fu-ck and run episode 5

fu-ck and run episode 5
I stood at the very sp©t I had parked my car, transfixed. It was nowhere to be found. Tiffany was right behind my back, hands on her w@!st. She seemed confused.
“Why are we st©pping Charles?” she said behind me.
I brushed my hair with my left arm. “It was right here.” I said without looking at her.
“What was right here?”
“The car, this is the sp©t you ran away from remember?”
She looked around then g@sped as if the realization was just dawning on her. “It was right here; you parked and chased after me here.” She paused pointing to the sp©t. “Charles your car has been hijacked.” The words stung like bee.
“I’m so sorry Charles this was my entire fault, if I hadn’t run away…”
“Don’t say that again” I cut her short placing both of my hands on her shoulders. “You did nothing wrong, if I had locked the car… the hijacker wouldn’t have had any chance.” I held her face now. “Be rest as-sured T, finding that car wouldn’t be a problem.” Tiffany suddenly pu-ll-ed her face from my hand and started pointing to my left. I turned to see what it was, my car? Nothing; I squinted hoping to see someone driving my car by, no sign of any car. She was still pointing saying something about a man in chinos. Then I saw the figure, a lanky man in chinos p@n-ts grinning sheepishly, he was holding a c@m£ra.
Tiffany gr@bb£d my hand and dragged me out of the area, the lanky man followed suit, taking endless pictures.
“Where are we going?” I asked her, looked back and saw the lanky man tumbling on the floor. He must have lost his footing while looking endlessly from his c@m£ra hole. He quic-kly got up and started cursing the floor.
“A friend of mine lives close, we can go there and stay. We nee-d to hurry before more paparazzi’s appear everywhere.” Tiffany was saying.
I looked back again to our lanky guest, Tiffany was right; they were now two of them. The second one was also lanky but the first was lankier, he was alre-ady taking pictures of his own while the first one was busy fumbling with his c@m£ra with a frown.
“Hey!” the second paparazzi screamed at us. “Won’t you pose for us?” he was wi-nking.
“You are ma-king their story more interesting if you keep looking at them!” Tiffany sounded pissed.
I quic-kly apologized then faced front, I hadn’t noticed but we were alre-ady in front of a large gate. The two paparazzi’s were in front of the gate with us. The second one su-cking his lower l!pwhile taking close sh0ts. And the first one was still busy trying to fix his c@m£ra.
Tiffany gr@bb£d my hand again and dragged me into the compound; she hastily locked the gate while the paparazzi’s thanked us for boosting their career.
I looked around the compound, it had a good space but wasn’t big. Tiffany stood in front of me for a while eyeing me. Then she turned and headed for the main building’s entrance.
“Are you still mad at me?” I followed her.
“I can’t be mad at you now, we’ve got other problems” she opened the door and entered inside, I followed suite.
“Well there is nothing we can do; those guys are probably selling those pictures right now.” I said.
“That’s not a problem Charles, not my problem; in fact to be honest I like it.”
“Wait what do you mean you like it?” I was stammering. “And if that’s not a problem then what problem are you talking about?”
She looked at me then pursed herl-ips. “Mike” she said flatly.
I looked at her puzzled, thinking she would start crying again, but instead she was smiling se-ductively. She walked closer to me and placed her hand on my che-st.
“Charles I thought about what you said.” She paused and leaned closer to me. “Am fade up, I no longer want to take it, am turning a new leaf, I want to elope with you.” She said with a whisper then placed her warml-ips on my mouth.
I hesitated for about two seconds, trying to process what she just said with my eyes sh0t. I opened my mouth and drove my ton-gue into her mouth, our ton-gues tied with each other for a while; I gr@bb£d her by the head and pu-ll-ed her closer while I deliberately devoured her mouth. My hor-mones started racing and my heart beating fas-ter in rhythm with hers.
Her delicate hands were on my bu-ttons now, before the clock could tick further my suit and shi-t flew open and out from my b©dy. She ca-ressed my che-st and abs then located my belts and str!pped me off my p@n-ts, she peeked down and g@sped a little. I hastily turned her around and unZi-pped her go-wn; slowly I r!pp£dit of her b©dy, revea-ling the finest feminine b©dy I’ve ever seen. I took a few seconds to glance at it. With my breathing increasing I slowly turned her around, gently placed her on the floor. She looked into my eyes with fire as I l@yon t©p of her. She reached out for my head and pu-ll-ed it down as we started k!ss!ngagain. Then with blood pumping ha-rder in my system I entered her.
Tiffany rested her head on my che-st as we l@yon the tiled floor of her friend’s sitting room. I k!$$£d her hair and stro-ked it gently, she raised her head to look at me then she sat up.
“What we did was it bad?” she said and pushed her hair backwards. She was still unclothed.
I chuckled loud. “Well I hate to break it to you babe, but you just committed adûlt€ry.” I said wryly.
She hit me on the che-st with her arm. “As at the time we had that fun my marriage with Mike Adewebeast was null and void.” She said boldly.
“Then you have nothing to be guilty about. Be rest as-sured that our journey doesn’t end here.” I told her as-suredly.
She smiled down at me. I got up and located my clothes. When I was done wearing them Tiffany had alre-ady worn her go-wn, she was fumbling with her Zi-p. “Wait let me help you with that.” I said and Zi-pped the go-wn for her. She thanked me.
“Can I have your phone? I left mine in the car.” She said.
“Sure” I di-pped my hand into my pocket, brou-ght out my phone and handed it over to her.
“I’ll be right back.” She said then walked out of the sitting room.
I studied the sitting room with little interest. The floor was tiled, an old clock hung on the wall. The time was alre-ady ten minutes after five. No TV set or electronic appliances ap@rt from an old Compaq computer sitting on the dining table. I decided to make use of the computer to browse the internet for any news about our escapade. I approached the dining hoping the computer was still alive, thankfully when I pushed the power bu-tton it beeped to life. I searched a nearby cu-pboard and saw an internet modem; I plugged it into the USB port and checked for any active data subscription, it was positive so I opened the browser and surfed popular blogs in the country.
The story was alre-ady online, only few blogs carried different storylines, the rest were just copy and paste. Pictures of me and Tiffany were everywhere. Some headlines were “Mike Adewale’s wife paroling town with a stranger.”, “Is actress Tiffany Johnson seeing another?” etcetera. Some of the blogs even termed me clueless for continually looking at the c@m£ra.
I switched off the computer and started wondering what was taking tiffany too long, I decided to go outside and see for myself.
As I approached the door Tiffany ran into me p@n-ting. I gr@bb£d her and tried to calm her down bur she was trying to tell me something. She was breathing difficultly, tears was rolling down her eyes.
“Charles I haven’t been totally honest with you” she said with difficult breathing. Then she fell off, I caught her mid-air.
“What do you mean?” I asked. I was really scared by then.
She placed her right arm on my cheek. “I’m so sorry Charles, Run!” she spoke those last words with sympathy in her eyes. Then her hand fell flat on the floor, blood rolled out of her nose. She st©pped breathing, I felt her pulse but didn’t feel anything, and Tiffany was dead, in my arms.
Her mouth was still open from the last words she spoke, I stared at her lifeless eyes, and they were still urging me to run. I was confused as to what might have happened. Then I saw my phone on the floor, I went and picked it up, checked the call log and saw that she dialed Mike‘s number. I looked at her b©dy, ‘Did Mike kill her?’
Her last words kept ringing in my ear. I’m so sorry Charles, Run!
I went and knelt down beside Tiffany, closed her eyes and la-id her straight. Tears were alre-ady forming in my eyes. I couldn’t embr@ce it, Tiffany was dead. The sound of the main gate crashing open jo-lted me back to reality, I rushed to the window to see what it was. I saw a familiar dark figure approaching the door hastily holding a silenced short gun in his right arm; it was Segun, Mike’s security man.
Immediately he saw me, he aimed his gun, I ducked. Didn’t hear a sound but the window glas-s was alre-ady scattered on me. I rushed and locked the door. Contemplating whether to leave Tiffany alone, I realized her left hand had been pointing towards a door.
I looked back and saw segun’s dark figure sm-irking behind the window. He was aiming his gun again. I dived, didn’t hear any gunsh0t; must be cause of the silencer. I dashed towards the door Tiffany was pointing at.