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Her legacy finale

💞 If it’s meant to be it will be💞
Author~ Remio Viola
EP37 ☑
“It’s gonna be alright” James said warmly
I laid on Alex’s shoulder and cried my eyes out.
That wasn’t true.
it’s never going to be aright. Staring at the grave of the man I ever loved. It’s never going to be alright.
Nothing could ever be the way it had been before Regan died.
I bent down and placed my bouquet of roses in front of Regan’s headstone.
“Someone should bring him back he doesn’t belong there” I sobbed
“There’s nothing anyone can do about the situation now” Alex said soothingly
I touch his head stone and read the inscription quietly in my heart.
He doesn’t deserve to be down there.
“let’s go you need to rest” James said and they pulled me up to my feet
“I don’t want to go” I protested in tears
“the least we can do for Regan now is to make you happy” Alex said and they took me out of the cemetery.
I sat in the sitting room going through the account of the last sugar harvest. Before Lugard was killed, he put Sam incharge of KLS till I wake up from coma and learn the ropes.
Learning the business wasn’t a difficult task with Sam and Carl around. Carl owns 95% shares of the company and I made him CEO three weeks ago after I changed the name of the company back to The Knowles.
My foster family returned to Nigeria a month ago while I remained at Canada with Doris. James traveled to Austria two months ago and Alex has been a true friend all along.
Carl on the other hand, has also been a helping hand and a joy to me except he could never replace Regan in my heart and am never going to give love a second chance.
I just want to mourn Regan all the rest of my life.
“sis” Doris called running down the stairs
“what’s it again Doris?”
“I’ll be out with Alex” she replied and I smiled to myself.
Doris and Alex has been having this thing between them but I don’t understand why they are hiding it from me. Alex deserves joy after Joanna broke him and I know Doris would make him happy but they claim they are just friends.
“I still don’t believe the going out is ordinary” I said suspiciously
“c’mon sis Alex and I are just friends just like you and Carl” she said and winked at me.
Everyone thinks Carl is the perfect guy for me but I don’t want to believe that.
I faked a frown “thanks Doris”
“there’s nothing wrong with giving Carl a chance he’s a nice guy”
“I don’t need your sermons Doris I know what’s good for me”
she shrugged “hope you know what you’re doing” then headed for the door
“my regards to Alex” I prompted when she got to the door
“you know what sis” she whirled around to face me “you’re too beautiful to torture men so just go to a convent”
“I’ll think about it” I said sarcastically then she chuckled and left.
I closed the book I was going through and fell back on the couch with my eyes closed. No matter how hard I try to forget Regan, I just can’t get him out of my mind.
The door bell rang and I went to see who it was. On opening the door, Carl was standing at the doorway with his hands in his pants pockets. Always reminding me of Regan.
“Hi Carl” I greeted without letting him in
“You can let me in, I came to talk business” he said and I felt guilty for hurting him. He didn’t deserve it but we don’t deserve what we get.
Regan didn’t deserve to die and I didn’t deserve to lose him.
“come in” I stepped aside and he walked in “am sorry for keeping you standing”
“it’s okay I understand” he replied sadly
I breathed deeply then shut the door “what did you want to talk about”
“It’s about the last sugar harvest 18 years ago”
“what about it?”
“The amount in our journal doesn’t match with that of the accountant”
“I’ve been wondering too but I’ll look into it”
he sighed “we could always work together”
I didn’t want anyone to know what happened 18 years ago. According to Sam, the accountant then was a friend of Charles and Lugard didn’t know about the record so he forged a fake one.
“I got this Carl, I was actually going through it before you came”
“okay” he said with a shrug
There was an awkward silence as he stared at me. So uncomfortable.
“is there anything you want to talk about?” I asked
“I was wondering if we could go out tonight”
“I’d be busy” I lied
“You don’t have to lie cause I know you won’t be busy”
“am sorry Carl but… ”
“I understand” he cut in then got up and left without waiting for me to say anything
I felt guilty but there’s nothing I can do. I feel like am cheating on Regan each time I go out with Carl. Even though he’s dead, I feel his presence around.
I walked outside and called my driver to drive me to the waterfall. That’s the only solace I have.
We got to the waterfall and I told my driver to leave. I didn’t like anyone’s company when am at the waterfall.
I sat on the rock I used to sit with Regan and threw pebbles into the fall. Alex doesn’t like me going to the waterfall alone cause I’ve always attempted jumping into the water.
I remembered the first day Regan brought me to the waterfall and tears rolled down my cheeks. I missed him and I needed him alive even if he wasn’t going to be mine.
“do you like it?” I heard someone ask in a low baritone voice just like Regan’s.
I quickly turned around to see a couple standing at another edge of the waterfall. Those were the exact words of Regan when we first visited.
“it’s beautiful” the girl replied and laid her head on his shoulder as he snaked his hand around her waist.
Just like Regan.
I wiped my tears and looked away. Everything seems to be reminding me of Regan.
I head giggles from the couple and I ran out in tears. I couldn’t bear it anymore, am supposed to be happy with Regan.
I flagged down a cab and drove to the cemetery then I alighted.
Standing at the gate of the cemetery, I bought a bouquet of flowers and walked in.
Someone crossed me and everything about the person reminded me of Regan.
The person took long strides away from me and I went after him.
His walking step reminded me of Regan and his physic was like Regan’s.
He noticed I was following him and increased his paced.
“Regan!” I called and ran after him then I grabbed his arm.
“what’s wrong miss?” he asked as he turned to face me.
It wasn’t Regan
“so… sorry… I thought you were someone else” I apologized and hurried away in tears.
It wasn’t the first time I was mistaking someone else for Regan. Even at the airport, at the mall, at the waterfall, everywhere I go I feel his presence.
It’s hard to believe he’s gone.
I got to his grave and sat on the ground.
“Where are you Regan?” I asked in tears as I dropped the bouquet in front of his headstone “I don’t want to believe you’re dead”
I sniffled and touched his picture that was kept on his grave.
“I just want to see you again”
“There’s a chance of seeing him” Carl said from behind me
“what are you doing here?” I asked irritated
“It’s not safe leaving you by yourself” he said and squat beside me “he was a handsome man”
“I want to be alone Carl don’t be a stalker”
“Am going to leave and I’ll never return again but first I want to give you a chance to see him again”
“what do you mean?”
“I know of a sorceress who can create communication between the living and the dead”
“am not interested” I declined
“you are interested but you don’t want to go with me” he said sadly and it was true
“you have to forget about me Carl you’re a good person and you don’t deserve someone like me, I don’t love you”
“you shouldn’t have said that” he snapped and looked away. I know he was trying to hide his tears but I still saw it
“Am so sorry”
He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a folded paper.
“here’s the address” he said then dropped the paper on the ground and walked away
“Carl” I called but he ignored me and left. I picked up the paper and read the address.
If this is real then I have to see Regan one more time.
Still I felt guilty for Carl, I didn’t mean to hurt him but I really don’t love him. I’ll apologize to him when I get back.
I left the cemetery and boarded a cab to the address. It was a two hours drive and the cab man was almost scared that it was a set up.
We finally arrived at the outskirts of town and saw an old shaky building.
“I wouldn’t advise you go in there alone” the cab man said as I paid my fare and got down.
I was also scared but I don’t mind dying after all, what do I have to live for?
“thanks” I said adamantly and he shrugged and drove out.
I took in a deep breath and walked into the building.
It was dark and deserted but I still walked in. There was no sign of anyone there and I feared it was a set up.
The door shut and I turned around to see who shut it was then someone or something locked it.
“who’s there?” I asked frightfully but there was no reply nor movement
no reply
I ran to the door and tried opening it but it was locked.
“Carl!? someone let me out”
“Shhhhhh” out of the darkness, someone hugged me from behind and the light went on.
I whirled around and saw Regan and I screamed and ran out of his arms.
The light went out again.
I screamed and ran around, there was no one in there.
Regan’s ghost was haunting me or it was the sorceress at work.
I wasn’t at all aware that I was still screaming until I slammed into a large armchair that stopped my progress, and I heard myself.
The light suddenly went on and I couldn’t see anyone again.
“You have to calm down” I heard Regan’s voice but I couldn’t see him.
I can’t do this, I can’t see a ghost alone.
I reached for my phone to call Carl but I couldn’t find it. Regan must had taken it when he hugged me.
“Please let me go”
“don’t shout” his voice came in again and he walked out from a door. I screamed and the lights went out.
“calm down” he bellowed and the lights went on but he was gone
“Jennifer you have to calm down”
“show yourself”
“don’t freak out” he cooed and walked out from another door
“Am… sc… scared” I stuttered in fear
“I can’t hurt you” he said walking close to me
I tried screaming but stopped myself so he won’t leave again.
“am not a ghost” he said but I couldn’t believe it cause I was in the house of a sorceress and she creates communication between the living and the dead.
He smiled and made to sit beside me and I unconsciously flinched back.
“one year of being thought to be dead, I understand why you’re scared” he said and sat on another armchair
“where have you been? And how did Carl know that you’re here?” I asked and he smiled
“can I hug you before starting the story?”
“no” I shook my head and made to run but he grabbed me back and hugged me
“don’t be scared am not a ghost” he whispered to me and my fear disappeared
“I miss you” he said and I was speechless.
Still frozen by his grip
“I’ll tell you now”
“Regan!” Lucas called and pulled me up from the floor
“Jennifer” I called weakly as Lucas loosed the chain from Regan’s neck.
The bomb was still ticking one minute when Lucas removed the bomb.
“We can’t make it out before the bomb explodes, you go ahead while I deactivate it” he said and I couldn’t argue so I headed for the door
“give me your watch” he prompted and I quickly removed my watch and handed it to him then he tried using it to deactivate the bomb while I staggered down the stairs.
I haven’t left the building when the bomb exploded sending me flying out of through the window. My face and part of my body got burnt but I didn’t die and no one saw me where I fell.
I laid there for two days before someone, a woman found me I took me to the hospital.
“I woke up a month ago and was told I had been in coma for thirteen months. 14 face surgeries were carried on my face for the past one month before I got it back to this shape.
I found out that Lucas was buried as me cause of the watch and I was scared to show myself to you cause you would freak out like you did earlier.
Two weeks ago, Carl traced me to the house of the woman who found me. He told me he has been carrying out a secret investigation on the blast and had gone as far as exhuming the corpse that was buried as me then he found out that it was Lucas.
He went to where the blast happened and was lucky to find the woman and she told him she found a me around the area a year ago. He came to me and arranged a way for us to meet. He loves you but he wanted you to be happy” Regan narrated
I was already in tears “where’s Carl?”
“his plane left one hour ago for Mexico”
“I owe him an apology”
“I owe him my life for this reunion” Regan said and kissed me
“is this really the house of a sorceress?” I asked unlocking from the kiss
he chuckled “it’s the house of the woman who helped me. Carl just came out with the idea to bring you here. He said you wouldn’t let him drive you here and you would scream ghost if I came out to meet you”
“Carl” I mouthed
“don’t dare unlock from this kiss again. It’s been 14 months” he threatened playfully and kissed me.
I pinched him on his sides and he chuckled over my lips
“we’re going to kiss for eternity” he said and I laughed
“then don’t ever stop else I’ll shoot you” I said and he carried me on his arms bridal style
“where are we going?” I asked as he carried me past a door
“it’s a surprise”
I chuckled “I hate surprises”
he didn’t say anything again till we got to a bedroom.
“I’ll show you how much I missed you” he said and dropped me on the bed
“then tell Viola to cut the story” I said and Viola stopped typing


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