little bro, I brought a little something thing for you ”

I winked, glancing over to where my friend was and his eyes followed mine landing on my pretty friend who was blushing and rolling her hair

“ You know what she needs right? I know you got this ”

I said




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