💖Heart on fire🔥
📚Written by Authouress succy stories📚
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💄Episode 25💄

💏End of season 1💏



The car drove into my mansion or perhaps suzy-yue’s mansion.

A guard opened the door and I came and walked into the living room, I flung I briefcase into a couch,taking the stairs up as I hurriedly pull my tie.

A maid is gonno take care of the briefcase, no doubt

Leaving Kim nah,wasn’t a bad Idea all along
Suzy-yue made me taste real wealth and am working really hard for more.

She’s a slut though,but I really haven’t seen her with another guy
Beside am a perfect match for her.

One thing am forever grateful for,is the love oath I took with Kim,am sure that alone will bury her deep into poverty.

I smirked and hurried towards my room door. It got opened and suzy-yue my girlfriend or perhaps my mistress, came out already on her transparent sleeping robe.

Her b**bs stood firm and I couldn’t take my eyes off it neither could she take hers off my d**k

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She’s an expert when it comes to s*x
She doesn’t get satisfied till we get to the third round
“Hey! Cutie pie,how was your day?she asked moving into the bedroom while I followed slowly

“Stressful as ever,luckily we are gonno be shooting the movie with their industry”I said pulling out the sealed document

“Wow! That’s goodnews, how about the singing crew, have u thought about one?she asked sitting on the king sized bed

“Nope! Maybe you will fix that your self”I said pulling off my clothes ready to step into the bathroom

“That’s not much of a problem,how about if we fix oppa cheem and his band?she asked and I nodded

“that’s Perfect”i replied
“So how was the dinner night Euo-woo organized?”I added

“It was kinda bored without you there”she said and I scoffed

Who doesn’t know suzy-yue,the unrepentant slut.

“Really? I asked raising my brows at her

“Yeah” she replied pulling o ff the towel I had on my waist
“Chill baby, lemme take a shower first”I uttered but she didn’t bulge

“How about giving you a blow job first”she said pulling out my d**k with one hand then she plung it into her mouth, deep throating herself

I closed my eyes in pleasure as the feelings kept rushing at me.

She kept sucking and licking my d**k cap while I groan in ecstasy shoving my d**k deep into her mouth, deep throating her

I cum heavily inside her mouth and she licked them up.

I picked back the towel in a bid to go into the bathroom, when she held my d**k and began stroking it again.

“Hey! What’s that for?
I asked in surprise
“C-mon jumong, your not going in there until you shove this little man into me”
She said winking at me

“Huh! Is this lady okay?


End of season 1

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