Finding mr perfect finale

Episode 14 finale
I ran my hands throu-gh my hair in furstration
yeah what was I expecting
everything couldn’t just go back to normal
she dose have the right to not tell me about the child.
I went to a close bar and drank myself to stupor before heading home
I can’t believe am going to be a father ,,the thought alone freaks me out
I’m not the one carrying the child in my stomach but it still feels like that
I woke up feeling a little headache
I took my bath and drank a lot of water and felt relived
After fixing myself breakfast i felt whole again
my mind was still on Ken,,did I do bad by yelling at him
I was lost in thought when my door bell rang
“Hi “I said nervously
“Hey” he replied back
My eyes went to the flowers in his hands
“Flowers” he said and gave them to me which I collected
“thanks,come in”I said and we both walked in
we sat down and starred at each other awkwardly in slience
“Am sorry about last night” we both said in Union and started laughing
“Am really sorry Jennifer”Ken said walking close to me
“I promise to be the best father”he said and I nodded
We k!$$£d each other pas-sionately and in no time it was turning into a h0t make out session and made our way to the be-droom
“Jennifer”Ken called in-between the k!ss
“will you marry me” he said su-cking my bo-ob s
“Yes”I replied m0@n ing
“okay I’ll get you the ring tomorrow”he said and I nodded
I have always imagine my self on this ro-mantic d@t£ with my Mr perfect on his knees proposing to me and I will say yes
Here am I,in a h0t make out session and being proposed to
Dear ladies there is no such thing as Mr perfect or Mr Right
I always wanted that Mr Right but God gave me Mr left and it’s my duty to drag the idiot to the right and that’s what I did
Ken might not be the perfect gentle man but who cares I Love Him
Thanks for re-ading!!