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heart robber episode 22

❤️ Heart Robber ❤️

Diana stood by Joy’s desk, since she was the General secretary she’s always the last person to leave the office.

The work for the day was done and diana was waiting for Jimi to pick her up

It’s been two weeks since they started dating and everyday he drops her off in the morning and picks her up after work .

He insisted and it made it easy for her to get by everyday so she was gradually getting used to being seen with Jimi Benson all the time

“That boss lady is such a kill joy, how did she know I was going to a party today now she’s intentionally delaying me”
Joy protested

“You know if you say kill Joy like that it actually killing you. You know coz your name is joy ”Diana giggled

“Very funny, but I have to go out ,mingle with people at least you have your own Prince Charming where am I suppose to find my future partner If I don’t socialize just because my work takes most of my time abeg o I must party”

“I didn’t meet Jimi at a party”

“Well I do not have a neighbour as cute as yours all my neighbors are either married or very ugly and unattractive”

“So now you are concerned about his appearance only”

“Not really, but it so unfair that she wants me to end up like her. Alone and sad” she muttered softly

“You are very different from her, no matter what happens you are going to find your own man who’s going to love you unconditionally”

“Just like Jimi not that am implying that am interested in him I just think he is almost perfect”

“No guy is perfect Joy, don’t get it twisted”

diana shook her head as her phone buzz

“speak of the devil he is downstairs already.”

“Awwn can’t you stay with me for a while”

Someone cleared his throat and diverted their attention to where Marcel was standing very close to them

“Joy.. Anita is waiting for the report in her office”

“Yeah that’s right ..I’ll go now bye Diana see you tomorrow”

“Yeah you too ” Joy rushes out of her desk while Marcel and diana head to the elevator

“So Jimi finally pulled it on with you”
Marcel muttered once they were in the elevator

“Excuse me”

“Oh never mind”

“Marcel you were saying something about”

” Jimi Just now”

“Am just worried about you…OK, that guy is not who you think he is”

“I still don’t get”

“Just don’t fall too [email protected], he’s not going to be there forever”

“If you are trying to scare me, well yeah it worked am not sure what you mean really just get to the point and stop beating about”

“Am not, I just don’t want to see you get hurt, and that’s seem to be Jimi Benson’s specialty.. Hurting people”

“I’m going to be fine Marcel, I know what am getting into ,thanks for your concern”

he didn’t say anything else until the elevator chimed open on the ground floor and he head straight to his car

Diana wasn’t please that things had to go downhill between her and marcel, he is a great guy and things might have actually been different if jimi wasn’t in the picture

But it only for awhile by the time she’s done clearing him she might have to leave everything behind including her job

Jimi was standing by his car, when diana came out of the company… He smiled when their eyes met and gave her a big grin as he hugged her

“Hey baby, how was work today… ”
Jimi opened the [email protected]£nger door for diana before heading to the driver side

“Very well yours. ” Diana answered when Jimi starts the car

“I had a busy day and I missed you”
she smiled this is how she get by everyday.
Being jimi’s supposed girlfriend is [email protected]

“Did anybody bother you today”

“No daddy.”

“I like the sound of that. Daddy”

“Don’t get used to it”

“Ain’t you so sweet”

“Indeed! That reminds me, Marcel said something that I can’t quite wrap my head around”

Jimi wiped his mouth with his free hand “what did that douche bag have to say about me”

“It depends, is there anything I should be worried about”

“Cmon diana the dude is just jealous.. You know he is interested in you, right ,so he will say anything just to get you pissed . Don’t listen to anything he says”

“You know he has his reasons, you said it yourself you were involved with him somehow… Would you rather I hear it from him ,I don’t like to pry but I don’t want to be ignorant of an obvious loop. Tell me about it so I don’t have to worry about it”

“No sweetie, no need to get upset I’ll tell you.. But you should know I didn’t do anything intentionally”

Diana raised her brow

“Aside that the Rolland and my family have been friends for years. Anita and I had an issue when we were in secondary school. I don’t know why but he still blames me for it, it was a longtime ago and we were just kids.
So yet unfortunately again there’s this girl Francesca, we did our masters together in London so when I met in Lagos we kinda ended up in a compromise situation and I had no idea she was already engaged to Marcel, she didn’t even tell me .”

“You slept with his fiancee” Diana [email protected] ,jimi cannot seize to amaze her

“I didn’t know she was his fiancee, she didn’t say she was engaged, so he found out and he was really upset. I think he would have felt better if he was someone else that slept with his fiancee
He went out to ruin me first he went after my major project for my family’s business ,we lost a lot and I got kicked out of the company according to my mom I needed to be more responsible and have more experience.. Years have [email protected] back and I still haven’t been considered to go back yet. So instead of being my own boss am someone’s errand boy”

“And you blame Marcel for that”

“He is responsible for it”

“You can’t quite say you’re innocent
But still that was a low b!0w, I didn’t deserve that ,look we are big boys If I can move on from then he should be able to move on too”

“It’s not that easy. But you never really hatched out your differences”

“If he doesn’t see it necessary then am not about to throw myself on the floor for him to walk on”

“But you agree that you are at fault”

“Yeah I guess”

“You are such a case”

“I know I am a bad boy but now I just want to be your bad boy just yours”

“I don’t really like bad boys”

“Cliche, well it’s a good thing that am on the road to recovery..”

diana laughed

“So when are we going on our date” Jimi asked

“I don’t know yet”

“Oh but you promised this week”

“I still haven’t concluded if it such a good idea to go out with you just yet”

“Jesus diana you’re killing me”

“How.. I haven’t even done anything”

“Oh you have done plenty, why should we have to schedule a day out together”

“You need to know these things take time, it’s a gradual process.. Anyways let’s see how Friday is going to be….. We are suppose to spend the weekend with Marty so I will have to ask her if I can borrow a night from there”

“Am sure she’ll agree but it depends on how you tell her, if you want I can speak to her about it”

Diana shook her head

“I’ll talk to my friend Jimi, however I want”


Marty stood up to leave, not long after
Diana got back from work

” Aunty Marty are you going already ” Abby asked

“Yes sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow”

Diana rushed out of the room

“Marty you are leaving already”

“Yeah have got to go now”

“Why! But I just got back”

“I know”

“I was thinking we’ll get to gist for awhile before you leave”

“Am in a hurry,I have to go”

” Is it Phil that is rushing you, do you have to do something tomorrow”

“That’s not the point Didi, I just have to go home”

“Are you feeling OK”

“I am, I guess we will talk on phone. Bye Abby”

Diana wasn’t buying it so she followed her outside

“Phil is not taking you home”

“Yeah, not a big deal”

“Marty what happened did you guys fight?”

“No, but am done putting up with his on and off attitude,am not a child so if he doesn’t want to grow up and quit his boyish acts I won’t even try, he doesn’t know what he wants”

“How do you mean”

“He told me he broke up with his girlfriend, but he won’t come right out with what he wants. Isn’t it obvious that we’re not just friends anymore.”

“You know he’s kinda shy”

“Shy my foot, he goes on and on about what he wants for his future he doesn’t even picture me in it. I feel am deceiving myself
Marty look at me, he just got out of a messy relationship, perhaps he doesn’t want to complicate things by rushing into something else.”

” Give him time, and if he doesn’t come out then maybe you guys might not be together, don’t pressure yourself.. ”

“Time how long has it been. Even you and Jimi just started being friends a few weeks ago and now you are guys are an item. Am I really deceiving myself with this nons£nse”

There she goes with this jimi and Diana scenerio

Diana rolled her eyes.
She wished she could tell her best friend about all of it but now is not the time

Though she and jimi look so adorable and admirable at the moment but it’s not something Anyone should envy.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen

“Phil is really a laid back guy and I don’t like how you are sounding desperate, don’t force it Marty what will be will be. What Jimi and I have is very different from what you guys share so just don’t compare”

“Well I’m not going to pretend like I am OK with this by sticking with him in his car tonight am sorry Diana but I have to start going home on my own from now on. Maybe it will sink in that I don’t want to be just friends anymore”

“I understand sweetie ”she hugged her
“take care of yourself”

Unlike she and jimi
Phil!p and Marty are heading towards a good destination

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