Healer – episode 19


Episode 19

“Holy s–t!” Aliyah cursed from the other end
of the phone. “Wait a second….you sle-pt with
Alex? Kendra!”
“It just happened,Aliyah. Will you blame me?
I was S-xually starved and he happened to
be there and all the time we’ve been dying
for each other and we just couldn’t find the
time to…Look, he wanted it and I wanted it
too. So, it just happened.”
Aliyah sighed. “Are you certain that he’s the
“Yes. I have the whole evidence here with
me. Aliyah I don’t know what to do. Connor
alre-ady knows that I’m pregnant.”
“And he knows that he couldn’t have been
responsible. Oh, dear God. What do you do
“I don’t know!”
“Listen, have you told Alex?”

Kendra chuckled. “I haven’t been picking any
of his calls at all. So,no.”
“You have to tell him,Kendra.”
“Are you kidding me? So both of them can
kill themselves?”
“Kendra, its not about that. He’s responsible
for this. He deserves to know. Tell
him,Kendra. It will be easy enough for you if
he’s backing you up. And it will be easy
when you finally state it as a reason for your

Kendra was calm. Her mind was working.
She sighed.
“Calm down. Anxiety isn’t good for a
pregnant woman. At least that one, I know
Aliyah said.
“Okay… okay. I’ll tell him. But it has to be in
“And you know you can’t give Connor the
impression that you alre-ady know about his
condition. Don’t say a word, just act neutral.”
“I know. Okay…Alright.”
She hung up and tried to calm down. With
shaky hands she put back all the papers,
even when some fell of again because she
was shaking. She tried to calm down and
shut the closet as it was, went to be-d and
l@ydown, trying to get hold of herself.
It seemed like several hours had pas-sed
before she found her strength and picked
her phone. The voice c@m£ after the third

Alex voice c@m£ in. She closed her eyes and
sighed. She had really missed him.
He said again when she didn’t say anything.
“Alex. Hi.”
She said and heard him sigh.
“How are you doing?”.
” I’m fine. How are you?”
“I’m great. I hope you’re good,Kendra. I’ve
been worried about.you and you haven’t
been picking any of my calls.”
She paused and sighed. “Yes, I’m fine.”
“Alex….I….we nee-d to talk. I have to see you.”
“Alright.Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, everything is fine. There’s
something…that just c@m£ up that I would
like to tell you …in person.”
“Okay. When?”
“How about tonight? Are you busy?”
“What time tonight?”
“At 8.”
“No, I’m not busy at all.”

“I’ll come to your house.”
“Good. I’ll be expecting you.”
“Yeah, bye.”
“Kendra, wait….I love you.”
He said and she couldnt say anything. She
pu-ll-ed herself together and hung up. Alex
loves her.
“I love you too.”
She said after she had hung up on him.
Few minutes later, the door opened and
Connor stepped in to the room. He leaned
against the wall and stared at her for a
while. She turned and looked at him. His
expression was unre-adable and blank.
“How are you?”
He said. She shrugged.

“I ordered Chinese food just now. I wanted
us to have a little….ro-mantic dinner tonight.
Are you up for it?”
She looked at him in surprise. He ordered
food for a ro-mantic dinner? She couldn’t
believe it.
“To….Tonight? At what time?”
“At the usual time. 8.”
He said. She had thought to skip dinner and
lie about an appointment with Aliyah which
she wanted to talk to Aliyah about just so
she could run off to meet Alex. Was this man
listening to her conversation?.

She said when she remembered the papers
in his closet and she nodded. pla-y
“Sure. Its fine. I’m up for it.”
She said. and he nodded and left the room.
He hadn’t asked about the baby and she
was beginning to wonder if he had
something in mind.
The dinner was silent like they were having
a Wake. She looked up at him and he looked
up at her again.
Then he smiled and poured her a glas-s of
orange jui-ce instead of wine.
She said.

“So, how was work today?”
“I didn’t go today.”
He looked up at her.
“Nothing. I just wanted to clean our room.”
He looked sharply at her. “Our room? I
thought that chore was for the maids?”
“Yes but then,Mary wasn’t feeling too well to
do it and Nina was busy with the kitchen. I
was just bored so I had to do it.”
“Ah, I see.” He sipped his wine. “So, how’s
the baby?”
Her heart skipped and she shifted on her
seat for composure.

She smiled up at him and downed her
whole glas-s to calm herself and he was
watching her.
“I wanted us to talk about our marriage.”
He said to her. She looked up at him. Was he
finally accepting the divorce?
“I want us to start over,Kendra. I…have been
giving it much thought today and I want to
start afresh with you and the baby.”
D–n it!
“Oh. Why the sudden change,Connor? You
know I don’t believe you.”
“I know and I deserve that for being cruel to
you. But I really want you back,Kendra. I’m
serious thus time. I want to have a good
family before the…child is born and I want to
have it with you.”
She swallowed another gulp of jui-ce. She
looked at him.

“I can’t divorce you,Kendra. I can’t lose you.
Believe it or not, you are the best thing that
has ever happened to me. And I want my
wife back.”
She looked down at her food. God, why?!
“I don’t know, Connor…”
“I’m not asking you to give me an answer
now. Think about it.”
She nodded. “I’ll think about it.”

She said. He smiled. Then she started felling
dizzy and drowsy. She excused herself to go
upstairs. She had ba-rely gone half way up
when she felt warm between her legs and
she looked down and screamed in shock.
Connor ran up to her, asking what the
problem was.
Thick blood!
They returned home the next day from the
hospital. But Kendra was broken. She could
still hear the voice of the doctor as he gave
her the diagnosis. “You miscarried, dear. It
seems like you had taken some strong
ab-ortion pills.”

The doctor had told her. She felt like a dried
vegetable as Connor helped her up to the
be-droom. She sat on the be-d staring into
space as he put away her clothes which she
had worn last night.
ab-ortion pills. She didn’t even know how
they looked like. How could she possibly
take ab-ortion pills when she had always
wanted a baby.

“It was you,Connor. Wasn’t it?”
She said and he paused to look at her.
“Don’t pl@yinnocent here. Because I am the
Victim! Not You!”
She snapped.
“Hey, calm down. You’re probably still in
She chuckled and laughed.
“Shock? That word is an un-derstatement
compared to what you’ve been putting me
throu-gh. Don’t pretend that you didn’t put
those pills my drink last night, because I
know you did. Because you couldn’t stand
the fact that I got pregnant for someone
else. And you can never get me pregnant.”
He looked shocked at her.
“How can you…”
“No, Connor!”
She cut in. “How could you!?”
He said nothing.

“How could you be this wicked!”
She was screaming at him and she didn’t
care if he lost it and stabbe-d her right
now.After all he was bipolar.
“My baby. You killed my baby. What kind of a man are you?”
“You still have to ask me?!”
He snapped back. “Yes I did it. What kind of
a man will feel happy to know that his wife
got pregnant by someone else when he
could never get her pregnant? I did
it,Kendra! Did you st©p to think if my heart
while you were spre-ading your legs wi-de
for him?!”

“You don’t have a heart,Connor so don’t try
to feel deprived here. If you had a heart you
wouldn’t have made me look like a barren
woman just to cover your tracks. So I
wouldn’t know that it was your fault. If you
had a heart you wouldn’t have killed an
unborn child pretending to want peace
from me.”

“I want peace, Kendra. And I know that if
you remained pregnant then you will use it
against me in court and leave me. I had to
do it. So, don’t think that you can do
anything to divorce me because I will never
give it to you.”
She screamed in rage and wept, crumbling
to the ground.
“You will rot in hell,Connor! I hate you! I hate
you!! Oh God plea-se help me.!!”
She wept and he merely left her there and
walked out of the room…

To Be Continued….

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