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Her journey finale


By Christabel Nwoko

Episode 9 -Second To Last Episode

When Paulina revealed to her mother (Agnes)and her siblings what had happened in Ibadan, they were so shocked. Chloe had to also revealed that one Mr Collins had been requesting for her phone number online.

“He is daddy’s best friend, I met him at Ibadan, he even recognized me at once” Paulina revealed.

“Really? Chloe, Don’t dare give out your phone number to him, since he is friends with our so called Dad, that means our run away father is s£nding him to us, we don’t need a father, where was he when we needed him the most” Benita entered.

Agnes listened quietly to her daughters, she still couldn’t believe on how much her daughters had grown, she still remembers how she had suffered to take care of their needs but now they are doing well for themselves. Her h@rd work really paid off. It was so obvious that God was always with them.

“Mom what do you have to say?” Paulina who had observed that their mother had not utter a word, asked.

“I don’t know, Its all depends on you girls, I have no right to make decisions for you all, but what I know is that I will never forgive Roland, he tricked me, he faked his own death, who does that?, Just because he wants to take another wife, he abandoned me… just because I didn’t bear him a son, but tell me, which son is worth more than any of you?” Agnes replied in tears.

“Mom, it’s okay, we will never forgive him, we appreciate everything you did for us, we will not be where we are today, if not for you and God. We love you mummy” Benita added and turned to Paulina.

“You shouldn’t have operated on him, he should have allowed him to die, didn’t he once faked his own death? You should had Let him die for real” Benita asked.

“Benita don’t say that, it’s against my ethics as a medical doctor and besides mummy didn’t bring us up like that, we are not wicked people, and moreover, uncle Collins said something, he said our father never faked his own death, that his brothers lied to him, I just don’t un-derstand” Paulina entered

“Paulina you better don’t allow your self to be fooled, that man is only defending his friend, birds of the same feather flocks together” Benita added.

“I don’t think so Benita, uncle Collins said he returned with our father to Lagos to look for us but they didn’t find us” Paulina continued.

“Story, and you believed him?” Benita cut in.

“They did?” Chloe added.

Agnes listened Speechlessly, she wondered if that was true, but finally, she decided to contact Collins and find out if it’s true.

Few days later, Collins was so excited when he got a message from Agnes. Agnes had requested for his phone number and immediately, he s£nt it.

Agnes called him immediately and they exchanged plea-santries. Agnes went straight to the point to find out if what Paulina had said was true.

“My daughter told me everything that happened in Ibadan but what I don’t un-derstand is why you decided to lie to my daughter to gain her sympathy, how could you do that, who gave you the right to lie to my daughter the way you did, I also heard you are requesting for Chloe’s phone number, my girls are no longer children, and you can’t manipulate them” Agnes entered bluntly.

“Agnes, plea-se listen to me, I didn’t lie to Paulina, and neither do I want to mainipulate Chloe. I know you will be thinking that I never returned to you or keep you posted like I promised you many years ago but the truth is that, I returned back to that same hospital that I rushed you to, two days after, I returned with Roland, but we were told that you were alre-ady discharged and because you were an emergency patient they didn’t have your house address, the doctor told me that you forgot to fill out the form before you left, we were so disappointed, we even went to look for you at the Oshodi market and no one seems to have seen you or know you, we were so disappointed. We kept coming but we were never lucky. Roland had to go back to Ibadan hoping against hope that you will return home since you have heard that he was alive, he never faked his own death, his brothers did, they even accused you of Adûlt€ryand that you packed your belongings and left because they caught you with another man, Roland was a fool to believe them and he agreed to marry Martha, a girl they had been pressurizing him to marry because they kept telling him that he needed a male child. Trust me, my friend is very sorry, he was so embarr@ssed that was why he didn’t explain to me in details at first, he had thought you committed Adûlt€rybut when I met you, the truth c@m£ to light, he is indeed sorry, plea-se forgive him, he should had not believed his brothers without hearing from you first, Karma had also dealt with him, he just found out few days ago that his elder brother had been slee-ping with Martha for many years and even worst the three sons that he thought was actually his was his brother’s sons, plea-se forgive him” Collins Narratted and Agnes listened Speechlessly at the other end of the phone but in tears.


By Christabel Nwoko
Episode 10- Final Episode
Roland was a kind of man that would choose his siblings over his spouse anytime. No wonder he believed his brothers when they told him lies about Agnes, his wife.
It’s a pity that he had learned the h@rd way that only God is trust worthy.
Agnes and Roland finally reconciled and gradually their daughters too accepted Roland as their father, Roland was so excited when Her daughters took his surname, he was so proud of his daughters. He introduced them to his closest friends and family.
Agnes who still love Roland agreed to marry him again. With this new development, their daughters began to think of settling down too.
It was so obvious that they had come to realize that every woman needs a man in her life.
Chloe got married to a white man, who she met some years ago when she had flew to Canada.
Afterwards, Benita got married too to the love of her life, she had no idea that the love of her life was Collin’s first son, it was during the introduction that everyone was surprised, Collins and Roland was so excited that they gave their blessings right away. then Paulina followed suit, she got married too to a man that adored her.
Agnes’s daughters got married to successful and loving men.
Roland had not st©pped apologizing to Agnes for everything he had put her throu-gh. Agnes had also introduced her husband to politics and with his history as a Navy officer, Roland had grew famous in just few years.
Agnes’s joy knew no bound when she bec@m£ the deputy governor of Lagos State. Roland was so proud of her and her daughters were so proud of her too.
Agnes’s daughters took in almost at the same time and Agnes was expecting beautiful grand daughters and grand sons, but will Agnes’s daughters give birth to female children? That will be a story for another day but for now Agnes’s sweet and bitter JOURNEY ends here.
One t©uçh of God’s favor can change everything.
All Children are EQUALLY valuable irrespective of their gender.

The End

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